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Fan fiction featuring a romantic relationship between Xena and Gabrielle.

All stories listed here are copyrighted to the original authors. Before reading any of the stories, be sure to read the posted disclaimers. The Xena Library takes no responsibility for their content.

Daggers of Meggido by Jean and Xenafan911

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

Xena / Omen Crossover

"Damien Thorn has built a time machine. His destination, the village of Meggido. A simple mission to retrieve the ancient daggers--the only known weapons that can destroy him. Simple...until a hero came along to stop him. Her name was Xena... " -- Academy of Bards

Damage Control by Della Street

Obsession's Xenarotica (Archived) | Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

"Unwilling to take the pain their relationship is bringing her; Xena leaves Gabrielle in Poteidaia after the episode "Return of Callisto"." -- Athenaeum

"After Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus, Xena leaves her friend in Potedaia, but they still have unfinished business to deal with" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"Set after the death of Perdicus this story has Xena returning Gabrielle to Poteidaia, convinced that the bard will be better off without her...but two souls meant to be together are not so easily parted." -- Lunacy

"This is a sweet little story about what happened between Gabrielle and Xena After the death of Perdicus." -- Obsession

Cover by Pink Rabbit Consortium

Damocles by SigXAG

"A traditional hurt/comfort tale that has an old enemy of Xena's choosing to take his revenge by hurting what the warrior love's most. Features some very tender exchanges in a nice depiction of the relationship." -- Lunacy

The Dance by Shalon

BearBlue | Tom's Xena Page

Xena and Gabrielle attend the festival dance." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Intriguing little story that has a mysterious young man aiding the cause of true love." -- Lunacy

The Dance by Pamela Turner

Chakram-1's Xena:WP Fan Ficiton Index (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabrielle teaches Xena to dance." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Thursday February 11, 1999

"Gabrielle seduces Xena at the amazon camp." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A symbolic peace that has the warrior and bard first dancing around an issue close to their hearts - then reaching a new awareness while dancing in each others arms." -- Lunacy

The Dance of Destiny by Becklee

AusXIP | Obsession's Xenarotica (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena takes Gabrielle to a festival where the bard gets into trouble when she decides to participate in a special dance that legends say will find the dancer's soul-mate." -- Athenaeum

"A humorous tale about a small town festival that reveals a persons true soulmate." -- Obsession's Xenarotica

Dancing Day by Catherine M. Wilson

AusXIP | Catherine M. Wilson

"Poetic story of life with Xena being similar to a dance" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Written from Gabby's perspective, this is a very sensual offering that looks at the bard's thought processes as she prepares to reveal the passion she feels for the Warrior Princess. " -- Lunacy

Dancing in the Moonlight by Xena's Little Bitch aka Julia Goldman

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida

"A first time story taking place immediately after the events of "Lyre Lyre, Hearts On Fire," Who wasn't inspired by the way Gabrielle looked in the beaded go-go outfit?" -- Academy of Bards

Dare Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry by Cheazatitle

"Xena and Gabrielle travel to Mt. Olympus after the events in Brittania." -- Athenaeum

Daring Games by Xenrielle

"Gabrielle and Xena are waiting out a storm by sheltering in a cave, playing a game of Truth or Dare." -- Athenaeum

"Wicked little vignette that has a decidedly playful Warrior Princess inviting the bard to play a game of truth or dare…" -- Lunacy

Dark and Stormy Night by Mary E

"Humorous first time story with the girls at a seedy inn." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This tongue-in-cheek tale involves a run down inn, a stormy night, and a warrior princess in a decidedly un-ambiguous mood." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Dark Sword by Allyson Heisey

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Ares has a sword crafted for Xena, his chosen, as part of his plan to win her back to him by engulfing her soul in cold darkness." -- Athenaeum

"Ares is up to his usual tricks as he successfully pulls Xena over into the dark side. It’s up to Gabrielle to take matters into her own hands and devise a plan to pull Xena back and destroy the dark power that controls her best friend." -- Allyson Heisey

"Intense tale that has Xena once again revisiting all the dark emotions that drove her as a warlord when Ares secretly gifts her with an enchanted sword. Desperate, a seemingly helpless Gabrielle becomes determined to try to save her Warrior Princess...only Xena may not want to be saved. A suspenseful tale about the seductive allure of power pitted against the strength of pure love." -- Lunacy

Darkfall by XeniteSupreme

"Rousing adventure tale that has Xena and the bard going up against fanatical and VERY dangerous followers of Ares determined to replace the Warrior Princess as the Chosen of the God of War. Nice romantic moments and terrific action sequences in an entertaining story." -- Lunacy

The Darkling by Lynne Knowlton

Darkness of Mind ~ Lightness of Soul by Gabite

"Describes a few passionate moments in the companions' day." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Day After by Anima

"This piece features dueling vignettes of sorts as first Gabrielle then Xena reflect on what they mean to one another in the hours after the events in the episode CRUSADER. A thoughtful look into the hearts of these characters." -- Lunacy

A Day (and Two Nights) in the Life by atara

Amazon Trails | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | Tom's Xena Page

"A replay of the episode "A Day in the Life" from Xena's and Gabrielle's points of view." -- Athenaeum

"This vignette is sort of the backstage version of the events in "A Day in the Life," one of my all-time favorite Xena eps. There *had* to be a good reason for why Xena and Gabrielle were so twitchy with each other all day." -- atara

A Day At The Beach by Siona West

"A very cute little story involving a warrior, a bard, a sunny day at the beach...and raging hormones." -- Lunacy

A Day in the Life by Rosemary

"Xena uses her nudity to fight off raiders." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Day of the Warrior by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | Tigg's Xena Page (Archived)

"With the bard away, the warrior spends a challenging day at an inn missing her partner." -- Academy of Bards

"With the bard away, the warrior wonders whether she should play ;-) Fun read that has Xena dealing with the usual challenges at an inn while she misses a certain blonde." -- Lunacy

A Day Off by Lariel

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Dreamworker Magazine (Archived) | eBooks by Lida | Stories and More Warehouse (Archived)

"Our warrior and bard are all set to enjoy a nice, restful day off from saving the world...but Gabrielle decides to liven up Xena's fishing holiday with a little diversion of her own. How does a fishless Warrior Princess deal with a bard high on hallucenogenic berries, and bent on mischief?" -- Academy of Bards

The Day the Ancient World Turned Day-Glo by Sasha Foo

Jester's Bard Pavilion (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"Aphrodite decides to turn the pair against each other in a tale complete with wet dreams and bongs." -- Athenaeum

A Day's Awakening by Ryder

Argo and Friends | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"Xena needs Poseidon's help to save Gabrielle from slavers" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Dea Ex Machina by D. Joan Lieb (Joan the English Chick)

"Aphrodite casts a spell on Xena" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A comic piece in which Aphrodite makes Xena fall in love with Gabrielle." -- Joan the English Chick

"Aphrodite casts a spell over Xena and makes her lovesick for Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

"Nicely written, very funny story that has Aphrodite casting a liiitle spell on the Warrior Princess - all of a sudden Xena is completely enamored with a certain bard and very insistent on demonstrating that love." -- Lunacy

A Deafening Quiet by Marion D. Tuttle

"Xena's desire for Gabrielle causes her to consider of leaving the bard." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

" Will Xena and Gabrielle admit their secret longing for each other before it drives them apart?" -- Athenaeum

"Sweet story about misunderstandings that has Xena and Gabrielle both suffering in silence when neither realizes the truth about the other's feelings." -- Lunacy

The Deal by Paully Adams (abbaspice1)

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | FanFiciton.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | ForevaXena | XenaEyes (Archived)

"In an alt-time period, the "Twilight" is about to happen. Xena and Gabrielle ask Ares to help them. He will....for the right price." -- Academy of Bards

Dear Diary by Lady Catherine

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Sapphic Voices

"A very sweet little story that has Xena doing something she shouldn't have and getting a whole new perspective as a result . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle unintentionally leaves her personal scrolls lying around where curious Warrior eyes can see them." -- Athenaeum

Death by Tim Wellman

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) | Tim Wellman (Archived)

". . . heart-wrenching, beautiful story set in the twilight years of the warrior and her bard as their love struggles to transcend even death." -- Lunacy

Death, Resurrection, and Taxes by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

