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Fan fiction featuring a romantic relationship between Xena and Gabrielle.

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The Mantic Series by Baermer

1. Mantic by Baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

". . . begins innocently enough with the warrior and bard at an inn where both are busy doing what they do best - Gabrielle telling her stories, Xena protecting her bard ;-) However, the moment is just the calm before a storm which starts brewing the instant a messenger arrives with a mysterious summons...a summons for the bard...a message asking her to travel into Persian territory. Along with a VERY suspicious Xena, the bard begins a journey which will engulf her in deadly intrigue while offering her an opportunity also to at last explore a dormant potential within herself . . . A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle is asked to negotiate between warring states." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

2. The Lost Tribe of the Kapru Kale by Baermer

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | PDA Fiction

". . . opens with the bard experiencing another of her debilitating visions - this one warning of danger for the Amazons...and herself. Soon as they're able to, she and Xena head for Amazonia - arriving there to find that fate has already put into play a series of events they cannot ignore...and may not be able to escape from. This is a terrific hurt/comfort piece built around a suspenseful plot with strong supporting characters and a nicely satisfying depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle has a prophetic dream in which she envisions her death." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

3. The Cage of the Muses by Baermer

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | PDA Fiction

"Cleopatra invites Xena and Gabrielle for a visit, but Xena suspects an ulterior motive." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . begins with the Warrior and Bard in Athens where they receive a summons from the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra inviting them to Syria to meet with her. Unnerved by a recent vision Gabrielle had concerning Caesar, Xena is a bit hesitant but seeing the bard's excitement over the invitation she decides to accept. So begins a grand adventure for the two as they soon find themselves escorting the scheming Queen of Egypt back home to the splendor that is the city of Alexandria where intrigue and danger awaits them as Cleopatra and her brother vie for power, Gabrielle is introduced to the wonders - and bureaucracy of the city's legendary library and Xena grasps at the chance to make her beloved bard happy. Unbeknownst to all these players they're on a course with destiny, fated to witness one of the great tragedies of their times and the beginnings of one of the most infamous pairings . . . Beautifully written and edited, this is one to be savored when you can reserve a few carefree hours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

A New Day Series by FlyBigD

1. A New Day by FlyBigD

"This story starts immediately following the fight against the Persians in the episode "One Against an Army". It shows what Xena and Gabrielle SHOULD have talked after their near death experience." -- Athenaeum

"Set immediately after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this is a tale about new beginnings as Xena and Gabrielle spend time physically healing and exploring the emotions the recent turmoil in their lives have at last brought to the surface." -- Lunacy

"After routing the Persian army in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, Xena and Gabrielle fall asleep side by side in the armory where this story takes place. A continuation of that episode, the story picks up when Xena awakens wounded, weary and worried about Gabrielle, who is too weak to travel. Staying for the night, the Warrior Princess and the Bard tend each other's wounds and find themselves tending deeper wounds left beneath the surface by their recent rift as their friendship moves toward testing the uncharted waters of their love. " -- Whoosh!

2. Hot Bath and A Bed by FlyBigD

"Xena and Gabrielle head to a near by inn for some rest, both needing to recover from recent events. Will they be able to heal not only their physical wounds, but the emotional ones as well?" -- Athenaeum

". . . finds the warrior and bard stopping at a town for some much-needed rest and relaxation. With the newfound openness between them the two enjoy a gentle flirting but there's nervousness there still coupled with an anxiety on Xena's part about what her intimate relationships have been like in the past and what life with her will ultimately bring Gabrielle . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

". . . this story begins as the sun sets on the day Xena and Gabrielle left the armory burning to ashes, a symbol of leaving their rift and pain behind. Stopping for the night at an inn, their new love moves forward, but not easily as the Warrior Princess grapples with her past and the Bard fights to keep the woman she loves." -- Whoosh!

3. Soul Salvation by FlyBigD

"Third in the series, it follows a week after the events in the episode "Forgiven". Will Xena and Gabrielle be able to get back to the level of intimacy and understanding they found in "Hot Bath and A Bed"?" -- Athenaeum

". . . a week has passed since Xena and Gabrielle left Tara behind in FORGIVEN. Unable to forgive herself for her sins and feeling unworthy of Gabrielle's love, Xena draws inside herself as nameless faces from her past plague her heart and their chilling shadow threatens to claim her soul. Near and yet so far, Gabrielle can only take Xena's stoic silence for so long and, after a single glimpse into tortured blue eyes across the campfire, she makes the bold move to claim the Warrior's soul as her own and finds the inner strength to hold on to Xena as she battles the demons within." -- Whoosh!

The Pay for Play Chronicles by Dark Angel

1. The Price of Silence by Dark Angel

Ashera's Archive | Dark Angel's Den | Xenadom


"Xena the ex-warlord must learn new ways to deal with her battle lust." -- Ashera's Arcive

"A short piece showing Xena the ex-warlord needing to find alternative ways of burning off some battle lust." -- Dark Angel

2. As the Candle Burns by Dark Angel

Ashera's Archive | Dark Angel's Den | Xenadom


"The encounter with the perceptive prostitute has surprising results." -- Ashera's Archive

"What actually happened between Xena and her pay for play purchase." -- Dark Angel

3. Deliberate Strangers by Dark Angel

Ashera's Archive | Dark Angel's Den | Xenadom

Rated R

"Gabrielle realizes there is still much about Xena that she doesn't know and just as much that they can't talk about" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle must come to terms with accepting there are still certain things that she and Xena can't talk about when she inadvertedly meets Arnise." -- Dark Angel

4. Secrets and Lies by Dark Angel

Ashera's Archive | Dark Angel's Den

Rated NC-17

"Xena's secret is finally revealed. But will either the warrior princess or her bard be up to the challenge?" -- Dark Angel

5. Surrender by Dark Angel

Ashera's Archive | Dark Angel's Den

Rated NC-17

"Xena must learn to live with the demons of her past." -- Dark Angel

The Peloponnesian War Series by baermer

1. The Eleusinian Mysteries by baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena and Gabrielle travel to Eleusis at the request of a friend, and from there all heck breaks out." -- Roving Reporter

"Xena is summoned to look into several murders at the festival of Demeter, but it's Gabrielle who is asked to undergo an initiation that may cost the bard her life." -- Athenaeum

"A very, VERY special new story from this talented bard! - long, FULL of mystery, suspense, and a love that will take your breath away. Just as Gabrielle finally breaks through the walls to Xena's heart, the Warrior Princess is summoned to the coastal city of Eleusis where preparations are under way for the highly secretive ceremonies known as the Eleusinian Mysteries. The monarch there needs Xena's help in dealing with a deadly threat to the ceremonies - a mission that will challenge her and the little bard to try to decipher the very meaning or the Mysteries...or risk losing each other forever. Extremely well-written and edited, this story contains possibly THE most beautiful sentence I have EVER read in alt. fiction - I'll leave THAT a mystery for you all to discover ;-) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. The Peloponnesian War: Book 1: Precursors by baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabby and Xena are caught in a political game." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Takes place a year after "The Eleusian Mysteries". Gabrielle and Xena return to Eleusis and become caught up in Greek politics." -- Athenaeum

"Amidst the drama of the historic war between rivals Athens and Sparta, Xena and Gabrielle become enbroiled in the political struggles in Athens, find themselves at odds with a deadly and very determined goddess, and must, as always, rely on one another to survive." -- Roving Reporter

". . .  Set in an epic period of Ancient Greek history amidst the saga of the Peloponnesian War, this promises to be a heck of a story. In this first installment, Xena and Gabrielle return to Eleusis where they have once again been summoned by the king, this time to discuss a developing situation which the king fears will soon result in an all out war. Joining them is Pericles, the most powerful Athenian leader and his companion Aspasia - an old acquaintance of Xena's who the warrior fears may be adding fuel to the fires already being fanned by the approaching winds of war. This story is not explicit so far. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

3. The Peloponnesian War: Book 2: Poteidaia Under Siege by baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"Athens attacks Gabrielle's hometown." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The Athenian army places Gabrielle's hometown under siege as the two friends help the townsfolk through the difficult months." -- Athenaeum

"Having decided to stand with the people of Poteidaia against the Athenian army, Xena and Gabrielle immediately become primary players as the warrior lends the Poteidaians her battle expertise and the bard works to rekindle in her people their sense of community and hope. Even as they try to help the beleaguered villagers, Xena and Gabrielle struggle also against personal challenges as they confront the bard's family for the first time since becoming a couple and begin to suspect that they may be pawns in a very dangerous battle between immortals. This story is exceedingly well-written with an well-structured plot, great characterizations and a romance as epic as the historic events being depicted. Note that this tale is available in both subtext-explicit and subtext-lite versions. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

4. The Peloponnesian War: Book 3: The Mytilene Debate by baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"The amazons travel to Lesbos to find Ephany." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Several Amazons join the companions as they begin their mission to the island of Lesbos to find a missing Ephiny." -- Athenaeum

"With the siege of Poteidaia now over Xena and Gabrielle face a new challenge - to try to locate a missing Ephiny last seen weeks before when she left the Amazon nation escorting a group of young Amazons to Sappho's school just outside the city of Mytilene. With news that the city is in revolt, the warrior and bard embark on a possible rescue mission with Solari and Epinon. It is a journey that will once again test them physically and emotionally as they struggle with the historic events unfolding around them and with serious issues still unresolved in their relationship. From the keyboard of one of our most accomplished bards, this latest book deals with difficult themes which at times makes it hard to read but like the rest of the series it is very well-written, featuring an intriguing plot and some thought-provoking challenges for the warrior and bard." -- Lunacy

5. The Peloponnesian War :Book 4:The Battle of Amphiplois by baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"Athena takes Gabby and Xena and the amazons go on a rescue mission." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and the Amazons are off to rescue Gabrielle, who's been abducted by Athena." -- Athenaeum

"This last entry in the series finds Xena and Gabrielle both trying to deal with the devastating events depicted in BOOK III. As the tale unfolds, the warrior and bard are being kept from each other by both mortal and immortal enemies. Beyond the physical separation though, they will struggle also in this book with an emotional distance that hurts each to the core and upon whose resolution the very fate of the war will rest. This final entry in the series recaptures some of the sense of family and that special quality in the Xena/Gabrielle relationship which made them such a threat to their enemies earlier in the story. In the series as a whole Baermer does a very nice job of incorporating the fictional with the actual historical events taking place at the time of the Peloponnesian War. Baermer's epic is a noteworthy addition to XWP fan fic which should NOT BE MISSED." -- Lunacy

Release Me Series by Lace Priest

1. Release Me by Lace Priest

*Recommended by CN Winters*

"Gabby must have her warrior." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

2. After By Lace Priest

"Sequel to Release Me, takes place the following morning, with Gabrielle having to disarm Xena's fears about how Gabrielle will now feel about her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Rings Of Aphrodite Series by Sarah Miller

