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About Artemis  by B L Miller

AusXIP | B.L. Miller


"Artemis loses her godly powers and joins with Gabrielle and Xena in a quest to regain her Godhood." -- Athenaeum







Adventures in the Rewrite Trade by Amazon

"Otere seduces a sexy story out of Xena." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Adventures of Young Ephiny Series by L. Fox

1. The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age by L. Fox

AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

"A wonderful story about a young Ephiny, and the trials and tribulations that come with being an Amazon." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is a very well written story about our favorite Amazon Ephiny, and how she deals with her first battle." -- Rachel Hahn

2. The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Alone by L.Fox

AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

After All These Years by T. Novan

Original Version | Revised Versions

The revised version was "done to keep my wife from strangling me as I slept." -- T. Novan

"What happens when Gabrielle believes Xena to be lost to her forever. Xena has been missing for eight years and Gabrielle's about to take another Amazon as her consort." -- Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory

After the Bitter Suite by Anita J. Firebaugh (Bluesong)

Rated NC-17

"The Amazons hire a band of mercenaries to capture Xena but don't know that even they have a motive for capturing the Warrior Princess ." -- Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory

After the Game's End by Velvet

Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Taiko's Scrolls

"Ephiny meets Cyane in the Land of the Dead. Together, they try to come to terms with their pasts." -- FanFiciton.Net

All's Loopy that Starts Loopy by Crystal Mills

"The bard and warrior are on a short break in the Amazon Village... signing treaties. After perchasing a new wine, and having a big party, the amazons soon find themselves with an... unusual problem, and a future threat that could destroy the Amazon Nation…" -- Athenaeum

The Amazon by Sarah Miller


Amazon Awakenings by Dawn Lemanne

"Set in Great Britain at the cusp of the Renaissance, this is the tale of the pious but troubled young noblewoman Riell, Christian heir to her Crusader father's powerful realm, who learns of her pagan Amazon heritage from a darkly beautiful assassin named Alexandra, who has come to kill her and steal her throne. Instead, a forbidden love unites them, igniting the wrath of the Church and forcing Riell to choose honor, duty, and faith, or a passion that will cost her everything, and will alter the course of world history..." -- Dawn Lemanne

Amazon.Come by MaryE

"Xena is frustrated as Gabrielle doesn't want to be intimate while in the Amazon village, worried about her queenly "dignity"." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . Staying with the Amazons for a while, Xena and the bard are having a slight difference of opinion with the warrior quite certain that a little loving is in order and the bard refusing for fear that their vocal tendencies will end up advertising their personal lives. It's a fear that none of the other Amazons seem to share as their vocalizations are heard throughout the village further frustrating one very amorous warrior who soon decides that desperate times call for desperate means! . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Amazon Dawn / An Amazon Falls by Klancy7

Kindred Spirit Lodge | Klancy 7 | Tom's Xena Page (An Amazon Falls - Incomplete) | Xenadom

"Artemis delays the dawn to help Xena and Ephiny undo the effects of sorcery on the Amazon village." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Ephiny must free Gabrielle from the clutches of a curse that has rendered her a bloodthirsty tyrant." -- Klancy7

The Amazon Nation: Series by shadowdancer

Amazon Trails Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox


"Xena decides to introduce Gabrielle to an Amazon tribe that she hasn't visited in years and get reaquainted with them. But as usual, trouble finds them, and soon they are told they're going to be facing an old, and very dangerous foe again if they don't do something to stop him now." -- Bibliotheca

The Amazons of Fletalin Valley by Cornwel

Characters: Minestra, Roe

Genre: Fantasy

Queen, warrior

Amazon Queens Don't Fall In Love by Del Robertson

"As Cupid's Day rapidly approaches, a determined Gabrielle will resort to any means necessary to persuade a reluctant Xena into admitting her true feelings for her." -- Del Robertson

Amazon Tea Party by Larisa

"Gabrielle and Xena must deal with two very, um, frustrated Amazons." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Amazon Treasure by Claire Chaput

The Academy of Bards 2005 Winter Solstice Challenge:  I Want Candy!

Amazon, Warrior...Bard by T. Novan

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Gabrielle decides her pregnant warrior needs a night at the inn." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Amazon Warrior Princess by Ashley Jenkins


The Amazon Way by Norsebard

Part 5 of the "It Happened On Winter Solstice Night" Series by Norsebard  

"What was supposed to be a fun couple of days in the company of Queen Melosa's tribe turns into anything but when Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in the middle of a border dispute. As the conflict escalates, it falls upon Xena, Gabrielle and a small group of warriors and inexperienced juniors to defend the village…" -- Norsebard

Series List:

1. It Happened On Winter Solstice Night by Norsebard

2. A Weekend With Aphrodite by Norsebard

3. Under Siege by Norsebard

4. A Big Step For Bards & Warriors by Norsebard

5. The Amazon Way by Norsebard

The Amazon Way by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Rated R

"So just what were Ephiny, Solari and Eponin like when they were younger? Let me put it this way....Ephiny was not always so diplomatic, Solari was not always such a tease, and Eponin was not always....well ok, yes she has always been sorta stoic and grumpy, but she's sensitive too! (hehe) Follow their adventures as they learn all about life, love, friendship and "The Amazon Way"." -- Rachel Hahn

The Amazon's Boy by Day

Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook | Tyko's Place

"Xena and Gabrielle encounter Lykeas, whom Xena knows and whose past and future are tied to the amazons." -- Athenaeum

"Traveling to the Amazons, Xena and Gabrielle encounter an old acquaintance of the warrior and soon both of their lives, and the faith of the Amazon Nation are at stake." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Amazon's Breast by lucath

Rated NC-17

Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, amazons & centaurs, (Xena/Lao Ma) 

"Xena and Gabrielle help Ephiny out of an uncomfortable situation with engorged breasts." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle help relieve the lactating Ephiny, while Gabrielle muses about the ritual mating practices of the Amazons and the Centaurs." -- lucath

An Amazon's Honor by Moonwarrior

"Gabrielle and Xena return to the Amazons to rescue a captured Melosa and her people and decide to be joined." -- Athenaeum

Amazons, Speed and Weed by Aurelia

Winner - Academy of Bards Solstice Bard Challenge: A to Xe

The Amazons' First Christmas Tree by Tap, The Wizard

Non-votable Participant: Academy of Bards Solstice Challenge 12: Who In The %$#@*&# World Made Up This %$#@*&# List Of Words?

The Amulet by D.J. Belt

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | EBooks by Lida | PDA Fiction | The SandBox

"Our girls have a mystery to unravel, a guilt trip to unload, Amazons to rescue and a really evil bad guy to vanquish. In other words, a typical day for them!" -- DJ Belt

"Xena and Gabrielle are enlisted by the goddess Artemis to join an old acquaintance of Xena's on a mission to unravel a dark mystery involving the missing remnants of the Amazon nation. Along the way, Xena is assailed by deep remorse and self-doubt, Gabrielle suddenly vanishes, and her old friend may offer the key to the puzzles which plague her." -- Academy of Bards

Ancient Law by Larisa

Amazon Trails (ALL CAPS WARNING)  Part 1  Part 2 | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook | PDA Fiction

Athenaeum Top 25 #1

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award: #5 in 2002, #48 in 2003, #32 in 2004

"Amazon law requires the Queen take a consort...will Xe return to Brie's side in time to claim her love? This funny little tale features Xena, Gabrielle, and a host of horny Amazons." -- Athenaeum

Anger is My Shield Series by Jamie Boughen

1. Anger is My Shield by Jamie Boughen

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena, thinking Gabrielle is dead, reverts to her old ways and it looks like the only way to stop the warrior is for the bard and her Amazons to kill her.." -- Athenaeum

2. The Valley of Hidden Fears by Jamie Boughen

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Gabrielle is asked to re-negotiate a treaty with some villages who are asking to be allowed to cross Amazon land to reach their pastures, but Xena suspects the villagers have other motives." -- Athenaeum

Another Amazon Princess by My OSage

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Rachel Hahn's Bardic Excellence Award, January 2001

Rated R

"Let's step back to a time where Gabrielle is a content, competent Amazon Princess and Xena is every amazon's fantasy. Can they can ignore their instant mutual attraction? I think not..." -- Rachel Hahn


