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Fan fiction featuring a romantic relationship between Xena and Gabrielle.

All stories listed here are copyrighted to the original authors. Before reading any of the stories, be sure to read the posted disclaimers. The Xena Library takes no responsibility for their content.

. . . A Beginning by Grit Jahning

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | e-Books by Lida

"Just as the title says... this is a beginning. Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together... and sometimes all it takes is a kiss…" -- Grit Jahning


2 Missing Scenes From X:WP "The Quest" by Rielle

Page PG-13

"The story of how Iolaus and Hercules learned of what happened to Xena."


5 Senses by Elfcat255

"Written for the 5_senses community on Livejournal….I choose the more emotion based take on the senses…laughter, movement, thought, love and memory."

7 Month Itch by Marista


"Gabrielle and Xena have been together for seven blissful months.  Gabrielle finds a creative way to keep Xena from getting bored with the relationship."


12 Steps by Joseph Anderson

"Xena at a 12-step meeting."

20 Questions by My Warrior

25 Years Without by Jaden

Another Plot What Plot? story about Xena and Gabrielle's need to be close together following the season 5 ender "Motherhood".

A to Xena by anex

Athenaeum | Xena Library

epub | MOBI | PDF

"Our two heroines are off on a mission to deliver an important and precious document to Athens. A sort of fore runner to Fed-X (maybe the 'X' really stands for Xena!) Anywho… Our girls get into a playful spat and have a few laughs and a little adventure along the way." -- anex

Adverse Reactions by Shea

"Gabrielle develops a mysterious illness that only Xena can cure." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

An Affair To Remember by Scarlette Skye and Randi DuMois

Rated R

The Iolausian Library Fan Fiction Award Honorable Mention Story containing Adult Content

"Zeus gives Ares permission to kill Hercules' greatest follower, Iolaus, but Ares does not have permission to kill any of Hercules' lovers. Hercules manages to protect Xena, with the help of Xena and Joxer." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

After Amphipolis by Charmer

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

"This serious, dark story explores the relationship between the birth of Eve and Hope's mission." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"I love this story. It singlehandedly addresses some of the most CRITICAL issues I and other viewers have had with the TV show, questioning both the perfection of the "hero" and of this "better" world the Twilight of the Gods will supposedly give way to. Set after the events in the episode SIEGE OF AMPHIPOLIS, the story has Xena unable to shake some distressing nightmares about Eve - nightmares in which her baby is in mortal danger from an enemy that looks all-too familiar - an enemy with the face of her beloved partner. The memory of Hope troubles her deeply - distancing her from the one person who's been there for her for so long, even as it gives rise to some terrifying new doubts. In the forests of Bacchus those doubts and Xena's growing worry will finally bring the warrior into a fateful confrontation with her greatest fear, forcing her to reevaluate those choices from the past and experience the very anguish she once visited on another . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

After Eros by WrshpXena aka Tiggster

"Recounts the events following the ep 'Comedy of Eros', in which a certain warrior discovers very real feelings for her companion." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

After the Battle by Onora

Dancyer's Den (Archived) | FanFiction.Net

"A vignette about the emotion filled moments following a battle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena searches for Gabrielle after a battle." -- FanFiction.Net

"Touching story that has a concerned Xena searching for her partner after a battle . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

After The Cave by Ri

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle have a heart to heart after the cave." -- Athenaeum

"Set after the events in The Abyss, Xena and Gabrielle talk about Hope." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

After the Crucifixion by Alan Plessinger

"Despite Gabrielle's best efforts, Hades must part Xena and Gabrielle after their deaths. Gabrielle is desparate to join her partner in Tartarus if need be." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

After the Crusade by Marion Tuttle

"Xena and Gabby deal with the aftershock of Najara. *recommended by CN Winters*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An epilogue to the episode CRUSADER that has the warrior and bard discussing their recent actions and at long last facing feelings they'd been to afraid to acknowledge." -- Lunacy

After the Ides by Cheeya

After The Return by Marion Tuttle

"Set after the episode 'Sacrifice' Gabrielle and Xena find love." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

After the Siege by UDK_Bard

"A playful little vignette where Gabrielle wants Xena to explain her comments at the end of the episode "Amphipolis Under Siege". PG 13-15 maybe." -- Academy of Bards

Aftermath by Georgia

"Joxer realizes that Gabrielle loves Xena and not him as he faces the Bard's death." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Joxer tries to cope with the loss of the woman he loved." -- Athenaeum

Aftermath by Pink Rabbit Productions

Aftermath by Pink Rabbit Productions

"Xena's thoughts right after the episode, The Deliverer." -- Athenaeum

"A brief vignette about the night after the events in The Deliverer -- Warning: contains spoilers for The Deliverer -- Cross posted to Digital Art and Story Fragments" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"A vignette set immediately after the events in DELIVERER which has Xena guiltily pondering what has happened while Gabrielle struggles with nightmares. This little snippet is accompanied by one of the many EXCEPTIONAL digital art images at the Pink Rabbits site." -- Lunacy

Aftermath by rstlshart

The Aftermath by Janys

Ceridwyn's World  | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction

"Events following Gabrielle's queenhood and Xena's 're-birth'." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle discuss what happened after the death of Valaska." -- Athenaeum

Aftermath of the Angels by Alan Plessinger

"Xena and Gabrielle mull over the lessons they each learned while on the Other Side. Contains spoilers for Fallen Angel. " -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Thanks to Eli with a little help from their friends, X & G are back. How will they resolve the issues raised during their "deaths'?" -- Athenaeum

Aftershock by Tymedancer

"Xena, Joxer, and Ares team up to defeat Hope." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Afterthoughts by Ryder

"Fantasies through Xena and Gabrielle's eyes." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle keep having fantasies about each other." -- Athenaeum

All Bets Off by Themiscrya (Robin A. Read)

Amazon Homeland (Archived) | Russian Translation (I Think)

"After too many drinks, Xena bets an old friend that she can't seduce Gabrielle while Xena is out of town for a month." -- Athenaeum

"On a drunken bet, an old friend of Xena challenges that she can seduce the bard *recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

All For A Moment's Memory Loss by Cheeya

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"To make amends for having forgotten Gabrielle's birthday, Xena agrees to do something she absolutely dreads." -- Academy of Bards

All in a Day's Work by Vaxen

PWaXen Vaxen (Archived) | Stories by Vaxen (Archived) | Vaxen - A Starting Place

"Amusing comedy of errors that has Xena and Gabrielle going undercover to try to recover the stolen daughter of a friend - kidnapped by a Suru prince because as a tall woman she would be a status symbol for her husband in the Suru kingdom. The warrior and bard then decide to infiltrate the kingdom by disguising themselves as a Suru with his tall...wife . . ." -- Lunacy

All That Matters by CN Winters

Academy of Bards | CN's Tales of RomanceHeartbrkn's Place

Xena's thoughts on why she loves Gabrielle during the birthday party in Takes One to Know One." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Lunacy Review

All The Better Than One by Blade Mast

"Xena and Autolycus have need of a bard, but Gabrielle is in Poteidaia with Perdicus." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

All The Time In The World by Ri

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | E-Books by Lida

"Xena and Gabrielle try to figure out how the events of Between the Lines will affect the rest of their lives." -- Academy of Bards

"Here's a sweet X&G tale tying up some loose ends from 'Between the Lines.'" -- Athenaeum

All's Fair In Love... by Fu Bard

"Aphrodite and Cupid settle a bet concerning Xena and Gabrielle's love life." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

All's Fair in Love and War by Five Bards

Bibliotheca (Home Page) | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"How far will Gabby go to get Xena the warlord to change her ways?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

""Xena defeats a warlord and thus takes over his army, harem, land and possesions. Gabrielle is not happy about the outcome." -- Bibliotheca

Alone by Starwarrior (Rie)

Amazon Trails | AusXIP

"After the rift, Xena sends Gabby away." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Unable to trust Gabrielle after her betrayal and fearing she will destroy the one she loves, Xena sets off on her own." -- Athenaeum

Alternative Fan Fiction Cliche List by Bongo Bear with Lara, Joe Murphy and Snoop

Studies in Cyberculture | Whoosh! (Archived)

Recommended by CN -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory (French Review/Description)

Alternatives Of The Heart by Lyssa

Academy of Bards | Xenadom

"Xena, filled with battle lust, returns to Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Amends by Maclay

Academy of Bards | The Story Lounge


“An alternative ending to ‘The Reckoning’: Xena is overwhelmed with guilt, and Gabrielle has some overwhelming feelings of her own.” -- Academy of Bards

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight



And When Thy Heart Began to Beat...  by Cheaza

"Post-necessary Evil. Xena copes with the thought of losing Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

Angel in My Eyes by Paully Adams

"It is a love story told from Gabrielle's point of view." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Angry Man by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards | E-Books by Lida

"Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with an angry Spartan soldier." -- Academy of Bards

Another One of Those Nights by Rab Donald

Ares' Bard? by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)

Dancyer's Den (Archived / Prologue + 3 Chapters) | Tom's Xena Page (Prologue Only)


"Gabrielle and Ares' join forces against Xena." -- Athenaeum

Ares' Challenge by Marion D. Tuttle

Arex by Shadowdancer

Amazon Trails (Chapters 1 & 2 only) | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The Sand Box

"Xena returns to her home town to give birth to her son/or daughter, only to find that her most lethal enemy is not only living there, but is the town's doctor." -- Bibliotheca

Ars Amandi by spqr

Athenaeum | AusXIP - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

"Xena and Gabrielle attend the Feast of Demeter in Athens." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

As Darkness Fell by Domenica

Amazon Trails | AusXIP

"Tormented by the darkness that has suddenly entered their relationship, Xena and Gabrielle set out to find the reason why the Warrior Princess is now little more than a unfeeling stranger." -- Lunacy

As It Was Meant To Be by Onora

"Xena and Gabrielle face their feelings after the events in When Fates Collide"." -- FanFiction.Net

Astarte In Your Life by Rab Donald

Attraction by Jane (8thhouse)

"Gabrielle gets together for a one-nighter with a village girl she meets." -- Athenaeum

