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The Alpha / Omega Trilogy by Maven

1. The Warrior and the Bard - Tribute by Maven

Not Halloween

"Xena and Gabrielle drop by to see the amazons in this fairly endearing comedy of bards, warriors and amazons." -- Athenaeum

". . . As the story begins the warrior and bard are admitting some hidden truths to one another - truths that lead them to make some important decisions once they arrive in Amazonia . . ." -- Lunacy

2. The Warrior and the Bard - Temptation by Maven

"In this somewhat sequel to 'Tribute,' this short tale 15 years later, is one with a twist." -- Athenaeum

". . . Set fifteen years after the warrior and bard first meet, the story has them leading a life together as innkeepers when they receive a visit from a mysterious stranger - a stranger with a very tempting offer . . ." -- Lunacy

3. The Warrior and The Bard - Retribution by Maven

Not Halloween

"Another powerful piece from Maven. Redemption takes place about a year after Xena's death. As Gabrielle makes her way to the Amazon village she is joined by an old enemy. Over the course of her journey, the two reprise their game of Truth or Dare, with a few changes." -- Athenaeum

". . . Set in the latter years of Gabrielle's life, it finds the bard once again taking to the road, on a journey to see friends and transfer for the last time a responsibility she was never able to fully embrace. Without her warrior now, it is a journey she begins alone never expecting the unlikely champion that soon begins to haunt her every move - a one time enemy who insists on resuming a game of truth or dare played long ago - perhaps to injure once again...or perhaps in search of the same redemption another lost soul found in a noble heart . . ." -- Lunacy

About That Kiss Series by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

1. About That Kiss by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

Acerca de ese beso . . . por Trish Kerr (Phopas) [Spanish translation by Kamill]

Not Halloween

"This tale is set immediately after the events in the episode A NECESSARY EVIL and has Xena and Gabrielle searching for Xena's lost sword as the two try to understand the events of the past few days and the emotions they are feeling. Unbeknownst to them, a vicious warlord has set in motion a plan that will separate warrior and bard putting in danger the happiness they thought they had found . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Honeymoon by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

AusXIP | XWP AltFic (Archived)

". . . this is really a horror story in the grand tradition of horror tales. It has Xena and the bard, just having recently admitted their feelings for one another, traveling to a little village where they hope to spend some quiet time by themselves. Their plans, however, quickly change when they discover that a terrible evil is plaguing the villagers - an evil born of innocence with a taste for human blood..." -- Lunacy

3. Heart and Soul by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

AusXIP | XWP AltFic 

Not Halloween

". . . It begins immediately after the events in HONEYMOON and has Xena reluctantly putting off a vacation so she can investigate the disappearances of several maidens and the rumored desecrations at a temple of Zeus. Closer to Xena and Gabrielle than they even suspect is the very culprit they are looking for - a deadly enemy with a game plan for world domination that if successful will destroy the love between warrior and bard and eventually, their very lives . . ." -- Lunacy

"Xena is the key to overthrowing the King of the Gods." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

4. Vacation in Tartarus by Trish Kerr (Phopas)

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | XWP AltFic  Part 1 (Archived) | XWP AltFic Conclusion (Archived)

Not Halloween

". . . After everything the warrior and bard have been through in recent months, the two decide to take a vacation only things don't turn out exaaaaactly as planned when they end up on an island where artsy types get NO respect, the Warrior Princess is idolized and TENNIS RULES!!!! . . ." -- Lunacy

Aggrieved the Wolf by Hunter Ash

"This is a horror story takes place in modern times and deals with werewolves, vampires, insane people running around, love and other impossibilities." -- Athenaeum

All Hallow's Eve  by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | The Crysanium (Archived) | EBooks by Lida

Rated PG-13

"Combining elements from many different ghost story formats, Crystal creates a delightful Halloween tale that can be enjoyed year-round. Xena and Gabrielle embrace the traditions of Halloween only to find that some of those traditions are not as tame or controllable as they would prefer. Just when you think the writer has revealed the secret of the story, another layer opens up to be explored. This one will have you checking the room behind you just to make sure all is well." -- Athenaeum

"On All Hallow's Eve, Gabrielle plans a very special night with her warrior, in hopes of pleasing the spirits. But their night of camping under the stars doesn't go as planned as the spirits play some good old fashion tricks on the two lovers. All Hallow's Eve will never be the same for the Gabrielle and Xena." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena decides to play a joke on Gabrielle during Samhain only to have the joke played back on her by a few 'little people'. " -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

All Hallow's Peeve by Phantom Bard and Chelle

Academy of Bards | EBooks by Lida

"This story is a Halloweenish misadventure, involving an inept vampire in New York City. It features guest appearances by characters from Chelle's 'Alternative to Uber', and Phantom Bard's 'Real Vampires'. Disturbed humor for adult readers; a collaboration written for Halloween 2003." -- Academy of Bards

All That We See or Seem by Zuke

Academy of Bards | EBooks by Lida

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"The city is experiencing a killer heat wave and Robin has the flu. Can the day get any better? Well, when she meets her neighbor Sloan, it gets stranger, that's for sure. This might be the story of the end of the world. It might be the story of two souls reuniting. I'm pretty sure the answers are in the story, but you'll have to read it to decide." -- Academy of Bards

Allen Street Series by Mavis Applewater

Among Us by DarkenedKarma

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum

"No one believes in werewolves. And why should they? Werewolves don't exist. Or at least that was what Samantha thought until one night she saw one. With one swipe of a claw her world was turned upside down and she must learn to cope with the knowledge and the consequences of that night." -- Athenaeum

An Abnormal Fear of Eights by Ukki Editor's Choice Award

". . . Xena has to go on a mission to try to get some medicine for the niece of King Gregor who was bitten by a spider. On her own Gabrielle heads for a nearby town where she soon finds herself facing one of her greatest fears and in a race against time to try to save hundreds of innocent souls . . ." -- Lunacy

And Then There was Darkness . . . by Red

Academy Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A night at the Rocky Horror Picture show turns into a scary encounter." - Academy of Bards

Aspen's Child by Culprit

". . . Camping in an ancient forest, Xena and Gabrielle talk about the savage race of people, now long-dead, who used to live in the area. Unbeknownst to them, a stranger listens - a stranger who was a victim of the cruelty they speak of and who yearns for something lost long ago..." -- Lunacy