". . . Set after the duo's fifth season extended "beauty sleep" but thankfully avoiding the twilight of the gods storyline, Trisha's tale finds the warrior and bard facing something even scarier than the wrath of the Olympians - a tax audit. With the potential of a 31 year tax bill in their future, Gabrielle goes to work trying to defend their somewhat unconventional deductions while the warrior spends time placating one cranky bard and uses her own methods for dealing with the dilemma. This is a fun, light-hearted tale with the Xena and Gab that made most of us fans - two very different partners who sometimes drive one another crazy...but wouldn't have it any other way. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Contributing to the Greater Good has its down side; After 31 years, plus, (6 + 25 years entombed), of unpaid taxes, the Greek version of the IRS has come looking for the Warrior Princess and her side kick. Xena's filed their first ever Tax Return, with a little help from Salmoneous's kid brother. Now they're being Audited, and it's up to the Bard to sort out their friend's handy work. Justifying their creative accounting recalls some of the funnier moments in their travels. They'd be laughing too... But when an honest man and his family are threatened with foreclosure on their business and home, Xena and Gabrielle become suspicious. Someone's been altering people's tax returns... And cheating the people of Greece out of their hard earned dinars." -- Academy of Bards

". . . a very funny story about one of the only things in life Xena was afraid of: the tax man. In the story, Xena and Gabrielle are being audited, and things don't look so good for our gals. With that twenty-five-year slumber, it seems they haven't filed a joint return in over thirty years. Their dealings with the auditor are laugh out loud funny. The story has some hysterical Itemized Deductions taken from their six years of travels. There's also an action plotline that involves government corruption and the usual band of unwashed thugs. Very funny and very highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Death Wish by Larry Dudock

AusXIP | Multi Mega Fan Ficiton

"Hercules, Iolaus, Callisto, Aphrodite, Ares, Xena and Gabrielle join forces to defeat Dahok and Hope. ?But before they can counter Dahok's evil, they must each face their darkest fears." -- Athenaeum

Debts by Della Street

Obsession's XenaRotica (Archived) | Passion & Perfection | Spontaneous Catharsis eBook Link

Rated PG

"A king needs a favor from Xena" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Someone from Xena's past sends a warrior to remind her of an old debt." -- Passion & Perfection

Deception Most Wondrous by Sharona

"In order to capture an assassin, Xena and Gabrielle must pretend they are lovers." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . a nicely original, clever story that has Xena and Gabrielle struggling with their as yet unspoken attraction for one another when they join a gang of female warriors as "Aetna" and her loving partner, "Eupie" to try to determine why these want an old acquaintance of Xena's dead. Funny and playful and devilishly flirtatious . . . DO NOT MISS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Decisions by Beowolf

Academy of Bards | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | eBooks by Lida

"Xena and Gabby spend time at an inn and end up being caught in a war" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle help a village fight raiders even as they are struggling against misunderstandings concerning their feelings for one another." -- Lunacy

Decisions by Watcher

"Watcher's latest has Gabrielle missing her warrior terribly when an unexpected emergency forces them to separate. It is while waiting for Xena that the bard comes to some difficult decisions concerning her new life with the warrior and the honesty with which she wants them facing that life. A nice love fest" -- Lunacy

Deep In The Woods by Julia Noel Goldman aka Xena's Little Bitch

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net | FanFictin.Net Mobile

"A humorous, romantic fairy tale that is also a slightly kinky first time story." -- Academy of Bards

Deep Water by Wakar

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | Sapphic Voices

"Gabrielle remembers an evening spent with a fellow bar" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A mysterious woman and a young god who's a chip off the old block, help Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with their feelings for one another." -- Academy of Bards

"Beautiful haunting story of a love long gone and another just waiting to be born. As the story begins, Cupid is trying to calm his mother who is exceedingly frustrated at the continuing stubbornness of a certain Warrior Princess in affairs of the heart. A reluctant Aphrodite eventually gives in to her son's plea not to interfere, unaware that years before the winged god of love put his own plans into motion - plans that are just now leading the warrior and her bard to a fateful meeting. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle happen across a mysterious stranger, a woman both are strangely drawn to and who seems capable of looking into the very core of their hearts." -- Lunacy

The Deepest Wound by JL Peterson

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The Deer by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Charmer's Xena Fiction (Archived) | Passion & Perfection | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"An enchanted forest casts its spell" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"A story which offers an explanation of why Xena and Gabrielle's names are not known to history." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle makes a bargain to save Xena's life." -- Athenaeum

"A haunting, mystical story set in an enchanted forest that has the taciturn Warrior Princess resigned to the punishment she must face for a recent crime, while a determined little bard struggles to save her partner . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Cover by Pink Rabbit Consortium

Defiler by Keith Bell aka Kerabe

"The girls discover a true evil." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A desperate Xena watches, helpless, as evil once again seems to take her bard from her." -- Lunacy

Deja Vu All Over Again by Ella Quince

AusXIP | Ella Quince's Altered Stories

"This time, Gabrielle is the key when the day keeps repeating for Xena." -- Athenaeum

"Xena faces a daunting challenge: Time won't return to its proper path until Gabrielle finds true love." -- Ella Quince

". . . based on the premise of the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT which has Xena once again trapped in a never-ending day with only one possible way of breaking the time loop - she has to help the bard find...her true love . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Demon by Pamela Turner

"A nymph has taken possession of Xena's body." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Demons by Athemis

"Gabrielle pulls out all the stops when trying to get Xena back*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle is desperate to get her companion back after Xena retreats into herself following an encounter with someone from her Warlord past." -- Athenaeum

"After another reminder from Xena's dark past, the Warrior Princess sinks into despair leaving Gabrielle lonely, confused and desperate to try to reach her. Athemis uses a beautifully vivid writing style that conveys a lot of emotion. Including very little dialogue, she has the characters relying on their other senses to communicate with each other - a look, a touch, a sound. The result is a very passionate tale that clearly conveys the electricity and the love between our heroines. Very nice! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Demons in the Dark by Pink Rabbit Productions

Amazon Ice Award

"Xena is stricken by a mysterious illness, and with it terrible nightmares." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena's illness leads to some new understandings" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"A feverish Xena is tormented by dark dreams until Gabrielle brings light through love." -- Athenaeum

"A WONDERFUL combination hurt/comfort and first time story that has Gabrielle caring for an ill Xena while the Warrior Princess wrestles with nightmares and with feelings that in her weakened state she finds more and more difficult to deny. Heart-warming and very satisfying. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Dénoument by Bel-wah (Belle Reilly)

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"This story by Bel-Wah focuses on the inner thoughts of Xena and Gabrielle in the hours immediately following the events in "When Fates Collide". It's an insightful, thoughtful exploration of each woman's dreams and emotional fulfillment in both worlds. They each realize that they seemingly had all they ever wanted in their other lives, yet they were both empty and unfulfilled without the other . . . The story reads like poetry. It's beautiful, lyrical, emotional writing that is very highly recommended" -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

"This insightful character piece set immediately after the episode WHEN FATES COLLIDE reveals the thoughts and feelings of both warrior and bard as they struggle to come to terms with the alternate time line they have just been subjected to and the agony of having nearly lost one another . . ." -- Lunacy

Deny or Embrace by D. Joan Leib (Joan the English Chick)

"Intriguing new story which finds the warrior and bard on a seemingly normal day enjoying the countryside when a terrifying vision brings them to a standstill. Determined to learn more about what may have sparked that vision the two decide to spend time at a nearby village where preparations for an annual ritual have come to a halt after an important part of that ritual turns up missing." -- Lunacy

"Warrior and Bard must contend with a mountain with a powerful presence, a lost girl and enigmatic visions in this well-written mystery." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle try to stop a village from sacrificing children to a strange goddess." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Desire's Betrayal by Scarabae

"Xena and Gabrielle help a beautiful woman who has been mysteriously poisoned." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A traveler arrives from an alternate universe and is befriended by Xena and Gabrielle but also falls in love with Callisto." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New February 19, 2000

"Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto are caught in a stranger's web of intrigue and revenge. Callisto believes that she has made a bargain with the winner, but is she in control or simply being manipulated?" -- Athenaeum

Desolation by Maderlin Bidmead

"What if the ice tomb had only lasted a few weeks? Octavius found them and set the couple free. Now they have to be alone together following these traumatic events. Can Gabrielle really deal with the aftermath of Xena's love for Mark Anthony? Not to mention, the Twilight is coming." -- Academy of Bards

A Destiny Denied by ArdenTly (Patricia Shields)

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Center for Xena Studies

"On the night before Gabrielle's and Perdicus' wedding, Xena dreams of raping the bard." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Deus Ex Gabrielle by Chris M.