An Average Night by A. Nony Mouse


"Xena and Gabrielle play with toys by the campfire." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Baby Talk by E.J. Rain


"Xena and Gabrielle chat about the origin of Xena's baby." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

"Xena and Gab have a heart-to-heart about the warrior's puzzling pregnancy." -- Lunacy

Babysitting the Bard by the BC team

Part 1 | Part 2

UNFINISHED - Last updated October 17, 1999

The BC Team: Lucia C Dievendorf, Gin_, PatsBard, Heartbrkn Bard, RENEE' RABB, Annette King, Teejames and Karolyn Shadowpaw

"Gabrielle is hurt while Xena is away, will Xena be able to get to her in time." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

Back and Forth by T. Novan

AusXIP | Pink Rabbit Consortium

"Short vignettes outlining Xena and Gabrielle's life together, separated by the image of Xena pacing back and forth. (a life through Xena's eyes)." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory





The "Back Room" Scrolls by DJ Wood

"Xena and Gabrielle uncover some illuminating scrolls in the Amazon library." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Back-Up Plan by Beowolf

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

Recommended by CN Winters

"Gabby uses Xena in a plan to get rid of Joxer but ends up getting much more." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Your face may permanently freeze into a grin after experiencing this marvelously delightful little tale. Fed-up with Joxer dotting on her like a love-sick puppy, a VERY frustrated bard comes up with the perfect solution to discourage him - one destined to prove PURE torture for a certain Warrior Princess." -- Academy of Bards

Bad Sex by WordWarrior

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Muzza Fan Fiction Award - Best Parody & Best Humor

Recommended by Penumbra -- BLURB

"The earth definitely does not move in this hilarious first time story." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Balancing the Scales by LdyDrfter

Rated NC-17 for explicit f/f sex, bdsm, and potentially non-consensual sex.

"Xena has to revisit her past and pay for her crimes, only this time the punishment is 'an eye for an eye'…" -- LdyDrfter

"While traveling with Gabrielle, Xena is taken prisoner by a town she once looted for a year. She is made to pay for one of her crimes by reliving the experience of her victim -- at the hands of the woman who was her "personal slave". Explicit bdsm scenes" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

A Bard Day's Night by DJWP

AusXIP | PDA Fiction


Swollen Buds Award Winner: "ALL NIGHTER" -- Novel-Length Stories

"Fearing someone is trying to kill her, a very bohemian Sappho invites Gabrielle and Xena to join the poet and her entourage on the last leg of her tour." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle accompany Sappho on a tour of Greece, acting as the great poet's bodyguards. (Parody of "Hard Day's Night" with the Beatles)*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . this new novel which is simply going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!! Only the second Xena story by this extremely talented writer, A BARD DAY'S NIGHT is a gem that is going to shoot straight to the top of many a Xenite's list of favorites. This story is an adventure in the grandest sense of the word featuring EVERYTHING that we love about the TV series and MORE - head-butting action, wicked - WICKED humor, secrets from the past, unforgettable characters, and a wonderfully intricate plot all weaved around a friendship changing into more - a romance discovered. Curiously enough the basic premise is simple and just TOOOO funny - Xena and Gabrielle go on the road as bodyguards for a VERY famous poet on her "Known World Tour DCXXXIV B.C" - an artist so talented in her craft she is known as the Tenth Muse although in centuries to come her name alone will inspire generations...Sappho. DJWP's Sappho is brash, brilliant, FUNNY, hard-drinking, stubborn, fun-loving, and an incredible romantic. A woman who can see into the souls of others and recognizes even before they do what is in the hearts of a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Intent only on making Gabrielle happy, Xena agrees to stay for one of Sappho's performances when they happen across one of the tour villages, never suspecting that before long she and the bard will be spending ALL their time trying to keep the poet alive...and out of trouble . . . Outstanding writing with superb characterizations. This is a definite DO NOT MISS which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!" -- Lunacy

"Xena and Gabrielle end up in charge of the security for Sappho's Known World Tour DCXXXIV B.C. after someone shoots a flurry of arrows at the poet who is known as the Tenth Muse in recognition of her powerful writing. The expedition has all the characteristics of a modern day rock tour, including groupies, screaming fans, and a star with intemperate appetites. This romp of a tale serves up an abundance of laughs as well as a well-crafted mystery and the story of deep and abiding love. Half comedy, half drama, it will provide hours of great entertainment." -- Swollen Buds

Artwork - "A Bard Day's Night" by artist911

A Bard in the Hand by Sharona

"A young woman helps Gabrielle draw Xena's attention." -- Athenaeum

"Someone from Xena's past helps Gabrielle discover how Xena feels about her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An acquaintance from Xena's past unknowingly helps to precipitate a decision on the bard's part when a new friend offers to help her learn how Xena truly feels about her. Featuring some very amusing moments, this story is fun, romantic and sweet." -- Lunacy

Bard, Know Thyself by Ogami

Ogami Xena & Gabrielle Stories | Ogami's Xena & Gabrielle Stories

"Xena discovers Gabrielle in an act of self-exploration." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Amusing little vignette that reveals the TRUE secret behind Xena's amazing abilities. Cute...and surprising! ;-)" -- Lunacy

Bard... Priestess by Kodi Wolf

AusXIP | Kodi Wolf | Kodi Wolf PDF Library


"This story takes place before our girls meet up with Xena's third double, that's why there's no mention of the Priestess. This one starts up right after Been There, Done That. It's after they've been traveling together for a long time and have become 'best friends,' but before the Rift and all that betrayal." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory











A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator by Claire Withercross

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | ForevaXena

#2 Athenaeum Top 10 Most Read Stories for the week of April 15-21, 2002

"A short 'how to' on writing erotic scenes." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is not really a story but a joke tool to help bards write sex scenes. It's as simple as ABC, or to be more precise, it's as simple as ABCDEFG. Bards, do you struggle when it comes to writing that passionate and erotic sex scene? Yes? Then struggle no more. Claire Withercross Productions in association with Claire Withercross International Conglomerate Enterprise Associate Consultants bring you the ABCDEFG! Yes, the ABCDEFG! The tool all writers of erotic fiction in the Xenaverse have been waiting for. Twosomes! Threesomes! Lonesomes! With multiple usage of the tool you can create orgies with up to 17, (YES 17!!!), of your favourite characters in the Xenaverse in the most dirty, explicit, disgusting sex scenes you can imagine, (and I know how much some of you bards can imagine!). Never be stuck for making your sex scenes original, sexy, passionate, or bizzare ever again with the ABCDEFG. A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator." -- Academy of Bards

"Who doesn’t enjoy a great quickie? These are really quick and fun. Each time you "Refresh" the page you are given a new combination of characters and activities. There isn't really a story here - it doesn't even qualify as a PWP. But it's a lot of decadent fun." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Bard's Lament by Black Gryphon

"Gabrielle writes a love song to Xena that she may never get to sing." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Bard's Tale by Sharona

Academy of Bards | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabrielle tries countless ways to win the warrior's attention." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A delightful new tale GUARANTEED to put a big grin on your face, Sharona's latest has Xena and the bard attending a festival where Gabrielle comes to a conclusion about her feelings after meeting an old acquaintance of Xena's. Determined to explore those feelings she then sets out on her biggest challenge yet! - to seduce a Warrior Princess who can sometimes be surprisingly...dense ;-) VERY cute. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Bardic License By Lace Priest

"Xena gets quite a surprise when Gabrielle decides to do research for an erotic scroll she's writing." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bardic Theories by Jax

Athenaeum | Dancyer's Den (Archived) | FanFiction.Net | Tom's Xena Page

"In this cute tale, Gabrielle comes up with a unique theory…" -- Athenaeum

"With a little interference from Ares and the Goddess of Chaos, Gabrielle's theories on the ways of the known world take on a life of their own and start to play havoc with Xena's day." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bardly Pursuits by TZ

Academy of Bards | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction

Rated NC-17

"This is a first-time story.  This is a PWP story.  If there is a plot, it's very thin and wouldn't support a dancing flea." -- TZ

"Gabrielle gets the chance to turn her daydreams into reality when she and Xena travel to a village being harrassed by a warlord." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A sizzling first-time story that has the bard struggling with her raging hormones and a surprised warrior suddenly very grateful that she's the cause . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Bardly Thoughts by LB Anderson

"A tale from our favorite Bard, and her ideas about the wicked and over-bearing Warrior Princess." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Barely Breathing Teagen2

Bargain Hunting by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

Yendo de Rebajas por Della Street; Traducida por Yolanda L.M. (Spanish Translation)

Swollen Bud Award May 1, 2000: "FOOLING AROUND" -- Comedy

 Xippy Award

Cover by Barron

"Xena is in the mood for a bargain." -- Passion & Perfection

"Xena shops for a perfect slave." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena does some shrewd negotiating while shopping for a slave." -- Athenaeum

"This is one of the funniest stories I have read. Xena goes to see a slave owner about a slave..a blond, green eyed slave that is rather excitable! I won't say anymore because it's got to be read to be appreciated." -- Xippy

"With a sense of humor all her own, Della's stories NEVER fail to delight. In this new offering, Xena goes to see a slaver about a new girl he has for sale - a little spitfire with red-gold hair who hails from the land of Potidaea . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Fans with a wry sense of humor will enjoy Bargain Hunting. This tale is timeless and contains the infamous Xena and Gabrielle character banter. Della's characterizations of the Warrior Princess and her chatty companion are right on and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Her writing style makes you feel as if you are actually witnessing the events unfold. This fast paced story reminds you of the trust, friendship, caring and loving nature built during the first two seasons of the show. You haven't lived till you've "shopped" with the warrior princess. Just don't make her mad and be sure the product is in good shape and attractively packaged. Most of all, keep a tight hold on your coin purse." -- BLURB

"Gabrielle's not the only one, it seems, who can drive a hard bargain. It helps, of course, that what Xena is haggling for is none other than the bard herself. The Warrior Princess is strapped for dinars at the moment, but the fact that her partner has been gagged and shackled by the slaver who captured her seems to suggest that the asking price for irritating blondes could be dropping rapidly." -- Swollen Buds

The Battle for Gabrielle's Soul by Marion D. Tuttle

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

"Lao Ma's spirit tells Gabrielle the only way to find peace is to kill Xena. But is it really Lao Ma?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Be My Guide by Ri

Athenaeum | ForevaXena

"This story is wrapped around the episode, Chakram. The first part takes place after the balcony scene and the second part after the end of the show with a fully restored Xena on her way home to Greece." -- Ri

Beaches by lucath

Ashera Adult Xena Fan Fiction | Ashera's Archive

Rated NC-17


"Xena and Gabrielle enjoy themselves, alone on the beach, unaware that they're being watched." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Because I Love You by KnightSkye

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

Rated NC-17

"A short, romantic tale." -- Academy of Bards

"When the warrior is wounded, what feelings will be brought to light?" -- Athenaeum

Because You Loved Me by devlinof9 (formerly Katelin B.)