1. An Answer by Sarah Miller

Academy of Bards | ForevaXena


"Follows the episode Motherhood. Gabrielle and Xena sort out their feelings,with an assist from Eve and Aphrodite. Sweet vignettes." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

by Calli's Creations






2. Undeniable by Sarah Miller

3. Realizations by Sarah Miller

4. Now And Forever by Sarah Miller

The Rest of Our Lives Series by J.S. Stephens

1. The Rest of Our Lives by J.S. Stephens

"Diedra, pregnant and alone, shows up in Amphipolis and is taken in by Rebecka and befriended by Xena and her mother…" -- Athenaeum

2. Temple Incident by J.S. Stephens

"Xena's father, Atrius, is celebrating a victory with his soldiers when he decides to visit the Temple of Ares." -- Athenaeum

3. Gabrielle by J.S. Stephens

"Aphrodite visits Hecuba before Gabrielle is born, delivering a very strange prophesy." -- Athenaeum

4. Yesteryear by J.S. Stephens

"An old friend of Xena's, Lis, comes home for her mother's funeral. Will they finally mend their friendship, torn apart so many years ago?" -- Athenaeum

5. The Turning Point by J.S. Stephens

"Xena defends Diana when she is teased by the village children. Then, she defends Amphipolis against Cortese...years later, Xena's cook tells her that Rebecka is dying. Should she go visit?" -- Athenaeum

6. Loosening the Chains by J.S. Stephens

"After Talus dies, Gabrielle turns to Xena for comfort, who finds that the chains around her heart are loosening further." -- Athenaeum

7. A Visit With Diana by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle has gone back to Potadeia and Xena runs into her childhood friend Diana." -- Athenaeum

8. After I Died by J.S. Stephens

"After Gabrielle nearly dies in the temple of healing ("Is There a Doctor in the House?") she and Xena talk about friendship." -- Athenaeum

9. I Have No Sister by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle and Xena go to Potadeia after Perdicas died, but get mixed up with Lila's fiancé, Palios." -- Xenadex of Xenafic

10. Lila's Journey by J.S. Stephens

"Lila is still mad at Gabrielle, but soon finds herself in trouble. Palios skips town, and Lila starts on a journey where she finds love, but will his people accept her?" -- Athenaeum

11. Kaydus: Warrior Poet by J.S. Stephens

"A story requested by the fine folks of the lang. See if you can discover who we want to be the guest star for this "episode"." -- Athenaeum

12. Ares' Interlude by J.S. Stephens

"Ares sends Spike out to undo the love that Gabrielle and Xena have discovered…" -- Athenaeum

13. The Interlude Between by J.S. Stephens

"After Xena nearly dies from a poisoned dart, she asks Gabrielle to tell her a story after supper." -- Athenaeum

14. Aftershock by J.S. Stephens

"What would happen if Gabrielle was still having nightmares about Callisto?" -- Athenaeum

15. Poseidon's Revenge by J.S. Stephens

"Poseidon is mad and Ulysses and Xena and Gabrielle happen to be in the way..." -- Athenaeum

16. After The Arrows by J.S. Stephens

"After Cupid shot everyone with his arrows, Xena and Gabrielle take Joxer to Amphipolus, where he falls in love with Xena's friend, Diana." -- Athenaeum

17. Tartarus on Earth by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle has lost her blood innocence. How does Bodicea view the Warrior Princess now?" -- Athenaeum

18. Solstice by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle is depressed on Solstice Eve. She is visited by three ghosts and learns about the meaning of Solstice." -- Athenaeum

19. You Are Cordially Invited by J.S. Stephens

"Joxer proposing to Gabrielle? Jett proposing to Diana? What's going on here?" -- Athenaeum

20. The Scroll by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle and Xena haven't communicated well after all the business with Najara, prisons and such. So, Xena writes Gabrielle a note, but never gives it to her in The Scroll. (Warning: spoilers for the fourth and fifth seasons of X: WP and for my uber story, The Past is Prologue.)" -- Athenaeum

21. The Fight by J.S. Stephens

" Xena and Gabrielle are fighting. Diana is about to give birth. Will Xena and Gabrielle patch up their differences?"

22. A Destiny to Fulfill by J.S. Stephens

"Solon gets rescued from his funeral pyre by Dike, the goddess of human justice. Years later, he and his friend Gregor get in a fight about Julia, Gregor's finance' and Solon's friend. Xena and Gabrielle come to Athens on their way back to Amphipolis and run into Solon. What will Xena tell him?" -- Athenaeum

23. The Anniversary Party by J.S. Stephens

"Xena and Gabrielle come back home to help Cyrene out with the inn. It is also nearly their anniversary. Will they get to celebrate in peace? Meanwhile, Diana and Joxer's daughter is kidnapped and Xena is trapped. So much for an anniversary…" -- Athenaeum

24. Changes by J.S. Stephens

"Joxer and Diana go to Corinth for a vacation and for Joxer to sign a new cloth supplier. They meet Gabrielle's sister, Lila, who decides to send a note to Gabrielle. Meanwhile, Julia is about to give birth to Xena's grandchild." -- Athenaeum

25. Beginnings and Endings by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle and Lila finally go visit their parents. Diana gives birth to a daughter, but is worried about her mother, Diedra." -- Athenaeum

26. Homecoming by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle convinces Xena to go back to Potadeia with her to visit her family." -- Athenaeum

27. A Death in the Family by J.S. Stephens

"Gabrielle must fight her toughest battle, the battle for her sanity. But does she really want to regain her sanity after Xena's death?" -- Athenaeum

28. Rebecka's Turn by J.S. Stephens

"Rebecka, Xena and Gabrielle go to Corinth for Marcus and Lila's daughter's wedding. Rebecka meets Saul, an attorney, and wonders if he is the one." -- Athenaeum

29. Wait For Me! by J.S. Stephens

"Kaydus reappears and Gabrielle doesn't remember her but is uneasy when Kaydus shows interest in her goddaughter Cyrene. Meanwhile, The Horde is battling the Amazons and Gabrielle runs to help, but is hit with an arrow in her side…" -- Athenaeum

30. Vignettes by J.S. Stephens

"Thoughts from various characters as they start to fall in love." -- Xenadex of Xenafic

The Rift Series by Whitesword

1. Gratuitous Grumbling in Graceful Greek by Whitesword

"Gabrielle's now travelling the land alone after having split up with Xena." -- Athenaeum

2. The Huntress at Solstice by Whitesword

"It's Winter Solstice, and Xena is in a far off land tracking a Warlord after having split up with Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

Sacrifice for Love Series by  TZ


1. All You Need Is Love by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated NC-17

"Aphrodite has a few surprising revelations to share with Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Ficiton Directory

"What happened after Gabrielle fell in the lava pit remains a mystery, but TZ makes a valiant effort at one possible answer. Assisted by our favorite valley-girl goddess, a secret is revealed about our heroines true ancestry-and a love that conquers all. Very well done!" -- Athenaeum

". . . this little tale has the Goddess of Love intervening on the bard's behalf...and insisting that Gabrielle finally be honest about her feelings. Cute." -- Lunacy

2. At What Cost by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated PG-13

"Set after the events in SACRIFICE II, this story follows a desperate Xena as she appeals to one Olympian after another for help getting her beloved bard back - eventually teaming up with two old friends in a wild gamble with fate ;-) . . ." -- Lunacy

3. A Second Chance: Gabrielle's Return by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated NC-17

"Aphrodite helps Xena and Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"A first-time, hurt/comfort story all rolled into one SPECTACULAR package, this is one of those tales you'll be unable to put down 'til the very end! One of the entries in TZ's A SACRIFICE FOR LOVE SERIES, the story is set after the events in SACRIFICE II and has a number of Olympians all pooling their resources to reunite a certain warrior with her beloved bard. TZ's characterizations in this are solid and engaging while her depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship is loving, caring, sensual, and just marvelously heartwarming. A simple story about a love that is truly magical, this is the type of tale that makes XWP fan fiction such a delight. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

4. The God's Hope by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated PG-13

". . . this tale . . . has a miserable Gabrielle learning from Hades about the role she played in a plan conceived long ago - a plan which has now taken her from her beloved warrior." -- Lunacy

5. Irritating Can Be Good by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated PG-13

"Well actually IRRITATING can be VERY VERY good! :) This is hysterical folks! Set after the events in SACRIFICE II it proves that left to her own devices the bard is quite capable of returning to the warrior all on her own. Bubbly as ever, she decides to pass the time in the Underworld by sharing her talents far and wide and is soon making Hades consider a change in policy. Clear cut evidence that the bard has indeed come a long way baby, this is a delightful skit that will have you grinning from ear to ear ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

6. Love's Sweet Face by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated PG-13

"Touching story set after the events in SACRIFICE II which has the Warrior Princess mourning for her beloved bard and that bard looking on from another place, desperately wanting to get back. Nicely written feel-good tale." -- Lunacy

"Set directly at the end of Sacrifice 2, Xena is devastated at losing Gabrielle, spending many a moment confessing her love. Meanwhile, Gabrielle fights to return.." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

7. One Thread in Time by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

Rated R

". . . this is a BEAUTIFUL little tale set some fifteen years after the end of season three which has Xena and Gabrielle receiving a very special gift from the Fates. A wonderful feel-good factor in this poignant, romantic MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"-- Lunacy

8. A Warrior's Heart by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction

Rated NC-17

". . . Certain that she's dead, Gabrielle is thoroughly confused when she finds herself in the woods near Xena - able to see her partner, able to see and smell and feel the forest around them but invisible to the warrior. With her heart mirroring the ache in Xena's own, the little bard begins to follow her - vowing to keep her safe despite the warrior's almost suicidal recklessness. Soon Xena senses the beloved presence by her side and thus begins a quest to bring her soulmate back to the world of the living - determined to do so no matter the consequences...or the price. At times funny, at times heart-wrenching, this is a magical love story that thoroughly warms the spirit. A definite MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

9. When Evil Meets Itself by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | TZ's Alternative Fan Fiction

Rated NC-17

"Amusing little offering that has Hope learning just how tough the life of an evil goddess can be ;-) Cute." -- Lunacy

"Valaska, Home and Gabrielles' granddaughter make the fava flow a crowded place." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

10. Madness and Discovery by TZ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Rated PG-13

". . . chronicles Xena's tortured thoughts as she searches for a way to reunite with her bard . . ." -- Lunacy

The Say What! Series by Silk

1. Harder Please by Silk

AusXIP | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"Conversation between Xena and Gabrielle while they are otherwise engaged." -- Athenaeum

2. Satisfied? by Silk

AusXIP | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"Gabrielle helps Xena on a two-handed project (or is it four-handed?). ;-)" -- Athenaeum