AusXIP | BearBlue (Chapters 1-11 only) | PDA Fiction

"While waiting for Xena, Gabrielle is wisked off by Apollo, who can't take no for an answer, and a goddes. The questions is, how does Xena get her back!" -- Athenaeum

"A delightfully entertaining new offering that finds the Bard of Poteidaia in a difficult predicament after Apollo kidnaps her and she unknowingly eats a little too much ambrosia. The new goddess then embarks on a quest to find someone willing to take her godhood away so she can return to the mortal who owns her heart. Some hysterical moments in this as the bard turned goddess leaves her mark all over Olympus :) Very well written and very cute! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Dice by Velvet

Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Taiko's Scrolls

"Mmmm...yoiu just never know what a roll of the dice will bring....even for a Warrior Princess." -- Athenaeum

"A game of chance leads to some unexpected risk taking for the warrior and bard in a pre-rift story . . ." -- Lunacy

"Xena and Gabrielle try their luck... for very different things." -- FanFiction.Net

Did He Who Made the Lamb Make Thee? by Cheaza

" Gabrielle deals with her guilt after Maternal Instincts. This is a dark gritty piece." -- Athenaeum

". . . Cheaza gives us in this tale an alternate culmination to the rift that does not involve singing, tarot symbols or illusions. Instead we get the stark reality of a friendship in ruins, a heart in pieces and a mind overwhelmed by a guilt so complete that it simply sinks into insanity. This is an utterly dark, gut-wrenching piece featuring descriptions of sexual violence, rough language and containing some REALLY disturbing scenes. Packing an emotional wallop, this hurt/comfort story is *NOT* for everyone but if you have a strong constitution and appreciate angst it is certainly a thought-provoking read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Did You Know? by DS Bauden

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | AusXIP | | eBooks by Lida | ForevaXena | PDA Fiction

Xippy Award

"A new X/G first time story that was inspired by the Pasadena Convention." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle follows Xena into a village when she learns that Xena is just going there to take off her "edge." Gabrielle sees to it that Xena never looks to strangers for help again." -- D.S. Bauden

"Xena is quite "stressed" and needs some relief. She goes to the nearest inn and finds a mysterious stranger who turns out to be Xena's greatest desire." -- Xippy

Differences by Willow

"Xena and Gabby find duplicates of themselves" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A very different story featuring a poignant lesson in love which may at last prod the Warrior Princess and her bard to be honest with one another." -- Lunacy

A Different Battle by Kanvil McAster

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

"To stop Ares from taking Olympus, Xena must kill Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Nicely written story that has Xena and Gab facing off against a sadistic cult protected by Ares himself. With the knowledge that only she can stop the God of War from using the cult to take control of Olympus itself, Xena must make the ultimate sacrifice, letting go of the greatest love she has ever known." -- Lunacy

A Different Kind Of Rift by RavensTale

"Clever new story set after the events in THE DEBT which has Ares offering Xena the chance to go back in time and change some of the horrific experiences she and Gabrielle have recently endured." -- Lunacy

"Zeus and Ares enlist Xena's help in defeating Dahok by sending the warrior back in time to change what happened to Gabrielle in Britannia. Takes place after the episodes "The Deliverer" and "Gabrielle's Hope"." -- Athenaeum

Dimensia by fier


"A stranger named Camrynn from a parallel dimension joins Xena, Gabrielle and Eve in attempting to prevent the same tragedy from happening in their world which happened in hers. But the stranger's presence there demands a high price, both for herself and for the world as they know it, and when the gods decide to take matters into their own hands, chaos ensues." -- Academy of Bards

Dirty Work by Lorien Patton (Quest)

Obsession's XenaRotica (Archived) | Quest's Keep (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page (white text on white background)

"A little mud wrestling, among other things, by the bank of a pond." -- Athenaeum

"A mischievous little vignette from another of our most talented bards, that has Gabrielle turning playful on the Warrior Princess just as Xena finds herself in need of a towel…" -- Lunacy

The Disclaimer's The Thing by Klancy7

Ashera's Archive | The Collected Smut of Klancy7 | The Collected Smut of Klancy7 (Archived) | Kindred Spirit Lodge | Tom's Xena Page | Xenadom

Amazon Ice Award

Rated NC-17

"Xena and Gabrielle enact the bard's latest script, a ribald and consensual exercise in the seduction of role playing.  Written partially in response to the Xenaverse's discomfort around non-consensual themes." -- Klancy7

"Gabrielle's second attempt at script writing produces a sizzling and kinky drama, starring two of our favorite wenches." -- Ashera's Archive

"Following her disastrous first play, Gabrielle wants Xena to help her work out the kinks in her new one -- 'Ravished: A Play in 3 Acts'." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index What's New Wednesday April 21, 1999

Discovery by Linda D.

"Gabrielle discusses her dreams with Xena, causing them to become a reality." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A story about misunderstandings and discoveries that has Xena and Gabrielle engaging in a revealing conversation from the heart . . ." -- Lunacy

"In this sweet first time tale, Xena is trying to tell Gabrielle something important and finds Gabrielle almost unwilling to face the truth until it dawns on her what the little things Xena has been doing and some interesting dreams all lead to the same conclusion...a discovery that almost makes both friends afraid until understanding sets in, and they finally share their true feelings." -- Athenaeum

Discovery in Thisbe by Ronica Black

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"Find out what awaits Xena and Gabrielle when they venture to an all women village." -- Academy of Bards

Divine Intervention by Georgia

"After Sac II, Gabrielle teaches Hope what love is all about." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . a deeply moving, riveting look at the events immediately following the episode SACRIFICE II. As a heart-broken Xena travels to Amazonia to deliver the news of her beloved bard's death, an infuriated Artemis decides to get even with brother Ares for daring to influence the life of an Amazon Queen. Meanwhile, in the depths of a very dark hole, an injured bard languishes with the child she gave birth to...a child whose heart is finally revealed as death seems to come for them both . . . A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Do You Know? by Kristien Damon (Lawlsfan)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | XenaEyes (Archived)

Xippy Award

"Gabrielle's thoughts during the cell scene in Ides of March." -- Academy of Bards

"An alternative interpretation of the 'Ides of March' holding cell scene." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . This story is from Gabrielle's point of view and it's tender, heart rendering and just so moving . . ." -- Xippy

Documentary Evidence by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"Adopting the role of 'storyteller' in an affluent, peaceful town, Xena revives hidden emotions. The effects on both her and Gabrielle will be far reaching…" -- Academy of Bards

The Door by Verrath

German Version: Verrath's Tür

Double Trouble by The Merpup Collective

". . . mischiveous little tale that has the bard waking up to not one but TWO Warrior Princesses - the result of a misworded request to the goddess Artemis and a bit of meddling from another source. It's a situation that only gets more complicated when Aphrodite tries to help and those doubles start multiplying ;-) A fun story with a PRICELESS ending guaranteed to please anyone familiar with the writings of Missy Good." -- Lunacy

Double Trouble by Norsebard

"On their way to Kelitamenea to help one of Joxer's relatives out of a squeeze, Xena and Gabrielle run into a little problem in a forest - a little problem that soon blossoms into a great, big headache for the Bard who quite literally finds herself in Double Trouble..." -- Norsebard

Download Hermes X.I by Absinthe Angel 777 aka M. Guerriere

Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | ForevaXena | Mega Fan Fiction

"Hooking up on Ancient Instant Messenger" -- Absinthe Angel 777

"An exert from a chat room." -- Athenaeum

The Dragon's Child by Domenica

Swollen Bud Award: "The Quickie" / Short Story

"Gabrielle and Xena split up with the bard telling stories and Xena taking on a giant" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"On her own, telling stories at inns, the bard remembers her history with the warrior. Xena, in the meantime, waits to connect with villagers who are threatened by a giant." -- Athenaeum

"A very passionate and very different look at the Xena and Gabrielle relationship as it progresses from the day they first met to the time when having experienced both the happiness of loving one another and the pain of separation, they can finally decide as equals what they each need to feel complete . . ." -- Lunacy

"The bard and the warrior have gone their separate ways. And though Gabrielle reflects privately in her scrolls about her relationship with the warrior, the tales she tells in taverns now focus on... dragons, much to the dismay of those who want stories about Xena kicking butt. "Fool!" spits a barmaid to one drunken complainer. "Every story she tells is about Xena." Domenica artfully encourages readers to explore the evolving relationship of two complex and ever-changing individuals in this sequence of sensuous and compelling vignettes." -- Swollen Buds

"This is an incredible story. Set in the early years of the series, Domenica gives us a very different interpretation of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship. They struggle to define their relationship and separate for a time, but they ultimately realize it’s all about love. Written in a style unlike any other story I’ve read, it’s emotional and powerful with an almost dream-like quality to the writing. This one gets my highest recommendation." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Anne's Recommended Fiction

leavesthesky Review

Dragon's Tail by Osito

Academy of Bards | Bleached Parchments (Link Not Working) | eBooks by Lida

"It is a first time story taking place after the events of Debt II after Xena destroys Lao-ma's evil son Ming-Tien. Our heros are being celebrated for their actions, but not everyone in the kingdom is happy about their success." -- Academy of Bards

Dream A Little Dream of Me by Pamela Turner

Chakram-1's Xena:WP Fan Ficiton Index (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"A somewhat surreal short story that has Xena and Gabrielle each dreaming a very similar dream but reluctant to talk about it." -- Lunacy

Dreaming Perdicus by Sonia C. Barrera

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"Xena dreams of Gabrielle and Perdicus' wedding night" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena is wracked by fevered dreams of Gabrielle and Perdicus's wedding night." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Thursday May 25, 2000

The Dreams of Children by TZ

Swollen Bud Award: "All Nighter" / Novel or Novella Length

"The Dreams of Children is a novella set in an alternate Xenaverse setting. In this alternate place, Xena and Gabrielle, as well as a host of other characters from the series, grow up together in the sleepy village of Amphipolis. Xena, with a great desire to be a great warrior, leaves the village in search of her destiny. Gabrielle, through a viciously cruel twist of fate, finds herself trapped in a life she dreaded as a child.