Passion & Perfection | Section X

Xippy Award

"After Xena's funeral, Gabrielle reads a scroll from the warrior she wrote in the event of her death." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A very moving story about an aged Amazon Queen, and her warrior's final words to her." -- Athenaeum

"This is a very sad tale of the ageing Amazon Queen saying farewell to her consort. Xena's final words via a scroll got to me. It's beautifully written. Set to the words of the Celin Dion song "Because You Loved Me"." -- Xippy

"Heart-wrenching new vignette which VERY cleverly marries Xena fanfic with the Celine Dion song whose title it shares. Set in the latter years of Gabrielle's life, it chronicles the moment just after she bids her longtime partner goodbye... one final time . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

"Katelin B.'s "Because You Loved Me" shows an elderly Gabrielle in her hut after Xena's funeral with a scroll Xena wrote may years before, saying all the things she could never tell her bard face to face." -- Whoosh!

Bedsacks by Emperor Penguin

"Xena and Gabrielle shop for new a bedroll." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle, flush with dinars from storytelling, goes shopping with Xena for a new bedroll." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle drags Xena along with her on her quest to find a more comfortable bedroll in which to share their passions.  A very brief vehicle for the bard to show off her haggling talents." -- Obsession

"This is a DELIGHTFUL offering that without being explicit, clearly reveals the tenderness, love and passion in the Xena/Gab relationship. NOT TO BE MISSED! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Bedtime Story by Brian Davis

Academy of Bards | Brian Davis Fan Fiction (Archived) | FanFiction.Net

"What happens when a certain blonde bard runs out of stories to tell." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena telling bedtime stories to Joxer? What is the world coming to?" -- Brian Davis

Bedtime Treat by Caley Woulfe

"What starts out as a backrub gets way out of hand as only the Warrior and Bard can do" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Been That, Done Her by Mary E

Amazon Trails | Xena & Gabrielle Online

"Day 10 of BTDT, with the Warrior seemingly gone crazy, Gabrielle tells Xena the story of The Warlord and the Slave Girl, with expected results." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Been There, Done That, Revisited by Catherine M Wilson

"Mischievous little offering set amidst the repeating day in the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT which has the Warrior Princess recognizing some definite advantages to reliving a day over and over again. Nicely written and very cute! DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

"One of our veteran bards returns with a wonderful new story that reveals what we didn't see during the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT as the repeating day has some very unexpected consequences for Xena, affording her the opportunity to at last learn the truth about the bard's feelings for her but leaving her with a guilty conscience and some unforseen regrets in the process. Catherine does a really nice job here outlining Xena's feelings and thoughts as the warrior struggles to deal with emotions she has little experience with. Though more subtly drawn, Gabrielle's characterization is also well-crafted showing an underlying consistency in her own feelings for her partner despite the different circumstances we see her in. A terrific read, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy Thursday Fan Fiction Report

Been There, Never Done That by Ellie, sidewinder, G. Bonobo and Evil-Lyn

Rated NC-17

"This tells a different story about what our trio was doing on that repeating day." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A very juicy and sweet (if you can believe it) tale about one particularly exhausting lost day. Was a round robin on the Joxerotica mailing list." -- Ashera's Archive

"Set during the episode "Been There, Done That", this story is subtext-friendly AND Joxer-friendly (believe it or not!)

What if you knew that nothing you did today would matter--that no one but you would remember the events of this day come tomorrow? After living through days of frustration, trying to figure her way out of this endless cycle of repetition, Xena desperately needs a distraction. Something...different. Something that could really get her juices flowing and snap her brain out of the rut it had tumbled into.

And then inspiration strikes, in the form of a wicked plan involving both her friends Gabrielle and Joxer…" -- Scroll Library

Been There, Wish I'd Done That by Mil Toro

Mil Toro | Xenadom's Dark Stories

Xena & Ubers: Episode #155 (Story starts at 10:46) also available on iTunes

"Xena descends into madness after repeating the same day over and over again revealing her darkest secrets to Gabrielle" -- Whoosh!

Before Dawn by Texena

Amazon Trails | Sapphic Voices

"Xena tells Gabrielle she's fallen in love with somebody." -- Athenaeum

"Sweet little story that has Xena taking refuge in a cave with her bard so she can let Gabrielle in on a long-kept secret." -- Scroll Library

Before the Sacrifice by Alan Plessinger

Amazon Trails | Tom's Xena Page

Antes del sacrificio (Spanish Translation)

"This is a short dialogue between two women who love each other very much. There have been plenty of stories that explored what happened or is going to happen after "Sacrifice 2." This is an exploration of what might've happened just before." -- Alan Plessinger

Beginnings by GreyOne

8th's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) | Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle help Hercules with the Olympic games." -- Athenaeum

Beginnings by Lisa S. (JD Jenkins / GabTBard)

Amazon Trails | Ashera's Archive | AusXIP | Sapphic Voices | Tom's Xena Page | Xena Slave

Rated R

"Xena has Gabrielle recount how they finally discovered their love for one another, as Xena asks Gabrielle to tell her a story" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena asks Gabby to tell the tale of how the storyteller seduced her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle recounts for Xena when she first realized that her feelings for Xena went beyond that of friendship." -- Gemini Lesbian Xena Fan Fiction

"Xena has Gabrielle recount how they finally discovered their love for one another. " -- Lisa S.

"Set after THE QUEST, this story has Xena and the bard reminiscing about the days after Gabrielle's ill-fated marriage to Perdicus and how that event along with Callisto's reappearance precipitated their acceptance finally of the feelings between them. . ." -- Lunacy

Being a Bard Ain't that Bad by badbard

"Hercules and Iolaus try to deal with their shock and arousal over the warrior and bard's latest 'research'." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Being Everything by Julia Noel Goldman (Xena's Little Bitch)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida

Serlo Todo (Spanish Translation)

"It's the middle of season 5 and Gabrielle is having trouble controlling her desire for Xena--you know what happens next" - Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"For years intense passion has been building deep inside the Warrior and the Bard. At last, it finds release." -- Athenaeum

"A kinky first time story taking place directly after "Eternal Bonds." Protecting Xena and Eve brings out Gabrielle's butch side... Sigh…" -- Academy of Bards

Beneath The Smouldering Armour by Mil Toro (Lucyfer)

AusXIP | Tom's Xena PageXenadom | Xena Stories

French Translation

"Gabby and Xena submit to battle lust" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena's battle-lust takes over and Gabrielle goes along for the ride. D/S and bondage." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle have a kinky adventure in the woods." -- Whoosh!

Best Friend by Katelin B.

Ashera's Archive | AusXIP | Section X | XenaRotica

Ma meilleure amie Par : Katelin B. (French Translation)

Amazon Ice Award

Rated NC-17

"Xena is injured and Gabrielle helps her recover*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"While Gabrielle takes care of a slightly wounded Xena, the two friends decide to take their relationship to the next stage." -- Athenaeum

"A first time story, in which our favorite grrls admit their love for one another." -  Ashera's Archive

"Sweetly passionate first time story that has Xena and Gabrielle finally giving in to the feelings they've been having for one another after the warrior is injured." -- Lunacy

Best Friends, Bitter Enemies by Katrinna Pint

Scott Carpenter's My Own Fan Fiction (Archived) | Scott Carpenter's My Own Fan Fiction (Alternate Link / Archived)

"An evil entity takes over Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A very intense, dark story that has Xena and the bard on their way to answer a summons when Gabrielle discovers an ancient sword lying on an empty field. Their lives will never be the same again as the friend Xena loves is replaced by one of the greatest evils the world has ever known - an evil determined to recapture ultimate power...and willing to destroy the Warrior Princess in order to do it. This story is poignant in its depiction of a Xena determined to try to save her bard even after experiencing first-hand the horror Gabrielle becomes capable of. [Note: the story contains references to sexual violence]" -- Lunacy

The Best Laid Plans by Della Street (Whosays)

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) | Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

"Xena and Gabby try to find a father for their child *recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle decide to have a child but choosing the father is proving difficult and dangerous - for the father-to-be! Very funny." -- Athenaeum

"VERY, VERY funny little alt. tale that has Xena's jealous streak spoiling some "plans" she and Gabby have made. . ." -- Lunacy

The Bet by Verrath

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | E-Books by Lida | Pink Rabbit Consortium | Verrath's Book of Tales

"This was inspired by the infamous "Triple XXX Review", performed by Alexandra Tydings and Claire Stansfield at the 2001 Pasadena Convention. Let's just say that Aphrodite finds herself compelled to seduce a rather unlikely person... Classic Xena, Alt, therefore rated PG13" -- Academy of Bards

"Ares and Aphrodite make an unusual bet regarding Alti." -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"With the help of Xena and Gabrielle, Aphrodite enters a dreamscape to confront Alti and win a bet she made with Ares." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Betrayal by Danielle

"An enemy from Xena's past uses Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Betrayals by Ian Horne

Rated NC-17

"To learn Xena's plans, Brutus subjects his hostage Gabrielle to an unusual torture. This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f sex, bdsm and potentially non-consensual sex." -- Ashera's Archive

Better Than Ruling the World by Xena's Little Bitch

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net | Xenalicious

Mejor que dominar el mundo (Spanish Translation)

"A first time story, taking place a while after the flashback period occurring within the episode "Destiny," except this time, Xena didn’t let Caesar board her ship and betray her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"In this slightly alternate timeline, Xena avoids Caesar's original betrayal and focuses on pirating, causing her to meet Gabrielle a few years earlier than she otherwise would have. They sail the seas and get to know each other, until Gabrielle decides she wants to study at the Athens City Academy of The Performing Bards…" -- Academy of Bards

"In this alternate universe within the world of "Xena: Warrior Princess" instead of being crucified by Caesar, Xena became a pirate. Witness her romantic, slightly swashbuckling, adventures herein!" -- FanFiction.Net

Between A Breath And A Heartbeat by Bel-wah

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Xippy Award

"During the episode Motherhood, Xena ponders what is the purpose of all that is happening." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is set between the time Xena after she hits Gabrielle with the chakram and before she convinces Aphrodite to take her to Mount Olympus to confront the gods. A moment in time where Xena realises that till the end she is a warrior and will fight to the end for those she loves." -- Xippy

Beware Any Who Would See Here by Alexiares

Beyond And Forever by Pallas

Swollen Bud Award Winner - "The Quickie" / Short Story

"Xena helps Gabrielle die." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle is keeping a deadly secret from Xena. The bard is dying and terrified if she tells Xena then the warrior will leave her. She is also tortured by her own need to be of service to Xena and help her as she's always done. Both women have to learn to trust each other and come to grips with the end. Beyond and Forever has been described as poignant and something of a tearjerker." -- Whoosh!