Atomosktoktenos by L.M. Townshend

B Movie by K. Simpson

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"In the vein of the Twilight Zone, a sleazy wannabe producer and an actress check into a retro motel for an audition that fits a B movie." -- Academy of Bards

Bacchae Night by Jim Yuen

Academy of Bards | EBooks by Lida

"This has been kicking around my head for two years, so I decided to put it to paper in time for Halloween. For background, this is post-Japa. Mistophene, aka Myst, is a young amazon traveling with Gabrielle from a prior story." -- Jim Yuen

Bacchae Truth by Red Hope

Story 4/27 in the Putting the Puzzle Together Series by Red Hope

"The duo return to the Bacchae Forest believing that the forest is safe as it was when they left it. They quickly find out that it is hardly safe. Gabrielle is a bacchae all over again and Xena needs to find a way to reach her friend to save her." -- Red Hope

Bacchanalia by Pamela A. Lord (Heron)

Ashera's Archive | Xenadom's Dark Stories (Archived)

Rated NC-17: "This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f sex, extreme violence, bdsm, rape, torture and sexual violence."

Pairings - Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/various f (Bacchae), Gabrielle/f (Lara), Gabrielle & Bacchus, Xena & Bacchus

"Again traveling through the woods of the Bacchae, Gabrielle and Xena are fraught with disturbing dreams." -- Ashera's Archive

"Two years after their first encounter with the Bacchae, Xena and Gabrielle are back in the now-peaceful bacchae woods. Gabrielle is having some dreams -- memories? -- of the night she became a bacchae." -- Ultimate Xena Fan action Directory 

Bacchus Remembers by Annazon Fox

"Gabrielle and Xena are separating their belongings in preparation for Gabrielle's upcoming marriage to Perdicas. Meanwhile, Gabrielle can't stop thinking about when she and Xena were Bacchae. Having written about the Bacchae Incident in the Xena Scrolls, she can't shake the feeling that she has left out an important part of that story." -- Academy of Bards

Bats, Cats and Rats by Idryth

Academy of Bards Sixth Annual Halloween Invitational

"A Janice/Mel adventure regarding "The Book of the Dead"." -- Academy of Bards

The Beginnings Series by Dr. Bob

1. Beginnings by Dr. Bob

Not Halloween

"Xena and Gabrielle come to the aid of an old army buddy of Xena's when bandits threaten his town." -- Athenaeum

". . .Xena and Gabby help Wylan, an old friend of the Warrior Princess, battle bandits who've been raiding the town he and his children have made their home. Wylan, meanwhile, quickly becomes aware of the very strong feelings between his friend and the bard and makes it his business to try to get Xena to confront these . . ." -- Lunacy

2. The Spring Festival by Dr. Bob

AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page

Not Halloween

"Gabrielle and Xena attend a festival, taking in all the sights and getting into a little trouble here and there." -- Athenaeum

". . . Xena takes Gabby to the colorful Spring Festival at Solanica where the Warrior Princess, and Gabrielle in particular, continue struggling with an attraction neither can ignore now but both still are to afraid to confront . . ." -- Lunacy

3. A Soul Reunited by Dr. Bob

Not Halloween

"Gabrielle and Xena spend some time together in a cave." -- Athenaeum

" . . . the two friends are forced by bad weather to seek the shelter of a secluded cave where they will have to deal with the feelings they've been struggling with for months . . ." -- Lunacy

4. The Silent City by Dr. Bob

"Crossing through a war zone, the two friends come across a mysterious deserted city." -- Athenaeum

". . . Together now, Xena and the bard are enjoying their new-found closeness when they happen across the ruins of a mysterious city - abandoned...or so it seems. With more to loose now than ever, the two set out to unravel the secret of the silent city unaware of the true horror hiding within the ruins . . ." -- Lunacy

5. What Price Redemption by Dr. Bob

Not Halloween

"Accompanying a caravan taking medical supplies to a town whose water supply was poisoned, Xena and Gabrielle meet a warrior and his sidekick." -- Athenaeum

The Beginning by Paully Adams (Abbaspice1)

UNFINISHED - Last updated October 22, 2010

"After Xena is brought back to life, the Warrior and Bard travel through Eastern Europe and arrive in the town of Ardeal. The town is being terrorized by creatures very similar to Bacchai. This story tells the TRUE origins of vampires. This is part 1 of 2." -- The Academy What's New for October 22nd, 2010

Being Dead Isn't Half Bad by Norsebard

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF


The Royal Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational 2014

“Bobbie Crabbe's Halloween doesn't end the way she had hoped it would. Instead of snuggling down on the couch in her jammies with some hot cocoa, an old, scary movie and her hard-earned bag of candy, she finds herself on a one-way trip to the great hereafter. Being a devout atheist, she doesn't believe in any of that - but here she is, going skyward in a shaft of blinding white light…” — Norsebard


Belief by Idryth

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A lonely young woman searches for love - in the Twilight Zone." -- Academy of Bards

Bell of the Mist by Ali Vali


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

Part of the Desi and Harri Series

"Harry and Desi attend a Halloween party dressed as a notorious land pirate and the plantation wife who captures her." -- Academy of Bards

Bewitched by Blayne Cooper and S.X. Meagher

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"When two friends decide to vacation in a castle in the midst of the 'wee folk' one of them is attracted to a local.  Will her friend figure out the real reason behind the attraction before it's too late?" -- Academy of Bards

Beyond Sight by Linda Crist

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

Part of the Xena/Gabrielle Series

"While on a training campout Xena is turned into a bacchae and only Kallerine can aid her in returning to her human self."-- Academy of Bards

The Birthday Gift by L.M. Townshend

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A lonely little girl who gets a strange doll for her birthday that 'speaks' to her." -- Academy of Bards

The Black Mastiff by Keefer

". . . It has the warrior and bard on their way back to the town of Thellus where the villagers have requested their help in trying to solve a series of gruesome murders. In their search for answers, Xena will find herself once again having to face the sins of her past and turning to the bard who knows her so well in trying to deal with those . . ." -- Lunacy

The Blood and Roses Series

1. Bite Me by Katrina

". . . Based on the events which took place in the episode GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, this tale begins with Ares confronting Gabrielle over Xena's recent preoccupation with her. He is certain Xena's secret obsession with Gabrielle is hurting her skills as a warrior and could possibly get her killed so he simply wants the bard to give in to her own passions for the warrior. Ares knows the real reason Gabrielle fights against those passions - he knows the secret the bard has been hiding since the fateful meeting with Bacchus - a secret which shames her but which ironically may help her understand Xena better. For Xena's sake the two come to an understanding, never suspecting that the warrior will be taking control of the situation soon enough . . ." -- Lunacy