Another Second Chance Series by BardBlue

1. Another Second Chance by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka

German Translation

"Xena is noticing her partner's recent weariness and contemplating the second chance at life they've been given. Wanting nothing more than to make Gabrielle happy now, the warrior comes to a decision that will change things forever for them just as fate intervenes to remind them of how precious life can be." -- Lunacy 

" The Gods had sent them back for another second chance. Xena wanted to settle down, and have a place that was home - a home for Gabrielle. She wanted to stop the incessant, life threatening trips they had been taking, and to be happy, and for her to be happy, Gabrielle must be at peace. The thoughts had been nagging at her for some time, pretty much every time Gabrielle had been in danger or had been hurt because of her. This was what the Gods would want them to do, to settle down and enjoy life. This second chance was a reward for the pain they had endured. They both had so much to offer. They could certainly continue to give back to the world while they made a life for themselves, together." -- Athenaeum

2. In the Company of Warriors by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka  

"In the second story of an alternate time line which takes place during the 5th season, Xena and Gabrielle happily made their way to Amphipolis, where they informed Xena's elated mother of their plans. However, they run into trouble after leaving Amphipolis. Ending up with the Amazons, Xena finds that she has to go through the 'Trial of Adoption' to be with the Amazon Queen." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle travel to Amphipolis for some quality time with Cyrene and with each other before moving on to Amazon territory where a deadly attack leaves them both gravely injured prompting another major decision from the Warrior Princess." -- Lunacy

3. The Drums Beat for You by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka  

"Xena is more than halfway through the Trial of Adoption, and getting ready to settle down with Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

". . . Xena [proves] her mettle to the Amazons as she undergoes a grueling test to show herself worthy of the Nation, and the Nation's queen. Meanwhile, Artemis has decided on a very special joining gift for the warrior and her Chosen." -- Lunacy

4. Blood of an Amazon by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka  

"Xena and Gabrielle spend some time with the amazons and pay a visit to Potedaia." -- Athenaeum

". . . "finds Xena and Gabrielle happy awaiting the birth of their child and enjoying their new lives with the Amazons when the outside world once again intrudes on that happiness. Slavers have been spotted in the territory, no longer threatening the Amazons directly but heading in a familiar direction...toward the village of Poteidaia. It's a crisis that will force Gabrielle to assume the mantle of leadership as she's never had before and will have the Warrior Princess at her fiercest as she readies to protect her soulmate, their unborn child, their families and friends. Featuring a particularly impressive characterization of the bard turned Amazon Queen and a very sweet, playful and sensual interpretation of her relationship with the warrior, this is a terrific read. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

5. The Next Amazon Queen by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka  

"Xena and Gabrielle are at the amazon's, awaiting the birth of their child. All seems to be going well, until a certain godly interception." -- Athenaeum

"In a delightfully domestic sequel to BLOOD OF AN AMAZON, the warrior and bard welcome a couple of new additions to the family and reacquaint themselves with each other. Their happiness seems finally complete but as they're about to learn, it's also something that can disappear in an instant. This is the best entry in the series to date centering solidly on the love, understanding, and support between these two soulmates while featuring one very unexpected twist at the end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

6. The Parent Trap by BardBlue

Athenaeum | Lynka  

"Xena, Gabrielle, and the amazons try to figure out why Ares took Briena and Amarice. Does it have to do with an old prophesy? Is Amarice's child in peril as well? Read on to find out the fate of the Amazon Nation!" -- Athenaeum

"This fast-paced sequel to THE NEXT AMAZON QUEEN follows Xena, Gabrielle and the Amazon healer Kameiro on a desperate quest to find Amarice and baby Briena before the God of War can act on whatever sinister purpose led to their abduction. In the process they learn about a prophecy that may link Briena and Amarice's unborn child with the fate of the Amazon Nation itself." -- Lunacy 

The Another Xena Series by Shadowdancer

1. Another Xena by Shadowdancer

Amazon Trails  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox

"While trying to catch up to Callisto, Xena and Gabrielle come upon a town that she has just destroyed, and find a lone survivor; one who looks exactly, like Xena." -- Bibliotheca

2. Sirasi by Shadowdancer

Amazon Trails  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox

"Sirasi still has not come to terms with the death of her sister, and her bondmate Shan'tar, has tried to help her through it, but she cries in her sleep nightly since her sister's death. She can't keep going on like this Shan'tar tells her, and her friends are going to help her through it." -- Bibliotheca

3. Xena: Amazon Queen by Shadowdancer

Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox

"Sirasi calls Xena and Gabrielle to come to her Amazon Village as soon as they can. They arrive to find that most of the Amazons are dead or nearly dead, and it’s their job to find out who, and what caused the extinction of the tribe." -- Shadowdancer

Aphrodite's Gift by My OSage

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida

"To appease Artemis, Aphrodite agrees to bring Gabrielle and Xena together romantically. But when her plans go awry as Xena refuses to cooperate, Aphrodite decides to give the stubborn Warrior Princess a unique gift." -- Academy of Bards

Aria & Talia by Shadowdancer

Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox

"This is a story about two Amazons who come to meet Xena and Gabrielle on a day “between” episodes, on one of their “Quiet” days when they aren’t fighting warlords, or bandits or bad guys in general, and are just meandering down the roads of Ancient Greece. We catch up to the two Amazon bond mates who are Queen and First Warrior of their tribe on the day of their children’s birth. This would normally be a very  happy occasion for any family, except an Amazon family. Amazons, at least all that I’ve ever heard about their culture, do not accept males into their tribes, and so the Amazons in my stories also do not accept them. It is the same with this tribe that you are about to read about, thus their predicament.  Aria, the Queen of the tribe, has given birth to triplets, yes, triplets, an extreme rarity but it did occur from time to time, and it did this time. Normally as I said, it would have been a happy event, but Aria’s triplets happened to have been two girls and a boy, and you are about to find out what Aria, and her bond mate and First Warrior, Talia did about the situation, and dealt emotionally with birth of a son into a society that did not accept or welcome males.  Xena and Gabrielle might make a cameo appearance some where about if they happen to be in the area. Enjoy, Hope you like it." -- Shadowdancer

Artemis Complex by JLynn and BM Morgan

"While on the way to the Amazon village for the sacred festival of Brauronia, Xena and Gabrielle encounter several bizarre (and seemingly unrelated) occurrences drawing them into a series of events and comedies of error that may spell the doom of the Amazon Nation and possibly the world.

The goddess Artemis has had the source of her divine powers stolen and, without it, the laws of Nature are spiraling out of control. To make matters worse, the thief is nowhere to be found and time is running out. As they struggle to solve the deepening mystery, Gabrielle and Xena must face armies of slavers, in-fighting Amazons, crazed animals, and most importantly their own divisive struggle when deepening passions and suspicions threaten to tear their friendship apart.

Set in the second season between The Execution and Blind Faith, the story is both a comedic and dramatic race against time, as Gabrielle and Xena struggle to discover the identity of the thief and restore Artemis' belt before the Nation and its goddess are destroyed." -- JLynn and BM Morgan

Ashes by Firefly

Academy of Bards | EBooks by Lida

"Cyane's story." -- Academy of Bards

"A young Cyane and a young Alti make a vow they may not be able to keep." -- Athenaeum

Because You Loved Me by Katelin B.