"Heart-wrenching as this story may be, it also shines with the undying love that is at the heart of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship. The bard realizes that she is slowly succumbing to a disease and agonizes over how to prepare her beloved warrior for the inevitable. As Xena struggles to accept her bard's fate, Gabrielle prepares a scroll that summarizes all her hopes and dreams for Xena. It is a wonderful recounting of all the little moments that exemplify the core of their relationship. MAJOR hanky alert here." -- Swollen Buds

"Heart-WRENCHING does not even BEGIN to describe this superb new hurt/comfort story from a very talented writer . . . This latest tale exemplifies that as few others in Xena fanfic have done to date - depicting a love for the ages between two soulmates willing to battle anyone or anything to be together but ultimately vulnerable to the cruel realities of human frailty. It is a tale of two lovers preparing to say goodbye - and two hearts that never will . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Beyond the Rain by NuT56

Academy of Bards | *Audio Fic MP3 | FanFiction.Net | *Xena Fan Fiction Podcast: Show #14 (Part 1) | Show #15 (Part 2) | Show #16 (Part 3)

*Download at your own risk. The Xena Library takes no responsibility for any damage that may result.

"When an ordinary day goes very wrong, Xena struggles with guilt over her inability to protect Gabrielle, and both women find themselves in a harsh jail where justice is not highly regarded. When they manage to escape, Xena tries to support Gabrielle in a decision she disagrees with as the two have to face the consequences of their time spent in the prison." -- Academy of Bards

"This is a dark and anxsty subtext story set around season one or two. Xena find themselves in jail, and their final escape has serious consequences for their lives and relationship. Xena struggles to support Gabrielle while dealing with her own fears and…" -- FanFiction.Net

Beyond Words by Katrina

"The bard has many skills, too - not all of them verbal." -- Vaults of Helicon

"A gorgeously crafted, sensual vignette about passion and poetic inspiration ;-) Katrina uses the English language much like a gifted artist wields a brush, creating rich images with the careful selection of words and the juxtaposition of key phrases. I think this woman could probably turn a grocery list into a sensual experience. When her subjects are Xena and Gab...well...that just probably makes her task easier if no less impressive. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Big Fight by Rab Donald

"Xena becomes involved in a contest that worries Gabrielle...the bard's intervention may prove telling..." -- Academy of Bards

the BIG tease by Red Hope

Athenaeum EBook Links | Red Hope

"A short story in a story. A bard gets read another bard's story about Xena and Gabrielle confessing their love. Placed after "The Return of the Valkyrie" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The BIG Tease is about myself, Red Hope, giving a infamous bard, Amy Murphy, a story in portions. A crossover between an Xena and Gabrielle tale and list story from The Bards' Village, which is dedicated to Amy Murphy. " -- Red Hope

The Biggest Step by TZ

Academy of Bards | Obsession (Archived) | TZ's Alternative Fiction

Rated NC-17

"Set immediately at the end of the ep Fins, Femmes and Gems when Xena decides to seduce Gabrielle quite naughtily only to later realize that Gabrielle can be just as naughty" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Birthday Present! by Kira"SKAZKA"

Amazon Trails | Bearblue's Bluehaven | SKAZKA's Xena Page

"Xena stumbles upon one of the bards scrolls giving her an idea for the perfect gift" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena accidentally comes across a scroll Gabrielle wrote about how she feels about the warrior so she decides to give the bard a special Birthday present." -- Athenaeum

Birthright by LM Townsend-Crow (Queen Laesë)

Athenaeum | Crysanium (Archived) | Crysanium (Archived Printable Version) | eBooks by Lida | FanFiciton.Net | Tigg's Xena Page (Archived) | Xena Eyes (Archived)

Submitted for the Bard’s Village Challenge, February 2, 2001 -- Tigg's Xena Page

"Xena helps fulfil a promise to the mother of a kidnapped child." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle escort a magic wielding princess and her oathsister to locate a lost child. The group finds themselves snowed in at the castle of a sorceress who is not what she seems. **Be sure to read the disclaimers **" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

A Bit of Flesh by Katrina

Auryn’s Fan Fiction Site (Archived) | Bearblue's Bluehaven | Vaults of Helicon

"Gabrielle is stuck in the tub and Xena has a unique way to free her" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Trouble is...well, afoot for Gabrielle, but Xena makes a daring rescue." -- Vaults of Helicon

"Gabrielle gets her toe stuck in the faucet of a bathtub, and Xena shows Gabrielle another one of her many skills when she helps the bard." -- Athenaeum

". . . VERY cute story that has the bard stuck in a rather compromising position and the warrior helping her...pass the time ;-) . . ." -- Lunacy

The Bitter and Sweet of It by Silent Bard

". . . set DURING the episode THE BITTER SUITE and offers a clever interpretation of the much talked-about opening scene from that episode. . ." -- Lunacy

The Bitter Suite for the Fourth Season: A Lampoon of TPTB by Blade Mast (BladeMstrs)

"A lampoon of the entire fourth season." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The *PERFECT* remake of the BITTER SUITE, this musical odyssey would be the ideal season ender for year four >:) Featuring a familiar cast of characters and some of the best one-liners I've ever read, this HYSTERICAL epic reveals Blade Mast as a master lyricist exceedingly well-versed on the art of making a P-O-I-N-T. The MUST READ of the year, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!" -- Lunacy

Bitter Suite Night by StoneXena

"This story explores the emotions between Xena and Gabrielle after that pesky Rift thing." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bittersweet Banter by Kwipinky

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net

"Xena can't get a certain song out of her mind." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle discuss Xena's inability to get a certain song out of her head." -- Academy of Bards

The Black Wolf by xenia

"Xena and Gabby must save a village from a talking wolf" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A talking wolf is killing villagers and it's up to Xena and Gabrielle to save them." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle try to help a village fight a deadly predator. Frightened by the possibility of loosing one another, they begin to admit the feelings they've been hiding." -- Lunacy

Blades Of The Red Sun by Saul Trabal

"In Africa, Xena and Gabrielle set out to stop Marc Antony's supporter Lepidus from obtaining a powerful weapon he will use to defeat Octavian and take over the world. In the process, Xena and Gabrielle encounter a second group of warriors who are also after this weapon-and who may prove to be far more dangerous than the Romans. Important Note: This story was written a year before 'A Friend In Need'." -- Academy of Bards







Blame It On The Wine by Caina Q. Fuller

"Gabrielle has been keeping a secret from Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Simahoyo

"Gabby leaves herself out of a very important story." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Blessing by T. Novan

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner

La Bénédiction (French Translation)

"Athena convinces Artemis that Xena and Gabrielle were meant to be together." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . a sweet first-time tale that has a couple of Olympian voyeurs watching a certain warrior and bard to determine if the two should at last receive the blessing they've been waiting for before acting on their love . . ." -- Lunacy

"The Blessing is a sweet little first time story that has our warrior and bard ready and willing to take their relationship to the next step. But Gabrielle is waiting until their union is blessed by Artemis. It will take some godly interference from Athena before that will ever happen . . ." -- Cee's Reviews

Blessing in Disguise By Lady Catherine

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Sapphic Voices | Xena Web (Archived)

Xippy Award

"An encounter with a sadistic warlord from Xena's past puts her friendship with Gabrielle to the test." -- Sapphic Voices

"Gabrielle and Xena realize their feelings for each other after Gabrielle is forced to play Xena's slave in a tavern." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying dinner, when an old Warlord friend of Xena's comes in. Xena acts the warlord to save Gabrielle from his men. The girls then have to deal with the aftermath of those actions." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A first time story that starts off with Xena reverting back to her warlord persona to protect Gabrielle from a warlord from her past. A little on the brutal side for Gabrielle as she endures some rough treatment but realises that Xena is only trying to protect her." -- Xippy

Blind Faith Restored by Zzelami

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Muzza Award -- Best First Time Story

"A 'what if' story of 'Blind Faith'." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This takes place towards the end of the episode "Blind Faith." Xena has just defeated the bad guys and Gabrielle, dressed as the queen, is stuck in a coffin being pulled into the crematorium....... " -- Zzelami

"Immediatly follows the episode "Blind Faith." When Xena assumes that her eyesight is gone for good, she makes some shocking announcements that she would normally have kept under wraps. Zzelami turns out another wonderful tale of romance with a good dose of comedy in this delightful story." -- Athenaeum

"A *WONDERFUL* story by a very talented new addition to the ranks of XWP bards. This story takes a few liberties with the episode BLIND FAITH offering a somewhat different ending guaranteed to leave you with a HUGE grin on your face! Starting at the point in the episode just after Xena saves the bard from a fiery death, the story then follows the two as they try to deal with Xena's blindness and are spurred into some emotional confessions as a result. They soon find themselves giving in to feelings too long denied only circumstances create some unexpected... challenges ;-) This tale is a delightful mixture of romance and humor . . . An absolute MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Blind Hope by Stormwolff