Unable to contain the darkness within, Xena finds herself in trouble and only a powerful ally can save her. Their alliance creates the Destroyer of Nations. For years, Xena lays waste to Greece. Her name is feared and spoken only in hushed tones. Her future seems lost in bloodshed until she remembers the fair, golden bard. Realizing that she was everything Gabrielle would have fought against, she betrays her mentor. Ignoring the price on her head, she makes her way back to Amphipolis in search of forgiveness and love.

Gabrielle, in the meantime, must remain in Amphipolis. Her dreams of travel and adventure are shattered in the course of one violent night. Disowned by her family, she is taken in by Cyrene. At the inn, she falls into the daily routine of helping with the business and telling stories she hears from other bards and travelers.

When their two paths meet once more, Xena and Gabrielle are changed people. Their feelings towards each other, however, remain the same. They discover in each other's arms, the answers to all that they are seeking. However, a jealous and petty god that is determined to keep Xena in his dark embrace will test their love for each other.

Their dreams will seem as distant as the stars they wished upon when they were children. Will their love be strong enough to pull down the heavens?" -- TZ

"The Dreams of Children" is a novella set in an alternate Xenaverse in which Xena and Gabrielle, as well as a host of other characters from the TV series, grow up together in the sleepy village of Amphipolis. In the best traditions of fiction writing, TZ asks "What if?" What if Xena had had the benefit of Gabrielle's goodness before the darkness seduced her? Would Gabrielle have grown up more assured, more self-reliant with Xena as a childhood companion?

TZ weaves the characters of the show -- from Joxer, Callisto, and Autolycus to Meleager, Ephiny, and Toris -- into a tale that entertains even as it offers up insightful interpretations of how these men and women might operate in different circumstances.

The seven-part story takes the reader from Amphipolis, where Gabrielle teaches Xena to believe in herself and encourages her to pursue her dream of becoming a warrior, to the far-off camp in which Xena trains with Master Lao and his wife -- and falls into the clutches of Ares. It returns eventually to Amphipolis and Cyrene's tavern, where Gabrielle and her four-year-old daughter Hope have taken up residence. Xena eventually sees the light and begins to atone for the wrong she's done, but can she get back to her home before Ares destroys it -- and Gabrielle -- in order to punish Xena for her disobedience?" -- Swollen Buds

Dreams of the Nile by Rebecca Hall

"Dreams of M'lila haunt Xena after Gabrielle is injured by an arrow" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Dreamtime by Wakar

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"Gabrielle and Xena are separated when the bard goes off to a series of contests and the warrior is summoned home to a sick mother." -- Academy of Bards

The Dress by Tim Wellman

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"A figure from Xena's past awakens memories long buried, weakening the usually steely resolve of the Warrior Princess. Touching piece by a bard who can really capture that special relationship between Xena and Gabby. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle sees a dress while shopping, but can't afford it; a small argument ensues in which we find out how much it hurts that she can't buy Gab the things she wants (Rachel2 said this was the first story ever written that addressed their poverty). Then Xena discovers a plot to rob the village by a childhood sweetheart and most of the story revolves around resolving that situation." -- Tim Wellman

Drinking Games by Miss

". . . this short tale has a playful bard getting just a tad inebriated while the Warrior Princess is there to look after her." -- Lunacy

Duality of Hope and Despair by Adam Chiron

"Six years have passed since the emergence of the Avatar of Dahak. From Greece to the borders of Chin, Hope holds sway over a kingdom of ignorance and fear. She is seen as a savior by those once under the rule of Rome. But few underdstand that she cares nothing for the peace she has brought to these. In secret she and powerful allies perform dark rituals whose purpose is anything but peaceful. Backed by massive armies, fearsome warlords and even the God of War , she seems unstoppable. But in the west stands a growing alliance who refuses to bow to Hope. And that is led by the most unlikely hero imaginable." -- Academy of Bards

Duel Of The Hearts by Kwipinky

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"Nightmares torment Gabrielle until she is near emotional collapse. She heads home for answers. Xena awaits but has no idea how bad the situation is. Aphrodite steps in to help." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle deals with heartache and pain remembering Hope. Aphrodite steps in when the bard tries to find peace in Poteidaia." -- Kwipinky

Dueling Cousins by CN Winters

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"Xena fights for Gabrielle's hand from the warrior's famous look-a-like cousin Sappho." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena competes with a well-known cousin of hers for the affections of a certain bard. A very...affectionate new tale offering a very down-to-earth, real treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship." -- Lunacy

The Dumbbell Is Mightier... or: Joxer's Dilemma by Verrath

The Dune by Word Warrior

Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction

"Xena feels she has led Gabrielle to her death in the desert." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"One of the premier talents in the business brings us a terrific new story that finds the warrior and bard desperately trying to survive after pursuing an assassin into the desolate wasteland known as the Sahara. It's an ordeal that will push them to their physical limits even as it draws them closer than ever - moving them toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship. A seemingly simple tale at first, this quickly turns into a complex character piece driven by WordWarior's unique ability to imbue her fiction with meaning and depth. The dialogue in this story is particularly well done - clever and insightful, it both drives the plot and helps to mold the characterizations. A first-class effort by a very skilled storyteller, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Two familiar figures trudge across the desert. A dark shape looms in the distance, blocking their path. To the warrior, a formidable, ominous enigma challenging her confidence, mocking her ability to protect her bard. To the bard, a tenuous collection of sand that threatens to stifle her voice, to suffocate the faith that sustains her as well as the warrior. This suspenseful, multi-textured, warmly insightful adventure (presumably post Sin Trade) offers a unique journey through the hearts of this duo and their relationship . . ." -- Athenaeum

Dying Inside  by anex

Athenaeum | Xena Library

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A "First Time" story.

Each and Every Day by Tonya Muir

A sweet summary of the typical day in Xena and Gabrielle's lives." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This story pretty much spoils most of the fourth season and the India arc." -- Tonya Muir

leavesthesky Recommendation

Ralst Recommendation

Earth's Song by L.H Miller

Eating Out by DJWP

"Gabrielle orders room service when she makes Xena spend a much-needed night at an inn." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle are simply enjoying a good...meal. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Echo of Distant Thunder by Emily First


"Following an undefined trail, Xena is moving through the hinterland of Poteidaia when she runs into a little bit of bother…" -- Academy of Bards

Echoes of a Lost Soul by Silence

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP

"A conversation after the episode, To Helicon and Back." -- Academy of Bards

Echoes of the Battling Bard by Iseqween

AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction

Xippy Award

"This story takes place between the episodes When Fates Collide and Many Happy Returns." -- Xippy

"A wannabe storyteller interested in Gabrielle and Xena meets someone who teaches him that the line dividing dream from reality can be as tough as it is thin. " -- Athenaeum

"This short piece by IseQween tells the story of the Battling Bard, a well-known bard who travels the countryside telling tales of a brave warrior and her companion. The story is told through the eyes of a fledgling bard who meets her in a tavern, listening to her tales and seeking advice. He is unaware that the tales are told from first-hand experience and is surprised at the bard's reaction when a mysterious stranger enters the bar. The story is a fond remembrance of a brave warrior and friend. A nicely told tale of a possible ending to the story of Xena and Gabrielle. Recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Echoes of the Future by Lannivr

"When Xena is visited by strange visions, the warrior faces many questions that she cannot answer. Her situation is complicated by a mystery attacker who seems intent on murdering Gabrielle. Read on to find out if the friends can overcome the obstacles together." -- Academy of Bards

The Egg Hunt by Danae

"Gabrielle invents the egg hunt." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"… Mixing a little of the TV series with a little Holiday heresy, Danae brings us a tasty treat in this account of the first egg hunt which has a mischievous bard daring a very determined warrior to find some eggs she's hidden …." -- Lunacy