Xippy Award Winner

"A very moving story about an aged Amazon Queen, and her warrior's final words to her." -- Athenaeum

This is a very sad tale of the ageing Amazon Queen saying farewell to her consort. Xena's final words via a scroll . . .  Set to the words of the Celin Dion song Because You Loved Me." -- Xippy

The Beginning Again by Velvet

"Not really a X:WP story... it's set within the AMAZON HIGH framework where the Amazon Nation begins, as depicted in the X:WP episode LIFEBLOOD. Samsara returns to the Amazons. no Xena, no Gabrielle - they aren't born yet!" -- FanFiction.Net

The Bet by sHaYcH

Athenaeum | Passion & Perfection | Shay's Playground (Archived)


"Xena must pose as Gabrielle's slave *recommended by CN* " -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Can Xena and Gabrielle successfully re-unite a lost sect of the Amazons with the Amazon Nation?" -- Fan History Wiki

"Queen Gabrielle is asked to head a delegation to a remote Amazon tribe to re-open relations and the only way Xena can accompany her is as the Queen's slave." -- Athenaeum

Cover by Ciegra 



Between Friends By Jenx

Rated NC-17

"Ephiny has been driving the Amazons nuts with her bad mood. Luckily Xena and Gabrielle show up to celebrate the Regent's birthday - and they suggest a relaxing evening to take the edge off. But when the three start playing Truth or Dare, things get dangerous…" -- Ashera's Archive

Beyond Melosa's Shadow Series by My OSage

1. Beyond Melosa's Shadow by My Osage

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Sapphic Voices

"Melosa is gone, leaving a beautiful, grieving lover behind. When the amazon turns to Xena for solace, and possibly more, Gabrielle realizes she doesn't want Xena to find another lover. And Ephiny hopes for Xena and Gabrielle's happiness. But what about her own unfulfilled desires?" -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Gabrielle meet Kierra - partner of Melosa at the time of the Queen's death who despite still grieving Gabrielle's predecessor, finds herself hoping a certain Warrior Princess might fill the emptiness in her heart. One slight catch though - there's a little bard who has her own plans for the warrior." -- Lunacy

"While staying at the Amazon village, warrior and bard encounter Kierra, an amazon warrior they have never met before who seems to have a rather sad past. When Kierra shows more than a casual interest in the warrior princess Gabrielle begins to worry and fears she is losing her beloved warrior. The situation becomes even more complicated when Ephiny reveals her feelings for a certain warrior." -- Athenaeum

2. That One Afternoon by My Osage

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Sapphic Voices

"Here's your answer to what really happened between Xena and Ephiny during the episode 'Hooves and Harlots'." -- Academy of Bards

"As Ephiny and Kierra are about to be joined, Xena remembers her first meeting with the Amazon regent." -- Athenaeum

3. The Hero Within by My Osage

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Sapphic Voice

"Together for ten years, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy a rich, fulfilling life. Can an evil rogue amazon seeking revenge shatter their utopia?" -- Academy of Bards

"Offering a VERY romantic and physically intense interpretation of the Xena/Gab relationship, this story is set ten years after the two first meet at a time when their partnership has become a decidedly satisfying one firmly rooted in the love and respect for one another. Their happiness, however, is cruelly interrupted when news reach them that Lilla's daughter has been kidnapped by a group of rouge Amazons - a group led by a bitter woman with a grudge to settle and a very unhealthy interest in the Warrior Princess. Well-written, emotional story with some suspenseful moments and a terrific sense of intimacy in the Xena/Gab connection. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Birthday Gift by Shadowdancer

Amazon Trails  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | The SandBox

"Romantic Friendship story. Xena thinks she's rescuing Gabrielle, but it's a trap." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"After buying a birthday present for Gabrielle, Xena meets with Ephiny, and together they go to the next town where they are supposed to meet with Gabrielle. However, they arrive to find that Gabrielle has been lured away by someone claiming that Xena is laying injured in a nearby cave and asking for her. Xena suspects she knows who it could be, and she and Ephiny go to her rescue." -- Bibliotheca

Bridges Series by S. Derkins

1. Bridges by S. Derkins

"Gabrielle and Xena go to the aid of an Amazon tribe just as the pair begins exploring a change in their relationship." -- Athenaeum

"Unable to hide her growing feelings for Gabrielle, Xena is forced to acknowledge them, only to discover that the little bard has been experiencing similar feelings herself and is very interested in pursuing these. As the two travel into dangerous territory, both on land and in matters of the heart, they agree to take things slow - growing more certain every day of the love they feel but wary of damaging the friendship they've always cherished . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. Bridges II by S. Derkins

"Picks up where "Bridges" left off. Gabrielle decides to leave Xena and return to the Amazons when the warrior becomes increasingly distant as they approach Amphipolis." -- Athenaeum

". . . Xena and Gabrielle on the first day of a new life for them - a life in which they are suddenly much more comfortable expressing their feelings." -- Lunacy

Building Our World Series by Annmaray

1. The Mist of Peiria by Annmaray

Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | ForevaXena | Tom's Xena Page

"Set after the events in the episode IDES OF MARCH, this new offering has a mystical feel to it as it chronicles Xena and Gabrielle's journey to a spiritual plane and their return trip to the world of the living where they find themselves with the opportunity to renew themselves physically and reassert their commitment to one another as unsuspecting friends and family try to come to terms with their deaths." -- Lunacy


2. A Journey of Love and Home by Annmaray

Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | ForevaXena | Tom's Xena Page 

". . . this story finds Xena and Gabrielle coming down from the mountain that has been their home since their return from the dead, intent on sharing with friends and family their newfound happiness - only all has not been well during their abscence. Rebel Amazons are determined to destroy the legacy of honor and peace Gabrielle tried to impart on the Nation while a dark menace from the bard's past will force her to face long-feared demons even Xena might not be able to conquer for her." -- Lunacy


3. A Bonding of Hearts by Annmaray

Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | ForevaXena | Tom's Xena Page

"Herodotus executes his plan of revenge." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory


4. Building Our World by Annmaray

Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner (Chapter 1 Only) | ForevaXena | Tom's Xena Page

"This fourth story in the Mist Of Pieria series finds a sniper killing Amazons until Gabrielle is turned over to her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory


5. Building Our World: Birth and Death by Annmaray

"This next story in the Building Our World series finds Xena and Gabrielle returning to Lesbos and being stalked by Leandra." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory


6. A Bard's Love Story by AJCoker

"In this companion story to Annmaray's Building Our World Series, Gabrielle tells her love story during Summer Solstice."

Buried Memories by Robin A. Read (Themiscrya)

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived): Part 1  Part 2 | Themiscrya (Archived)

"A long lost love from Xena's past is suddenly back in the warrior's life, leading Gabrielle to decide it's time to move on." -- Athenaeum

"This story is so gut-wrenching that it is difficult to read but it is also WELL-WORTH the emotional effort. After Xena and Gabrielle rescue one of Xena's old lovers, a woman the warrior thought dead, Xena suddenly finds herself in an emotional turmoil, torn between memories from the past and the feelings for Gabrielle she's been struggling so desperately against. Unable to control her passion, the warrior will give in to it in a moment of weakness that will force her to make a choice - a choice between two women she loves - a choice that will bring happiness to one...and torment to the other." -- Lunacy

The Cabin by B.L. Miller

AusXIP | B.L. Miller | XenaRotica

"After being brutalized while prisoners of a vengeful Warlord, Gabrielle and Xena are rescued by Hercules and Iolaus and taken to Hercules' mountain retreat to recover. They are then asked by the Gods to save the Amazons from raiders." -- Athenaeum

Challenge of Succession by Yellowjacket

"Gabrielle is asked to return to her Amazon sisters and assume the throne against a hostile challenger." -- Athenaeum

The Champion Series by Kamouraskan

1. Champion by Kamouraskan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

"Gabrielle and Xena meet in a different way, and Gabrielle is already an Amazon." -- Academy of Bards

***SPOILER ALERT*** "Champion takes place in an alternate timeline, in which Gabrielle ran away from Potadaia before meeting Xena, received the rite of cast and became princess of the Amazons under Queen Melosa. When the Queen became mortally ill, Gabrielle faced a challenge for the Queen’s mask by Velasca and sought out the very newly reformed Destroyer of Nations, (who had returned home, only to be nearly stoned to death by the townspeople of Amphipolis.) Suicidal, she is stopped by the young princess who challenges her to a staff fight, hoping to goad Xena into being her Champion in the challenge. Not amused, Xena nearly kills the young girl, but not before she recognizing the girl’s bravery, and the strange connection between them" -- Kamouraskan

2. Champions by Kamouraskan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida

Rachel Hahn’s Bardic Excellence Award 

"In an alternate reality, Gabrielle faces Velasca in a fight to the death to become Queen of the Amazons, and is forced to use a certain ex-warlord to gain an advantage." -- Academy of Bards

"This story begins at the end of Champion as Gabrielle, who has been unconscious for several days, awakens believing she has failed to convince the warrior." -- Kamouraskan

Courting the Amazon Queen series by Annaria

1. Courting The Amazon Queen by Annaria

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Slayers Time

Athenaeum Top 25 #1

Rated M

"A first time story in which the Warrior has to stay ahead of the competition. Not very explicit." -- Academy of Bards

2. Courting The Amazon Queen And Her Lover by Annaria

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Slayer's Time

Rated M

"Sequel to Courting The Amazon Queen, in which both Gabrielle and Xena are at the mercy of the Amazons and some of the Gods." -- Academy of Bards

Day the World Turned Looney by Amazon Moon

"In Amazonia to attend Ephiny's marriage to Solari, Gabrielle enters a strange world where a mincing Xena is married to a steroid-enhanced warrior named Joxer, she's got 14 children by Perdicus, and Ephiny runs a sushi bar in Athens." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Death of A Nation Series by Katelin B.