3. Enough Already! by Silk

AusXIP | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"Gabrielle can get in trouble even in an art gallery." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Gabrielle drags Xena to see statues in a temple with more humorous results in this short piece...umm...never mind....just read!" -- Athenaeum

"Amusing new offering that has the warrior and bard visiting an art exhibit when Gabrielle decides to break that age-old "DO NOT TOUCH" rule ;-)" -- Lunacy

Seasonal Passion Series by maggielassie

1. Closer Than Blood Bonds by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | maggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF

"After Xena told Gabrielle that their friendship binds them closer than blood, the two women settle by a campfire for the night while mulling over the nature of their budding relationship…" -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight




2. Circle In The Sand by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | Athenaeummaggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF 

"After making their way back to shore, Xena and Gabrielle decide to spend a peaceful and romantic day on a sunny beach. At some point, both women come to discuss the reasons why they are and remain together as well as the importance of their love for each other, in spite of their past ephemeral attractions to other people." -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight




3. What Matters Most by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | Athenaeummaggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF 


"Post-rift. After Gabrielle chose to keep her memories, a particularly painful one soon comes to haunt her again unexpectedly, in her sleep. After Xena wakes the bard up from a nightmare twice in the same night, the Warrior Princess realises that she might have to deal with the fact that her younger lover is probably subconsciously traumatised by a particular past event… " -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight 




4. Love Plans by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | maggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF 

"After a few arguments and frustrations between the two lovers, Xena proposes that she and Gabrielle go on a little afternoon trip to Athens. Once there, they soon run out of money at the City Market. They find an astute way to make more dinars. The Warrior Princess also needs to figure out some plans to rekindle the intimacy of her romantic relationship with the bard…" -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight 



5. To You I Belong by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | maggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF  


"After the siege of Amphipolis, our two heroines go back to Cyrene’s house, and Gabrielle wants some clear explanations from Xena regarding what happened in Ares’ Temple. Cyrene finds out that the Warrior Princess and the battling bard may be more than ‘just friends’, before the two lovers get an unexpected godly visit in the evening..." -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight




6. Sapphic Night Fever by maggielassie

Academy of Bards | maggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF


After Amphipolis and recovering from the Darkness’ influence, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve get unexpectedly invited by an Amazon tribe to a party organised in the honour of poetess Sappho’s birthday. Knowing where the Warrior Princess and the battling bard are going, a group of evil thugs decide they will attempt to infiltrate that Sapphic party. However, the Amazons are more than happy to support Xena and Gabrielle, whom they admire as a now legendary Greek Sapphic couple.  -- maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight  



"Scenes We'll Never See" Series by M. Guerriere (Absinthe Angel 777)

1. Indecent Proposal by M. Guerriere (Absinthe Angel 777)

Absinthe Angel | Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | ForevaXena | X:WP FF Archives (Archived)

Una Proposición Indecente por M. Guerriere, alias Absinthe Angel 777 / Traducción: Kayra (Spanish Translation)

Athenaeum Top 25 #6 and #10

Parody / Humor

"Desperate for some cash Xena & Gabrielle take one of Hercules' junk jobs. Fun times in the tiny Kingdom of Eroticus" -- Academy of Bards

2. Promise by M. Guerriere (Absinthe Angel 777)

Absinthe Angel | Academy of Bards | ForevaXena | X:WP FF Archives (Archived)

Promesa por M. Guerriere, alias Absinthe Angel 777 / Traducción: Kayra (Spanish Translation)

"A private talk between Eve & Gabrielle" -- Academy of Bards

3. Butyrm Arachis Hypogaea et Quilon Acinus by M. Guerriere (Absinthe Angel 777)

Absinthe Angel | Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | X:WP FF Archives (Archived)

Butyrm Arachis Hypogaea et Quilon Acinus por M. Guerriere, alias Absinthe Angel 777 / Traducción: Kayra (Spanish Translation)

Athenaeum Top 25 #11

"Gabby's Latin isn't all that great. I'll blame any grammaritical errors on her. *s* Probably should have asked Livia but she was off with her wacky cult. Xena got it in her head to ask for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and this is what resulted." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Gabrielle make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to dismal results." -- Athenaeum

Sophia's Adventures #1 by Paully Adams (abbaspice1)

Retelling the Tales by Paully Adams (AbbaSpice1)

"Prelude to "Sophia's Adventures" series. Ares needs a favor from a certain Bard. Takes place after Making Room" -- Whoosh!

1. Sophia's Family by Paully Adams (AbbaSpice1)

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | ForevaXena

"After meeting a childhood friend of Gabrielle's, the pair find themselves helping her in a family matter." -- FanFiction.Net

2. Sophia's Choice by Paully Adams by Paully Adams (AbbaSpice1)

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | ForevaXena

"Sophia meets up once again with Xena and Gabrielle. But this time she's has an ulterative motive: hoping to help the pair unlock the secret that is buried in their hearts." -- Academy of Bards

"Sophia, Gabrielle and Xena are reunited. This time, the Guardian uncovers a secret that is hidden in Gabrielle and Xena's hearts. But will uncovered the secret cause the Guardian's own heart to break?" -- FanFiction.Net

3. Image Isn't Everything by Paully Adams (AbbaSpice1)

"Aphrodite orders Sophia to go home to Athena after the young woman is plagued with headaches and fits of temper. After discovering what is causing the problem, Athena has to ask Ares to help their child." -- Academy of Bards

Sophia's Adventures #2: Sins Of The Father by Paully Adams

1. Nightmares From The Past by Paully Adams

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net

"Xena wants to visit Gabrielle's family. But the visit will open a deep and horrible secret from Gabrielle's past. WARNING: This series deals with physical and sexual child abuse." -- FanFiciton.Net

"After two years, Sophia, Gabrielle and Xena are reunited once again. This time to deal with a dark secret that the Bard has kept hidden from her soulmate. WARNING: This story focuses on child abuse: physical, sexually and mental. As my beta reader Virginia said "[The stories] were intense but not so that a reader would be squeamish." If you think you would have trouble with this story or that this story will cause you discomfort, please find something else to read. I've suffered enough discomfort writing this for the both of us." -- Academy of Bards

2. Pain Of The Present by Paully Adams

"The trio confronts Gabrielle's family, never expecting the violence and pain that awaits them." -- Academy of Bards

3. Healing For The Future by Paully Adams

"The long healing process begins as Gabrielle and Xena deal with the trauma. Will this present darkness prove to be the one thing that tears them apart?" -- Academy of Bards

4. Beginning Again by Paully Adams

"After the events of "Sins of the Father," Hecuba goes to Amazonia to seek forgiveness and to begin a new relationship with her daughters." -- FanFiction.Net

"In this final part of the "Sins of the Father" series, secrets from the past finally make it to the light as Hecuba tries to rebuild her relationship with Gabrielle. The truth "may set one free," but in this case, it make destroy everything that Hecuba is wishing for." -- Academy of Bards

Sophia's Adventures #3: Beginning Again by Paully Adams

1. Fitting In by Paully Adams

"After the events of "Sins of the Father," Lila has to gain the respect of the Nation by passing her Rite. But to do so, she has to rely on a not-so-friendly Amazon." -- Academy of Bards

1b. Making Things Right by Paully Adams


"Another tale in the new "Sophia's Adventures" series. Sophia is sent to a different timeline to fix an injustice. Takes place after Fitting In." -- Whoosh!

2. Discoveries by Paully Adams

"Gabrielle learns about her new powers from Apollo. This story takes place around the same time frame as "Fitting In"." -- Academy of Bards

3. Love Contest by Paully Adams

"Cupid challenges Sophia in a contest of hearts. Which is stronger: Cupid's arrows or love between soulmates" -- Academy of Bards

4. Family Ties by Paully Adams

"In the 4th story, Sophia interferes in the plans of a minor god and gets zapped--forcing her to speak the truth only. It is during this time, she tells Ares the truth about family ties that they share." -- Academy of Bards

5. Wedding Story by Paully Adams

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

"Xena and Gabrielle head back to Amazonia to get married, but first Xena has to pass a test that Lila picked out. Comedy and chaos ensues." -- Academy of Bards

6. Rising Phoenixa by Paully Adams

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

7. Penance by Paully Adams

"After the events of "Rising Phoenixa," it seems that Gabrielle is seeing Najara's ghost. However, when this 'ghost' attacks Gabrielle, Xena and the Bard must travel to the Land of the Dead to defeat Najara. A nasty surprise awaits them." -- Academy of Bards

8. Love's Sacrifice by Paully Adams

"Dahok is back, and it is up to Gabrielle to stop him by giving up her life. Xena, however has other ideas." -- Academy of Bards

Stolen Hearts Series by Zealander1

1. Stolen Hearts by Zealander1

"Gabrielle wonders why Xena doesn't love her anymore." -- Athenaeum

2. A Simple Twist Of Fate... by Zealander1

"Gabrielle just can't stop writing that fan fiction." -- Athenaeum

3. She Had Many Skills by Zealander1

"Gabrielle wants to know how many women Xena has slept with." -- Athenaeum

4. The Longing by Zealander1

"Gabrielle wants to take her relationship with Xena to the next stage." -- Athenaeum

5. Benefit Of Doubt by Zealander1

"Xena thinks of reasons to leave Gabrielle" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena goes over all the reasons she's leaving Gabrielle" -- Athenaeum

6. The Challenge by Zealander1

"Gabrielle realizes she was just a conquest for Xena." -- Athenaeum

7. Such A Small Price To Pay... by Zealander1

"Gabrielle buys the 'Private Archives of the Women of Lesbos' scroll as a source of new material." -- Athenaeum

8. Xena - Voyeur Princess by Zealander1

"Xena joins Gabrielle by the stream." -- Athenaeum

9. Saturday Night In Old Greece by Zealander1

"Gabrielle's bored and want's to go to the movies." -- Athenaeum

10. Anguish by Zealander1

"Xena's thoughts the night of Gabrielle's wedding." -- Athenaeum

11. Full Range by Zealander1

"Gabrielle sits in a field talking to a mortally wounded Xena for the last time." -- Athenaeum

The Sweetest Dreams Series by L. Graham

Xena Multimedia Series CD $20

1. The Sweetest Dreams by L. Graham

"An absolutely DELIGHTFUL story featuring a truly beautiful, tenderly poignant interpretation of the relationship between warrior and bard. Fulfilling an old promise, Xena surprises her best friend with a trip to Thessaloniki to attend the reknown play festival held there every autumn. For the young bard it's a dream come true but for the warrior a nightmare in the making as she anticipates loosing the most precious thing in her life . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. Homecomings by L. Graham


