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Fan fiction featuring Xena and Gabrielle as platonic friends.

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The Babysitter by Wordwarrior

The Better Part of Valor Series by Maggie

1. The Better Part of Valor by Maggie

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

"A captured Xena has to rely on a childhood friend to save both herself and Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

2. Footprints In The Dust by Maggie

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Xena decides to go after the Warlord who killed the woman who saved the warrior's life when she and the bard were captured, but Gabrielle has other ideas." -- Athenaeum

The Carnage of the Dead by Xat

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"Thoughtful vignette about the impression left by the Warrior Princess on a son of Rome" -- Lunacy

The Cherished Second Chance by Chancercmp

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"This little story was inspired by my view of the friendship shared between Gabrielle and Xena, and the sacrifices they make for each other from day to day." -- Academy of Bards

Clever Too by Wakar

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | Wakar's X:WP Fan Fiction (Archived)

"Xena has a little heart-to-heart with her mother after the events in THE FURIES." -- Academy of Bards

"An epilogue to the episode THE FURIES which has Xena talking things out with her mother and then a very clever bard showing just how well she knows the Warrior Princess." -- Lunacy

Deal With the Devil Series by Philip Howell

1. Deal With the Devil - Book One by Philip Howell

Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Story of Xena's start as a Warrior-Princess. If you like reading about the tools and techniques of ancient warfare, this is the one for you." -- Athenaeum

2. Deal With the Devil: Book Two by Phillip Howell

"Part two of Xena's life as a Warlord." -- Athenaeum

3. Destroyer Of Nations: Book One by Philip Howell

"Part three of Xena's life as a Warlord." -- Athenaeum

Destinies To Fulfill by Xat

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


Rated PG-15

"Xena receives a letter from Hercules asking for help." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Hercules asks for Xena's help after Iolaus and Autolycus are killed by" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Gabrielle's Secret by Simahoyo

"Written just after Lucy's accident, this story reveals one of Gabrielle's long guarded secrets." -- Academy of Bards

Golden Moments by LZClotho aka Lara Zielinsky

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"This story takes place after the events in "Unchained Heart" (Hercules) and follows Xena as she tries to figure out what to do next on her path to redemption." -- LZCLotho

"After being driven out of her own army, the reforming Warrior Princess struggles to find a new way." -- FanFiction.Net

"An adventure tale of the newly reformed Xena trying to figure out where her life is going, and gaining a friend along the way." -- Academy of Bards

"The newly reformed Xena comes across a horse being mistreated." -- Athenaeum

The Grand Adventure by Doc

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"Little Xena and Little Gabrielle take a vacation to the GRAND CANYON." -- Academy of Bards

Happiness by Ri

Xippy Award

"A little water fight started by bored Warrior Princess. Very cute short story" -- Xippy

"Here's a really cute short tale about a bored Warrior Princess, her Bard and water." -- Athenaeum

Heart Rules, Sole Matters by Iseqween

Academy of Bards | AusXIP

"A couple months or so into her new life of adventure, Gabrielle chafes at sitting on the sidelines and determines to keep her “help” from rubbing Xena the wrong way." -- Iseqween

The Holy War by Proud Warrioress

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Proud Warrioress | Tom's Xena Page


"Xena and Gabrielle find themselves teamed up once again with General Marmax to face an enemy so fearsome, none may survive. Fiercely defending the city of Corinth alongside a combined army the likes of which has never before been seen in Greece, the warrior and bard risk all for the greater good.  But this time the cause of the greater good could cost them everything." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Set after the events in THE PRICE, this novel begins ominously with the thoughts of a warrior as he prepares to go to war - not an ordinary warrior but a leader among men - a warrior getting ready to unleash the greatest terror Greece has ever known as he leads his army on a holy crusade to recover the Chosen One promised long ago to his people - a prophesy Telmark, Supreme Commander of the Horde, is determined to see fulfilled at any cost. It is this new and deadly threat which Xena and Gabrielle find themselves facing when they join the massive army of several allied Greek City states preparing to do battle with the Horde. At the head of the army is Marmax, the commander from the episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE who thanks to Xena and the bard found peace for his own people but now must fight a battle for the very survival of Greece. Despite their mounting fears, Xena and Gabrielle agree to help the allied force and soon find themselves in a familiar situation - heavily outnumbered, facing savage Horde warriors - with little hope of survival. For Xena the solution is to start awakening the darkness within herself and to try to make sure Gabrielle is safe but what the Warrior Princess never suspects is that once again she is spending too much time trying to fight the Horde without considering what their motivations could be - what they want...or whom? This story truly has the feel of great film epics like SPARTACUS or the more contemporary BRAVEHEART. The battle scenes are so well-written and so carefully choreographed that they stand out vividly. ProudWarrioress' depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship, as in her other stories, is one of deep friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and unquestionable commitment . . . A MUST READ for every Xenite, it carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!" -- Lunacy

"The Horde think Gabrielle is the 'chosen' one and seek to keep her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

An Honorable Death by IseQween

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"A moment of faith before she perishes ironically lets Xena’s most notorious victim exact posthumous revenge." -- IseQween

Horse Thieves by LZClotho

"Rating: G. An adventure tale early in Xena and Gabrielle's friendship, with the warrior and bard having to track down a stolen Argo." -- Academy of Bards

The Hungry Land by Mary Morgan


"Xena and Gabrielle must comfort each others fears while trapped in a strange valley." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

". . . Suffering from some very frightening nightmares, Gabrielle is less than enthusiastic about traveling through the lush forest Xena insists on leading them through. For the bard it's the beginning of a nightmare as every step seems to zap her strength further, widening both the physical and emotional distance between herself and her partner. For Xena it will be among her greatest challenges as she finds herself increasingly drawn to the power of that forest - wanting to become a part of it no matter the cost and dreading the implications of that compulsion . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

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