1. To Rescue A Friend by Katelin B.

AusXIP: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 | Obsession's Xenarotica (Archived): Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 | Section X

". . . On the eve prior to the start of a war they did not ask for but cannot run away from, a troubled Ephiny asks Xena to lead the Amazons into battle - she herself preferring to fight alongside her sisters as a simple warrior. With Gabrielle in Poteidaia visiting her family, Xena agrees - knowing full well the heavy odds facing the Amazons. None of them, however, suspect the true extent of the danger that awaits them but it is a sense of this danger that prompts the Warrior Princess to examine her heart with regards to a certain bard...and to counsel a friend to do the same with her own heart. Featuring an excellent depiction of Ephiny, this story has the feel of an epic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. What Happens Now? by Katelin B.

Obsession's Xenarotica (Archived): Part 1  Part 2 | Section X

"Xena near death... Ephiny fighting for her sanity... Lila falling in love?!?!?!.... uh oh…." -- Athenaeum

". . . With Xena and Ephiny critically injured, Gabrielle and a small force of Amazons and Centaurs head for Poteidaia in hopes of finding help there but the days ahead will be a challenge for the young Amazon Queen as she has to deal with a disapproving family and the seriousness of her warrior's condition . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

3. Checkmate by Katelin B.

"Potedeia is laid seige to by the warlord friends of Metreus, will Xena be well enough to fight them off? ***NOT POSTED YET***" -- Section X

Death's Beautiful Daughter by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

LOST STORY - Removed at Author's Request

"Xena and Gabrielle think the other is dead until they arrival of an assassin who takes them both to an Amazon village." -- Athenaeum

"Already known for her masterful uber characterizations, Nene tries her hand this time at more traditional Xena fanfic, bringing us a fast-paced, emotional, romantic adventure which features the original warrior and bard and introduces us to a fantastic new character - a young woman named Keriset, raised by devotees of Hades and now the finest assassin in his service. It is an assignment, in fact, that brings her into the lives of Xena and Gabrielle in one of their darkest moments as all three soon find themselves fighting a very determined enemy. Featuring the ever-dashing King of Thieves - Autolycus himself, plenty of Amazons, bad guys, and Olympians this is an entertaining, suspenseful read ultimately grounded in the power of love to overcome and flourish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Death's Shadow by Marion D. Tuttle

"Artemis enlists Xena's help in finding an assassin that Ares has sent to kill Gabrielle in order to bring the Amazon nation and Xena under his control." -- Athenaeum

"Xena is killed protecting Gabby and the bard asks Artemis for help." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory 

Deeper Waters Than Most Think by Alexiares

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | Moonspeaker

"Like many fanfic authors, I've always found Eponin very interesting... probably because RenPics never did get around to building up her character, apparently because the woman who played her disappeared from the acting industry after playing the role. I bet she's running a dojo somewhere, because she sure could do wild things with that staff. Anyway, this story gives a bit of a life story of Eponin, and explains a few details from other stories, although you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in this one." -- Alexiares

Delaying Velaska by Chris M

"Set during the episode A Necessary Evil, Ephiny finds a different way to delay Velaska." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Diary Of A Madwoman by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

Ashera's Archive | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation | Tom's Xena Page

Rated R

"My first attempt at Fan Fiction. I always wondered how Callisto became the lunatic she has, so I decided to tell her story my way :) X&G have not quite yet admitted their feelings toward one another, and Callisto thinks she can use that against Xena. But along the way Callisto figures out that maybe she isn't so inhuman after all, finding herself inexplicably drawn to a certain blonde Regent…" -- Rachel Hahn

Distances by Grit Jahning

"A young Amazon Queen who can't remember her past. A former warlord trying desperately to leave her past behind. And a secret that can destroy them - or save them" -- Academy of Bards

An Embarrassment of Amazons by Penthesilia

"Penthesilia delivers up a cute little tale that leaves that reader wondering just what kind of marvelous trouble ten young Amazonettes could get into…." -- Athenaeum

The Enchantment Series by Friction

1. The Enchantment by Friction

"Gabrielle's got a problem when Ares enchants Xena with a spell that makes the warrior lust after the bard." -- Athenaeum

2. Enchanted Again? by Friction

"This time it's Gabrielle who's under the effect of the berries." -- Athenaeum

End Game To Ides - A Bridge by BladeMast

"Xena and Gabrielle remain in the Amazon village to complete Ephiny's burial ceremony."-- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Endgame Revisited by Klancy 7

AusXIP | Collected Smut of Klancy7 | Tom's Xena Page

Xippy Award

"Ephiny's death-bed scene."-- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is a truly beautiful story piece and an alternative to the way Ephiny, Queen of the Amazons should have died. Very moving story" -- Scroll Library

Ephiny's Song by sHaYcH

Athenaeum | AusXIP | Shay's Playground (Archived)

"The life history of Ephiny, focusing on her relationship with Xena and Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

Everything by Midgit

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Midgit (Archived) | PDA Fiction

"A poignant, at times heart-wrenching story which has Gabrielle being captured by bounty hunters. A desperate Xena must then race against time to try to save her bard before a vengeful warlord exacts his revenge on the Queen of the Amazons. This is suspenseful, emotional and action-packed. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

"Being attacked by mercenaries is nothing new for Xena and Gabrielle. But it is a surprise when it turns out the thugs are not after the Warrior Princess, but the Amazon Queen - who is being abducted in revenge for the Amazons' destruction four years earlier of the town of Tarynth. Gabrielle knows that Xena will come after her as soon as she recovers consciousness. But will she arrive before the bard succumbs to the torture being inflicted upon her by the embittered townspeople? And if she doesn't, will Xena remember the promise she made not to avenge Gabrielle's death?" -- Academy of Bards

Everything To Do With Love by Rocfan

Rated NC-17

"While the pair are staying with the Amazons, a seemingly small action on Gabrielle's part significantly changes her relationship with Xena." -- Ashera's Archive

"Xena and Gabrielle examine their relationship while visiting the amazons" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . fantastically romantic new story that has Xena and the bard having a conversation about their feelings for one another. This is beautiful, sweet, and very loving. A nicely written offering you cannot miss! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Festival by Ryen

Amazon Ice Award

"Gabby agrees to head an amazon function without learning all the facts." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

Festival of Flowers by Quest

"Gabrielle returns with Xena to Amazon country and some startling revelations about quaint Amazon customs!" -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle plans to attend a bard competition" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

The Fever by DS Bauden

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"Xena and Gabrielle must find out what is bringing an end to the Amazon's tribe. A strange sickness has struck Ephiny's tribe. They have to race against time to find the cure." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gabrielle have to put their new-found love on hold while they investigate a mysterious ailment invading the amazon village." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

Fifth Year by Warrior X

"Xena and Gabby celebrate their anniversary with the Amazons" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"After five years of being joined, Xena and Gabreille must endure being apart for one night while they renew their voews in an Amazon ceremony." -- Athenaeum

Fire Child by mpande

"A young Callisto wants to join the Amazons." -- Athenaeum

Forget Everything by Lorien Patton aka Quest

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Perdicus survives and Xena takes to drinking until the amazons give her a purpose" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

"Callisto didn't kill Perdicus and it's five years later when the Amazons approach a drunk, has-been warrior to enlist her aid in getting a reclusive Gabrielle to stop Valaska's war with the Centaurs before the Amazon nation is destroyed." -- Athenaeum

". . . explores what life might have been like for Gabrielle had Callisto never killed Perdicus. Set five years after the marriage, it has Xena coming back into the bard's life at a time when Gabrielle desperately needs her and the warrior needs her bard . . ." -- Lunacy

Forgotten Sister by Amity

From Time to Time by Georgia

"A time traveller helps Xena and Gabrielle save the Amazon nation." -- Athenaeum

Frustrations by Xenaslaves

Ashera's Archive | AusXIP

Rated NC-17

"Gabrielle's fantasies are raging and only a few can satisfy her need." -- Ashera's Archive

"Fun and games during an amazon joining festival." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Page