Egyptian Prophecy by Scrappyone

UNFINISHED - Last updated October 3, 2005

"Summoned to Egypt at the request of Cleopatra, Xena and Gabrielle set sail on the Royal ship. Romance, intrigue and the start of a little mayhem fill a story that introduces the first story by a new bard. The story is set after the end of the third season." -- Academy of Bards

Elemental by jtd

Academy of Bards | jtd's own (Archived)

"Set immediately after the events in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this "first-time" story is an emotional excursion." -- Academy of Bards

"Set immediately after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this is an epic first-time story offering a captivating look at the Xena/Gab friendship in transition as the two finally find in the ever strengthening foundation of love between them the courage to at last share all that's in their hearts. It's an emotional journey that takes place as the two become engaged in yet another life or death struggle, helping an old friend to protect refugees from Tripolis trying to make it past slavers to reach the safety of Thessaly. They soon uncover that an even more heinous evil is at work in the efforts against the refugees. To fight that evil they must put their personal issues on hold, but all the while warrior and bard are moving closer to one another and dealing with the unspoken fears and regrets that have haunted them since their recent rift. JTD does a very nice job with the characterizations of our two leads and doesn't shy away from the harsher realities these two women experienced during the conflict which almost destroyed them. Despite the intensity of some scenes, the relationship here projects an easy-going, gentle caring that makes it incredibly appealing. The overall plot is well-structured and well paced offering a good combination of action and drama. One for the MUST READ list, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Emergency Meeting of the Concerned Xenites/Concerned XenaStaff Association For A Better Show...Meeting #1 by Georgia

"A parody of a meeting to discuss several gripes about the events in third and fourth season episodes." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Empress and The Playwright by Julia Noël Goldman aka Xena's Little Bitch

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La emperatriz y la escritora - Spanish Translation

Swollen Bud Award - "Getting Serious" / Drama-Action

"'When Fates Collide' and the weeks following, from Gabrielle's point of view. " -- Academy of Bards

"The Greek playwright Gabrielle has an extremely unusual experience while in Rome in this introspective and erotic alternate ending to 'When Fates Collide.'" -- FanFiction.Net

". . . this story is told from Gabrielle's perspective as the young writer finds herself inexplicably drawn to the beautiful Empress - a virtual stranger Gabrielle's soul nevertheless recognizes and fights for, determined now never to know a world without her soulmate in it. This is a passionate retelling of this excellent episode with an intriguing look at what those days following that final scene in the episode could have been like." -- Lunacy

Xena & Ubers Episodes 206 and 207

Empress, Warrior, Woman by T. Novan and Murphy

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Heartbrkn's Place


"A different twist of 'When Fate's Collide.'" -- Academy of Bards

"Xena's actions move in a different direction after Alti reveals the alternate timeline in When Fates Collide" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory Monday, September 24, 2001

Cover by Calli's Creations







Enchanted Words by BTTLonXENA

"Xena stumbles upon one of Gabby's scrolls" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"After Xena reads a piece of Gabrielle's writing that the bard didn't want her to read, the warrior decides to act on it." -- Athenaeum

The End by CN Winters

CN's Caldron | CN's Tales of Romance | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

". . . Inspired by a scene from ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE - part 2, this little story chronicles the final moments in the lives of the Warrior Princess and her bard. BEYOND moving folks. Just exceptional. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED" -- Lunacy

End of Our Journey by D.J. Belt

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | PDA Fiction

"In this "what-if?" story (what if Xena had lived? What might their end have been?), Xena and Gabrielle find themselves growing old and seek to settle down in obscurity and quiet, desperate for just a little peace. Xena, however, still has a Roman price on her head. They are betrayed into Roman hands, only to be rescued by a most unlikely friend and ally, one who sees them to 'the end of their journey'." -- Academy of Bards

Enigma by Beryl

"Xena explains her time of reflections." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Ennui by Safia

"Bored with life's routine, Gabrielle's mind is wandering. A short story." -- The Irish Queen's (in Exile) XWP Fan Fiction Court

"Xena and Gabrielle are in a rut and Gabrielle has a solution- vacation!" -- Athenauem

"A VERY cute story in the tradition of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which has Gabrielle and a reluctant Warrior Princess taking a vacation - or trying to anyway. Some hysterical lines of dialogue in this! DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Entering New Territory by Rab Donald

"Cute story that has a pesky old acquaintance of Xena spreading false tales, angering a very protective bard, and unknowingly bringing his old commander some very welcomed happiness. Nice, feel-good story." -- Lunacy

Equinimity by roc-it scientist

AusXIP | Sapphic Voices

"A talking Argo discusses Gabby and Xena's relationship with the bard" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This little story is absolutely PRECIOUS!! A frustrated Gabrielle pours her heart Argo. Yeap! The steed like her mistress apparently has many skills too - she can talk! Nicely written and cute beyond words. DO NOT MISS this one!" -- Lunacy

"After discovering that Argo can talk, Gabrielle begins to discuss her relationship to Xena with their four-legged companion." -- Athenaeum

Cover by Barron





Erase Away by M. Fortune

"Gabrielle's reactions to seeing Xena kiss Ulysses." -- Athenaeum

Errors and Discoveries by Clumsynut

Original German version: VERWIRRUNG UND FINDUNG

"English translation of a German fanfic story that has the Warrior Princess and her bard traveling to Poteidaia where the two will be facing Gabrielle's family for the first time as partners of the heart. Playful treatment of the relationship." - Lunacy

Eternal Bliss by WordWarrior

AusXIP | Cousin Liz

BONHEUR ÉTERNEL - French version translated by Gabby Bate

"Xena and Gabrielle are having adjustment problems in Elysia." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"HILARIOUS new entry from this veteran bard set after the end of season four which finds Xena and the Gabster in paradise where the bard is simply loving the experience but the warrior is finding those heavenly rewards just a tad...pesty ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Everlasting Love by Erin Jennifer

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"Xena and Gabrielle have a minor argument which causes them to go their separate ways. With some help from the goddess of love, and despite the interference of the god of war, they find their way back to each other and discover that their feelings run deeper than mere friendship. Inspired by the movie, 'Moulin Rouge'" -- Academy of Bards

Every Little Thing by Jamie Boughen

"Xena is captured and imprisoned by a Warlord out for revenge and it's up to Gabrielle to rescue her." -- Athenaeum

"Gabby must rescue a captured Xena from a brutal warlord" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . Xena and Gabrielle are just getting used to the new relationship between them when they are torn apart by a mad warlord vent on revenge. Alone and hurt, Gabrielle struggles to find Xena but unbeknownst to either of them, the power of their love is already at work, touching the hearts of strangers who become determined to aid the pair even as an entire town is finding in the Warrior Princess, inspiration to recapture the freedom lost so long ago. Wonderfully inspiring tale! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Expressions by Chakram-1

Center for Xena Studies (Archived) | Naty

"Two soulmates express their love in a passionate vignette featuring a very effective shifting point-of-view technique." -- Lunacy

Expressions Of Pity by Phil Hernandez

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Subtlety of Pickett's Charge (Archived)

"A disturbing story inspired by an extreme Joxerphobe. This story is not for most Xenites. In destroying Joxer with pity, Xena and Gabrielle destroy themselves." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Eye of Hera by Amazon Moon

Amazon Trails | Sapphic Voices

"Xena and Gabby come to the aid of a village besiged by Gorgons." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"In this funny tale, Xena and Gabrielle tangle with the Gorgon. How they go about it will have you in stitches. and it all may be Autolycus' fault." -- Athenaeum

Eyes of An Angel by Marion D. Tuttle

"Xena takes Gabrielle to a special place where Xena was once given a prophecy by an oracle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena takes Gabrielle to a special place and tells her that her love has the eyes of an angel." -- Athenaeum

eyes of Love by Mikki Hibbens aka MikkiDee

"It's a short reunion/reaffirmation of the bond between our two gals and falls after Return of the Valkerie." -- Academy of Bards

Eyes May Blind Me ... by Bardic

"Passionate little first time tale about two light sleepers that just CANNOT keep their hands off one another. This one is amusing, sexy, and downright charming. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

The Fairies of the Nestos River by Falcon

Athenaeum | AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Joxer enlists Xena and Gabrielle's help in recovering the Queen of the Fairies." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Falling by Grit Jahning

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"Sent on an errand for her mother a fifteen year old Xena comes to Potedeia. And meets a small, blonde girl. Feeling herself pulled towards her in way she can't quite explain. Not knowing the pain Gabrielle has to go through at home she leaves again after a couple of days. But sometimes we're meant to meet and be together. A lesson Xena is about to learn herself. ... But will she accept her destiny? - The story covers nearly fifteen years in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle but I promise it will be finished and it won't be as long as it may sound." -- Academy of Bards