"What happened between the time that Xena rescued Gabrielle from the sarcophagus and the application of the Egyptian sienna?" -- Athenaeum

"This VERY sensual offering by a promising new bard features the missing scenes we never saw in the episode BLIND FAITH ;-) Starting just as Xena is saving the bard from a fiery death, the story follows them during the next several hours as emotions long held hidden are revealed and two souls finally come together. VERY nice!" -- Lunacy

Blonde Fury by Klancy7

The Collected Smut of Klancy7 | Kindred Spirit Lodge | Xenadom | Xena Slave

"Callisto is after the Plague Scrolls and Xena and Gabrielle endure her unwanted attentions in an effort to buy time for Ephiny." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Callisto conducts the interrogation of her dreams" -- Klancy7

Blood for Blood by Pink Rabbit Productions

"Ares convinces Callisto to help him return Xena to her old ways." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

" Callisto infects Xena with Ares blood, casing Xena to face the darkest part of her soul." -- Athenaeum

"This is one of the best warlord/slave stories I have ever read - extremely well-written and absolutely RIVETING! It has Xena reverting to her warlord persona after she is sprayed with Ares' blood. In a rage the warlord then sets out on a blood-thirsty path of destruction with one particular conquest in mind - a bard who Xena is determined to make her own at any cost . . . Not to be missed folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy


Blood Innocence by Danae

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena drinks tainted water, thanks to Callisto, that causes memory loss" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Callisto tricks Xena into drinking the waters from the river Lethe, causing the warrior to lose her memory and forcing Gabrielle to make a sacrifice to get it back." -- Athenaeum

"Callisto is back in this beautifully written story told from the perspective of an innocent river nymph, who must watch helplessly as the insane goddess exacts a terrible vengeance on Xena and Gabrielle. Callisto's plan will leave the Warrior Princess a shell of her former self but the goddess is too blind with hatred to see what becomes very plain to the river nymph - that the love between warrior and bard is strong enough to transcend even the greatest of evils." -- Lunacy

Blood Lust by WrshpXena

Athenaeum | Tigg's Xena Page (Archived) | Xenadom

"Xena's in a very frisky mood with a cycling Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An acquired taste of sorts, this hurt/comfort tale has the bard discovering the extent of her warrior's love and appetite for her." -- Lunacy

Blood Reckoning by Cath, Bard

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"Set after "Helicon". Ares is back to tempt the bard to be his Chosen" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Blood Ties by L Fox

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page | XenaCrazed

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena and Gabrielle's life 10 years after they abandon the road." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Blooded by Lisa Jain Thompson

"Gabrielle wants to make love with Xena, even during THAT time of month." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bloodlust by WordWizard

Rated PG-13

"Xena learns a secret about Gabrielle that could destroy their friendship forever." -- WordWizard

A Blue and Green Life by Morgaine

"Time frame – after The Ring series and before "The God You Know". After losing 25 plus one more year, Gabrielle wants to settle down. Can they make it work?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Blue in Your Eyes by Aleria

"Resurfacing memories better forgotten during a typical fireside conversation, Xena and Gabrielle discover that coming to terms with the past can help them come to terms with the future... Post Gabrielle's return from the tragic events in "Sacrifice." -- Academy of Bards

Body Heat by Annaria

Academy of Bards | Atheaeum | Slayers' Time

"A first time story in which the warrior gets her bard all heated up." -- Academy of Bards

Bonding by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards | The DX Experience | E-Books by Lida

"Xena and Gabrielle exchange some rather revealing little stories from their younger days." -- Academy of Bards

Booze, Blondes and Bonfires by Shea

Amazon Trails | Lynka

Amazon Ice Award

"Xena and Gabrielle have a new experience at the Amazons Spring Festival.*Recomended by CN Winters*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Both Hands by L.N.James

AusXIP | Jane's X:WP Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction

Amazon Ice Award

"Bondage fun at a festival *recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle get into a little bondage while attending the Dionysian Festival in Athens." -- Athenaeum

"Set in Athens during the Dyonisian Festival, this story has Xena becoming amused when Gabrielle reacts with some shock to the wild going-ons. Determined to make the experience unforgettable for the young bard, Xena decides to get a little "wild" herself . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- Lunacy

Bottoms Up! by Caley Woulfe

"Nice, little, tasty PWP to brighten your day and your dreams." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bound To Please by Tim Wellman

"Gabrielle is angry that Xena just "expects" to be rescued from prison and teaches the Warrior a lesson before releasing her from her shackles." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Bountiful Eyes by DS Bauden

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"The brother of a man Xena killed in her past seeks revenge against the Warrior Princess." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle must face a madman wanting Xena's eyes in retribution for his brother's death." -- Athenaeum

Bracelet by Brandie

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | E-Books by Lida | Sapphic Voices

"This short story is about what happens when Callisto makes a threat Xena can't refuse. Gabrielle is made to bear the consequences! Please see intro before reading :)" -- Academy of Bards

Breaking Bread by L.N.James

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction | PDA Fiction

Amazon Ice Award

"Gabrielle chooses dinner at an inn to coax the private Xena out in public." -- Athenaeum

"Gabby gets frisky with Xena in a tavern full of people*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"SIZZLING little alt. piece that has the Gabster being a little naughty and then getting more than she bargained for. DO NOT READ AT WORK! >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Breaking the Ice by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards  | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium

"On a rescue mission to a remote northern outpost, the Bard and Warrior must put their skills to the test to help a starving people who are being stalked by a malevolent, vengeful force." -- Academy of Bards



Breath by Sarah Miller

"Following Gabrielle's marriage, she speaks her heart." -- Academy of Bards

"This is set right after Gabrielle wedding to Perdicus. Gabrielle realizes that she just made a big mistake and goes to Xena for help" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Breathing by Angela (Nniol)

Rated PG-13

"The narrator, whom we can assume is Xena, thinks about her friend, whom we can assume is Gabrielle, getting married the next day." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Short vignette that takes place the night before Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus." -- Ashera's Archive

"Poignant vignette set the evening before Gabrielle's marriage in RETURN OF CALLISTO when a certain Warrior Princess realizes at last just what she's giving up." -- Lunacy

The Brew of Anteros by Sharona

Amazon Trails | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabby accidently drinks an aphrodisiac and Xena is helpless to resist the bard" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Broken Arrow by Bat Morda

Bibliotheca (Home Page) | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena and Gab meet a mysterious woman on a zebra, who seems to know more than she's letting on about the girls.*recommended by Absinthe*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A "first time" story featuring a wonderful new character who helps Xena and Gabrielle admit the truth of their feelings to themselves and each other. Emotional, funny and EXCELLENTLY written. A classic of XWP alternative fan fiction and one of my early favorites. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! " -- Lunacy










Broken Hearts by Rose Corsaro

"Gabrielle wants one thing that Xena can't give her a baby - will it be the end for the warrior and the bard?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Broken In Two by Silk

"The story behind Ares' entrapment by the Eye Of Hephaestus." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Broken Thread by Ella Quince

AusXIP | AusXip Rocket EBook Corner | Ella Quince's Altered Stories | GabWhacker (Archived): Screen Version / Printer Version | PDA Fiction

"Xena meets a mysterious stranger who has traveled an incredible distance to save the warrior's life." -- Ella Quince

"Gabrielle returns from her future to stand beside Xena in a battle that originally took the warrior's life." -- Athenaeum

"Beautifully poignant tale set on the eve of a bloody battle that has Xena preparing herself for the encounter when a mysterious stranger walks into camp - a stranger that looks like an older version of Gabrielle. To Xena's amazement, the stranger proceeds to tell her an unbelievable story about a warrior who left her love behind to go die in battle and the bard who then became a warrior herself in a desperate quest to alter the timeline. The stranger is certain that if that bard can stand beside her lover during the battle - two lives will be forever changed and two souls reunited. FANTASTIC tale sure to pull the old heartstrings! DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

The Brooding Warrior by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

AusXIP | Aquarius UK

"Xena ponders her relationship with Gabrielle after the episode "The Quest"." -- Athenaeum

"Set after the events in the episode THE QUEST, this story has Xena finally taking time to ponder all that has happened since her death and resurrection. More than anything else, the warrior finds herself thinking about Gabrielle and the incredible love she sensed within the bard - a love she desperately wants to return but is too afraid to." -- Lunacy

A Brothers Betrayal by Marion D. Tuttle

"While in Poteidaia, Perdicus' brother is intent on taking his brothers place as Gabby's husband.*Recommended by CN Winters*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Perdicus' twin brother shows up in Poteidaia to make Gabrielle his wife, but Xena has other plans." -- Athenaeum

Brunhilda by Alan Plessinger

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum

Brunilda (Spanish Translations): Garaje | XFAE

"Brunhilda, no longer an eternal flame, deals with her feelings about the Bard; follows Return of the Valkyrie." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The eternal flame that was Brunhilda is gone. But, what of Brunhilda? Will a few days alone with Gabrielle help her find her way?" -- Athenaeum

Bringing Down the Barriers by Janine Hilltop

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"Barriers of the heart aren't the only troubles Gabrielle and Xena have to overcome by the next dark moon." -- Academy of Bards

Bucket Of Eels by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction

Rated R

"Xena displays her ingenuity when it comes to pleasing her bard." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A story about the appeal of simplicity and the hardships of life before...batteries . . . DO NOT MISS!!" -- Lunacy

Building A Mystery by Danae

"Travelling with an old acquaintance to his wedding, Xena the Warlord becomes involved with a mysterious member of the wedding party." -- Athenaeum

"Danae tells the tale here of Xena's first true love - of the awakening within the warrior's heart of a new awareness, new passions." -- Lunacy

Buried Memories by Robin A. Reed (Themiscrya)

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived): Part 1  Part 2 | Themiscrya (Archived)

"A long lost love from Xena's past is suddenly back in the warrior's life, leading Gabrielle to decide it's time to move on." -- Athenaeum

"This story is so gut-wrenching that it is difficult to read but it is also WELL-WORTH the emotional effort. After Xena and Gabrielle rescue one of Xena's old lovers, a woman the warrior thought dead, Xena suddenly finds herself in an emotional turmoil, torn between memories from the past and the feelings for Gabrielle she's been struggling so desperately against. Unable to control her passion, the warrior will give in to it in a moment of weakness that will force her to make a choice - a choice between two women she loves - a choice that will bring happiness to one...and torment to the other." -- Lunacy

The Burning Candle by April Hladis (AH-Ladis)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Sapphic Voices | Tom's Xena Page

Xippy Award

Swollen Bud Award May 1, 2000: "GETTING SERIOUS" -- Drama

Athenaeum #82 in 2002

"I absolutely adored this story the first time I read it. AH-Ladis has written a beautifully told story. It deals with Xena and Gabrielle in the land of Babylon. I don't want to give too much away but Xena is a child in a grown up body - the tender compassion and love that Gabrielle shows this child is so precious. They are captured and are to be sold as slaves and this is where their adventure begins. A thoroughly good read." -- Xippy

"takes place in ancient Middle East. Xena has an accident that leaves her with the mind of a child. Slave traders bound for Baghdad capture Gabrielle and the now childlike and totally dependent Xena. How will Gabrielle save herself and Xena from the slave market and bring back the Xena she once knew and loved?" -- Whoosh!