2. The Fool by Katrina

3. The Fonder Heart by Katrina

". . . The story has Gabrielle, made immortal by Bacchus' blood, suffering the aching loneliess of life without her soulmate and taking comfort in the arms of another - a mortal with an incredible resemblance to the ancient warrior a bard once loved so much . . ." -- Lunacy

4. An Ordinary Morning by Absinthe

5.  We of the Undeserving by BadBard

6. Dark Promise by Katrina and Sharon Bowers

". . . A crossover tale featuring the characters from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, this story has Buffy getting quite a surprise when she meets Willow's aunts who aside from having the same names as a couple of popular TV characters, also keep setting off the slayer's hypersensitive senses . . ." -- Lunacy

7. Twilight's Children by Sharon Bowers

". . . This is Sharon's second story based on the premise of Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES but is actually set before her first such story WHEN THE NIGHT CLOSES IN. This new tale is the first in THE IMMORTAL SCROLLS series and is in fact a crossover featuring characters from Anne Rice's commercial vampire novels. Set in 1790, it has Xena, daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, daughter of Bacchus, arriving in the New World where they are quickly drawn into the seductive mystery that is New Orleans. Sensing the presence of other creatures of power in the city, Xena soon finds herself once again fighting to save human lives, this time against an evil undeniably deadly...and yet strangely charming . . ." -- Lunacy

8. When the Night Closes In by Sharon Bowers

". . . This latest entry in Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES is a crossover story which has Xena and Gabrielle meeting the Louis from Anne Rice's commercial novel INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. Written in a style reminiscent of the novel itself, this tale has the men who originally published the incredible interview of the vampire Louis discovering two lost chapters from the original manuscript. In them Louis remembers his encounter one night with the immortal Xena and shortly thereafter with her lover - the Ancient bard with whom he and his kind share a distant kinship . . ." -- Lunacy

9. The Bard of Avon by Jennifer Bracanovich

". . . this tale is set in 16th century England where Xena, the immortal daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, immortal daughter of Bacchus have arrived at a little town called Stratford where Gabrielle's storytelling and poetic skills quickly impress a fellow bard there named William lately suffering from a bad case of writer's block. Unbeknownst to the two ancient partners, in London another is aware of their presence in English soil - a woman with the power of an empire in her hands and a heart lonely for the company of kindred souls . . ." -- Lunacy

10. The Tale of Flopsy Cottontail by Chris M.

". . . This is the story of an innocent little rabbit named Flopsy and how she decides on a diet change after an encounter with a rather tasty young bard . . ." -- Lunacy

11. Flopsy 2: A Bacchae Bunny on the Hellmouth by Chris M.

12. Flopsy 3: The Fox and the Bunny by Chris M.

13. Flopsy 4: The Easter Bacchae by Chris M.

14. Bacchae Versus Vampire by Chris M.

". . . this new story is a XWP/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER crossover tale chronicling the first ever encounter between the Daughter of Bacchus and the ruthless bloodsuckers that thousands of years later would so consistently keep Buffy in business. Lying beside her partner in an ancient forest Gabrielle senses something amiss in the natural order of things - a darkness emanating from a creature she's never seen before - a creature who despite sharing her hunger for blood, exudes a cruelty and an irreverence for life that marks him as something very different from her, something... that must be stopped . . ." -- Lunacy

15. A Whiff of Brimstone by Chris M.

"A crossover story featuring characters from XENA and the recent FOX TV series BRIMSTONE as well as references to a number of other current TV shows, this little tale should put a grin on fans of popular television. Part of the BLOOD AND ROSES Altaverse series> which has Gabrielle as the immortal daughter of Bacchus and Xena as the immortal child of Ares, the story begins with Gabrielle on her way to Sunnydale to interview for a teaching job at the High School there when she runs into a mysterious figure at the airport - a woman with a distinct scent and a dark purpose Gabrielle is compelled to learn more about. Her efforts soon reveal the woman as one of 113 souls recently escaped from the bowels of Hell and determined now to make humanity pay for turning its back on the gods that once gave her power. Thinking that she needs to interfere with the vengeful soul's plans, Gabrielle is about to do that when she finds herself face to face with yet another mysterious figure - a stylish man with longish hair who assures the ancient bard that he has matters well in hand then proceeds to introduce Lucifer . . ." -- Lunacy

16. The Feast of All Souls by Joseph Connell

"Gabrielle is the bastard daughter of Bacchus, God of Wine. Xena is the offspring of Ares, but was killed over a century ago by the goddess Callisto.(guess Xena's healing touch didn't take) Fast forward to the present day: Gabrielle happens across and beds a streetwalker who looks, talks, and acts like the long-dead warrior; and whose name, impossibly, is Xena." -- Joseph Connell

17. All Soul's Night by Joseph Connell

"Gabrielle is a demigod-offspring of Bacchus, who has survived to the present day. Xena, demigod-offspring of Ares, was killed by Callisto a century ago. Gabrielle recently found Xena's double (also named "Xena") living as a prostitute and they now live together." -- Joseph Connell

". . . With the former streetwalker named Xena now firmly entrenched in her life, Gabrielle is still amazed at the young woman's resemblance to the warrior who owned her heart for so long. It is a resemblance that goes beyond the physical and stirs an aching familiarity within the daughter of Bacchus. Xena, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to her new life - confident in her love for Gabrielle but uncertain about a past she can't seem to completely remember and nightmares that are haunting her. Unbeknownst to the two of them, the forces of evil are at work on a plan to destroy the bard as the daughter of Ares was once destroyed herself. In the shadows, however, a protector lies unseen, watching and waiting for their time of need...sensing too that perhaps the ancient warrior long thought dead has never truly been gone . . ." -- Lunacy

18. Beltane's Eve by Joseph Connell

19. Samhain's Morn by Joseph Connell

20. Passover by Joseph Connell

21. Under My Skin by Nommo

Alternate bacchae universe.

22. All Over Me by Nommo

Alternate bacchae universe.