"What if Xena and Gabrielle grew up together?" -- Rocky

"The author claims in the disclaimer that this is almost an uber, but I disagree. This is classic, although it takes place in an alternative universe. Grit Jahning (fast becoming one of my favourite writers) asks what would happen if Xena and Gabrielle had met earlier, and both our heroes had the chance at a more normal life. Adolescent Xena avoids the horrors of the raid by Cortese, and Gabrielle finds a family that loves her for who she is. Normally this would remove much of the depth to Xena's character, but the leads and peripheral roles are so lovingly rendered; Gabrielle's rescue from her brutal home life, Xena's discovery of someone to believe in her are beautifully rendered, that it instead becomes the reader's wish that they might have evaded the standard timeline. But this is also one of the sweetest romances it has been my delight to read. Touching, well written, although sometimes painful as well, this is a feast for the romantic, filled with phrases and scenes that touch the mind and heart with unerring precision." -- Kamouraskan

"Set in an alternate reality, this new story has the Warrior and Bard meeting under different, but strangely familiar circumstances, when a fifteen-year old Xena travels to Poteidaia to purchase supplies for her mother. After nearly running over a young waif, Xena finds herself completely taken by the blonde five-year old. Similarly drawn to her new tall friend, Gabrielle treasures the sense of safety and affection she feels around the older girl. Unbeknownst to Xena, her kindness toward Gabrielle is a rarity in the small Poteidaian's short life - one that will motivate her to run away from her family seeking the new friend whose presence seems to drive all of Gabrielle's fears away. Allowed to remain in Amphipolis with Xena's family for a few moons, Gabrielle will experience happiness for perhaps the first time forging a friendship with her teenage benefactor neither girl will ever forget. In the years to come fate will drive them apart as Gabrielle has to return to her family and Xena pursues a career as a warrior fighting in the Athenian army - but their paths will cross once again in Gabrielle's greatest hour of need, this time cementing their connection into an unbreakable bond that will only grow with time, maturing from friendship into something much more and merging two souls meant to be together no matter what reality they're in . . ." -- Lunacy

A Familiar Affair by OBard

Original German Version

"A very sweet little epilogue to the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR which finds the warrior finally confessing her feelings for the bard and experiencing the wonder of two hearts embracing one another. Some wonderfully touching moments in this translation of a story originally written in German." -- Lunacy

Family Affair by Xero

"A beautiful story about love and family and friends set before the events of the third season which finds Xena and the bard unexpectedly running into Solon who's been visiting a neighboring centaur village. Xena's decision to accompany him back there is one they'll soon regret when the head of that village, a very bitter former enemy of the Warrior Princess jumps at the opportunity to finally bring the Destroyer of Nations to justice. Running against time, Gabrielle and Solon desperately look for a way to help the warrior as the possibility of war looms between two nations and long-held secrets are finally revealed. In her first fanfic offering ever, Xero brings us a tale with all the right ingredients - a hero willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves, a bard whose love and determination know no limits, loyal friends ready for any challenge and a young boy with the courage of his mother and a heart very much like that of the bard he so loves. This story feels like "classic" Xena. It's a thoroughly satisfying tale that will keep you glued to that keyboard 'til the end. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

A Family Affair . . . Continued by Georgia

"Set just after the events in the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR, this cryptic new offering has Xena and Gabrielle explaining things to the bard's family and then desperately trying to rediscover one another again...only things may not be quite what they seem . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Family and Lies by WrshpXena (aka Tiggster)

"Sizzling story that has the warrior and bard confessing the truth about their relationship to Gabrielle's family and then opting for an Amazon ceremony to make things official. The word "insatiable" comes to mind when reading this fun entry ;-)" -- Lunacy

Family Reunion by Skylark

Ashera's Archive | Subtext Central (Archived)

Rated NC-17

"This story takes place immediately after 'A Family Affair.' It ties up some loose ends." -- Ashera's Archive

Family Ties by CN Winters

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | CN's Caldron | CN's Tales of Romance | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Heartbrkn's Place

"Xena takes Gabrielle back to home to spend a little time with the 'in-laws'." -- FanFiction.Net

"Xena and Gabrielle return to Gabby's home to visit her family and awkwardness ensues. Another 'first-time' story" -- FanFiction.Net

"While on a visit to Poteidaia, Xena and Gabrielle are faced with the challenge of trying to deal with the bard's family - and with an even bigger challenge when the two realize that they can no longer ignore the feelings that have grown between them. A delightful new tale from the keyboard of a very talented writer, this is a clever mixture of comedy, romance and drama that will leave you thoroughly contented. CN does a wonderful job showing the underlying love, the conflicts and the resulting humor in the relationships between her characters. Particularly effective are her depictions of a Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore a new facet to their partnership. DO NOT MISS this one! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Fan by Midgit

"When an injury sidelines Xena, Gabrielle puts their stay in a small town to good use telling stories in the local tavern. She collects a lovely stash of dinars as a result - and an ardent admirer, a young man who decides that he wants the bard all to himself." -- Academy of Bards

"A psycho fan of the bards abducts Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

Fantasy by LB Anderson

"Xena and Gabrielle share a wild fantasy." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Far Away/So Close by L.N.James

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Being seperated by high tide doesn't dampen Gabby and Xena's romantic evening *recommmended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . Using BEAUTIFUL prose and imagery, L.N. James tells of a peaceful time for the Warrior Princess and her bard - a trip to a secluded beach where they learn that with their souls finally made one not even physical distance can keep them apart. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle and Xena decide to spend some time at a beach but become separated by a wall of rock the first night there and have to content themselves with talking until the tide goes out." -- Athenaeum

The Farmer's Son by Lorien Patton (Quest)

Quest's No Frill's Xena Fan Fiction Library (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"The duo meet a bard with a brother who's like the warrior princess" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"While staying at an Inn, Gabrielle and Xena meet another bard who, as it turns out, has a brother with a similar history as the Warrior-Princess'." -- Athenaeum

Fast Forward by Bat Morda

Bibliotheca | Cousin Liz

"What if Xena's reincarnation in Between The Lines had been Buffy?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

Fate Accompli by W. Bradley Danbrook

"After Gabrielle destroys the Loom of Time at the conclusion of When Fates Collide, the world is restored, but what sort of world is this? Everything has been turned topsy-turvy in this weird scary Wonderland. The story features Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, Aphrodite and two small surprise cameos." -- Academy of Bards

A Fate To Remember by Mil Toro

AusXIP | Bibliotheca

"Take off of 'Remember Nothing'" -- -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"Xena tries to adjust to her new reality while helping the slave Gabrielle adjust to her freedom after the warrior chooses not to spill blood in the episode "Remember Nothing"." -- Athenaeum

"A thought-provoking what-if story set around the events in the episode REMEMBER NOTHING which assumes that Xena did manage to stop Gabrielle from killing Mezentius at the end of that episode. In this tale, the Warrior Princess remains only a memory in Xena's mind from another life. She is living with her brother in Amphipolis and with them, trying to recover from the years of slavery, is Gabrielle. Tormented by what the young woman has been through and desperately wanting to recapture the bond they once shared in another life, Xena opens her heart to the former slave girl but this Gabrielle is not the same carefree, gentle bard who once chose to share her life with an ex-warlord. The years of abuse have taken a toll possibly hardening a heart beyond even love's ability to reach it." -- Lunacy

Fear and Clothing in Poteidaia by James Bergquist

AusXIP | Center for Xena Studies - Part 1 | Part 2

"The bard returns home after a lovers spat with Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"Xena and Gabrielle have their first real fight - about their respective families. The warrior doesn't want to come along to visit Gabrielle's family because they hate her. Or do they? This cute little tale shows that warrior and bard are inseparable and that Xena can be quite inventive when it comes to making up with her beloved Amazon Queen." -- Athenaeum

A Feathered Tale by Silk

AusXIP | PDA Ficiton | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabrielle has composed a new story which she shares with Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"Silk's newest has Gabrielle sharing with the Warrior Princess her latest composition - a little tale about a warrior who angers the gods and the bard who eventually proves that birds of a feather DO love to flock together ;-) Gabrielle's tale in here reads very much like a true tale from Ancient Greece. A fun read." -- Lunacy

Fever Dream by Klancy7

Kindred Spirit Lodge | Xenadom

"While Xena is trying to recover from a severe fever, Hope, Callisto, Cortese and Aganon team up on the dreamscape to distract her from her needed rest." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

" Hope captures Xena's dreamform while she's comatose, and enlists her enemies to keep the warrior sexually enslaved. Fairly weak story. (Harsh)" -- Whoosh!