". . . Xena and Gabrielle return to Poteidaia to spend time with the bard's family. It is an enlightening experience for both of them as the warrior gets a glimpse of the life that led Gabrielle to her and the bard, in coming to terms with her past, feels more certain than ever about her choices in the present. L. Graham does a wonderful job here of fleshing out Gabrielle's life in Poteidaia prior to Xena, giving us an insightful look at the experiences that combined to produce the young woman who would change the life of an ex- warlord. Meanwhile, she's also telling Xena's story - showing the insecurities beneath the tough exterior, showing the vulnerabilities that only a bard is ever made privy too - showing how much these two women have come to mean to one another and how devoted they remain in spite of what they've recently survived. This is a story full of heart with outstanding depictions of our two heroines and the very real, solid bond that glues them together. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

3. Four Nights, Three Days by L. Graham


"Xena and Gabrielle visit Amphipolis where Gabrielle learns about Xena's early life." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . This time around the bard and a VERY reluctant warrior travel to Amphipolis where Gabrielle is hoping Xena will be able to reconnect with her mother. Amidst the family reunion, the friends also find themselves dealing with other issues as Gabrielle encourages her partner to come to terms with the past and both begin contemplating some appealing possibilities for the future. As in the earlier stories, L. Graham delivers outstanding characterizations in this, giving us a very human Warrior Princess with doubts, fears, regrets and hopes. Her Gabrielle is equally well done as a devoted, determined, and perceptive young woman who knows what she wants and has the courage to go after it. This is a beautifully executed story about the healing power of love and the peace that comes with listening to one's heart. Including some wonderfully fresh dialogue and some very vivid exchanges, L. Graham's latest is a MUST READ folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

Tales of the Warrior Princess by J. Duderstadt

1. There Is No Darkness by J. Duderstadt

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) | Xenerotica (Archived)

"After an attack on the road, Gabrielle realizes that Xena loves her. " -- Athenaeum

"Gabby realizes she truly loves Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . has Xena and Gabby fighting the usual thugs as they finally admit their feelings for one another and take their relationship in a new direction. Some of the exchanges here are quite funny and reminiscent of the ones people have when they are just getting use to a new intimacy." -- Lunacy

2. By Any Other Name by J. Duderstadt

"Gabrielle and Xena explore their new relationship together." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle and Xena examine their new love" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Tales of the Warrior Princess: The Private Scrolls of Gabrielle the Bard Who Loved Her by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

1. Her Hands by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | ForevaXena | GabTBard (Archived) | Gemini (Archived)

"Gabrielle tells about the power in a warrior's hands." -- Gemini

"A very sensual, touching tribute to the feelings a warrior's toughened hands can create in one who loves her." -- Lunacy

2. Control by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | GabTBard (Archived)

"Intriguing interpretation of the power dynamics between two very different soulmates." -- Lunacy

3. Witness to A Hundred Deaths by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | GabTBard (Archived)

"This bittersweet third entry in the series . . . is both a tribute to the expressiveness in a pair of beautiful blue eyes, and a lamentation at the horrors those eyes have witnessed. Nicely written with a very strong sense of love in its presentation. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

4. Aren't You Two . . . by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | AusXIP | GabTBard (Archived)

"Amusing little tale that has the Bard of Poteidaia reflecting on how her relationship with Xena has been perceived by others through the years and how friends and acquaintances seemed to recognize the feelings just under the surface even before they themselves did." -- Lunacy

5. Road Humor by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | ForevaXena | Gemini (Archived)

". . . deals with the lighter side of the Warrior Princess as Gabrielle remembers their ever playful banter. Sweet." -- Lunacy

6. Tavern Talk by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

". . . his story chronicles one of those rare times when the bard wins a bet against the proud Warrior Princess. Playful." -- Lunacy

7. The Hardest Lesson Learned by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | GabTBard (Archived) | Gemini (Archived)

"Gabrielle goes home and tells her parents about her realtionship with Xena and doesn't get the reaction she wants. " -- Gemini

8. Fantasies by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | AusXIP | GabTBard (Archived)

"A surprisingly sweet revelation from the Warrior Princess reminds Gabrielle of how much she loves her partner. Nicely written, tender vignette." -- Lunacy

9. Fantasies Revisitied by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Athenaeum | ForevaXena

"Following immediately after the exchange in FANTASIES, this little tale has Gabrielle putting in motion a plan to make all her partner's fantasies come true. GabTBard's characterizations here have a heartwarming, loving quality to them depicting two lovers who feel very deeply for one another." -- Lunacy

10. She's Having A Baby by GabTBard aka Lisa S. aka JD Jenkins aka BagTheBard63

Tapestry of LIfe Series by Silk

1. Love's Choice by Silk

". . . this is a beautiful story about love and sacrifice which has Xena having to make a choice - a choice which could bring her the greatest happiness she's ever known or force her to stand aside while she loses her grasp on that happiness . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

2. Heart's Choice by Silk

". . . a heart-wrenching tale which . . . has the Fates once again influencing the lives of Xena and Gabrielle - pitting their love against the fate of the world itself . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

3. Fate's Choice by Silk

". . . very nicely incorporates elements from the recent rift episodes into a story which effectively explains some of the unanswered questions from those episodes. Having tried unsuccessfully to change the bleak future they foresee but recognizing that Xena and Gabrielle are the key, the Fates accept the help of the Goddess of Love in one final attempt to fight Dahak's evil. It is a desperate plan Aphrodite will put into play with the help of another and which can only succeed through the power of love. A riveting story which ties in well with the others in the series. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Tense Series by Carrie Carr and AJtitle

1. Past Tense by Carrie Carr and AJ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Set between Seasons 2 and 3, what happens when you finally achieve what you've been aching for? Xena and Gabrielle have been lovers for almost an entire year, but something seems to be missing for the Bard. Will they be able to move on, or will they move apart?" -- Academy of Bards

2. Present Tense by Carrie Carr and AJ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"This series is a kind of filling in the blanks of the last few seasons of XWP. An excellent read of how Gabrielle finds her way back to her warrior." -- Academy of Bards

3. Future Tense by Carrie Carr and AJ

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"A feel good ending to the series...or is it the end?" -- Academy of Bards

The Third Wheel Series by Jenbob

1. The Third Wheel by Jenbob

Cousin Liz | Mega Fan Fiction | PDA Fiction

"A novel from the early days of fanfic, this great classic by Jenbob is a must read. Set in the first years of the series, this story reads like a well-done episode. Xena and Gabrielle help a village that is under attack, and Xena meets up with an old friend. They set about going after the warlord and his men, but things get a bit strained when Gabrielle begins to feel like a third wheel. This story has it all: an interesting plot, great action scenes, layered characters, and best of all - a wonderful depiction of that jealous, uncertain Gabrielle we knew and loved from the early days. Gets my highest recommendation." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . THE THIRD WHEEL is among the best pieces of fan fiction I have ever read and the first in at least two novels (keep those fingers crossed for MORE >:) that you will *NOT* want to miss. The novel picks up the story of Xena and Gabrielle as they come upon an attack on a small village. It is while fighting the raiders that Xena encounters an old acquaintance - a one-time friend and a former lieutenant in her army who now perhaps has more in common with the Warrior Princess than they ever did before. Rekindling an old friendship, the two are soon making plans to fight the raiders, speaking of times gone by and admitting truths they cannot admit to others - all the while a certain bard is feeling more and more left out and increasingly...jealous. Exceedingly well-written and edited, featuring rich characterizations, and a well-conceived plot full of action, humor, and emotion, this story marks the beginning of one of the most tender, passionate and romantic depictions of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship you will ever encounter in fan fiction. THE THIRD WHEEL simply is a MUST for anyone who enjoys a well told story. It is a DELIGHT to read and carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! -- Lunacy

2. A Fine Line by Jenbob

AusXIP | Cousin Liz | Mega Fan Fiction | PDA Fiction

Amazon Ice Award

"Darkness threates to consume Xena after Gabrielle's death" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"Xena collects quite an army as she embarks down the dark path of vengeance pursuing a Warlord whom she blames for the brutal torture and murder of Gabrielle. At times the violence in this story is graphic in the most extreme sense. Please read the authors notes for violent content in this story." -- Athenaeum

". . . The story picks up where THE THIRD WHEEL left off, chronicling Xena and Gabrielle's deepening relationship after their emotional admission of love in the first story. Still physically recovering from the awful beating she received just weeks before, Xena resumes her life on the road with the bard only to suggest soon after that they go visit the Amazons. It will be an opportunity for the two to explore amidst the relative safety of friends, the feelings and passions they have finally allowed into their relationship and for the warrior in particular to try to deal with the reality of a love the likes of which she's never known before. Always in the back of Xena's mind, however, a terrible fear lurks - a fear ironically made worse by accepting the love of the gentle bard, knowing all the while what it would do to her to loose that love and what a fine line indeed there is between the hero Gabrielle loves and the savage warlord who once shed the blood of thousands. With some of the most passionate and MEMORABLE scenes you will ever read, this novel is storytelling at it's absolute BEST . . . One VERY important ,**NOTE** here - this story features EXTREME (and I'm serious here folks) - EXTREME VIOLENCE - including SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Everyone who I know who has read it has been deeply moved by the story AND quite shaken by the violence. The violence is integral to the plot - HOWEVER, it is very much concentrated in one particular section. Although the experience will be different, you CAN skip this specific section and still follow the story without too much difficulty. A FINE LINE is an extraordinary experience folks. It carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!!!" -- Lunacy

Timewasters Series by Della Street

1. Back Trouble by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

Xippy Award Winner

"Xena is forced to take things easy." -- Passion & Perfection

"Xena hurts her back while fighting some thugs and is confined to the infimary, where the Amazon healer says no strenuous activity for a week...including playing with the Amazon queen, Gabrielle. Funny and very short." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This first one features a very frustrated Warrior Princess out of commission with back trouble desperately trying to entice a certain bard into breaking healer's orders . .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - Lunacy

"Poor Xena has hurt her back..just when she and Gabrielle were finding out what everyone out there in subtext land already knew! She is under orders to stay put in bed by the Amazon healer. Doing this is a tough job." -- Xippy

2. Beyond Sex by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

AU-DELA DU SEXE Par Della Street / Traduit par Gabby (French Translation)

Xippy Award Winner

". . . attempts to explain just what TPTB mean when they claim that Xena and Gab's relationship has gone beyond sex . . . DO NOT MISS! -- Lunacy

"Our gals are beyond sex or so Mr Tapert and Co tell us. So Gabrielle tells Xena that their relationship goes beyond sex and they don't need it. Well Xena has other ideas!" -- Xippy

"Short vignette in which Gabrielle expounds upon how trite their relationship would be if they complicated it with sex...and Xena's response. *Recommended by CN Winters*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

3. Delicacy by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"Gabrielle shows just what a dedicated partner she is as she goes out of her way to make sure her warrior is properly taken care of after a battle ;-)" -- Lunacy

"The Hestians' plans for a victory celebration don't quite mesh with Gabrielle's." -- Passion & Perfection

"Gabrielle discovers just how unperceptive Hestian Virgins can be." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