23.  Blood Ties by Ella Quince

"An immortal Gabrielle returns to Poteidaia to say farewell to someone very special." -- Ella Quince

". . . a poignant look at the reality of immortality as Gabrielle finds herself severing the last surviving connections to the family she was born into . . ." -- Lunacy

24. Angels Dancing by sHaYcH

Alternate bacchae universe.

Blood Bond Series by D (Bacchae Bunny)

1. Blood Bond by Bacchae Bunny

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

Academy of Bards 2005 Hall of Fame Story

"A Post FIN tale that shows the bard's devastation over the loss of Xena and how both Ares and Aphrodite come to her aid.  They soon discover a terrifying secret and what's its conseuqences might mean." -- Academy of Bards

2. Beloved Immortal by D

Academy of Bards Link | Athenaeum Link

Academy of Bards 7th Annual Halloween Invitational

2007 Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Author

3. A Picture's Worth by D

Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational

Blood Moon by John W. Woznack



"Xena and Gabrielle discover and ancient and deadly creature could once again be brought back into the world. Now they must race against time and the forces of evil to stop Bacchus and his sinster plan to rule the world. Will they be able to stop him before the next blood moon rises? For one of them, it may already be too late..." -- Woz

"Xena must stop Bacchus from returning to life." -- Athenaeum

Bloodgame by Darkraider and de Bonheur

Amazon Trails | Delta Squared (Archived)

"Xena and Gabrielle are immortals living in today's world, thanks to a little bite centuries ago." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". .. Living in the modern world now, the two have been separate for a few days while attending to separate business. Gabrielle is missing her partner terribly. Unbeknownst to her - she doesn't have long to wait for that DEEPLY desired reunion . . . A sizzling read!" -- Lunacy






The Book of Chills by Norsebard

1. The Book of Chills by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | The Story Lounge  

eBooks: epub | PDF

"A voice coming from a malfunctioning radio... A nocturnal conversation with a mythical creature... An unwanted gift that becomes a curse... A nightmarish secret in a mental hospital... A young woman's face in a century-old photograph. Strange encounters, supernatural phenomena and otherworldly events - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology... the Book Of Chills. " -- Norsebard

2. The Book of Chills II by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | The Story Lounge  

eBooks: epub | PDF

"A woman in need getting a little help from her ancestors… An ancient spirit playing a few tricks on some unsuspecting people… Three young friends running into a real vampire on Halloween - or do they…? A cute, cuddly teddy bear with a deranged mind of its own… Two women fighting off an alien invasion force in the desert." -- Academy of Bards

3. Book of Chills Volume III by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | The Story Lounge

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF


2012 Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational

"A female firefighter needing all her skills to stay alive in an inhospitable inferno... A serial killer with an insatiable lust for smooth skin... A mother and a daughter finding out that not all abandoned buildings should be explored... A blackmailer getting more than he bargained for... A woman crossing ethereal paths with her dead self... Grand Underworldly adventures, touches of black magic and time-bending reincarnations - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology, the Book Of Chills, Volume III." -- Athenaeum

4. Book of Chills Volume IV by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | The Story Lounge

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF


"A fake paranormal investigator encounters two very, very real ghosts... A recording artist with plenty of ambition but hardly any talent wants to take a shortcut to the top of the charts... A young bard is challenged by the Viking Goddess of the Underworld to tell the best stories of her life - or else she'll lose it... A sensitive teenage girl makes the wrong decision by spending Halloween in a graveyard with her gang... Twin sisters are separated by death but still share a connection... Wicked adventures of the ghostly kind, visitors from the Norse age and messages from the Great Beyond - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology, the Book Of Chills, Volume IV." -- Norsebard 



breaking the Ice by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards  | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium | The Story Lounge


"On a rescue mission to a remote northern outpost, the Bard and Warrior must put their skills to the test to help a starving people who are being stalked by a malevolent, vengeful force." -- Academy of Bards

  ". . . set in a northern settlement where villagers are slowly starving to death while they're stalked by a mysterious assailant. Into this drama enter two strangers - a tall, dark warrior and her smaller blonde companion. For most of the worried settlers they are of passing interest, but for one of these they become an obsession - a promise of strength in one case and a focus for hatred in the other . . ." -- Lunacy

 "On a mission to rescue a girl taken as a slave, the friends agree to help her captors find out what’s killing them and leaving just the skulls behind . . . This adventure of the Soulmates is told from the point of view of a woman saved from the sea by settlers in a far northern outpost and subsequently made a virtual slave by them . . ." -- AB

Review by Phineas Redux

Cover by Pink Rabbit Consortium

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight

Burn by Zwolf

"The duo encounter a deadly cool warrior woman while camping in woods where others have disappeared, been tortured and crucified." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

"With some very dark, excellent stories already under his belt, Zwolf brings us a new tale which begins ominously with Xena and the bard crossing paths with a mysterious stranger - a beautiful and deadly warrior who Xena instantly recognizes as a kindred spirit and Gabrielle suspects may have a past as tortured as that of the Warrior Princess. Soon enough they'll learn just how dark that past was as the stranger's story unfolds and our two heroines find themselves immersed in a nightmare that could destroy their very souls . . ." -- Lunacy

Candy or Chaos by CN Winters

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Gabrielle gets Xena to participate in some harvest fun which includes lanterns, treats and tricks." -- Academy of Bards

"It's Harvest Festival time in Poteidaia and one visiting bard is determined to introduced Xena to the many traditions of the season. Despite the uneasy relationship with Gabrielle's father, the warrior decides to make the effort and to her surprise is soon enjoying herself a lot more than she thought possible. The festivities become even more amusing when warrior and bard find themselves dealing with two unexpected little problems but as it turns out everyone ends up discovering a bit of the kid inside . . ." -- Lunacy

Caves Series by Jill

1. Caves by Jill

". . . this nicely crafted tale has an almost mystical feel to it. It has Xena hunting the same mythical creatures she first encountered as a warlord many years before. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to understand what it is exactly that Xena is planning to go up against - an effort made even more challenging when a mysterious woman shows up with connections both to the warrior and the unseen menace Xena is determined to find . . ." -- Lunacy

2. The Sea and The Spring Leaves by Jill

". . . The tale has Xena and Gabrielle visiting a village where for a change it is the bard and not the warrior that awakens the people's animosity . . ." -- Lunacy

"A village is plagued by the disappeance of green-eyed people." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