Gabrielle's Dream by My OSage

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida | Sapphic Voices

"In Amazonia, Gabrielle begins to experience some very vivid dreams. And Xena may have to stay awake until she can understand the meaning of the bard's erotic dreams or her own unsuspected feelings." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena has trouble sleeping thanks to Gabrielle's wandering hands.*Recommended by CN Winters*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Another VERY passionate and rather humorous little story from this new bard that has Gabrielle enjoying some decidedly wonderful dreams and a very frustrated Warrior Princess unable to sleep . . ."  -- Lunacy

Gabrielle's Fantasy by Amazon

Ashera's Archive | Tom's Xena Page

Rated NC-17

"Gabrielle daydreams about an Amazon orgy with her favorite warriors, while remembering a guilty secret from her past. Gabrielle gets just what she wishes, including a good hiding, warrior-style! This rating is for explicit f/f, f/f/f sex, and bdsm." -- Ashera's Archive

The Game by Poto

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena plays a little game with the Amazons." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Skillfully written, this post BITTER SUITE tale has Xena and Gabrielle on their way back to the Amazons for the first time since Xena's attack on the village. Nervous at the prospect, the warrior is relieved when they run into a young Amazon from a now disbanded tribe on her way to visit Gabrielle's. Recognizing the young warrior's skills, Xena proposes that they test the security of the Amazon village as a game to hopefully lessen the tension she's certain the Amazons will be feeling around her. It is a game that unfortunately turns deadly when they all fail to realize that others may not be as forgiving as a certain bard from Poteidaia. Poto delivers here a very compelling treatment of situations and feelings that have been woefully ignored by the TV series. The characterizations are solid all around in a storyline already riveting and with the potential to get ever more so. DO NOT MISS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Gift by Pagan Rubenowski

"The warrior and her bard have settled down and are living with the amazons. The sixth anniversary of their joining ceremony is fast approaching. Xena decides to get help for a gift for Gabrielle from their old friend Aphrodite. Join our heroes and their amazon friends as the goddess of love gives them a surprise they’ll never forget." -- Academy of Bards

A Half Moon Before and Two Summers After by Portia Richardson

Academy of Bards | Ashera's Archive | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Passion & Perfection | Tom's Xena Page


"Xena and Gabrielle are with the Amazons for an Initiation ceremony when Gabrielle sees a woman who looks exactly like an old friend from Poteidaia. She is reminded of a time just prior to meeting Xena and how her life suddenly changed. This is a Xena and Gabrielle "first time" story and takes place between Seasons 2 and 3. NC-17." -- Academy of Bards

"Ever wonder what events preceded Gabrielle's decision to leave Poteidia 'before' she met Xena? Queen Gabrielle is needed for a ceremony to welcome new Amazons into the nation. It becomes a time of discovery for the two friends. When Gabrielle is reunited with a long lost friend things get very 'heated.'" -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle finds an old lover now live in her amazon village" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index What's New Wednesday July 14, 1999

Harvest of Separated Souls by PruferBlue

AusXIP | Dancyer's Den (Archived)

"In this action-filled tale, Xena's and Gabrielle struggle against forces set against them and the amazons, as a prophesy hangs over them, and fear and revenge work against them. Queen Gabrielle must meet the challenge, and ultimately, so does Xena." -- Athenaeum

Heart's Promise by Maggie

"Gabrielle is dead and a devastated Xena tries to reconcile her sacrifice. Things are not as they seem as Ares shows up with tricks up his sleeve which involve the Amazons and test our heroes' acceptance and resourcefulness with surprising results. " -- Athenaeum

Hearts Hidden Desire by Marion D. Tuttle

"A renegade Amazon kidnaps Gabrielle while Xena is away battle raiders. The rescue brings to the surface that which lies buried within their hearts." -- Athenaeum

Honor Among Thieves by Unknown

Honorable Mention: Entry #7 in The Royal Academy of Bards' Bard Challenge #25 - "The Powers That Be".

Aphrodite has accidentally transferred her powers to Eponin (or Eponin stole them, it all depends on who you ask!) and now Xena, Gabrielle, Solari and a lovestruck Ephiny must help them make things right.

Hostage by B.L. Miller

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | B.L. Miller


"Once again the friends are victims of a God's bet when Athena takes away all of Xena's memories of her post-Warlord life which leads the warrior to hold the Amazon Queen for ransom." -- Athenaeum

"Thanks to the petty games of the gods, Xena loses all memory of her time with Gabrielle and believes herself to still be the ruthless "Destroyer of Nations" that once terrorized Greece. Now she has the Queen of the Amazons as a hostage in her bid to rebuild her army. Only Gabrielle's love and bardic tongue can keep Xena alive after the Amazons demand justice." -- Academy of Bards

". . . HOSTAGE . . . is a warlord/slave story with a twist. It begins with a conversation among the gods - a conversation which soon turns hostile resulting in a challenge. Before long Xena and Gabrielle's world is turned upside down as the Warrior Princess finds herself wondering what she is doing in the company of an Amazon, and Gabrielle meets for the first time the warlord who once terrified most of Greece. The ordeal to come will test them both as never before, ultimately providing the opportunity for the love between them to surface... or destroying that love forevermore. Those crazy Amazons are back of course complementing a storyline that is wonderfully clever, shocking, poignant and VERY passionate. This is B.L. at her most entertaining. NOT TO BE MISSED guys! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

How She Moves Me by LB Anderson

"Consort Xena returns from battle and she lusts for her queen." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

I Am Amazon by ProudWarrioress

"Gabrielle is asked to return to the Amazons to try to avert a civil war that threatens to divide the Amazon nation." -- Athenaeum

"This is another of the EXCELLENT entries in the first NetForum contest. ProudWarrioress' second XWP fan fic story firmly establishes her as one of the premier storytellers in the genre today. This story has the Bard of Potidaea coming into her own as Queen of the Amazons when she has to face a deadly threat to the throne. Aware of the odds at stake, Gabrielle must battle her own fears and an even greater challenge to her resolve - the knowledge that deep inside Xena does not consider her capable of being queen. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

I Pledge Allegiance by Sherrie Johnson (TrueBlue)

First Prize in the 1997 Wisconsin Screenwriters’ Forum Contest [Television Category]

The Mel Brenner Award for Outstanding Script.

"A rogue Amazon tries to start a war between the Amazons and Centaurs. During their efforts to stop her, Gabrielle is forced to pledge herself to the Amazon to save Xena's life." -- Athenaeum

I Remember by L.Fox

AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Rachel Hahn's Bardic Excellence Award

Rated PG-13

"An EXCELLENT short story that has Gabrielle reminiscing about one of her oldest and dearest friends..." -- Rachel Hahn

I Try by Amity

"In the very short but poignant piece, Ephany loses that which she holds most dear." -- Athenaeum

Invitation To Egypt by My OSage

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | EBooks by Lida

"When the Queen of Egypt offers the Amazon Queen an invitation to Egypt, Gabrielle finds her place in history and Xena finds that she is more than one queen's object of desire." -- Academy of Bards

It All Began With a Trout Series by Alexiares

1. It All Began With a Trout by Alexiares

Academy of Bards | Ashera's Archive | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida | The Moonspeaker | Pink Rabbit Consortium


 Rated PG-13

"very humorous story of an Amazon and would-be bard who encounters a certain Warrior Princess and Amazon Queen with often hilarious results" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

"A clumsy Amazon stumbles into Xena and Gabrielle. An funny tale of realizations and introspections as we view Xena and Gab's relationship from an outside perspective." -- Ashera's Archive

"A look at Xena and Gabrielle, from an outsider who isn't carrying a 747 worth of baggage. Weaponmaster Thraso has a quicker mind and wit than most would expect, and some difficulty walking in a straight line without tripping. The trip to her home village leads to some surprising results, and a rousing game of 'Slap Your Neighbour.'" -- Alexiares

2. And It Continued With a Skunk by Alexiares

Academy of Bards | Ashera's Archive | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida | The Moonspeaker | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"things just get stranger and stranger as goddesses and Xena's mom get involved" -- Pink Rabbit Consortium

Walk a few miles with Thraso and her thoughts as she travels to Amphipolis and Arboria with Eumache, takes part in some strange Amazonian traditions, and plays games with a few choice Gods. Throw in a bit of our favorite Warrior Princess and Bard and WOW!, you have a truly interesting and funny story." -- Ashera's Archive