4. Guessing Games by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium



"Gabrielle attempts to play pantomime with a very preoccupied Warrior Princess." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The Warrior Princess is surprisingly successful when she decides to apply the power of suggestion to a little game of pantomime her partner insists on playing. Very cute!" -- Lunacy




5. Mush by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium

6. Sense of Humor by Della Street

Passion & Perfection | Pink Rabbit Consortium



"Xena's not in a laughing mood." -- Passion & Perfection

"Xena shows a little sense of humor when a comedian gets a tad too friendly with her bard. Fun characterization of the warrior in full possessive mode." -- Lunacy


Triomance Series by Cecily Hawkins

1. Triomance by Cecily Hawkins

2. A Trois by Cecily Hawkins

Companion piece

Truth or Dare Series by Joanna (aka WordWarior)

1. Truth or Dare by Joanna (aka WordWarior)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page


Swollen Bud Award: "Getting Serious" - Drama

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"A classic in its truest sense. This story was first released in 1997 back at the beginning of XWP fanfiction. It still stands as one of the best. Xena and Gabrielle's newly formed bond is tested. A MUST READ and please feed the bard and encourage her to post more!" -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Gabby are trapped in a cave, and try to while away the hours." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . features a somewhat chilling characterization of the Warrior Princess. Trapped in a cave after a landslide, Xena and Gabrielle struggle to find a way out but this is just the beginning of a greater struggle as events unleash a darkness that will test both them and the fragile new bond their souls form in that cave. Gabrielle's love and dedication in this tale are deeply moving. A MUST READ which has become a classic of XWP fan fiction! . . . This story carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!" -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle teaches Xena "Truth or Dare" after a rockslide traps them in a cave with little hope of escape. The childhood game leads the pair to important discoveries about their feelings for one another, their individual capacities for courage, and their limitations. This proves vital when another slide opens an escape route -- but leaves the Warrior Princess severely injured and facing the possibility of lifelong dependence on the bard. Enter the incomparable Widgie, one of the classic characters of X:WP fan fiction. The big, bossy healer/oracle/cook sets out not only to mend Xena's physical ailments but a few of her emotional ones as well, in a dramatic hurt/comfort tale told with Wordee's characteristic style and comic relief." -- Swollen Buds

"This is the practically textbook perfect Hurt/Comfort story. Gabby is the focus through out and the Truth or Dare game is beautifully woven in. Oddly though, it reads almost like two different stories welded together. All good, just strange. Rating: 8.5 out of 10 Dares" -- Barron Chugg

 Cover by Ciegra 

Cover by Barron Chugg

2. The Child by Joanna (aka WordWarior)

Academy of Bards | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction

"In the counterpart sequel, Xena falls for an orphaned little girl when she and Gabrielle try to find a home for her." -- Academy of Bards

". . . this story has Xena and Gabby coming upon a gruesome murder scene - two bodies, that of a man and a woman, travelers from the land of the Norsemen, tortured and killed. In shock, nearby, the Warrior Princess discovers a little girl, three years old, whose fate then becomes interwoven with those of Xena and Gabrielle as the two struggle to return her to her people even as the child becomes a bigger part of their lives with every passing day. This story features the return of Widgie - the wonderful healer we first met in TRUTH OR DARE and Xena's first-ever encounter with the mighty Thor - Viking God of Thunder. Long, NOT TO BE MISSED and a definite kleenex alert!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Cover by Ciegra



3. The Empty Heart by Joanna (aka WordWarior)

Academy of Bards | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena is emotionally decimated by the loss of little Ilsa and trying to deal also with the repercussions of a promise she made to a foreign god. Unbeknownst to the Warrior Princess, the fulfillment of that promise has brought into her life perhaps the deadliest enemy she has ever known. An enemy willing to hide in the shadows watching as Xena looses everything and everyone she's ever cared for." -- Academy of Bards

"After fulfilling her promise to Thor, Xena is so overcome with guilt, regret, and loss that she pushes Gabrielle and their love away, and her heart is filled with emptiness as she runs from her feelings. Only the love of the Warrior and the Bard can heal" -- Athenaeum

". . . a dark tale of guilt, regret and revenge all pitted against the power of love to heal and ultimately overcome. It is a treat from one of the finest talents in Xena fan fiction. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" -- Lunacy

Walking After Midnight Series by Ms. Auggie

1. Walking After Midnight by Ms. Auggie

2. Games Girls Play by Ms. Auggie

Bibliotheca | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"A simple game becomes a race with death for the pair" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Two Princes ask Gabrielle and Xena to head up opposing teams in a game of "Capture the Flag" but there is more planned for the two friends than meets the eye." -- Athenaeum

"This is a follow-up to Ms. Auggie's earlier story WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT which was one of the entries in the Second Xenite Bard Contest. It is a very different tale which has Xena and Gabrielle agreeing to participate in a seemingly harmless game organized by the two brothers who are princes in the city they are visiting. Releasing some of the tension they've recently been under, the warrior and bard embrace the competition with fervor each determined to win and neither suspecting the game could lead to the greatest loss of all... This story has a subtle quality to it that lends emotional impact to the darker moments and a poignant desperation to the romance. Well done!" -- Lunacy

A Warrior's Nightmare Series by Onora

1. A Warrior's Nightmare by Onora

"Xena's fears are reflected in a dream." -- Onora

2. A Bard's Nightmare by Onora


"Gabrielle's fears are reflected in a dream." -- Onora

The Wedding Night Series by Catherine M. Wilson

1. Wedding Night by Catherine M. Wilson

"The aftermath of Gabrielle’s marriage to Perdicus." -- Catherine M. Wilson

"This story deals with the darker passions of the human soul, the attraction that dark side sometimes holds for us and the irony of pain born out of love. It explores from an alternative viewpoint the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle in the days after the deaths of Perdicus and Callisto. This is a very well written and thought out story but it is NOT for everyone. There is sexual violence in it and the themes explored may be disturbing . . ." -- Lunacy

Xenalicious Recommendation

2. Gabrielle’s Answer by Catherine M. Wilson

"Gabrielle’s response to the story told in Wedding Night." -- Catherine M. Wilson

"A deeply psychological look at Gabrielle's thoughts on the events depicted in the story WEDDING NIGHT. This new offering by Kit reveals a passion in Gabrielle for the Warrior Princess that troubles the bard - scares her in fact for it is a feeling she knows will drive her to follow Xena even into darkness. A thought-provoking tale that examines that point when passion, love and need all merge into a soul-consuming reality where nothing else matters." -- Lunacy

The What Are Little Girls Made of? Series by DJWP

1. What Are Little Girls Made of? by DJWP

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | PDA Fiction

"An alchemist in a town that Xena and Gabrielle are passing through has big plans that involve the Warrior-Princess." -- Athenaeum

"Visiting the city of Chalcis to replenish their supplies, Xena and the Gabster stop by an apothecary where the warrior hopes to find some of the medicinal herbs and potions used in healing. Unbeknownst to them both, their shopping trip will eventually give way to a nightmare as Xena soon finds her effectiveness as a warrior somewhat...reduced . . . NOT TO BE MISSED folks! This receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!" -- Lunacy

Cover by Barron

Barron's Comments



2. Attack of the 50 Foot Bard by DJWP

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | PDA Fiction

"Consider this a companion piece to What Are Little Girls Made Of? After all, if I can shrink Xena, then I ought to be able to do something with the bard …." -- DJWP

When Souls Collide Series by Mikki Hibbens (MikkiDee)

1. When Souls Collide by Mikki Hibbens (MikkiDee)

". . . why a troubled, dour, loner of an ex-warlord would allow such an innocent as Gabrielle into her life without putting up more of a fight." -- Mikki Hibbens

2. Blind Faith Revisited by Mikki Hibbens

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

Xippy Award

"A First time romantic alt-fic epilog to the episode Blind Faith." -- Academy of Bards

"Set immediately after the episode BLIND FAITH, this story has Xena and Gabrielle enjoying some carefree time after their recent ordeal. Surprised to see the warrior in such a good mood, Gabrielle treasures the sight of her beloved partner relaxing and playing - but the day is fated to also bring a disconcerting realization for the two friends as they finally acknowledge to themselves the deeper feelings they've developed for one another and take the first steps in being honest about those feelings . . ." -- Lunacy

Who Has the Right Series by Marie E. Costa aka StarWarrior aka Rie

1. Who Has the Right by Marie E. Costa aka StarWarrior aka Rie

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Jane's XWP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"Poignant story that has Gabrielle desperately hoping she can prevent further bloodshed when she's kidnapped and beaten by a man vent on revenge against the Warrior Princess - a man who no longer cares whether he lives or dies and who the bard knows will have hell to pay when Xena finds her." -- Lunacy

2. The Lost Warrior Princess by Marie E. Costa aka StarWarrior aka Rie

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Jane's XWP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

". . . It has Xena and Gabrielle finding a young girl in the woods - an orphan with no family left and a stubborn determination to someday take revenge on those who destroyed her life. Hoping to keep the girl from giving in to darkness as the Warrior Princess once did long ago, Xena and Gabrielle set out to find her a home and change a young heart in the process . . ." -- Lunacy

3. Helpful Travelers by Marie E. Costa aka StarWarrior aka Rie

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Jane's XWP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"A woman asks for Xena and Gabrielle's help in locating her brother." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

". . .  this tale has the warrior and bard encountering the young sister of the man who held Gabrielle captive weeks back - a sister desperately trying to save her brother's life...and his soul. Convinced by her bard, a reluctant Xena agrees to help as they embark on a journey that will recall horrors of the past and challenge love to once again triumph in the face of evil . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

4. Time to Live by Marie E. Costa aka StarWarrior aka Rie

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Jane's Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived) Part 1 Part 2

". . . this is perhaps the best entry so far in an already extraordinary series. Having made peace with the young man whose thirst for revenge nearly cost Gabrielle her life some moons before, Xena and the bard set out to help Makarios reunite with his parents and then move them to the valley he and his sister intend to make their home. It is while on this peaceful mission that Xena uncovers a terrible evil at work in the surrounding forests - an evil from her past that if allowed to gain power could threaten the surrounding areas and all that Xena holds dear . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Windsong Series by R. Az

1. Turning Points by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabby is shown the reality of Xena's dark past by a witch." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An old adversary of Xena's confronts her on a desolate mountain. Her only hope of escape lies in Gabrielle's love and trust." -- Athenaeum

2. Sins Of The Father by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"In this emotionally charged installment, Gabrielle falls prey to Ares' plot to make Xena his, and is killed. In order to get her back, Xena pledges herself to Ares. But when Gabrielle returns and realizes the dark secret involved, she conscripts Autolycus to help her get Xena back from Ares down from Olympus itself." -- Athenaeum

3. The Warrior Bard by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"In this third part of R.Az's series, Xena is summoned to help someone from her past and soon she and Gabrielle find themselves in the middle of a dispute between warring parties. When Xena is betrayed and injured, it is Gabrielle, who now miraculously has Xena's warrior skills, who is forced to take over and see the conflict through." -- Athenaeum