3. Light Mist Falling by Jill

". . . begins with Xena and the bard receiving a summons from an old friend of the Warrior Princess. It is while on their way to see him that they start to notice the deplorable condition villagers in the area seem to be in - conditions which make them desperate and VERY, very dangerous... Jill delivers an eerie storyline here that has all the right ingredients - suspense, mystery, cliffhanger action and a Xena/Gab relationship that is reminiscent of the playful, loving partnership we saw in the first two seasons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Chamber of Horror Series by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

1. If Thou Lovest Me by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"When Gabrielle is killed by a young Amazon during weapons practice, Xena descends into the Underworld to bring her back just as Orpheus brought back his wife, Eurydice." -- Athenaeum

"(Based on the Babylonian legend of Innana and Tamuz) When Gabrielle is accidently slain, Xena travels to the underworld and undergoes a hellish trial for posession of the bard's soul." -- Academy of Bards

"A harrowing tale of determination, endurance and unparalleled love which has Gabrielle dying and a desperate Xena traveling to the Underworld prepared to get her bard back at any cost . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Chains of Ice, Chains of Fire by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)


"With Xena's help, the ghost of a woman gets revenge against the person who caused her to take her own life." -- Athenaeum

". . . On her way to meet with Gabrielle, Xena happens upon the home of a former captain in her army. She stops to rest and reminisce never suspecting the evil she has stumbled into it . . ." -- Lunacy

3. Whistling Down the Wind by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)


"Gabrielle is attacked in a haunted room at an inn." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . this is a decidedly EERIE new offering set on a cold, rainy night that has the warrior and bard seeking shelter in a crowded in with only one room left. Despite the inn-keeper's panicky reluctance to rent them the room, the two insist, dismissing the man's concern as the usual type of superstition they've come across in the past at small villages. Only this time, it isn't superstition they'll be up against - but a very real, and very deadly evil lying in wait for that next unsuspecting victim..." -- Lunacy

4. For the Love of Irina by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Based on Sheridan LeFanu's Carmilla and Bram Stoker's Dracula. In the mountains of Romania, Gabriella is drawn to a beautiful stranger, and must choose between her mortal's life or a damned love everlasting." -- Athenaeum

". . . Anxious for some companionship to brighten the lonely existence in her father's Romanian castle, lady Gabriella is intrigued when a beautiful stranger is brought to stay with them while she recovers from an accident. For the younger Gabriella, Irina is an irresistible enigma - a mysterious figure with no past who begins to weave a seductive spell around the girl. As the surrounding villages are marked by a series of unexplained and gory deaths, Gabriella begins to suffer from strange nightmares - dreams of a forbidden passion and a deadly hunger - dreams which she soon realizes are all too real when she gazes into the portrait of a long-dead countess only to find familiar blue eyes starring back at her. Thus begins to unfold a story of horror and heartbreak, of soulmates separated by the lust for revenge and of dark passions that even the fiercest of loves may not be able to tame . . ." -- Lunacy

5. Resurrection At Rest by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Driving home late at night, Xena Bonchance gives a pretty young hitchhiker a ride, only to become involved in the darkling world of spirits, voodoo and revenge." -- Athenaeum

". . . Based upon the urban legend of THE HITCHIKER, this story begins on a lonely stretch of road known as Coffin Alley as the hour approaches midnight and Xena Bonchance is driving home, anxious to relax after a business meeting. Alone on the deserted Louisiana country road, Xena is allowing her thoughts to wander when to her horror she spots a girl standing right on the path of her car. By some miracle Xena cannot quite comprehend her car does not hit the girl so she offers the young woman a ride home. Giving her name as Gabrielle St. Martin, Xena's strangely melancholy passenger explains how she was on a date and is now just trying to get home. Her story hints at something more but before Xena can learn anything else the young woman announces that she's home and gets out of the car leaving her purse behind. In the days to come, haunted by the sadness she saw in the girl's startling green eyes and sensing a connection with Gabrielle St. Martin she can't quite understand, Xena continues to seek out the young woman uncovering in the process a heartbreaking and sinister tale of evil, innocence lost, and a terrible wrong left unpunished. Determined to correct that wrong and return the destinies of two soulmates to their rightful path, Xena enters the surreal world of voodoo magic allying herself with some very dark and very powerful interests in her quest to see happiness returned to those green eyes she can't seem to forget . . ." -- Lunacy

6. All I Ever Wanted Was You by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"In this supernatural tale, Gabrielle must fight an evil force from Xena's past for the warrior she loves." -- Athenaeum

"Xena is haunted by the ghost of an old lover who wants her back." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index
". . . an eerie yet poignant story about unrequited love, madness, guilt and revenge. On their way to an Amazon ceremony, Xena and the bard have to go through the kingdom of Attalos - a territory which holds very bad memories for the Warrior Princess. Concerned by her partner's increasingly troubling nightmares and erratic behavior, the bard decides to do a little investigating eventually learning the truth about a brutal episode from Xena's past and uncovering the deadly obsession now threatening them both because of it . . ." -- Lunacy

7. Through A Glass Darkly by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"It is 12th century Ireland. Blind acolyte Aislinn has never known anything save the tiny island convent where she was found, until the day a dark warrior arrives, bringing with her a ghost from the past that may destroy them all." -- Athenaeum

". . . Set in the 12th century convent on a remote island of the Irish coast, this is the tale of an abandoned child found by the nuns there - her emerald eyes unseeing and her small body sporting the signs of horrific abuse. With no memories of her past and under the gentle care of the sisters, the girl grows up into a beautiful young woman, independent and head-strong despite her blindness, afraid only of the monster that haunts her dreams. Aislinn's life at the convent is peaceful and uneventful until the day a stranger comes to the island - a warrior whose visit could bring the convent much-needed money and prestige, who awakens in the young woman feelings she's never had before but whose appearance also coincides with a series of bloody killings and strange sightings as the sisters become convince that something is stalking not only their sheep but also the blind girl they found so long ago . . ." -- Lunacy

8. I of the Beholder by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

". . . . Set in Paris in 1905, the story takes the form of a letter from a British artiste of means as she tells her dear brother Charles of her fateful encounter with a delightful creature named Gabrielle d'Orsay - the angelic face that along with another beautiful dark figure has been haunting her dreams for a lifetime. Determined to give life to those dreams of torture and fear and blood, our crafty narrator sets out to seduce the trusting village girl inducing her to pose for her in exchange for boarding and some coins so she can remain in the city. The plan is to eventually turn Gabrielle d'Orsay into that broken slave envisioned in the dreams but much to her benefactor's chagrin, it's a plan that soon starts to go awry when others begin threatening her hold on the girl - including a fellow artiste who seems capable of seeing beauty and light and love where our sadistic narrator sees only the potential for pain and torture . . ." -- Lunacy