"Xena is on a mission in Syria when a sudden injury changes her into a woman with a mind of a child. Gabrielle finds her and soon afterward they are both captured to be sold as slaves in Baghdad. This is a total Gabfest as the spunky bard must find a way out of their predicament and help bring back the Xena she knows and loves. Contains violence. Read warning first as some scenes are disturbing." -- Academy of Bards

"This action-packed tale opens with our favorite Bard and Warrior caught in the middle of a conflict with the legions of Rome when Xena suffers an injury that leaves her child-like and vulnerable. With the love and devotion of a very determined bard, our frightened and confused heroine battles her way back..only this time it's a different kind of fight! You will be mesmerized and delighted by this absolutely BRILLIANT piece..superb characterizations and wonderful dialogue assure that this is one you DO NOT MISS! AH-Ladis's portrayal of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship soars to new heights and shows us the true depth of undeniable devotion in the face of unbelievable odds." -- Athenaeum

"Set in a foreign land and featuring a very original premise, this action-packed story finds Xena and Gabrielle in Syria fighting the invading Roman legions when an injury robs Gabrielle of the Warrior Princess she knows and loves, leaving in her place a confused, scared stranger the bard must struggle to protect against the enemies closing in . . . The characterizations are captivating - Gabrielle at her best and Xena at her most vulnerable, stripped of her warrior identity but left with an unwavering belief and love in the beautiful lady who seems so determined to protect her. Excellent writing in a thoroughly engrossing read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle has to assume Xena's role as protector and provider when the Warrior Princess suffers a head injury that reduces her to a child-like state. Xena is confused about everything except this: she somehow instinctively knows that the "beautiful lady" will do whatever it takes to care for her. And that's just what the bard does, even after they are captured by slave traders and taken to Baghdad. This tale offers the reader plenty of action as well as a moving portrait of the pressures that personality-altering injuries and illnesses can exert on even the truest of relationships." -- Swollen Buds 

But, Is It Art? by Crewella

"Xena and Gabby discuss their sexual histories" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle's winning of a trophy in a bard's contest leads to a discussion with Xena about their sexual experiences." -- Athenaeum

The Cabin by BL Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXip Rocket eBook Corner | e-Books by Lida | BL's Stories | BL's Stories EBook Link | Obsession's XenaRotica

La Cabaña (Spanish Translation)

"Xena and Gabrielle are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy of the Warrior Princess. After being rescued by Hercules and Iolaus, the pair are left alone in a private mountain cabin to recover. Their time alone is the catalyst to the opening of their hearts and feelings, but just when they think that happiness is theirs, Gabrielle's duties as Amazon Queen threaten to separate them forever." -- BL Miller

"After being brutalized while prisoners of a vengeful Warlord, Gabrielle and Xena are rescued by Hercules and Iolaus and taken to Hercules' mountain retreat to recover. They are then asked by the Gods to save the Amazons from raiders." -- Athenaeum

"After a horrific encounter with an old enemy of the Warrior Princess, Xena and Gab find themselves stuck in a cabin for months - forced at last to confront the feelings between them and the fears those feelings evoke. It is with the strength of their love that they will find the strength to help the Amazon nation against a terrible threat - a threat that will challenge the light in one of them and the will to survive in the other. NOTE: Make sure to read the warning that appears at the beginning of chapter one - this story is explicit and has scenes of extreme violence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Caesar in the Moonlight by Lisa Jain Thompson

"Pre-Destiny story. Xena turns to Caesar for help" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena enlists Caesar's help with Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

Call Me Mister! by Catkin

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

Hermes turns Xena into a man as a joke but neither the warrior or the bard are laughing" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Callisto by Lisa Jain Thompson


"Xena's redemption from Gabby's point of view" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is a rather dark story of Callisto's role in Xena's search for redemption as seen through Gabrielle's eyes." -- Athenaeum

Callisto Destroyed Cirra by Claire Lickman

Callisto: Insurrection by Lisa Jain Thompson

Callisto's Antidote by Friction

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Obsession (Archived) | Pink Rabbit Consortium (Archived) | PDA Fiction

Amazon Ice Award

"Xena leaves Gabrielle with the amazons after the bard is poisoned by Callisto. *recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"After Gabrielle nearly dies an agonizing death at the hands of Callisto, Xena decides it's time to leave her friend behind at the Amazon village, but Gabrielle has other ideas." -- Athenaeum

Xenaicious Recommendation

Callisto's Challenge by My Osage

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | e-Books by Lida | Sapphic Voices

"When she switches bodies with Xena, Callisto cleverly issues a challenge that will test the love between the bard and her warrior." -- Academy of Bards

Callisto's Kiss by Mil Toro

"Callisto and Ares listen in as Gabrielle sidesteps Xena's questions about what happened when Callisto was in her body." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Takes place after Intimate Strangers as Callisto finds out that Gabrielle didn't tell Xena what really happened when Callisto invaded Xena's body." -- Mil Toro

Camilla by Candace Chellew

"A past love comes back to haunt Xena by using the bard's family as a pawn." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Camping With Joxer by Oversoul

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida | Oversoul's Therapy Page (Archived)

Acampando con Joxer (Spanish Translation)

Amazon Ice Award

"A story which CLEARLY reveals why the warrior-wannabe should NOT be traveling with a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Lots of humor in this and lots of heat - none of it due to a campfire mind you ;-) Do not even THINK of glancing at this at work - don't do it! I warn you! >:-)" -- Lunacy

"Joxer pays a visit to our two grrls camp but his visit doesn't interrupt what they were previously doing." -- Athenaeum

"Recommended by CN" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A short story about the difficulties of life on the road with Joxer - and the ways our gals find to get around them. There's a reason this one won an Amazon Ice Award. It's very steamy and very funny and very highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Captured by Virginia Leonard

"A friend/thief of Xena's join the pair" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . has Xena and Gabrielle meeting up with an old friend of the Warrior Princess - a roguish thief with an eye for the ladies and a penchant for trouble." -- Lunacy

"This playful story introduces us to another of Xena's friends from her past.Rook is a thief who has been hired to steal an amulet, an easy job becomes complicated when the falls for the current owner of the necklace." -- Athenaeum

Cards Anyone? by BL Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXip Rocket eBook Corner | BL's Stories | BL's Stories EBook Link

Combien de Cartes? (French Translation)

¿Más cartas? (Spanish Translation)

"One of my 'naughty little romps' (see also The Show and The Cloak) about Gabrielle and Xena admitting their feelings. A cave, a rainstorm, a deck of cards, and nothing to bet with except their clothes. This story earned Lunacy's famed "Do not read at work" warning." -- BL Miller

". . . new sizzling little offering by a bard with an uncanny talent for combining romance and passion into a well-written and delightfully naughty package . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Careful What You Wish For by R.D. Elliot

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida | ForevaXena

This story contains a brief depiction of rape.  

"Xena wants Gabrielle to keep quiet and do what she says and gets that wish with devastating results for both of them." -- Academy of Bards

"After weeks of Xena being colder then usual and oblivious to the love of her bard, a wandering troop of entertainers is a welcome break for Gabrielle. The welcome break turns into a nightmare for the bard and warrior. Xena struggles to save her bard, but salvation will only come when the Warrior confronts the guilt raging inside of herself. This hurt/comfort tale is R. D. Elliot's first, and it's a well-written story beginning to end." -- Athenaeum

Careful What You Wish For by Teagen2

Athenaeum | AusXIP (Part 1 Only)

"Xena wishes she was more like a man, but not in this way." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Cause of Rage by Crystal Mills

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"With Solstice and Xena’s birthday on the way, Xena and Gabrielle are both excited to make it to Amphipolis to spend the time with the warrior’s family. After everything works out wonderfully in the duo’s lives, terror strikes, only because of a mishap of the God of War and his sword. Will these events ruin the perfect Solstice?" -- Crystal Mills

Celeste by Aristaeus

"While waiting at an inn for Xena, Gabrielle goes for an innocent walk that leads her to a surprising revelation about the warrior she loves." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A lonely Gabrielle defies Xena, following her trail to the home of an old friend, where she learns more about her warrior than she can bear." -- Obsession's XenaRotica

Certain Needs by Stephanie Negroni


"Gabrielle finds out her family is larger than she ever suspected" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Chained by Lariel

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida

"Gabrielle and Xena's relationship has taken a sudden and unexpected turn - Gabrielle's reactions to the after effects." -- Academy of Bards

The Chakram by Herculena


"Xena has help looking for her chakram." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Chakram Toss by Stacia Seaman and Faithful

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBooks | eBooks by Lida

"A night of fun and games ensues when the bard has a little too much wine." -- Academy of Bards