4. Blood-Lust and God-Blood by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena's ambrosia is turning her into a demigod with a nasty temper." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle are again on their way to answer a plea for help when Xena discovers her dormant powers have awakened. In the ensuing hilarity that follows as Xena and Gabrielle contend with less than predictable zapping urges from the demigod, their mission is again accomplished with truly interesting twists that will leave you smiling!" -- Athenaeum

5. Windsong by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"R.Az again entralls us with a tale! Arriving in Athens, Xena discovers Gabrielle is missing and most likely the victim of the deadly dragon of Red Mountain. In her efforts to save Gabrielle, Xena reluctantly shares a sweet story of origins and destinies that will touch your heart and places the two friends in greater jeopardy. This leads to a somewhat surprising ending." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle is captured by a dragon and Xena must tell a story to save her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

6. Love Triangle by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabrielle is trapped by slavers and Lyceus comes to a dying Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

7. Family by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"In the seventh installment, Gabrielle is pregnant, and this strains her relationship with Xena, who finally decides that it is best for mother and child to be safe in a village and not traveling with her. In a strange twist of fate, Autolycus and the Windsong guide Xena back just in time to rescue Gabrielle once more, with the promise of acceptance and reconciliation." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle is pregnant with Lyceus' child." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

8. Crime and Punishment by R. Az

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Eighth in the series by R. Az, Xena and Gabrielle are again traveling together when they are again accosted by Xenas' past. In this moving tale, Xena is accused of past crimes and it is up to Gabrielle to try to make the townspeople see who the guilty party really is and save the Warrior Princes, on trial despite all she has made amends for." -- Athenaeum

9. The Fan by R. Az

"A strange child decides Xena is her mother." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Xena/ Gabrielle Series by Linda Crist (Texbard)

"Begins after "The Ides of March" 4th season cliffhanger and is their ongoing adventures from that point. My Xena/Gabrielle series parts ways with the show after the 4th season. What that means is no pregnant warrior, no Eve, no 25-year ice cave time warp, no twilight of the gods, no new chakram, no angel Callisto, no Japan, no Akehmi, no battlin' bard (although Gab does fight in this series both with staff and with sais, she just isn't the killing machine she became in the 5th season). Cyrene, Toris, Amarice, Eponin, Gab's family, Eli, Hercules, Iolaus, and all the Greek gods are alive. Octavian is still a very young Roman leader. Joxer is dead because he died in my first story. Callisto is in Hell for breaking her deal with the devil to not physically harm Xena during "The Ides of March." I have made Xena's history in the Norse lands a part of her history in the series, but only up to the part where she locked up Grindle, so in this Xenaverse, Grindle is still locked up with the ring." -- Academy of Bards

1. March The 16 by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Rated R

2. A Solstice Treaty by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Rated R

3. Cleopatra 4 AD by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Rated PG-13

4. Divinity by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Rated NC-17

Xippy Award

"Xena and Gabrielle set sail for Lesbos where they spend time in relaxing and showing each other how much they love each other. It's written from Xena's point of view . . Very well written." -- Xippy

5. Eyes Of Eire by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Rated R

6. Beyond Sight by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

Academy of Bards 3rd Annual Halloween Invitational: Vampires, Bacchae, and bats - Oh MY!

Rated R

"While on a training campout Xena is turned into a bacchae and only Kallerine can aid her in returning to her human self." -- Academy of Bards

7. The Families We Make by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

Academy of Bards Valentine Special 2004

Xena And Gabrielle Series by Heartstarter

1. Hard To Say Goodbye by Heartstarter

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"This is the first story in a series that sees Gabrielle leave Xena to studying at the Athens City of Performing Bards.Iit follows our heroes for the day or two before they have to say good-e. sob. sob." -- Academy of Bards

2. The Weekend Visitor by Heartstarter

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"This is the second story in the series, which basically has no plot, it's just all about sex, sex, sex! Xena and Gabrielle are reunited and it's set 2 weeks after the last story." -- Academy of Bards

3. That Scroll by Heartstarter

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"This is the third story in the series, and we find out what was in that mysterious scroll Xena handed Gabrielle at the end of The Weekend Visitor." -- Academy of Bards

4. Wasted Moments by Heartstarter

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"This is the fourth story in the series, so after the surprising scroll, Gabrielle decides to reward Xena with some you-know-what... but, as always, things don't go to plan..." -- Academy of Bards

5. The Fallout by Heartstarter

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"This is the fifth and final story in the series. Xena has left Gabrielle again, but Gabrielle is determined not to let her get away with it... an interesting and surprising final act!" -- Academy of Bards

Xena & Gabrielle Series by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

1. New Territory by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

"Xena and Gabrielle cross into eastern Greece and while stopping a warlord, finally take a chance and change the nature of their relationship." -- Academy of Bards

2. When We Dance, Who Leads? by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

"Xena and Gabrielle's relationship suffers from the realities of heroes on-call, and a bit of being out-of-sync." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle and Xena have trouble coordinating their sex lives." -- Athenaeum

3. Honeymoon's Over by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

"Xena and Gabrielle rescue Joxer from a beating, and nurse the would-be warrior back to health." -- Academy of Bards

4. Mantles Are Heavy by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

Gabrielle and Xena's arrival in the Amazon village isn't as welcoming as the young queen thought it would be." -- Academy of Bards

5. Wellspring Of Wishes by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

"Xena and Gabrielle help a band of Amazons they find by the shores of Artemis' mythical lake." -- Academy of Bards" -- Academy of Bards

Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate Series by Ahkiken

IMPORTANT: The Conqueror & Ri: A Twist of Destiny is "tied in with my other tale, Xena and Gabrielle, A Turn of Fate. It is highly imperative that you read a chapter from both stories back to back in intervals between the two. You should always read the first chapter of, Xena and Gabrielle, A Turn of Fate, first, then the first chapter of this tale. Make sure you read both chapters of each story so that the stories plot don't become confusing. I know that this type of story probably haven't been done before, but I promise (my hopeful readers) that your time will be well invested." -- Ahkiken

1. Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate by Ahkiken

UNFINISHED - Last updated August 30, 2013

"A decision made by Xena on the bard's birthday sets the stage for untold events to unfold. Looking forward to settling down with Xena, Gabrielle's happiness is shelved when an old friend from the Warrior Princess past insist on their help to stop an evil daemon. Torn doing right by her soul mate, or sacrificing everything for the Greater Good, Xena is faced with tremendous obstacles. Not only has a wedge formed between her and Gabrielle, but unseen occurrences portend to tear the lovers asunder, as an even powerful enemy patiently awaits to play their hand. Not just threatening Xena's and Gabrielle's world, but another world that's equally important. The Realm of the Conqueror." -- Academy of Bards What's New June 9th 2013

2. The Conqueror & Ri: A Twist of Destiny by Ahkiken

UNFINISHED - Last updated August 30, 2013

"The Conqueror of the Realm, ruler of the Grecian Empire, has brought peace and prosperity to its lands after nine years of internal war. Now with new ideals happening in Rome, the Conqueror may have to put her thriving country in the woes of battle again. Ri, the Conqueror's hand-maiden, although she can't recall her childhood past, dreams of being a bard and renown around the known world. Almost getting the opportunity, she is at a pause, due to the fact that she feels she will be leaving something behind at the Corinthian castle. However, with a possible skirmish occuring, the Conqueror gives a farewell gift to Ri, whom she secretly loves, causing events to transpire, and forcing the Conqueror to come unknowingly in contact with a being from another world, who resembles her hand-maiden, Ri." -- Academy of Bards What's New June 9th 2013

The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls by Shana and Kye

"There are two scrolls for each part of the series. One is from Xena's point of view, the other is from Gabrielle's point of view. One of the authors believes Xena and Gabrielle were lovers on the show. The other doesn't, but has a healthy imagination." -- Shana and Kye

1. Hearts Under Siege by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle tell some of the behind the scenes events in Amphipolis Under Siege." -- XXX Scrolls
"Based on the episode Amphipolis Under Siege, Xena & Gabrielle come to Xena’s hometown to stop Athena from destroying it and killing Eve

Xena has to make a deal with Ares for his help in defending Eve, while staying true to her word to Gabrielle that she wouldn't cross the line with Ares. They then show the love and desire that both of them have for one another." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

2. Coming Clean by Shana and Kye

"After the events of Ulysses and The Price, Xena feels the need to relieve a little tension, only to be followed by Gabrielle. (non-explicit)" -- XXX Scrolls

"Starts with X & G on the way from the fort in which they survived the Horde heading towards a new town for some rest and food. Xena is suffering from battle lust and is being teased by Gabrielle all the time. Xena thinks Gabrielle doesn't realise what she is doing, Xena goes to a tavern to release her battle lust but Gabrielle comes to the tavern and intervenes and tricks Xena into a passionate kiss to reveal each other’s desire for one another." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

3. Breaking Down the Barriers by Shana and Kye

"A continuation of Scroll 2, Xena and Gabrielle finally admit their feelings for each other and make love for the first time." -- XXX Scrolls

"Gabrielle & Xena go back to their room in the tavern after kissing at the end of the previous scroll and realising that they both desire the other :) What's follows is the first erotic scene between X & G in the scrolls where they express their love and get very hot & sweaty together :)" -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

4. The Furies Revisited by Shana and Kye

"Even after Xena's punishment by the Furies has come to an end, Xena can't put certain images involving Gabrielle, a tree, and some vines out her mind. (mild bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

"This Scroll is set after the episode The Furies when Xena is still feeling the effects of the curse. This time she is having lustful thoughts of Gabrielle in bondage, with Xena in control of teasing her until she submits.