9. Flesh of My Flesh by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"In this sequel to 'Through a Glass Darkly,' Aislinn and Dunlaith are torn apart by glamorous magic and their own fears. Can they discover a strange lord's horrible secret in time, and will their love survive this test?" -- Athenaeum

10. The Fall of the House of Amphipolis by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)


"Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher", this exceedingly CREEPY entry in Nene's CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES finds the warrior and bard on their way back to Amphipolis to help an old friend and former lover of Xena's whose current partner has taken ill. For the warrior the experience soon becomes a trip back in time as it slowly becomes clear that the problems she had with her old friend have simply intensified over time. For Gabrielle the whole thing becomes a nightmare as she learns first-hand just how...problematic...Xena's ex'es can be . . ." -- Lunacy

11. The Legend of Cassus Somnus by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)


"A delightfully clever retelling of one of our most popular Halloween myths, this story has Xena and Gabrielle traveling to a little village named Cassus Somnus, loosely translated as "Sleepy Hollow", where the bard hopes to meet with a renown storyteller she's long-admired. Unbeknownst to her, a headless monstrosity has been decimating the village's youth - an evil spirit one resident of Cassus Somnus is determined to stop...even if the price is the lives of one warrior and her bard . . ." -- Lunacy

The Changing Moon by Shadowriter

"The night before Halloween, and 28 people have been kidnapped to take part in an ancient hunt -- as the prey. How many will survive?" -- Academy of Bards

Channel Surfing by Tara Kerry

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"AJ and Chase planned to just sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch a marathon of scary Halloween movies. But those plans are drastically changed when AJ's new satellite system zaps the girls into some popular television shows, and they find themselves wondering how to get home." -- Academy of Bards

Chloe and Sara / The Light Fantastic Series by L.A. Tucker

1. Küssen Des Banditen by L.A. Tucker


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A prelude in which Chloe and Marcy drive around through eerie neighborhoods on their way to a Halloween party." -- Academy of Bards




2. The Light Fantastic by L.A. Tucker

Not Halloween

3. Inside Out by L.A. Tucker

Not Halloween

4. The Foursome by LA Tucker

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A Halloween tale in which Xena the Conqueror trades bodies with Sara and learns a thing or two about fun from Chloe." -- Academy of Bards

Chronicles of Darkness Series by Fiur and Vlamme

1. Book 1: Shadows and Dust by Fiur and Vlamme

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Passion and Perfection | Slayers' Time 

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF - These eBooks have been removed at the request of the authors.


Athenaeum #31 in 2005

"Uber - At the end of the sixteenth century a family is drawn towards Paris and a battle with blood-thirsty vampires." -- Passion and Perfection

"In a time as Europe was cast in darkness, the paths of vampires and a hunter family crossed in Paris. Their bitter fight against the overpowering bloodsuckers prevented them from seeing the truth. In the deep forests of Transsylvania lays a castle, hiding secrets, magic and an inhabitant from an ancient time." -- Athenaeum


         Cover by Calli       Cover by Fiur and Vlamme

Chronicles of Darkness Book 1: Shadows and Dust will be available soon on Amazon.

2. Book 2: Heart of An Angel by Fiur and Vlamme

UNFINSHED - Last updated June 18, 2013


"This continues the saga of 'Shadows and Dust,' taking up a few years after the events that cost Kyrian so dearly. The arrival of a new light will rescue a soul that is trapped by sorrow. But the lurking danger of a dark secret could destroy everything because a vampire is still a vampire." -- Athenaeum




Circle of Stones by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"The only way Gabrielle can save Xena is by solving the riddle of a mysterious circle of stones." -- Academy of Bards

"Gabrielle, alone, finds herself having to decipher the riddle behind a series of mysterious stones." -- Athenaeum


"To save Xena and an entire town, Gabrielle must face a creature straight out of Greek myth." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . has Xena and Gabrielle investigating the disappearance of several villagers when an unexpected development leaves the bard racing against time to solve a mystery made suddenly much more personal. Mary's treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship is one of the factors that always make her stories such a pleasure to read. She envisions them with a kind of connection that is spiritual and magical and always poignant. It is this depiction that turns a simple mystery into so much more - a MUST READ that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

The Clonefic Series by Phantom Bard

1. Clonefic by Phantom Bard

Not Halloween

2. Clonefic 2 by Phantom Bard

Not Halloween

3. Clonefic 3 by Phantom Bard

Not Halloween

4.The Ghost Warrior by Phantom Bard


Athenaeum Top 25 #1

"Halloween tale featuring a legendary ghost and eternal love is set in the XWP alternate universe created in the story ?Clonefic?. Worlds collide as the spirits of a future clone and a long dead queen meet the modern Amazons and the descendants of Janice and Melinda on a special night that will bring them all together, blending past and future and sealing a rift between hearts that has lasted since the rise of Caesar Augustus. Written for Halloween 2005. Trick or Treat. 10/25/2005" -- Athenaeum


5. First Principals by Phantom Bard


"This Alt/Uber-Alt./Univ story revolves around the cloned warrior Prima, introduced in the story Clonefic 3, and her adventures in the era of the Fall of Troy. In that distant past, populated by heroes and the Amazons of Themiskyra, Prima exceeds the mission given her by the Conqueror and assures a future for the later soulmates, while finding love and arranging for the safekeeping of a great treasure, the ultimate heirloom of the Amazon Nation. Written for Halloween 2006. Trick or Treat! October 30, 2006" -- Athenaeum


Cobb Island Series by Blayne Cooper (Advocate)

1. Cobb Island by Blayne Cooper (Advocate)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | PDA Fiction


Swollen Bud Award August 15, 2000 "Getting Serious / Drama & Action

"When ghostbuster Kayla meets linguist Kayla through their younger siblings, Doug and Marcy. They end up at an ancestoral home Kayla's family for the weekend, only to discover the dark secrets the old place holds.  Slowly they discover the hidden past not only of the house, but of two ancestors, Bridget and Faylinn who lived in the 1600's." -- Academy of Bards

Marcy and Doug are lovesick teens who coax their older sisters into chaperoning them during a week-long stay in an eerie island house that has been in Marcy's family since the late 1600s. "But who will chaperone the chaperones?" -- Swollen Buds