"Thraso is as hapless as ever, this time travelling with her girlfriend Eumache to Arboria on a diplomatic mission. The little party soon picks up not only Xena and Gabrielle, but also Cyrene with her supply of pastries and mischief. No meeting between Thraso and Xena can be an ordinary one, and revelations and mayhem are the result." -- Alexiares

3. Liaisons Ridiculeuse by Alexiares and Rachel Hahn

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | The Moonspeaker (Archived) | Pink Rabbit Consortium | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation


Rated R

"Eponin and Solari get volunteered to take an invitation to Ankithea, resulting in Thraso and Eumache making a trip to Arboria for the joining ceremony of Regent Ephiny and Callisto. Embarassing predicaments, practical jokes and all out hilarious and improbable situations are just part of the thrill ride here! So, if u are in the mood for a heavy dose of laughter and romance, take a peek at this continually developing escapade…" -- Rachel Hahn

"The first five Parts of this epic of foolish proportions were created - Alexiares and Rachel Hahn. Starting with Rachel's idea that Ephiny and Callisto should be a couple and Eponin and Solari were just made for each other, the craziness starts with an invitation to Thraso and Eumache in their village of Ankitheas to attend the joining of the regent and the reformed Goddess. Artemis, Aphrodite, and at least one Muse are soon cheerfully wreaking havoc behind the scenes while Xena struggles to avoid decorating duty. heck, there's even a bay boom happening in this thing!" -- Academy of Bards

4. A Centaur's Tail by Alexiares

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | The Moonspeaker

"Life is never dull for the weaponmasters of Ankitheas. Dealing with Eumache's pregnancy and struggling with home improvement projects has Thraso's hands full, a situation Artemis can relate to. An unfortunate argument with Cyrene has led to the home improvement project of all improvement projects in Amphipolis... and their own joining arrangements besides. Throw in a centaur and the remainder of Gabrielle's labours and... ummm... well, the author has no idea, but will keep you posted." -- Alexiares

5. A Very Near Thing by Alexiares


"This story is set a ways into the future, relative to 'A Centaur's Tail.' Learning to get along with Eirthakos isn't so easy. Xena is inclined to cut her newly found sister some slack, but due to a rather unfortunate first meeting, Gabrielle isn't feeling quite as generous. On top of all else, matters with Ares finally come to a head, only to set in motion something much bigger." -- Alexiares

A Journey of Love Series by ArdentTly aka Trish aka Trish Shields

1. A Journey of Love by ArdentTly aka Trish aka Trish Shields

" Sweet story set after the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY which has Xena and Gabrielle talking at last about feelings too long denied." -- Lunacy

"NC-17. Xena and Gabrielle are prompted to finally reveal their feelings after Gabrielle's near death in Tripolis. But Autolycus' appearance sparks Gabrielle's jealousy." -- Ashera's Archive

"Takes place after the Persians are beaten at Thessaly. Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with the words of love spoken in the loft during a time of great stress. Did they mean them? Helping Gabrielle get well after the being shot with a Persian poison arrow brings them both closer. Autolycus makes a short appearance, trying to entice a certain warrior with his charms but Xena only has eyes for Gabrielle." -- Whoosh!

2. Ardent Warrior...Passionate Bard...Jealous Queen by ArdentTly

". . . has the warrior and bard journeying to Amazonia where they plan to devote more time to exploring the new aspects of their relationship - only to find themselves smack in the middle of other people's relationships. A light-hearted tale with some fun moments." -- Lunacy

"NC-17. Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying their new found passion, only to have Xena's past intrude once again." -- Ashera's Archive

"Seems the two women can't get enough of each other and their love grows leaps and bounds as they make their way into Amazon land. Here they find Ephany still suffering the lose of her husband, unable to forge any type of lasting romantic relationship. Gabrielle decides to do a little match making. Xena bonds with Eponin the weapons tech, who is finding her own life rather empty. Ah, but love is in the air." -- Whoosh!

3. Hearts Lost - Hearts Inflamed by ArdenTly

Rated NC-17

"Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons and try to help sort through several Amazon love lives. " -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

". . . finds Xena and her bard still with the Amazons and very much into their newly acquired roles as matchmakers/counselors as they try to help their friends sort out some complicated affairs of the heart." -- Lunacy

"It isn't hard for the Amazons to figure out everything has changed between the warrior and the bard with hilarious results. Ephany discovers love as does Eponin and Solari. The local healer might think she's beyond the foolishness of Cupid's arrow, but she's wrong. This final story in the trilogy has Xena and Gabrielle pledging their undying love." -- Whoosh!

The Judging of the Queen Series by Pysta

1. The Judging of the Queen by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

Athenaeum Top 25 #1; #85 in 2006

Post FIN

"Ten long and lonely years after Xena's demise in Jappa, Gabrielle returns to the Amazon Village, in the hope that she will be able to rejoin the Tribe, and make amends for having abandoned them after Helicon. Uncertain that she still has any right to be their Queen, she appeals to a problematic Artemis, and must undergo an Ordeal to determine her fate. The post-Twilight of the Gods is an odd time, and strange things can still happen." -- Athenaeum

"This is a beautiful post-Fin fic that's crack for all of us literary geeks (complete with Anne Carson's Sappho fragments). A great story told in beautiful, lyrical prose. Gabrielle returns to the Amazons after years of absence and must undergo three ordeals laid out by Artemis in order to recover her crown and the hearts of her tribe." -- leavethesky

2. The Chakram and the Dragon by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

"Returning to the Amazons is one thing - leading them is another. Gabrielle demonstrates her strength of character, and her wisdom. Her hopes and plans for the future of the tribe are strong. But life is full of twists and turns, and the reality of their chaotic world sets challenges that they must endure, and overcome - if the Amazons are to escape oblivion." -- Athenaeum

3. The Annals of the Queens by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

Athenaeum Top 25 #1

Athenaeum #85 in 2006

"Gabrielle, Xena and the remnants of the Amazons of Thessaly make their way across Aegea's Sea to the Isle of Lemnos - their new home. On the way, Gabrielle shares more about her adventures in Egypt, and she and Xe discover more about themselves than even they had guessed. Xena adds something mysterious to her "many skills" - and Gabrielle does, too. And a new life begins to be shaped by their capable hands." -- Athenaeum

4. The Crucible by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

"In this, the conclusion to the Lemnos Quartet, Gabrielle and Xena learn that the path to righteous rule is fraught with complexity. They follow the precepts of Lao Ma, however, and fulfill their destiny, and learn that 'all good things come to those who wait." -- Academy of Bards

The Letting Go by Zealander1

"What if Gabrielle hadn't left Xena to go home to Poteidaia during the episode "The Prodigal", but instead went to visit her Amazon sisters." -- Athenaeum

Lines by WarriorKym

"While at the amazon village, Xena and Gabrielle try to solve the mystery of the missing amazons, who all happen to be brunettes." -- Athenaeum

Loose Ends by hobbes

"Having just trapped the two Gods in the lava, Gabrielle and Xena return to the Amazon village and decide to take some time off." -- Athenaeum

Lost Love by Mythe

The Lost Scrolls of the Amazons by Allyson Heisey

"Xena and Gabrielle discover the lost scrolls and inadvertently release the spirit of a fierce Amazon warrior." -- Allyson Heisey

The Love Potion by XV’s Lady Wife

Academy of Bards | Passion & Perfection

Rated PG

"A favourite story of Amazon wisdom about love. Set before the appearance of Xena and Gabrielle, but we do catch sight of Ephiny, Eponin and Melosa." -- XV's Lady Wife

The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle by DJWP

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Le mariage de Xena et Gabrielle (French Translation)

La Boda de Xena y Gabrielle (Spanish Translation)


Xippy Award

"When a deadly opponent challenges Gabrielle for the Amazon throne, the only solution if she is to stay alive is for someone to champion her but in the Queen's case only her official mate can be designated as champion. Never being one to let liiiiitle things like this stop her, Xena immediately proposes to the bard after which plans are soon under way for the joining ceremony. A concerned Ephiny helps although she's certain the goddess Artemis will not approve of the union and worse...that Xena and Gabrielle will never be able to convince the Amazon nation that they're truly in love . . . Well-written and tons of FUN!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Recommended by Ralst

The Xena Multimedia Page Audio Fan Fiction

Cover by Ciegra

Matchmaker Series by Katrina

1. Matchmaker by Katrina

"Gabrielle's mother has hired a matchmaker but things get way out of hand." -- Athenaeum

