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Athenaeum Author's Page


A to Xena

Dying Inside

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Heiresses and Harlots Series

1. Heiresses and Harlots

2. Tycoons and Tearaways

3. Moguls and Mistresses


Athenaeum Author's Page

Academy of Bards Author's Page

Slayers' Time Author's Page

Body Heat

Courting the Amazon Queen

Courting the Amazon Queen and her Lover - Dissuasion and Preparation

Cyrene Ex Machina

Getting Rid of Joxer

Giving Birth

Many Happy Returns

Out In The Open


The G-scrolls

Wendy Arthur

After Montana . . .  - Wendy Arthur's website

Academy of Bards Author Page

The After Montana Series (Uber)

   1. After the Storm

   2. After the Honeymoon

   3. After Vermont

   4. Aftermath

   5. After So Long

   6. After the Damage Was Done

Sharon "S.L." Bowers

A Work in Progress - Sharon Bowers' Website (Archived)

Femslash4Fans at Blog Talk Radio: Renaissance Woman - Author, Scholar and Speaker Sharon Bowers

From the Bard's Quill Interview

The L Word Fan Site Interview

Lunacy's Reviews Author's Page

Non-Xena Fan Fiction featured at The Pink Rabbit Consortium

Whoosh! Interview

The Blood and Roses Series (Halloween)

   6. Dark Promise with Katrina

   7. The Immortal Scrolls: Story I - Twilight's Children

   8. When the Night Closes In

Chiaroscuro (Classic Series)

   1. Tales of Dark and Light

   2. The Queen and the Soldier

   3: Innamorata

   4. This Fire

   5. Time of Grace


   6. Walk Through Fire

Lucifer Rising (Uber Series)

   1. Lucifer Rising

   2. Past the Point / Angel Mine


Academy of Bards Author's Page

Athenaeum Author's Page


DJWP at AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner

ForevaXena Bard of the Month October 2000

Lunacy's Reviews Author's Page

PDA Fiction Author's Page

Whoosh! Interview

A Bard Day's Night (Classic Alt)

The Conqueror's Stone (Conqueror)

Eating Out (Classic Alt)

Ghost of A Chance (Halloween)

A Hand in the Bush (Halloween)

The Irresistible Flame (Classic Alt)

Lost Soul Walking (Classic Alt / Uber)

The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle (Classic Alt)

Seven Days In Pompeii (Classic Alt)

Trick of the Moonlight (Halloween - Lost Story)

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Series (Classic Alt)

   1. What Are Little Girls Made Of?

   2. Attack of the 50 Foot Bard

Jenny Frame


maggielassie's Xena and Gabrielle Femslash Fanfiction Site

Academy of Bards Author Page

Athenaeum Author Page

Sapphic Voices Authoress Page

Another Way (Post-Fin)

Seasonal Passion Series (Classic)

   1. Closer Than Blood Bonds

   2. Circle In The Sand

   3. What Matters Most

   4. Love Plans

   5. To You I Belong

   6. Sapphic Night Fever


Academy of Bards Author Page

Athenaeum Author Page

The Book Of Chills Series (Uber)

   1. The Book Of Chills

   2. The Book Of Chills, Volume II

Cassey & Toni - Five Stories About Two Women in Love (Uber)

Gabrielle In The Underworld (Classic) 

The Harrison-Starr Detective Agency (Uber)

It Happened On Winter Solstice Night Series (Classic)

   1. It Happened On Winter Solstice Night

   2. A Weekend With Aphrodite

   3. Under Siege

   4. A Big Step For Bards & Warriors

   5. The Amazon Way

   6. Xena's Birthday

An October Romance (Uber)

On The Fast Track To Love Series (Uber) 

   1. On The Fast Track To Love

   2. On The Fast Track To Love 2

Playing With Fire (Uber)

Reunion  Series (Post-FIN)

   1. Reunion

   2. Revenge

   3. Reflection

Sarah's Choice (Uber)

Star Voyager (Uber)

White Fever Series (Uber)

   1. White Fever (Uber)

   2. White Fever II - Dames, Dollars and Death

   3. White Fever III - Fever Vs. The Carjackers


To Conquer the Conqueror Series

   1. To Conquer the Conqueror

   2. The Key

Why Leave Me (Classic)


Verrath's Book of Tales

Academy of Bards Author's Page

Athenaeum Author's Page

"A Germ Under The Microscope - An Interview With Verrath" (Archived)

Verrath at Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews

Verrath at Tom's Xena Page

Whoosh! Interview - Inside the Head of Verrath

The Bet (Classic)

The Crazed Ramblings Of A Madwoman (Halloween - Uber)

The Door (Classic)

The Dumbbell Is Mightier... or: Joxer's Dilemma (Classic)

Mission Report (Classic)

A Musing Bard (Classic)

The Tell Me Series (Uber)

     1. Tell Me, Gabrielle!

     2. I'm Bored, Gabrielle!

     3. What's With The Sun?

     4. Pillow Talk

     5. We Got Him, Gabrielle!

     6. Summer Slave Camp

     7. Summer Slave Camp II - Slave Hunt

     8. Flukes, Fauns & Griffins

     9. Battle Kicks

   10. The New Kid

   11. Run, Alice, Run!

   12. A Hard-Headed Hound

   13. Wardrobe Warrior

   14. A Bowl Of Tsunami

   15. As The Dragon Flies

   16. A Friend In A Funk

   17. Remember When, Gabrielle?

   18. Always, Gabrielle

Old Warriors Never Die, They Just... by Verrath, Kamouraskan and Lariel (Post-FIN)

Possibilities (Classic)

The Sad One (Post-FIN)

Tired (Uber)

Untitled (Mel & Janice)

The Warrior, The Witch And The Nightmare (Halloween / Classic)

Worlds Apart, Book 1: Below by Archaeobard (Katia Davis) and Verrath (Uber)

Xandra: Warrior Panther Series (Uber)

   1. The Heart Of The Leopard

   2. The Eyes of a Cat


Vertigo's World

Academy of Bards Author's Page

Whoosh! - Inside the Head of Vertigo

Caution Under Construction by Vertigo (Uber)

Captured by Complx & Vertigo (Uber)

Hidden Desires by Vertigo (Uber)

Just the Beginning Series by Vertigo (Classic Alt)

   1. Just the Beginning by Vertigo

   2. Just the Beginning: The Sequel by Vertigo

   3. Just the Beginning: The Other Sequel by Vertigo

The Real Thing by Vertigo (Classic Alt)

Reece and Faith Series by Vertigo (Uber)

   1. Private Dancer by Vertigo

   2. Reece's Faith BY Vertigo

   3. Merry Christmas Reece by Vertigo

   4. Faith's Heart by Vertigo

   5. Keeping Faith by Vertigo

Tethered by Vertigo (Classic Alt)

S.B. Zarben

Academy of Bards Author's Page

S.B. Zarben's Fiction - WARNING - This page may redirect to "Adult Content" disclaimer which leads to an "Amateur Porn" site.

P.D. Publishing Author's Page