"Twenty-nine year old Olivia Hazelwood, after being away from home and her 17 year old brother Dougie, is talked by the former into spending their vacation with his girlfriend Marcy and her family. What Liv is not ready for is Kayla Redding, Marcy's gorgeously dark-haired, somewhat brooding and enigmatic big sister, and time on an island that might be haunted. Hold on to your seat for a story that will entrance you, and a mystery within a mystery that will keep you glued to your screen reading this novel until its heartfelt end." -- Athenaeum

Fan Fiction Review

Cover by Calli

Cobb Island was published and is available online at Amazon 

2. Echoes From the Mist by Blayne Cooper (Advocate)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"The sequel to Cobb Island finds Kayla and Liv ghost hunting in Scotland and finding out more about the mysterious Bridget and Faylinn's history." -- Academy of Bards

"In this sequel, Advocate charmingly gives us an evocative tale fit for Hallowe'en that weaves a bit of the history of the place and it's people. Kayla and Liv, now partners in every sense of the word, travel to Scotland to investigate a paranormal event at a castle. While there, they also do a bit of digging into the Redding family history. Their combined talents will help the author weave another tale-within-a tale with the startling conclusion that will make you want to re-read this one again once you've finished it!" -- Athenaeum

Fan Fiction Review

Echoes From the Mist was published and is available online at Amazon 

Conquest of the Heart by Linda Crist (TexBard)

 Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002 

Swollen Bud Award April 15, 2003 - "Getting Serious" / Drama-Action

"Xena wakes up on a nice spring morning, only to discover things aren't quite as they were when she went to sleep. Has she gone mad, or is it all just a nightmare?" -- Academy of Bards

 "Xena's having a bad day... a REALLY bad one. Upon awakening, she discovers Gabrielle is gone. Figuring she headed into town for some shopping, the warrior princess follows. Upon reaching the village, she learns that a brutal warlord has dictated that all citizens be unarmed -- and that she herself seems to be leading a resistance movement, with the aid of Hercules and Iolaus. One small problem... it turns out that the warlord who is terrorizing the land is none other than her bard -- thanks to some meddling on the part of Ares." -- Swollen Buds

The Crazed Ramblings of a Madwoman by Verrath

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Ausxip | Verrath's Book of Tales

Unfinished - Last updated June 20, 2013

"the ghost of Xena turns up to help a young writer in San Francisco with her story" -- The Moonlit Alternative Reading Corner

"A young present-day writer walks the narrow line between an impossible truth and insanity with an insubstantial Xena for a companion. Is the ghostly warrior real, or just a figment of Isabelle's imagination? Why is she there? And how does a supposedly insane ex-terrorist fit in?"-- Verrath

Cry Wolf by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium


"A mysterious woman and a black wolf arrive in a town with dangerous secrets" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory 


. . . A young mute woman finds herself imprisoned in a small village...but nothing is as it seems . . ." -- Leave the Sky

"Xena and Gabrielle battle a curse." -- Athenaeum

"Gabrielle is forced into a very uncharacteristic role and Xena must control all her natural impulses under threat of tragic loss." -- Academy of Bards

"A poignant new offering from this gifted storyteller set around the mysterious events which take place at a village after a young woman is captured and imprisoned there. Only the village blacksmith is moved by the girl's quiet suffering as she endures and struggles to fulfill some unmentioned purpose as if her very life depended on it. I continue to be amazed at how this bard can tell a story more by implying things than saying them straight out. In mastering this economy of words technique, Mary gives us stories that are meaningful and deeply moving. Moreover, she tends to develop the characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle through the eyes of others which in turns makes characters like the blacksmith in this story fascinating players in their own right. A wonderful effort you should not miss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Dark Springs by Meghan O'Brien

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

Rated NC-17

"A young woman driving home after graduating college, encounters a motorcycle rider and together they spend a fearful nite in a strange town." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Cate's driving across country after finishing college, and finds herself playing road tag with a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle. What follows is an arousing, action packed race to the dawn, with a couple of sweet surprises. Definitely recommended. Three Blades out of Five." -- Academy of Bards: Previously Posted Reviews - Black Daemon

"Cate never thought she would meet the women of her dreams while driving home after graduating from college. The two women thought they were going to have an exciting night together, but little did they know what awaits them in the little town of Dark Springs, Utah." -- Athenaeum

A Date to Remember by Barbara Davies

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | PDA Fiction | The Writings of Barbara Davies


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Two women decide to picnic in a WWII coastal watch tower and uninvited guests join in..." -- Academy of Bards

"When Leigh and Ellie decide to spend Halloween on an abandoned WW2 sea fort in the Thames Estuary, their first date turns out to be a little more exciting than they had anticipated." -- Athenaeum

". . . A fun, spooky offering set in Kent, England, Barbara's latest chronicles the first date of a young hairdresser and a shy mechanic when the two decide to spend Halloween night aboard one of the towers of a long-abandoned sea fort used during World War II to defend London from German bombers flying up the Thames river. More intrigued by the rusty towers than frightened by them, the two intend to admire the view of the Kent coast, have a picnic and get to know one another better but another surprise awaits them as past and present collide on the lonely towers making that first date a lot more memorable than they ever thought it could be . . ." -- Lunacy

Cee's Fan Fiction Review

Halloween Tales from the Dar and Kerry Series by Melissa Good

• Unmasked Hearts by Missy Good

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Dar and Kerry attend a company Halloween party early on in their relationship." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Set just after Kerry began working at EDS, the story has the young newcomer shopping for a costume for the upcoming office Halloween party and feeling a bit angsty about fitting in. For her part, Dar plans on avoiding the festivities as she's always done but those plans start to go awry when her new assistant gently prods her to go awakening within the executive a peculiar urge to scandalize her co-workers...and mingle a bit more with a lovely little revolutionary . . ." -- Lunacy

". . . Well, that is what Missy Good's Halloween visit with Dar and Kerry, "Unmasked Hearts" is like, your very favorite pair of jeans . . ." -- Just Like Buttah!