Fighting The Good Fight by Temora

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | PDA Fiction

Swollen Bud Award - "Fooling Around" / Comedy

"It's a village in danger! It's Xena in charge and Gabrielle standing two steps behind her and her horse! It's the WARLORD OF THE WEEK! ***extreme parody alert***" -- FanFiction.Net

"Been there, seen that -- and that is what makes Temora's "Fighting the Good Fight" so entertaining. Written in the form of an episode, complete with commercial breaks, it is a hilarious take on a typical Xena episode, lampooning the fight scenes, love interests, evil warlords and other aspects of the show we love. It's a light but well crafted concoction perfect for enjoying on a lazy, hazy summer day." -- Swollen Buds

Podfic mp3 read by Amy Boatman

Final Battle by UDK_Bard aka The Upside Down Kiwi-Bard

"A very dark piece. Expect the worst. Just as the title says, this short story is about Xena and Gabrielle's last battle. Doesn't quite fit in the timeline of the series. Gabrielle fights with a staff AND her Sais. Rated NC-17 for violence and language." -- Academy of Bards

Finding the Way by Marion D. Tuttle

Amazon Trails | AusXIP

"Sweet first time story that has Xena and the bard finally admitting their feelings for one another and giving in to these." -- Lunacy

"Xena and Gabrielle find their way home together." -- Athenaeum

Fire and Ice by Pamela A. Lord aka HeronW

Kindred Spirit Lodge | Tom's Xena Page | Xenadom

Alternative Title - "Ice and Fire"

Rated NC-17

Firelight by Patience

Ashera's Archive | 8th's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated NC-17


"Romantic tale of the duo." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The Warrior, the Bard, a late dinner and a long (grin) sleepless night." -- Athenaeum

Firelight Surprise by Callisto Wolf


Fireside by Klancy7

Kindred Spirit Lodge | Xenadom

"Xena decides to see how far she can push Gabrielle before the Bard says the Word." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Fireside Chat by Aisa

Xena Tales (Archived) | Xena Tales Alternate Link (Archived)

"Xena awakens from a bad dream." -- Athenaeum

". . . centering around a bad nightmare which motivates Xena and her bard to at last reveal the feelings they've been hiding. Heartwarming." -- Lunacy

The First and the Last by Unco

"Xena's musings about her relationship with Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is a beautiful, sensual vignette about that first time two souls share their vulnerabilities, giving in to the love between them completely. Very nice." -- Lunacy

The First Candlemark by Sage (Saggio) Amante

"Sub-title: Partners in Time. Gabrielle starts a business guaranteed to drag Xena out of the dark ages and into the light." -- Academy of Bards

First Date by Kamouraskan

AusXIP | Athenaeum | Bibliotheca | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Mega Fan Fiction | Taiko's Scrolls

Rated PG-13

"Short and sweet story of how established couple Xena and Gabrielle went on a first date with the 'help' of Autolycus" -- FanFiction.Net

". . . Set in Amphipolis, this charming new tale has Xena taking her beloved bard on a "first date" with a little help from one playful thief, a beautiful night sky, and one very romantic setting. Wonderful! . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" --Lunacy

"Presumably, Xena and Gabrielle are now a happily joined couple with at least one home that has a roof and four walls. Still - despite everything the two have been through and shared together - Gabrielle wistfully mentions one experience she's always missed. Her wish seems easy enough to grant, so Xena determines to make it come true, soon realizing that she'll have to dig deeper into her many skills than she bargained for . . . " -- IseQween

Xenalicious Recommendation

The First of Destiny by Mil Toro

8th's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) | Mil Toro's Xena Stories (Archived) | Tom's Xena Page

"Bittersweet tale in which a Xena, now happy with Gabrielle, remembers the first young woman who touched her heart many moons ago - the mysterious stowaway who showed her many of the skills she now possesses and then surrendered her life to save her from a Roman arrow." -- Lunacy

"A mysterious cloaked woman, who is stalking the two friends, claims Xena killed her sister ten years ago." -- Athenaeum

"M'Lilla's past catches up with Xena as a mysterious figure stalks her." -- Whoosh!

The First Stone by IseQween

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"Long after Xena's first steps on her path towards atonement, she and Gabrielle discover the dust has settled on someone who reminds them “old history” can feel like yesterday." -- Iseqween

First Time by Pink Rabbit Productions

"A sweet first time story that has the warrior and bard tentatively admitting to their feelings and then giving in to these." -- Lunacy

A First Time for Everything by Amazon

Rated NC-17

"A young Gabrielle reminisces about the loss of her virginity at the hands of the Warrior Princess." -- Ashera's Archive

"Gabrielle learns how to pleasure her warrior" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Five Winters Later by Joanna

"A story about how Xena and Gabrielle deal with "challenges" to their happy union five winters after they make it official. Cute :)" -- Lunacy

"Funny parody of Xena and Gabrielle's problems in retirement." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Flame, not the Candle by Pamela A. Lord aka HeronW

Flesh And Blood by Ogami

ForevaXena | Tom's Xena Page | Ogami's Xena & Gabrielle Stories

A love story visiting Xena and Gabrielle over four seasons." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Ogami offers us an amusing and very different take on the Xena/Gab partnership as he charts their relationship from its early beginnings to its later stages - revealing a growing attraction that goes from hero infatuation to playful flirting, frustration and finally a very committed, loving devotion despite the potential disadvantages of that afterlife ;-) Original, nicely written and entertaining. DO NOT MISS! " -- Lunacy

Flirt! by WhymZ

"The warrior and bard get playful during the events of A Day in the Life." -- Academy of Bards

"Cute little tale set around the time of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which has the warrior and bard trying to out-tease one another ;-) " -- Lunacy

Follow the Blood by Fyrequeene

"Xena's past returns to haunt her" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena faces her past when she encounters a sprite who wants revenge on the former Warlord for burning and slaughtering her village five years earlier." -- Athenaeum

"This is one of those stories that you will find yourself simply unable to put down once you start reading. A riveting, MASTERFULY crafted tale that recalls a vary dark time in the life of the Warrior Princess. It is a time Xena reluctantly finds herself remembering as she and Gabrielle travel through an area she once destroyed, on their way to a meeting with one of the men who helped her in that campaign. What they come upon instead is an unfolding mystery that becomes more gruesome with each passing day - eventually even instilling fear in the heart of the warrior herself . . . Put this one at the top of your MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Folly's Ass by Sasha Foo

"The pair are stuck on the island of immortals" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

For All Time by Jamie Boughen

"This is a hurt/comfort tale in the tradition of ALL THRU THE NIGHT. It is also rather original in its approach to the "first time" situation. Tired of being left behind and worried that Xena might be hurt during a mission to stop a ruthless warlord, Gabby decides to follow her never suspecting the cruelty she would soon encounter - cruelty which only together will warrior and bard be able to overcome. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

"In this tale, Xena and Gabrielle stuggle with the same fears about the other until Xena is called to help a nearby town, leaving Gabrielle behind for her own safety. Not one to be left behind, and still struggling with her feelings for the warrior, Gabrielle folows, and is confronted by more than she can handle, and Xena has to come to the rescue once again. What follows is a bitter sweet exploration and recuperation of two souls...perhaps healed and reunited for all time." -- Athenaeum

For Gabrielle by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"Set after Gabrielle's death, with Xena fulfilling a promise to write a story based on their life together." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A deeply moving little tale set in the final years of Xena and Gabrielle's lives that has the Warrior Princess fulfilling a promise to her bard when she writes their story in her own words - remembering how they met, how they lived, how they loved. Reaffirming, poignant and beautiful. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

For Love to Live Again by Mary E. Terrell

"Poignant vignette that shows what happened after the scene in the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT when Gabrielle is killed." -- Lunacy

For The Last Battle by Kodiakke

"The missing scene between the two episodes *Between The Lines* and *TheWay*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Intense little story set after the events in the episode BETWEEN THE LINES which has Xena once again anquishing over that vision Alti showed her." -- Lunacy

For the Love of . . . by Xero

"Xero's latest piece has the God of War up to his old tricks again when he strips a certain bard of her memory, leaving her to wake up in the arms of a stranger she immediately recognizes as the infamous Warrior Princess. A helpless Xena can then only watch as her beloved bard flees from her, determine to escape the clutches of the evil warlord - and determined to see her brought to justice as well. Ideal for the many angst-lovers among us." -- Lunacy

For The Love of Clichés by WordWarrior

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction | Whoosh! (Archived)