"Set in the earlier days of their relationship (think time of the BGSB), Gabrielle has a little too much to drink one night and tests the patience of a certain warrior princess in more ways than one. You'll never think about olives the same way again. Recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

"So, here's a thought. Younger Gabrielle. Xena is .... well, somewhere. A tavern. Trying to gather information. She isn't allowed in with her weapons, so she's left them -- along with Gabrielle -- in the stable. Gabrielle, ticked at not being allowed inside the tavern and wondering what the big deal is anyway, gets herself some wine and drinks herself silly. After trying (and failing) to converse with Argo, she decides to play a game. She rams Xena's sword into the stable floor and starts tossing the chakram at it, trying to get a bullseye. Not being a warrior, she's not facing the door to the stable. In fact, she's on the ground in an empty stall. So it begins... " Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Heartbrkn Recommends -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Wednesday July 19, 2000

The Chalice by The Norm

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | The Norm's Fan Fic | Taiko's Space | Tom's Xena Page

"Takes place after the India Arc. (Spoiler alert) Xena & Gabrielle must find the Chalice of Hemera." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena & Gabrielle battle their inner demons to learn the secret of the Chalice of Hemera." -- Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory

A Change of Perspective by Rosemary

Amazon Ice Award

"The half sister of Callisto poisons Gabrielle."- - Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Charon's Troubles by BL Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXip Rocket eBook Corner | BL's Stories

"Xena and Gabrielle must find Charon and return him to Tartarus before one of hundred's of Xena's old enemies that Sisyphus has released from Tartarus, is successful in their attempts at revenge against the warrior." -- Athenaeum

"Sysiphus throws Charon, keeper of the ferry that transports the dead over the River Styx, out of the underworld. Hades asks Xena and Gabrielle to help him find his missing ferryman while at the same time they're being forced to deal with souls released from Tartarus back to the Overlord. The problem? They're all people who died at the hands of one Warrior Princess and it's her blood that they want now. Even after finding Charon, it proves to be difficult to keep him out of trouble, especially in places where dancing girls and gambling may be found. As if this wasn't enough, Gabrielle gets injured and Xena has to care for her. A combination of humor, hurt/comfort, and action that has proven to be a popular story." -- BL MIller

". . . CHARON'S TROUBLES begins when Sysiphus, the former king and master magician whose plans have often been foiled by Xena, puts in play a new effort at revenge. He throws Charon into the world of the living and starts sending back as well all of Xena's dead enemies. Unable to locate his wayward ferryman Hades appeals to Xena for help. With Charon having the time of his life, however, Xena and Gabrielle soon have their hands full just trying to keep track of him...while others are keeping track of them. Before long one of the warrior's greatest fears becomes reality in a twist which may at last force her also to admit a truth she has been keeping secret for much too long. This is a combination comedy, first-time tale and hurt/comfort story which succeeds in every aspect of these three different types of fiction. Charon's antics are in a word HYSTERICAL! His characterization is well-developed and clever. As far as the romance is concerned - few can capture the connection between warrior and bard like B.L. can - in this story it is sweet, loving and almost desperately passionate. CHARON'S TROUBLES is NOT to be missed guys! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!" -- Lunacy

Childish Games by Ella Quince

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Ella Quince's Altered Stories | Ella Quince's Altered Stories (Archived)

"Xena meets someone from Gabrielle's past" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena gets new insights into Gabrielle when the two friends encounter a woman from Gabrielle's past." -- Athenaeum

"A childhood friend of Gabrielle's reveals a hidden past that will dramatically change the bard's relationship with Xena." -- Ella Quince

". . . a beautiful, POIGNANT story that in revealing a part of Gabrielle's past Xena had previously not known about, opens up a whole new future for them. It begins at an inn where the warrior and bard come upon an old acquaintance of Gabrielle's - a childhood friend from Poteidaia whose presence unnerves the bard and has Xena wondering why? . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Anne's Top Eleven Xena Fan Fiction Stories

Ralst Recommendation

Child's Play by Catherine M. Wilson

". . . this one [is] set on an evening full of doubts as a troubled heart fears what it wants most of all." -- Lunacy

"Xena's 'morning after' thoughts" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Choices by Allyson Heisey

AusXIP | ForevaXena | XenaCrazed (Archived)

Athenaeum Reader Comments (Include spoilers)

"Gabrielle and Xena's relationship is put to the test when Xena is reunited with an old flame. Gabrielle, Xena, and the Amazon's must battle a ruthless warlord to protect Xena's friend and her young daughter." -- Allyson Heisey

Choices In Life by Jamie Boughen

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena and Gabby care for a young girl" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The two companions take-in a wild young girl they come across in the forest." -- Athenaeum

"A very emotional story which presents a somewhat different side of the Warrior Princess. It is a side that begins to come forth as Xena and Gabrielle discover a young orphan in the woods - a little girl who seems to immediately form a connection with the one-time feared Destroyer of Nations. Faced with a decision that could change her life, Gabrielle's and the girl's forever, the warrior finds herself revisiting the past and desperately wanting to avoid the pain she experienced in that former life." -- Lunacy

The Chosen by BS Barber

"While Gabrielle is in jail, she meets a beautiful warrior." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Chosen by Kelley Piper

Fade to Black (Archived) | K Piper (Archived)

Rated PG-13

"Ares decides on a new Chosen in his bid for the ultimate revenge on an enslaved Xena." -- Kelly Piper

The Cheesey 4th Season Opener by BladeMstrs

"Xena wakes after Sac II but things are not quite what they seem."- - Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Chosen Path by Adam Allison

UNFINISHED - Last updated February 2011

"There are certain aspects of Season 6 that always rubbed me the wrong way. Plots a bit misused or not used at all. Xena was given the power to kill gods by God and the archangel Michael. Why was se able to kill the Furies? They were not gods. They were dread creatures birthed by the blood of Uranus after he was maimed by his son Cronus. And would Xena be able to kill angels? It was an angel that gave het that power?
Caigula was never fully explained. How was he able to seduce Aphrodite and steal her power?

And to me the most glaring omission was what should have resulted from Xena's actions in "Motherhood." How many times have e seen her use her chakrum to knock someone unconscious? Does she do this to stop Gabrielle? No. She splits her soul mate's skull open. This should have developed into a powerful plot line at the least. Another Rift at the worst. Instead it's batted aside with an apology from Xena that is more of a throw away line than anything. So I have decided to write my own season 6 redux. Where I run with the ideas that maybe should have been used to better effec in season 6." -- Academy of Bards What's New February 15th 2011

The Chosen's Prerogative by romansilence

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Passion & Perfection |

Realm of the Shadow | Slayer's Time


"Xena and Gabrielle's dramatic way to start over again after The Rift." -- FanFiction.Net

"This story starts about one year and a half after Bitter Suite. Gabrielle is ruling the Amazons and Xena is married to Hercules. Hera interferes, Xena snaps, and Gabrielle has to deal with the fall-out, also involved are Ares, Artemis, and Athena." -- Academy of Bards

"A/U - Xena and Gabrielle lose contact after 'Bitter Suite'. They come back together when Xena has to deal with the aftermath of killing the Queen of the Gods in revenge." -- Slayer's Time

The Church of Xena by Kaye Hanley


Circle of Stones by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"The only way Gabrielle can save Xena is by solving the riddle of a mysterious circle of stones." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle, alone, finds herself having to decipher the riddle behind a series of mysterious stones." -- Athenaeum


"To save Xena and an entire town, Gabrielle must face a creature straight out of Greek myth." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . has Xena and Gabrielle investigating the disappearance of several villagers when an unexpected development leaves the bard racing against time to solve a mystery made suddenly much more personal. Mary's treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship is one of the factors that always make her stories such a pleasure to read. She envisions them with a kind of connection that is spiritual and magical and always poignant. It is this depiction that turns a simple mystery into so much more - a MUST READ that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Cloak BL Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXip Rocket eBook Corner | BL's Stories | e-Books by Lida

La Cape (French Translation)

Der Umhang (German Translation)

                 Cover by Barron Chugg                                               Cover by Ciegra                                                                            Cover by D. Kern

"In this wicked little tale, what can't be seen is what brings Xena & Gabrielle together. You'll enjoy the sweet and playful moments as they both give in to their mutual attraction on a cool night that soon makes what is under warm cloak one very erotic evening." -- Athenaeum

"A short little story (I'm sure it'll remind you of Cards Anyone? and The Show) that pays tribute to that old saying "Some women look great in anything". A cool evening finds Gabrielle in her cloak and Xena discovering why sometimes less is more." -- BL Miller

". . . B.L.'s latest has the warrior getting decidedly uncomfortable as she observes the rather intriguing way a certain bard wears her cloak. Alas, that warrior's discomfort is soon growing by leaps and bounds when said bard decides . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Close Encounters of the Warrior Kind by Shea

"Xena and Gabrielle befriend a young warrior." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Closest to Heaven by K. R. Brendan

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"A first time story in which Xena and Gabrielle visit a village celebrating a festival of love." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Clueless by BL Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXip Rocket eBook Corner | BL's Stories | BL's Stories EBook Link


"Set after the events in the episode 'Fins, Femmes, & Gems', this story gives the ladies a chance to relax and recuperate after foiling Aphrodite's plans. The go to the local town, not expecting to run into a relative of Gabrielle's...or the secret she's kept hidden for so long. A secret that will forever change the relationship between Xena and her bard." -- Academy of Bards

"This delightful story opens with a very funny "after-the-credits" resolution to Joxer as Attis the Ape-man. Xena and Gabrielle are bound for Laconia where an encounter with a long lost relative leads Gabrielle to understand her feelings about the Warrior." -- Athenaeum


Cover by Unknown



The Cold Winter Night by Nickie

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | ForevaXena

"Gabrielle is as stubborn as ever. She doesn't listen to Xena and ends up sick in a cave." -- Academy of Bards

Comforts by Trillseekr

"Xena's bad dream turns into a good night for her and Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena awakens Gabrielle from a bad dream and the two friends seek comfort in the arms of each other." -- Athenaeum

"Sweetly passionate vignette that has Gabrielle seeking comfort after a bad nightmare and finding more than she expected." -- Lunacy

Coming Home for a Coming Out by Foxfire

"Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates and lovers, but what happens when they return to Potedia as a couple for the first time?" -- Academy of Bards

Companions by Della Street

Obsession (Archived) | Passion & Perfection | Spontaneous Catharsis EBook (January 16, 2005)

"After returning from a mission, Xena learns that Gabby left with another warrior" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Some FUNNY misunderstandings in this well-orchestrated little tale have Xena suddenly feeling very jealous, forcing issues to the surface that neither she nor Gabrielle can continue avoiding . . . a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!!" -- Lunacy

Comrades In Arms by roc-it scientist

"Xena and Gabrielle's love blossoms" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . follows our two heroines through their adventures and travels after the deaths of Perdicus and Callisto to the time just after they part ways with Cecrops. The story doesn't dwell on what we saw on the TV episodes but rather - what we didn't - the days in between adventures, the nights by the campfires, the traveling on the road. We see Xena and Gabrielle first turning to one another almost by accident, while missing past loves in fact. The initial explorations are playful and curious with Xena thinking she is simply a temporary solution for the bard. It is at the thought of loosing her that Xena begins to realize just what her companion means to her. The only question is...does Gabrielle feel the same?" -- Lunacy

Confession by Sais2Cool

Academy of Bards | *Audio Fic | Bleached Parchment | eBooks by Lida

*Download at your own risk. The Xena Library takes no responsibility for any damage that may result.