But Xena is trying to resist these thoughts, as she doesn't know If Gabrielle would be interested in bondage games :) Little does Xena know that Gabrielle has been having fantasies about been dominated by Xena." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

5. Sometimes A Dream Is Just A Dream by Shana and Kye

"Gabrielle is having trouble sleeping because Athena is invading her dreams. Xena relates her own dream about Callisto, in an effort to help Gabrielle. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

"Xena helps Gabrielle deal with her disturbing dreams of Athena trying to seduce her. Xena does so by telling Gabrielle about a disturbing dream of her own that she had never told Gabrielle about before. In it, Callisto was restraining and pleasuring her until she submitted to Callisto`s touch." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

6. Who is Conquering Whom? by Shana and Kye

"Xena is fighting dark thoughts after defeating the Persians, and Gabrielle is only too willing to help Xena get over her battle lust." -- XXX Scrolls

"In the aftermath of defeating the Persian army, Xena’s battle lust is overwhelming her but she has to wait until Gabrielle is well enough to help with it. :) They finally visit a town where X&G get a room and Xena introduces Gabrielle to the pleasure of Xena using a phallus on her to the delight of both of them :)" -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

7. Hands on Experience by Shana and Kye

"While relaxing in their own private glen, Xena encourages Gabrielle to take matters into her own hands. Gabrielle is too embarrassed, so Xena shows her how it's done." -- XXX Scrolls

"X&G are spending time recovering after Shark Island as Xena discovers Gabrielle is embarrassed about playing with herself in front of Xena, So Xena decides to help Gabrielle over her embarrassment by openly playing with herself. Finally after Gabrielle can’t take any more, she takes charge and tells Xena what to do and how to touch herself and finally joins in herself." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

8. Blondes Wear Leather Too by Shana and Kye

A healthy dose of jealousy over Xena's relationship with a stable girl prompts Gabrielle to change her wardrobe and take charge for a night." -- XXX Scrolls

"Gabrielle gets jealous of the attention Xena gives a leather-clad blonde stable girl so she decides to surprise Xena by buying a pair of leather pants & silk shirt as well as being in charge of pleasuring Xena for the night. She makes sure Xena will never forget this night." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

9. Got Trust? by Shana and Kye

"Dealing with strong emotions after the deaths of Anthony and Brutus, Xena calls all the shots in an evening of wild lovemaking. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

"Xena and Gabrielle got to Egypt to help find Cleopatra's killers while Xena makes Gab very jealous by her attraction to Marc Antony and as a result, Xena has to make Gabrielle see that she only loves her. Xena has to ask Gabrielle to trust her with being in control of bringing her pleasure tonight by restraining and blindfolding Gabrielle body, even the parts she hadn't explored before. Xena excites and torments Gabrielle as she takes her to new heights of pleasure.." -- Geoffrey's Scroll Reviews

10. Does a Pair of Amazon Queens Beat a Warrior Princess? by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle head to the Amazon village for Varia's queening ceremony, and Varia admits to Xena she's been saving something just for her. (threesome)" -- XXX Scrolls

11. Healing by Shana and Kye

"While Gabrielle suffers from the events of Legacy and The Abyss, Xena plans a surprise destined to raise her spirits." -- XXX Scrolls

12. Memories of Illusia by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle recount the memories of some time spent alone while in Illusia, only to find they were both experiencing similar scenarios that bear repeating. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

13. Command Performance by Shana and Kye

"Gabrielle seems bent on making Xena angry, and it works. Xena takes it upon herself to punish the mischievous bard. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

14. All For Xena by Shana and Kye

"Xena is hurting from her guilty conscience of ripping apart Borias' family, and Gabrielle creates a plan to help Xena heal." -- XXX Scrolls

15. She Knows by Shana and Kye

"Set after the events of A Family Affair, Xena and Gabrielle rekindle their love, in the process giving Lila an education on how it can be between two women." -- XXX Scrolls

16. Cutting It Close by Shana and Kye

"he visions of her and Gabrielle's death prevent Xena from wanting to take the mistress role, but she doesn't resist when Gabrielle wants to take charge. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

17. The Scarlet Letter by Shana and Kye

"Gabrielle's seasickness and menstrual cramps do nothing to keep Xena from experiencing her battle lust after the events of When in Rome. Xena convinces Gabrielle that any time of the month is the right time for love making. (Extremely graphic)" -- XXX Scrolls

18. Kindred Souls by Shana and Kye

"Xena is feeling smothered in the village of young Amazons, but has resigned herself to stay without complaining. Finally, during the end of their stay, she plans a getaway for just her and her bard." -- XXX Scrolls

19. Reunions by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle detail their time in Gurkhan's palace, as both of them fight with strong emotions. Later, on the trip home, both Eve and Sara come to realize what the nature of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship is." -- XXX Scrolls

20. Amazon Truths by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle admit what happened when they first met up with Ephiny and the rest of the Amazon tribe, which leads to a night of impassioned love making at Xena's direction. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

21. Genesis by Shana and Kye

"Due to give birth any day, Xena's discomfort can only be alleviated by Gabrielle's knowing touch." -- XXX Scrolls

22. Dark Remnants by Shana and Kye

"With Lucifer now reigning in Hell, Xena and Gabrielle find their hearts still clouded with dark desires. Xena acts upon them, giving them both a night of erotic pleasure and making up. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

23. Finding a Balance by Shana and Kye

"The setting of paradise is the perfect spot for several steamy encounters, but Xena senses there is trouble brewing with Gabrielle falling deeper under Aiden's influence." -- XXX Scrolls

24. I Will Never Leave You by Shana and Kye

"Dark thoughts begin to threaten taking over Xena's actions as she and Gabrielle continue to stay at Aiden's palace. It's only through Gabrielle's faith in the Warrior Princess that she is able to defeat the urges her brain seems to be sending her. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

25. Predestined… by Shana and Kye

"As the Empress of Rome, Xena is well acquainted with loneliness until a golden haired playwright steps into her life. In a secret bedroom, Xena takes the playwright's virginity, as they steal each other's hearts." -- XXX Scrolls

26. ...In Any World by Shana and Kye

"The night of passion continues, with Gabrielle eager to learn how to return the pleasure to Xena. Later, at the cruel hands of Caesar and Alti, Gabrielle makes a desperate attempt to bring the real world back to her and Xena." -- XXX Scrolls

27. The Good Parts by Shana and Kye

"A freezing cold night in a barn leads to a promise Gabrielle makes Xena. She keeps her promise, bringing out some of Xena's more basal needs at the same time." -- XXX Scrolls

28. No One Else by Shana and Kye

"Gabrielle's jealousy over Xena's flirtation causes her to get drunk, and then have her way with a confused Warrior Princess. (bdsm)" -- XXX Scrolls

29. Blood Will Have Blood by Shana and Kye

"Xena is injured in a fight, preventing Gabrielle from loving her the way she wants. After being separated for nearly a week, Gabrielle returns only to find Xena hesitant to let Gabrielle make love to her. Through persistence and love, Gabrielle gets what she wants. (Extremely graphic)" -- XXX Scrolls

30. Playing the Palace by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle are able to totally relax and share their passions in a palace suite provided by some royal friends of Xena." -- XXX Scrolls

31. The Snow Owl by Shana and Kye

"In our most controversial scroll, Gabrielle has turned to the Way of Love, which doesn't include Xena. Xena, on the other hand, turns to Sharona, a rival warrior who is relentless in her pursuit of Xena." -- XXX Scrolls

32. Jess and Melissa by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle's friend Delle, the whorehouse madam is having problems with money being stolen from her clients. Xena and Gabrielle go undercover to find out who is behind the thefts." -- XXX Scrolls

33. Glimpses by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle have been resurrected, but Xena has lost her memory. The only thing she seems to remember is a certain fair haired bard." -- XXX Scrolls

34. Fire and Ice by Shana and Kye

"Xena, nearly frozen while rescuing a drowning child, gets deathly ill, but can't rest due to her hallucinations of sexual torture at the hands of Gabrielle. (BDSM)" -- XXX Scrolls

35. A Devi of a Time by Shana and Kye

"Part one of this trilogy of scrolls is very intense, as Xena has her first run in with Tataka in the bedroom. After making Xena suffer, the Warrior Princess turns the tables. (extreme BDSM)" -- XXX Scrolls

36. Devi in a Pearl Dress by Shana and Kye

"The conflict continues as Xena and Gabrielle try again to make love, only to have Tataka threaten to take control. Xena won't let it happen this time, however. (BDSM)" -- XXX Scrolls

37. The Devi Made Me Do It by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Eli finally manage to free Gabrielle of the evil Tataka, and the girls find their way to their room to celebrate." -- XXX Scrolls

38. Home For the First Time by Shana and Kye

"The following is the first of three scrolls that deal with Xena and Gabrielle spending some time in Amphipolis. The scrolls are rather laid back, and we intend them that way. Hopefully, they'll be as relaxing to read as they were to write." -- Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle travel to Amphipolis, and Cyrene is made aware of the nature of their relationship." -- XXX Scrolls

39. Buttons by Shana and Kye

"Xena and Gabrielle continue to enjoy their time in Amphipolis, as Xena takes the bard to meet an old friend who is full of surprises." -- XXX Scrolls

40. Home Is Where The Bard Is by Shana and Kye

"We envision this scroll taking place in the summer hiatus between A Comedy of Eros and The Furies. This might be "What Xena and Gabrielle Did During Their Summer Vacation."

"Xena does some home repairs to Cyane's inn, and loses her underwear in the process." -- XXX Scrolls

41. Regenesis by Shana and Kye

42. Honeymoon Nights by Shana and Kye

43. Frustrations by Shana and Kye

"We see this one as taking place in late third season, early fourth season."

44. Manipulations by Shana and Kye

"Gabrielle initiates a little game with Xena by laying out Xena's bed roll fur side down. A good thing too, could you imagine trying to get those stains out just by beating it against a rock? But, apparently that's the signal they both agreed on when our sweet and innocent little Gabby wants a night of role playing. Xena comes back into camp, sees it, and the game is afoot!" -- Pearl Heart's Moist Reviews from the Amazon Sweat Hut

45. Liane by Shana and Kye

"For those of you who read the Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls purely for the sex, like Ragu spaghetti sauce, it's in there. However, we have also tried to tell a story about a young woman facing many prejudices and in need of some help. I got the idea for this scroll partly from Ephiny's struggles in Is There a Doctor in the House? and Lyla, Lucy Lawless's character in Outcast, an early Hercules episode. In Outcast, Lyla finds that she has to pay a higher price at the market simply because she is married to a centaur. Never fear, in our scroll, Liane isn't married to a centaur, but she does encounter similar difficulties. The scene with Lyla was one that obviously always got to me, and I decided to expand on the theme a bit.."

46. Open Eyes by Shana and Kye

"This scroll takes place during a time very early in the intimate relationship of Xena and Gabrielle."

47. Leaving by Shana and Kye

48. And She Came by Shana and Kye

49. Hostage at Sea by Shana and Kye

50. Guilt by Shana and Kye

"This is the first of a two part scroll, and has a different tone than most of the other scrolls. To put it bluntly, Xena and Gabrielle are having trouble in their relationship and it bleeds through to their sexual life."

51. Making Amends by Shana and Kye

52. Helicon Bent for Leather by Shana and Kye

53. Amazon Vows by Shana and Kye

54. The Warrior Bard by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 1

"The following is the first part of a four part scroll. The scrolls are all intense, dark, violent, and unhappy. Things are NOT as they should be, and it's an angst-filled journey for Xena and Gabrielle."