2. Among Friends  by Katrina


"An obscure law threatening Gabrielle and Xena's marriage sparks the Amazon Queen to call a council meeting to address all outdated laws." -- Athenaeum

Misdirections by Robin A. Read (Themiscrya)

"Xena and the Amazons must rescue Queen Gabrielle from a woman pirate." -- Athenaeum

Morning After Series by Jane aka 8thhouse

1. Morning After by Jane aka 8thhouse

"An unexpected confession comes out at the wedding of Xena's brother, Toris." -- Athenaeum

2. Joining by Jane aka 8thhouse

"Gabrielle and Xena return to the Amazon village for a Joining ceremony." -- Athenaeum

My Dearest Friend... by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Xippy Award: August, 2000

Rated PG-13

"Gabrielle is faced with having to read a scroll that was contingent upon Ephiny's death." -- Rachel Hahn

"Oh this is a tearjerker! Gabrielle is given a scroll by Eponin - a last letter from Ephiny." -- Xippy Awards

My Xena, What Big Teeth You Have by Del Robertson

Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational

"Xena and Gabrielle attend an Amazon harvest festival. And, after being bitten by wolf, a certain warrior princess begins to exhibit some very disturbing behavior." -- Del Robertson

New Beginning by Aleta

"After Illusia, Xena and Gabrielle recognise their love for each other but Xena must first pay for trying to kill Gabrielle and harming the Amazons." -- Athenaeum

A New Beginning Series by Mythe

1. A New Beginning by Mythe

"This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only. " -- Athenaeum

2. Bondings by Mythe

3. Cursed by Mythe

"Sierra is still a man and Ephiny and Gabrielle are becoming more than friends." -- Athenaeum

4. Sisters at War by Mythe

"Sierra is still a man, and trouble abounds." -- Athenaeum

5. Down Time by Mythe

"Campy tale where Xena, Sierra, Gabrielle and Ephiny play some games around the campfire." -- Athenaeum

Of Amazons, Warriors, and Revenge by Baermer

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Queen Gabrielle returns to the Amazons when a rogue warrior stirs up trouble for the Amazon nation." -- Athenaeum

Paths Once Taken by Larry Nagy

Book 1: Reunions | Book 2: Searchers | Book 3: Truth and Consequences

"Many years have past since the early days of Gabrielle and Xena travelling together throughout Greece. In that time Gabrielle has taken her place as the leader of the Amazons and she has become a true leader to the proud and noble warrior women. Xena has since become the queen of a neighboring kingdom, and more recently the ruler of that kingdom. Now the events that start with an Amazon wedding threaten to bring war to the entire region with the Amazon nation caught in the middle." -- Athenaeum

Protector Of Nations by PruferBlue

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"The Amazon Queen is summoned to help protect the Amazon nation from a warlord." -- Athenaeum

Puzzle Pieces by Danae

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"Takes place right after the episode "The Quest". In the Amazon village, Xena and Gabrielle work out their new relationship together." -- Athenaeum

"This story takes place immediately following the events of "The Quest." It fills in the blanks between that episode and "A Necessary Evil." It answers questions such as: What was the significance of M'Lila in Xena's life? Why did Xena 'just leave' Gabrielle? and, Why did Gabrielle give up the mask of Amazon queenhood to Ephiny?" -- Danae

The Queen, The Regent, The Warrior by C.N. Winters

The Question by Moonwarrior

"Xena injures her hands rescuing Gabrielle so the bard takes her friend to the Amazons to recuperate." -- Athenaeum

The Red Star Scroll by Falcon

"This is a story of saving the Amazon nation. Love and war sometimes make a tough meal but the have been known to sustain life." -- Falcon

Resurrection by Calliope


"Gabrielle returns to the Amazons to grieve for Xena." -- Athenaeum

Romancing the Bard by Del Robertson

"Love is in the air at the Cupid's Day feast in the Amazon village. And, if Xena doesn't want to spend it alone, she'll have to prove that warrior princesses can be romantic, too." -- Del Robertson

Sensitive Chats by Kamouraskan

"This hilarious tale by a very funny bard is a First Time They Didn't story." -- Athenaeum

The Silver Fox Series by Maggie

1. The Silver Fox by Maggie

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Takes place after the episode "The Debt II". Gabrielle returns to the Amazon village with Xena unsure if the damage to their relationship can be repaired." -- Athenaeum

2. The Mouths of Babes by Maggie

"Finding an orphaned little girl on their way to help a friend of Xena's during Winter Solstice, the two friends continue to have a difficult time mending the rift between them." -- Athenaeum

A Smith's Tale by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

Rated R

"This is the story of an Amazon blacksmith named Rose. Not necessarily a story of her life, but more a story of what's happening in her life now. She makes her home on the outskirts of Amazon territory, and lives pretty much in solitude of her own choosing. Her heart has been broken in the past, and since then she has thrown herself into her work. Can Eve and Varia help her break through the walls that she has built around herself?" -- Rachel Hahn


Something Wicked This Way Comes by Robin A. Reed (Themiscrya)

"After being forced by Callisto into non-consensual sex with Xena, Gabrielle decides to take her own life in a ritual Amazon suicide." -- Athenaeum

Soul Searching by SuzyRNC

"Xena and Gabrielle must both spend time apart to realize how much the need each other." -- Athenaeum

The Suitor by B.L. Miller

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"On her own in the Amazon village to negotiate a treaty, Gabrielle begins to fall in love with one of her Amazon guard." -- Athenaeum

Terreis' Lover by Paranoia

Academy of Bards | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Rated NC-17 for Violence

"A truly wonderful piece of work here! The timeline is different....Xena the Conqueror has given up her warlord ways to become a respected member of Cyane's tribe. Gabrielle is now the Amazon Queen since Melosa's death in battle. Lorien has left the nation after the death of her lover (Terreis) and has not been seen or heard from for 5 years until an upstart young amazon claims she has seen Lorien, been given her right of caste, and named as her champion. And this amazon wants Gabrielle's throne." -- Rachel Hahn

That Road Once Trodden Series by Karen "Surtees" King

1. That Road Once Trodden by Karen "Surtees" King

AusXIP | Four Horsemen | Four Horsemen (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

"On a visit home to Amphipolis, Xena is confronted with inner deamons that threaten her sanity and her relationship to Gabrielle and the amazons." -- Athenaeum

"Xena is injured while visiting her mother in Amphipolis." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory
"Another cool characterization of Xena as MPD, though this time one of the personalities is interestingly influenced by -- or at the service of -- Hades. In some ways reminiscent of a Conqueror story (evil Xena does get to play a big role in these), this series delivers good deep characterizations both of X and of G. Also kinda nice to have a G who isn't quite perfect... " -- Anne Vespry
". . . an exceptional new story with a lot of heart that begins with Xena and bard on their way to Amphipolis for a much-deserved rest and what Gabrielle hopes will be a chance for the warrior to touch base with her mother. Before it's over, however, Cyrene not only will have learned more about the daughter she saw become a destroyer of nations, but also about the young bard who loves that warrior now and believes in her above all else. Featuring one of the better characterizations of Xena's mom I've seen in fan fiction as well as solid depictions of our two heroines, this story is deeply rooted in the dynamics of the Xena/Gab relationship. Poignant and heartwarming at the same time, this is a MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

2. Behold A Pale Horse by Karen "Surtees" King

AusXIP | Four Horsemen | Four Horsemen (Archived) | PDA FictionTom's Xena Page

Muzza's Fan Fiction Award Best Mystery Story

"This tale opens with a fierce storm, during clean-up the Amazons discover a badly beaten and bruised twosome frozen together. This exciting story will keep you hitting the "down" button as Surtees deftly unfolds a mystery." -- Athenaeum

"After a storm hits their village, the Amazons find an injured and unconscious Xena and Gabrielle." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fictin Directory
". . . this new tale begins with the Amazons seeking shelter in Artermis' temple from a vicious storm raging outside. When nature's fury is over their relief is short-lived, shattered by the site of their young queen and her warrior protector near death amidst the ruins of the village - their presence on Amazon land and their condition, a mystery which only time will reveal. Fast-pased and riveting this is, an engrossing read. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

3. Degrees of Separation by Karen "Surtees" King

AusXIP | Four Horsemen (INCOMPLETE VERSION) | Four Horsemen (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page (INCOMPLETE VERSION)

Through the Eyes Series by Del Robertson

1. Through The Bard's Eyes by Del Robertson

"A feast honoring the return of the Amazon Queen as seen through the bard's eyes." -- Athenaeum