Xena Fanfiction Podcast #3

Gabrielle charts her passionate relationship with Xena, which leads her to reveal a secret that has tortured her conscience for years.
***Warning: This story contains a non-graphic sex scene which can be interpreted as non-consensual.***" --  Academy of Bards

"So, this story’s cool, much like the author herself claims to be, with even a sharp point or two to be gleaned within.  Something about guilt and forgiveness, penance and darkness, some guilt-ridden grrl-on-grrl action of the truly repressed kind, and stuff.  Well-written.  Poignant, even.  The entire history of the Gabrielle and Xena Relationship (yes, capital R, matey) finely wrought out in a short story.  I really enjoyed S2C’s take on it, thus – naturally – so will you." -- Xenalicious

Confession by Firelight by Cheeya

Academy of Bards | ForevaXena

"Determined not to repeat the sins of her past...Xena spends a soul searching evening tormented by her emerging feelings for a certain young woman from Poteidaia." -- Academy of Bards

Confessions by Marie E. Costa (StarWarrior / Rie)

"After nearly losing the bard, Xena confesses her love" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Confessions by Kim Pritekel

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | eBooks by LidaEternal Soulmates (Archived) | Fator X | PDA Fiction

Confesiones (Spanish Translation)

"And who said sitting around a campfire telling stories can't get you anywhere?" -- Academy of Bards

"Set during season two, Kim's fanfic debut features a Gabrielle struggling with her feelings for the Warrior Princess - aware for some time now that she feels more than a mere friendship but hesitant about facing it until an overly friendly inn mistress brings things to a head." -- Lunacy

Confessions Of Faith by Ponyhead

An alternative ending to OAAA, Xena returns home after Gabrielle doesn't recover." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . a touching little tale set after the events in SACRIFICE II which has Xena returning to Amphipolis and finding a measure of solace in the mother she distanced herself from so long ago." -- Lunacy

Confessions of Love...? by LOL/Laura


Constancy by Julia Noel Goldman (Xena's Little Bitch)

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida

Constancia (Spanish Translations): XFAE | XFAE Garaje

Ever wonder what Gabrielle was thinking that year she was lying on the rock, protected by Grunhilda's flame? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time just after 'Return of The Valkyrie'? Look no further!

Constant Craving by LaLa

"Cute, short vignette set after the events in THE DELIVERER which has Xena dealing with some of Gabrielle's rather "exotic" cravings" -- Lunacy

The Contest by C.N. Winters

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | CN's Tales of Romance

Rated NC-17

"Ares and Aphrodite go no holds barred in a battle over the warrior princess' soul" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Where there are gods, there is sure to be mayhem! A bet between Aphrodite and Ares produces chaotic results when it centers around our favorite bard and warrior." -- Barderella

A Conversation in the Elysian Fields by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards | Chakram 1's XWP Fanfic (Archived) | Rab's Xena and Gabrielle Fan Fiction | Tigg's Xena Page (Archived)

"Perdicus and Marcus, curious about their old lovers, demand an audience with Hades." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Conversations by Campfire by CN Winters

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | CN's Tales of Romance

"Gabrielle and Najara's relationship propels Xena to speak her heart. Set during Crusader and Past Imperfect." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Cottage by Eva Allen

Amazon Trails | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Please read the disclaimers.

"Xena brings Gabrielle to a quaint cottage for a relaxing day, but all that changes when Gabrielle gets attacked." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Counterpart by XeniteSupreme

"Xena goes against Callisto when Gabrielle is killed*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Aphrodite convinces Xena to seek justice against Callisto when Gabrielle is murdered." -- Athenaeum

"An alt. story that has Callisto joining forces with another deadly enemy of the Warrior Princess and using supernatural means to try to destroy Xena and Gabrielle." -- Lunacy

Cradle Of Destiny by Danae

"Two 'Hopes' play a part in Gabrielle's return after Sacrifice 2." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A VERY clever resolution to the chain of events set forth in the episode SACRIFICE II which links a seemingly inconsequential incident from Gabrielle's past with the destiny she would one day fulfill. It begins in the treasury of King Gregor's castle that moment we saw in the episode CRADLE OF HOPE when a very young Gabrielle accidentally bumps into Pandora's box sending it to the floor and breaking it open. To the warrior and bard the box appeared empty but unbeknownst to them the Hope of mankind was indeed inside. Once released it takes residence inside the bard whose gentle heart and optimism mark her as a kindred spirit. It is that hope within Gabrielle that will eventually draw the attention of an evil god plummeting the young bard and her partner into a nightmare seemingly without end...until Hope once again makes its presence known . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Creative Accounting by Mazrat

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | The Mindom

"Xena and Gabrielle have some fun with numbers after the Warrior Princess's embarrasing little secret is discovered in a very public place. Gabrielle demonstrates her surprising prowess at figure-handling after some interesting Amazon University study courses. " -- Academy of Bards

". . .Xena and the Gabster, while visiting a town have some monetary discussions, the like of which we have never seen:} X+G=romantic hi-jinx. Fresh, funny and quite well written. . ." -- Just Like Buttah!

"A cute little story that harkens back to the "old days" of Xena when Gabrielle was still wearing the BGSB. Filled with every accounting pun and play on words you ever thought of - and a few you didn't - this one's a fun bit of comic relief. Breathes some new life into the classic X/G first time story. Recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Cross Words by Claire Withercross

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"An epic tale of love, set against the backdrop of ancient Greece. Two women, one, a tall dark and menacing warlord, the other, a short, naive young bard. Thrown together by the horrors of war, they forge an unlikely partnership to fight for the greater good. Sounds good? Unfortunately my story is just a little campfire scene." -- Academy of Bards

Crossed Swords by Fathom

"Xena meets up with an old , very dear friend, and equal on the battle field. *recommended by Absinthe*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Crossing the Fire by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | ForevaXena

Xippy Award

The Bard's Challenge Award

"Gabrielle ponders what went wrong in her relationship with Xena as she watches her warrior play with the baby Eve. Xena also wonders what happened and with a little help from the Goddess of Love, a mystery is solved. Xena and Gabrielle finally have that talk about what went wrong in their relationship..." -- Xippy






Crossing Over by Della Street

"Hercules, Typhon, a magic flute, and Xena and Gabrielle's increasing awareness of their feelings make for a bumpy ride." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory


"When on a mission with Xena and Gabrielle, Hercules gets entirely the wrong idea about their relationship, or does he? This is a wonderful non-explicit First Time story with a slice of adventure thrown in for good. " -- Athenaeum

". . . a heartwarming, subtle, thoroughly satisfying piece that has Xena and Gabrielle joining Hercules and Iolus on a mission to try to destroy a deadly monster. It is a mission Hercules thinks should have no "civilians" along but which the bard insists on participating in regardless. In the ensuing days, as the demi-god grows increasingly wary of Gabrielle's presence he tries to reason with Xena but unbeknownst to him those efforts are backfiring juuuuuust a bit ;-) Della's characterization of Xena as a tough warrior of few words with a decidedly sharp mind and a profound weakness in the heart for her little bard is one of my favorites in fanfic. I also love the gentle heroism with which she has always portrayed Gabrielle. DO NOT MISS this early effort by one of our finest talents. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Story includes artwork 

Crossing X's by Mil Toro

AusXIP | MilToro (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena meets up with Dana Scully and Gabrielle meets up with Fox Mulder in this crossover time travel tale." -- Mil Toro

Cry Wolf by Mary Morgan

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"A mysterious woman and a black wolf arrive in a town with dangerous secrets" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory 


. . . A young mute woman finds herself imprisoned in a small village...but nothing is as it seems . . ." -- Leave the Sky

"Xena and Gabrielle battle a curse." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle is forced into a very uncharacteristic role and Xena must control all her natural impulses under threat of tragic loss." -- Academy of Bards

"A poignant new offering from this gifted storyteller set around the mysterious events which take place at a village after a young woman is captured and imprisoned there. Only the village blacksmith is moved by the girl's quiet suffering as she endures and struggles to fulfill some unmentioned purpose as if her very life depended on it. I continue to be amazed at how this bard can tell a story more by implying things than saying them straight out. In mastering this economy of words technique, Mary gives us stories that are meaningful and deeply moving. Moreover, she tends to develop the characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle through the eyes of others which in turns makes characters like the blacksmith in this story fascinating players in their own right. A wonderful effort you should not miss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Cyrene ex Machina by Annaria

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Slayer's Time

Cyrène ex-machina  (French Translation)

"The two women, who can handle almost anything together, need the help of a mother in this first time story." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle est amoureuse de Xena mais elle n'ose pas le lui dire... Heureusement, Cyrène, la mère de Xena, est là…" --