POUR L'AMOUR DES CLICHÉS - French Translation

"A humorous story using every cliches on Bongo Bear's infamous list." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Would you guys believe this is so TERRIFIC precisely because it's so BAD!!! ;-) Yeap, the multi-talented Wordee sets out in this little offering to include just about every fan fiction cliche out there and she succeeds in creating a tale that is going to leave you in stitches! :) VERY funny folks. A literary endeavor that should be suspiciously familiar to all fanfic readers and which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" -- Lunacy

Wordee's World of Audio Fanfic Downloads MP3

For Want of a Nail by Bel-wah aka Belle Reilly

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Gabrielle tries to bring recluse Xena out at a festival with unexpected consequences." --  Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This gifted writer brings us a gripping story about choices and consequences that begins innocently enough with a bard and a reluctant warrior on their way to a festival. Proud of Xena and anxious for her to have a good time, Gabrielle pushes the warrior to become more and more involved in the festivities never suspecting what her playful prodding will lead to or the fateful decision she'll soon have to make. Revolving around one of the series' major themes, this tale features a particularly compelling characterization of the bard as she and her soulmate are once again challenged by the darkness in the human heart and the realities of life in a violent world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Cover by Ciegra




Forbid the Flesh by TZ

Academy of Bards | Tom's Xena Page

"In this comedy set after "A Tale of Two Muses," Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in another town where another Greek goddess isn't depicted the way Gabrielle would prefer." -- Academy of Bards

Forced Vacation by Patricia L. Ennis

Legion of Nepthys | Mega Fan Fiction

"Argo throws a shoe and Gabrielle takes advantage of it" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Foreign Influences by Oversoul

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


"Athena needs help against Ares who is bent on taking Athens" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Ares is bent on conquering Athens and Athena needs help in stopping the God of War from taking over the mortal realm." -- Athenaeum

"EXTREMELY well-written, beautifully romantic epic which has Xena and Gabby finally admitting their feelings for one another and then joining forces with two friends from the Far East and Athena to fight Ares. Raven and Katrina - the characters from the Far East are wonderful. Still unfinished, 5 chapters in circulation. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" -- Lunacy

Forever … Gabrielle ... Forever by Sinful

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Emotional little story about the warrior and bard's final journey together. Sinful does a nice job here of emphasizing the immortality of the relationship without getting into specifics about afterlives or gods." -- Lunacy

Forget Us Not, Scherahzade! by Vange Leonel

"A curesed princess needs a bard, and happens to find one that belongs to a certain warrior princess." -- GabTBard

Forgive Thyself and Blossom by Falcon

AusXIP | Athenaeum | Tom's Xena Page

Hurt / Comfort

"On the pretext of seeing and old friend up in the mountains, Xena goes to the Cave of the Futures, leaving Gabrielle with Cyrene." -- Athenaeum

"An oracle helps Xena deal with her past and her future with Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Forgotten Heart by Trigar

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | ForevaXena

"Xena is dead...Long live Xena! Has Ares finally won? Find out in this tale of death and rebirth as Gabrielle desperately tries to win back Xena's very soul." -- Academy of Bards

Author's Note: ". . . this is the 4th part of a story arc started by Michael Rountree aka Avondaleguy quite a few years ago, back in 1999 (or around that time) I believe. Unfortunately I don’t believe his stories are available on the net anymore so I’ve written up a comprehensive summary in the prologue of all that has transpired before this story."

Forum by Rab Donald

"In interesting question and answer session between playful lovers." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and the bard learn there are more appropriate ways of testing their compatibility than a questionnaire...;-) Cute." -- Lunacy

The Foundation by Michael R. Rountree aka AvondaleGuy

"Xena and Gabrielle choose different sides in a confrontation...and Joxer dies." -- Athenaeum

Four Rocks by Moonwarrior

"A recovering Xena spends time in a cabin with Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This very sweet hurt/comfort story offers a rather REALISTIC look at the recuperative process after an injury. Well-written, romantic and funny!" -- Lunacy

Fracas at the Forum Inn by Bongo Bear and JayBird

Fragments by TZ

"A delightful collection of story fragments that will have you grinning from ear to ear. In particular do not miss Xena and Gabrielle's first experience with Indian "culture" in BETWEEN THE COVERS and the sure-to-be-classic jingle Gab teaches the Amazons in THE DRINKING SONG. Also includes WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, ONE NAKED GABRIELLE, GABBY SPICE and PUSS TO PASS THE TIME (8/22/98). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"A series of short, slyly humerous skits where double meanings run riot!" -- Athenaeum

Fragments by Zealander1

"Gabby's musings about Xena" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Friend by MaryE

"A very sensual, romantic first time story set at the end of the episode SINS OF THE PAST where two very different souls surrender to a timeless connection. MaryE does a nice job here depicting the emotional vulnerability and insecurities of early Xena and Gabrielle. DO NOT MISS" -- Lunacy

Friends Remembered by Culprit aka Klancy7

Amazon Trails | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"Gabby wonders if a convicted murderer could be her old childhood mentor." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle search for a lost friend among the condemned of a hellish prison." -- FanFiction.Net

From Psyche With Love by The Four Furies

"Xena and Gabrielle's rescue of Psyche's daughter is complicated by Callisto." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

From the Hands of Rome by Absinthe

"The Grrls travel to Egypt to meet Cleopatra and visit the Kandake of Nubia." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This new offering begins on board a ship as Xena and Gabrielle head for Egypt and a meeting with the legendary Cleopatra. It's a fateful trip that will present Xena with the much-awaited opportunity to exact revenge on an old enemy . . ." -- Lunacy

From the Pits of Hell by KrystalKnight

"'Spawn' cross-over" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A very timely SPAWN/XWP crossover tale that has Xena and Gabrielle combining forces with warrior angels to try to reach a new Hellspawn before the powers of darkness can consume him. Characters from the comic AVENGELYNE also appear in this. A well-written tale that fans of the comic book characters in particular should enjoy." -- Lunacy

From Time to Time by Georgia

"Terrific new story that has Xena and Gabrielle meeting Kelly Valchris - a kindred spirit from the future who has traveled back in time determined to stop the man who killed her sister from continuing his mission of hatred. Separated from the partner she loves deeply, Kelly is soon forging a friendship with warrior and bard as the three join forces with the Amazons to try to stop the danger threatening them all . . . The Xena/Gab relationship is on the money - passionate, mischievous, and very loving. A very nice read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"A time traveller helps Xena and Gabrielle save the Amazon nation." -- Athenaeum

Frozen by Pamela Turner

"Gabrielle's about to be married, or is she?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

A Frozen Moment by Lace Priest

Ashera's Archive | Cavern of Alternative Tales (Archived)

Rated NC-17

"Callisto has an unusual proposition for Xena. " -- Ashera's Archive

"Callisto desires and gets Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

" While Gabrielle goes off shopping, The Goddess Callisto makes Xena an offer she can't refuse: make love to Callisto and in exchange Callisto never bothers Xena or Gabrielle again. " -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Saturday July 15, 2000

Fruit, Feet and Grins by Ogami

Ashera's Archive | Ogami (Archived)

Translation - Language?

Rated NC-17

"A tongue-in-cheek rewrite of "FFG" that loses Joxer early in the game." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Parody of 'Fins, Femmes, & Gems' in which Aphrodite gives Xena and Gabby new obsessions." -- Ashera's Archive

Fruit of the Loom by Phantom Bard (J. Nakamura)

Academy of Bards - Original / Revised | Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Taiko's Scrolls

"A short story based on the events in the episode "When Fates Collide". The story has the standard disclaimers for violence, anguish, and a subtext based relationship, and includes the death of a principal character." -- Academy of Bards

"Originally written shortly after the episode "When Fates Collide," in reaction to the comportment of the characters in the closing scene following the destruction of the Loom of the Fates. It has not been changed to take into account the subsequent episodes, especially AFIN. This is a short story exploring what the destruction of the Fates' loom might really mean." -- Athenaeum

Full Circle by Blue

"As Xena prepares to enter the underworld to bargain for Gabrielle's release, she remembers their life together." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Blue's latest chronicles the Warrior Princess' tortured thoughts immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II. Poignant and stirring." -- Lunacy

Full Circle by Maggie

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena returns to Amphipolis to help her oldest friend whom a Warlord has decided to take from the village." -- Athenaeum

Full Circle by Silence

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | ForevaXena

Xippy Award

"Short story. Xena's musing over the events after 'When Fate's Collide'" -- Academy of Bards

Full Circle by Simahoyo

Academy of Bards | ForevaXena

"Xena and Gabrielle learn more about their individual pasts than they ever had suspected." -- Academy of Bards

Lunacy Review

Future Imperfect? by Red Raven

Academy of Bards | Sapphic Voices

"A light-hearted bit of fun. Xena and Gabrielle visit a fortune teller who gets it all a bit wrong!" -- Academy of Bards