2. Through The Eyes Of The Warrior by Del Robertson

"A feast honoring the return of the Amazon Queen as seen through the eyes of the Warrior Princess." -- Athenaeum

3. Through The Weapons Master's Eyes by Del Robertson

"A feast honoring the return of the Amazon Queen as seen through the Weapon Master's eyes." -- Athenaeum

4. Through The Eyes Of The Regent by Del Robertson

"A feast honoring the return of the Amazon Queen as reflected through the Regent's point-of-view." -- Athenaeum

To Trust A Warrior Series by MythMaker

1. To Trust A Warrior by MythMaker

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Gabrielle has a problem trusting Xena after the incident with the Horde, which leads to Xena being hanged for Lila's murder." -- Athenaeum

2. Reconciliation by MythMaker

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Back in the Amazon village, Gabrielle tries to mend the rift between herself and Xena over the bard's lack of trust in the warrior." -- Athenaeum

3. The Warrior's Love by MythMaker

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"A series of misunderstandings has a jealous Gabrielle warning an amorous Amazon girl away from Xena while a very confused warrior wonders why everyone is suddenly acting very strangely." -- Athenaeum

4. The Undone Warrior by MythMaker

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena and Gabrielle continue to question their relationship as the warrior is captured by slavers and the bard teams up with a horse trader to rescue her." -- Athenaeum

5. The Warrior Untamed by MythMaker

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

"A Slaver ambushes Xena and Gabrielle with the intent of turning Xena into a vicious and mad gladiator. Gabrielle and the Amazons set out to rescue Xena before she loses both her soul and her sanity." -- Athenaeum

The Toughest Thing by Larry Dudock

"Gabrielle has to carry out a horrible task. (Based on Melissa Good's story, At A Distance)." -- Athenaeum

Truth In Light by DS Bauden

Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

"An alchemist gives Gabrielle a magical candle that will allow her to see Xena in a brand new light. Will this light give her the courage to tell her warrior how she feels about her? Ephiny, Epinon, and Solari play a great part in this Amazon tale." -- Athenaeum

Unforgetable Series by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

1. Unforgetable by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation

Rated R

"I was so captured by the new character of Varia, and having noticed some strange looks between her and Eve...(namely the copycat "You show me your battle wounds and I'll show you mine..." scene from that Mel Gibson/Rene Russo movie, Lethal Weapon 4.) I decided to write a story about them that I felt told the complete story behind the looks they gave each other in the real Xena episode. Hope you like's a serious story about a serious love. :)" -- Rachel Hahn

2. Undeniable by Rachel Hahn (Barderella)

AusXIP | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation


Rated R

"Varia and Eve have been separated for nearly a moon, Eve being drawn back to her duties in her home village. Mass beatings on the practice field are becoming the daily grind as Varia's pent up anxiety begins to be too much for her, forcing her Amazon sisters to take drastic actions to save their own skin. A made-up festival, some suicidal brigands, and the realizations one has when falling in love round out this romantic piece. Enjoy!" -- Rachel Hahn

The Untouchable Face Series by Penumbra

1. Untouchable Face by Penumbra

Ashera's Archive | Clenched (Archived)

Rated R

"Xena is assaulted by a mysterious pale warrior. Gab saves the day and the foe becomes a friend. A very close friend.... Too close if you ask the bard." -- Ashera's Archive

2. Divine Boredom by Penumbra

Ashera's Archive | Clenched (Archived)

Rated R

"The amazons are suffering from madness and queen Gabrielle is kidnapped." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"The mystery warrior, Oberon, returns but all's not well at the Amazon Nation. Amazons and Centaurs are plagued by strange bouts of madness and to top that, Gabrielle is kidnapped." -- Ashera's Archive

Wanting Melosa by Elaine Sutherland

Amazon Trails | Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation | Tom's Xena Page


Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

Rachel Hahn's Bardic Excellence Award, November 2000

Rated NC-17

"Queen Hippolyta's husband has been killed, and she has barely escaped with her own life. Having nowhere to go, she seeks out the Amazons and begins to learn the lessons that will show her exactly what it means to be an amazon. The ending is an unexpected one." -- Rachel Hahn

We're Back by Karen Tran

"Valaska's returned and kidnapped Ephiny." -- Athenaeum

The Worlds in Collision Trilogy by M. Keck

1. Baccha Moon Rising by M. Keck

"'Baccha Moon Rising' is the first story in a three story trilogy, 'Worlds in Collision,' detailing an epic conflict between Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry, and the Amazon nation." -- Athenaeum

"The "Worlds In Collision" trilogy is a so-called "lost" adventure that takes place immediately after the second season X:WP episode "The Quest" and immediately before the second season X:WP episode "A Necessary Evil." Furthermore, Velasca is alive and well at the beginning of the trilogy, and not an insane goddess trapped within a hardened lava pool with Callisto. It also introduces some characters from the fourth season H:TLJ episode "Prodigal Sister" because while they weren't known to viewers of the Xenaverse during X:WP's second season, they were known to the Amazons." -- M. Keck

2. Fallen Nation by M. Keck

3. Shattered Dreams by M. Keck

The Wrath Of The Gods Series by Warrior Rep

1. The Wrath Of The Gods by Warrior Rep


"Callisto and Valaska are back and Gabrielle and Xena are their targets." -- Athenaeum

"This story by a welcomed new addition to the list of Xena bards, takes place immediately after the events in the episode A NECESSARY EVIL. Overwhelmed by the emotions that have surfaced after almost loosing one another, Xena and Gabrielle finally surrender to their feelings, unaware that back in the river of lava, two goddesses have emerged unscathed and more determined than ever to destroy the two companions." -- Lunacy

2. Behind Cold Eyes by Warrior Rep

Rated NC-17

"Valaska's seeking revenge against the Amazons, prompting Melosa to petition Hades to allow her to challenge her daughter." -- Athenaeum
"A dead Melosa asks Hades approval in aiding her amazons against Valaska" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An action-packed and VERY passionate sequel to Warrior Rep's THE WRATH OF THE GODS, this story has Xena and Gabrielle gaining an unlikely ally in the fight against Velaska - a proud warrior from the past who was once also a victim of the cold-hearted goddess. . ." -- Lunacy
"Set after A Necessary Evil, Velaska has escaped the lava pit and has vowed vengeance on the Amazon Queen. Though she is terrified, Gabrielle persuades Xena to take her back to the Amazons only to find a demented Goddess of Chaos has followed her there. To defeat Velaska, Xena finds herself allied with very unexpected friends. . ." -- Xena E-Xine Volume I, Issue 8 -- April 29, 200

Xena and Amazon Children’s Field Trip Series by Perverted F.O.X.

1. Xena and Amazon Children’s Field Trip by Perverted F.O.X.

2. Xena's Field Trip of The Bet Won by Perverted F.O.X.

UNFINISHED - Last updated June 8, 2013


Xena And Gabrielle Series by XFBARD aka Lindsey

1. Battling Herodotus by XFBARD aka Lindsey

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

"After a visit to Potadeia goes wrong Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons. When Herodotus decides to pay a visit in attempts to force Gabrielle to return to the village with him and start a normal life with a man she barely even knows things start to get a little hectic. What ensues is a little bit of violence, an Amazon Queen who lays down the law and Xena on her knee in front of a whole lotta women." -- Academy of Bards

2. Mitycene Expedition by XFBARD aka Lindsey

"It is the second story in a series. Xena and Gabrielle escape the confines of the Amazon village and head off on their honeymoon. Now combine the newlyweds with a secluded cabin by the sea, no interruptions and the chance to broaden a few horizons and what results is a nice little break from the everyday task of making Greece safe for the masses. Set immediately after Battling Herodotus." -- Academy of Bards

3. The Best Of Intentions by XFBARD aka Lindsey

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

"Xena and Gabrielle arrive back in the Amazon village after their honeymoon. Xena is recruited to help with a hunting party and leaves the bard to her own devices for two weeks. A stranger comes to the village, but all is not as it seems. Xena arrives home to find her wife the object of another's affections and her protective streak kicks in, is it warranted? We shall see." -- Academy of Bards

Xena and the Dancing Herb by Ralene

"Aphrodite helps Xena give Gabrielle a birthday gift that extends beyond the warrior's usual many skills and provokes uproar among the Amazons." -- Ralene