55. My Lord by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 2

56. Sorting Out the Enemy by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 3

57. Choosing A Side by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 4

58. Reunited by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 5

59. X Marks the G Spot by Shana and Kye

60. Piece of Cake by Shana and Kye

The Xenaverse Faery Tales by Nene Adams

1. Bright Ribbons of Gold by Nene Adams

"(Based on the Russian tale, Baba Yaga & the Wise Doll) When Xena fails to return from a mission to the wild Ukrainian steppes, Gabrielle must make a hazardous journey and play a dangerous game to free her love from a witch." -- Academy of Bards

"Based on the Russian folk tale BABA YAGA AND THE WISE DOLL, this newest contribution to Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has Gabrielle embarking on a desperate search for her missing Warrior Princess - a search that ultimately will lead her to a tribe of Northern Amazons where Xena lies helpless in the grips of an ancient evil. To save her the bard must successfully meet three challenges, knowing that if she fails the cost will be her life, the life of her beloved warrior, and the future of an entire tribe. Gabrielle is in her element here, using her mind and taking strength from her devotion to the warrior to face a very uncommon enemy . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. The Bard and the Beanstalk by Nene Adams

"(Based on Jack and the Beanstalk) After helping a beggar, kindhearted Gabrielle and Xena embark on a magical journey that will make them immortal with the help of three magic beans." -- Academy of Bards

"Nene concludes her delightful XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series with a truly magical tale that has an act of kindness giving the warrior and bard immortality in a different world where their love and courage endures while the stories of Xena and Gabrielle continue to be told. A MUST READ! HIGLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

3. The Beauty in the Beast by Nene Adams

"(Based on Beauty & the Beast) The fierce warlord Xena receives a vision of a young woman that changes the course of her life forever." -- Academy of Bards

"The Beast is haunted by visions of an ethereal woman with green eyes and red-gold hair." -- Athenaeum

"The first in a series based on classic fairy tales, this new offering does indeed have that fairy tale flavor as Nene tells us the story of Xena - the Warrior Princess, known to some simply as the Beast who on a fateful night gets a visitation in her tent from a mysterious figure with red-gold hair and vibrant green eyes - a ghost whose purpose the Destroyer of Nation cannot fathom but who continues haunting her, warning her of choices she needs to make and of a future that could slip through her fingers. Original and clever, this is a MUST READ!" -- Lunacy

4. The Sacrifice of Beauty by Nene Adams

"(Sequel to The Beauty in the Beast) Learn how Gabrielle traveled through time to change Xena's life... and why." -- Academy of Bards

"Nene continues her wonderful XENAVERSE FAERY TALES with a poignant story about a love so strong it can transcend time and accept the greatest of sacrifices. It is the story of how a desperate Gabrielle, intent on rescuing her beloved warrior from the clutches of Ares, travels into an alternate reality to try to return Xena to the world she knows. Only in that alternate world the Xena she meets is an all-powerful, very dangerous Empress whose icy heart the bard-turned-slave may never be able to reach. Emotional story, nicely written which also brings to mind images of the Xena we saw in the recent Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

5. Princess Fascia by Nene Adams

"(Based on Rapunzel) Xena and Gabrielle ride to the rescue of a princess held in durance vile in a witch's castle, with hilarious results." -- Academy of Bards

"Based upon the fairy tale RAPUNZEL this latest addition to Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES, chronicles the efforts of a rather frustrated Xena as she is called away from some crucial shopping plans with the bard to rescue a princess who doesn't need as much rescuing as her family seems to think ;-) Nene's very unique sense of humor will keep you grinning throughout this delightful look at a typical work day for the Warrior Princess. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

6. Golden Hair and the Three Ursae by Nene Adams

"(Based on Goldilocks & the Three Bears) Xena dons a disguise and confronts the three best thieves in Greece. The warrior gets more than she bargained for, including an experience she'll never forget!" -- Academy of Bards

"These faery tales of Nene's just keep getting better and better! This latest one has Xena in the role of storyteller as she shares with Gabrielle the story of how she once disguised herself in order to steal a fabulous jewel from the three best...and most dangerous thieves in Greece. The lengths the warrior had to go to in order to achieve her objective will have you grinning from ear to ear! HIGHLY RECOMMNEDED!" -- Lunacy

7. The Happy Princess by Nene Adams

"(Based on Wilde's The Happy Prince) A ragged, bitter bard returns to Amphipolous and helps lay the tortured spirit of Xena to rest at last." -- Academy of Bards

"Set in Amphipolis years after the death of Xena, the city's most renowned citizen, the tale begins with an old, staff-wielding beggar woman bitterly trying to set the record straight about the Warrior Princess when students visiting a statue of the famed hero are told only about her good deeds. That night the statue comes to life asking the one who knew her in life better than anyone else for last time . . . DO NOT MISS! -- Lunacy

8. If Thou Lovest Me by Nene Adams

"(Based on the Babylonian legend of Innana and Tamuz) When Gabrielle is accidently slain, Xena travels to the underworld and undergoes a hellish trial for posession of the bard's soul." -- Academy of Bards

9. The Maiden and the Seven Warlords by Nene Adams

"(Based on Snow White & the 7 Dwarves) Xena is captured by evil warlords and only Gabrielle's cleverness can save her from a fate worse than death - Applesauce!" -- Academy of Bards

"The fourth entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has a certain little bard from Poteidaia going up again seven evil warlords to rescue her Warrior Princess and save her from... applesauce ;-)" -- Lunacy

10. Beauty Wakes by Nene Adams

"(Sequel to the Maiden & the Seven Warlords) In an effort to force Gabrielle and Xena to declare their feelings for one another, Cupid devises a clever plan involving a love obsessed warlord and a comatose bard." -- Academy of Bards

"Acting as a sequel to THE MAIDEN AND THE SEVEN WARLORDS this sixth entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has the bard now getting kidnapped by a warlord determined to make her his - only a certain Warrior Princess decides to protest :) Fun piece." -- Lunacy

11. Little Red Riding Cloak by Nene Adams

"(Based on Little Red Riding Hood) The bard is left alone to face a monster created by a village's blindness - an evil that preys upon innocence and is determined to extract a terrible price in blood." -- Academy of Bards

"Nene's third entry in her XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series based on classic fairy tales tackles a much darker theme than the first two offerings in the series as it tells the story of a tortured soul who targets an innocent child and a bard in a haze of rage born of abuse and neglect . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! -- Lunacy

12. A Swan is Born by Nene Adams

"(Based on The Ugly Duckling) In a fishing village named Potideia, a girl who's "different" vows to escape her tormenters and follow her destiny." -- Academy of Bards

". . . this little story is about a young peasant girl from the village of Poteidaia who never felt she fit in there and who prayed to the gods for the chance at a better life." -- Lunacy

13. The Warrior's New Armor by Nene Adams

"(Based on The Emperor's New Clothes) Joxer is proud of his suit of "invisible" armor, until Xena and Gabrielle open his eyes." -- Academy of Bards

"This third entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has Joxer acquiring an "invisible" armor that seems to leave most people thoroughly incapacitated...with laughter ;-)." -- Lunacy

Youth, Bard, Queen Series by Mayt

1. Silences by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Set just after a battle Xena and Gabrielle had been fighting in; this tale begins with Xena removing her badly hurt partner from the battlefield so she can minister to Gabrielle's injuries. When the bard finally awakens days later it is to a world of silence and a Xena growing more distant by the minute. Guilt-ridden and convinced Gabrielle would be better off without her, the warrior escorts the unsuspecting bard to the Amazons where her actions will forever change the course of their relationship bringing to the surface the dormant strength within the Amazon Queen and making the stubborn warrior realize just how desperately she needs her bard" -- Athenaeum

2. Silences 2 by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"This story picks up where Silences left off - with the warrior and bard taking the first, tentative steps toward a new intimacy in their relationship. Both work hard at broaching the insecurities and fears that nearly drove them apart but confidence in their new commitment will remain fragile for a while longer making them both vulnerable to a resurfacing of those old fears." -- Athenaeum

"Xena surrenders to Gabrielle and they decide to leave the Amazons for their life on the road." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

3. A Fear of Daylight by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Gabrielle's fear of losing Xena makes her afraid of living every day life." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"A follow-up to SILENCES II, this new tale finds the warrior and bard in an emotional quandary as Gabrielle struggles to come to terms with the recent events in her life, and with an almost irrational fear of losing the most important thing in her life. Concentrating heavily on the relationship, this is a character piece about overcoming adversity and learning from it." -- Athenaeum

4. The Chamber by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"This story unfolds as a series of flashbacks while Gabrielle is held captive in a dark chamber by a warlord intent on ransoming her to the Amazons. Suffering from sensory deprivation, the bard keeps herself going through the weeks of captivity by remembering and retelling the tales of her life with Xena, from their initial days together to the more difficult times of the past few months, their crucifixion, Eve's birth and the sometimes painful changes that has brought to their relationship.. The second half of the story addresses some important issues the TV series has generally ignored and gives readers a glimpse at the love these two women share and the power this gives them to sometimes wound one another deeper than any sword could." -- Athenaeum

5. The Emeth Stone by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"This romantic mystery unravels like a challenging puzzle making you think you have all the appropriate pieces only to later throw newer ones into the mix. It opens in the desert where a brother and sister are fighting their tribe's enemies when a masked warrior comes to their aid. It's not the first time they've seen the small warrior. Andre has noticed that whenever his sister Ravin is in a battle the mysterious stranger shows up to help. Unbeknownst to them, the warrior is in an emotional struggle of her own - sensing that the desert woman she's committed to protect is the beloved soulmate she lost months before but knowing also that recovering that soulmate will not be easy. Internal and external forces are at work keeping them apart and to overcome those they're going to both have to face the innermost truths about themselves, their pasts and any future they may share together." -- Athenaeum

6. Mediations by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Xena and Gabrielle have their hands full, and lives at stake, when they set out to heal the conflict between the Northern and Southern tribes of amazons. This is not just a tale about Xena and Gabrielle and their connection - it is also a tale about the Amazons - their continuing struggle to survive in a changing world, their dedication to one another, and the lessons a new generation of these proud young warriors will learn from two women whose lives have for so long been tied to their own." -- Athenaeum

7. Natural Causes by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Following the events in Mediations, a healer diagnoses a weakened Gabrielle with an illness that will take her life within six moons. Wishing to minimize the burden her care will place upon Xena, Gabrielle request that she and the warrior return to the Amazons. As Gabrielle struggles to face death with dignity, a frustrated Xena experiences the loss of hope and an accompanying anger toward the bard, who's acceptance of her approaching death Xena finds unfathomable. Woven into their story are the lives of the presiding Amazon Queen, the Amazon healers and a number of Amazon warriors who each, in their own way, cope with the approaching loss of their Queen and friend." -- Athenaeum

8. Vineyard by the Sea by Mayt

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"A continuation of 'Natural Causes,' this story follows Xena and Gabrielle as they adjust to the prospect of once again having the promise of a future together. Unexpectedly, they are confronted with an event that changes the course of their lives, causing Gabrielle to travel alone to a vineyard by the sea. What follows is the story of Xena seeks Gabrielle and attempts to regain her trust while unable or unwilling to explain to the bard all that led to their separation." -- Athenaeum