Cee's Fan Fiction Review

• Home From the Sea by Missy Good

Archived Copy | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

La Maison Pres de L'Ocean par Melissa Good (French translation by Fryda)

". . . begins with our heroines shopping for costumes. Later in the day the two exchange some ghost stories including one Dar knows about the empty Vanderbilt mansion located within site of their condo. Intrigued despite herself, Kerry is drawn to the mansion when she spots movement in the supposedly abandoned upper rooms. Curiosity getting the best of her - she decides to investigate only to soon be desperately regretting doing so when it starts to look like something does indeed seem to still be inhabiting the lonely mansion..." -- Lunacy

Ghouls Night Out by Missy Good

Academy of Bards 6th Annual Halloween Invitational

Ghosts of the Past by Melissa Good

Royal Academy of Bards 10th Annual Halloween Invitational

Kin by Missy Good

2013 Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational

Day Walker by Larisa

Athenaeum | PDA Fiction

Athenaeum Top 25 #1 Week of  December 2, 2002

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award #6 in 2002

Athenaeum #71 in 2003

Athenaeum #94 in 2004

"Get ready to meet Memphis Belle and Luka and go Cajun in this tasty tale by the Mistress of Maybem and Weird Relatives! You will re-write what you know about vampires and roll on the floor laughing in this very funny and sometimes violent gem set in Mardi Gras country, where romance...ahh...Sprouts, and the characters are out of this world...literally!" -- Athenaeum

The Dead Can Dance Series by Zee and Windstar

1. The Dead Can Dance by Zee and Windstar

Athenaeum | PDA Fiction

"This is a story of a morgue attendant, her friends, a librarian, and just to keep things from being dull we invited the zombies." -- Academy of Bards

2. The Devil and Carson Mahone by Zee and Windstar

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | PDA Fiction

"Join us as we once again return to the peaceful, happy, little sea side town of Huntington, CA. They've just recovered from the whole zombie fiasco and boy are they ready for your tourist dollars. So come on down you can join the harvest Demon raising festival there will be plenty of activities for the whole family like the Morgue Attendant sprint from danger, guess which technical do-hicky Shaggy will modify until it explodes, and don't forget the bitchy ex-librarian scowling contest." -- Academy of Bards

The Dead Come Knocking If You Leave the Screen Door Open by Susan Smith

". . . Set about three years before that story [Of Drag Kings and a Warrior Princess], this new one features a seventeen-year-old Taryn experiencing what life is like at Rhea's during the ritual celebration of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve - a time when both visions and wandering spirits may visit the living. Taryn soon finds herself connecting with a troubled spirit whose tragic life deeply moves the young drag king. Helping that spirit becomes a priority even as Taryn wonders also about the mysterious woman in her visions..." -- Lunacy

Part of the Drag King Series published by Bold Strokes Books

1. Of Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate by Susan Smith

     Available for sale online from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |Bold Strokes Books 

2. Burning Dreams by Susan Smith

     Available for sale online from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Bold Strokes Books

Delirium Tremens by Vivian Darkbloom

Athenaeum | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"Whitney Morris has demons in her head, a flagging career, a shady past, a relentlessly chipper manager, a pesky ex-husband, and enough vodka in her blood stream to make her a Russian national heroine something to which she aspires, she so loves to wear those furry hats). The last thing she needs is a trip to a spooky old house in the country and encounters with a mysterious housekeeper and a blonde with bodacious ta-tas. So guess what happens." -- Academy of Bards

"Meet Whitney Morris a character the like of The Valley of the Dolls Neeley O'Hara. She drinks too much and doesn't trust anyone. Her star has fallen in the backlash of blacklisting. We meet her now in the Hollywood of 1960 where she makes a living when sober doing voice overs for advertisements. One in particular will slay you:}

Enter new star Josie Dalton, young innocent starlet to be, or is she.

They meet on the set of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. Josie is acting in the episode that Whitney's friend is producing. They are drawn together like the proverbial moth to a flame." -- Just Like Buttah!

The Demon by Rachel Staples (Rachel2)

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Tom's Xena Page

First story of The Demon Series (Classic / Alt Stand Series / A-L)

"Xena, Gabrielle and Argo battle an invisible Alien whom the locals have mistake for a demon." -- Athenaeum

"Xena and Gab meet the monster from THE PREDATOR. A scary, thrilling piece with some of the best written action scenes I've read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! . . ." -- Lunacy

Desperately Seeking Clark by Mavis Applewater

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | AusXIP

"A halloween adventure turns interesting when a young woman discovers that Clark Kent is a woman." -- Academy of Bards

Destiny Series by Mavis Applewater

1. Destiny by Mavis Applewater

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook LinksAusXIP | Fator X | Finding Mavis | The Mindom

"A shop girl meets a beautiful stranger on Halloween Night." -- Academy of Bards

2. Finding Destiny by Mavis Applewater

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | AusXIP | Finding Mavis

"Destiny celebrates another Halloween." -- Academy of Bards

The Devil's Greatest Trick by Zee

Athenaeum | PDA Fiction

"Corrin Adams was 22 years old and had just started working for the Arizona State Troopers. Until she finished her probation she was partnered with James Addler. The older man wasn't too bad; she could have done a lot worse, and he didn't pull a lot of that old boys' club shit. Neither one, however, was ready for what they would encounter..." -- Athenaeum

Dex and Nellie's Halloween by Lizzie Tendre


Part of the DC Series

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Dex, a Secret Service agent, must guard the President's daughter." -- Academy of Bards



El Día de los Muertos by Stacia Seaman

Academy of Bards | AusXIP (Revised Version)

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

Athenaeum Top 25 November 18-24, 2002


"Gabrielle journeys to the land of the Pharaohs, where she has a mystical encounter with Xena." -- Academy of Bards

Dolorosa: Our Lady of Darkness by Nene Adams

"Our narrator travels to Paris to earn money painting portraits. She meets Jenny Dolorosa, who becomes the sole subject of her paintings. The story tells what happens when the two go back to Scotland and the painter becomes obsessed with her model." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Dolorosa is another entry in Nene Adams' wonderful Chamber Of Horrors series. In this story, an artist's obsession with her lover and model leads to unimaginable and horrible consequences. She then descends into madness and guilt over what she has done. Can the power of love lead to forgiveness? There's tons of great atmosphere in this psychological study of guilt and love. Highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . Told in first person, this is the story of a talented Scottish artist heir to a crumbling estate deep in debt. To survive, our narrator travels to Paris where she makes herself a career painting portraits of the wealthy. It's a life that changes drastically when she meets Jenny Dolorosa, a beautiful maid who becomes the love of her life - and soon the sole subject of her paintings. With their illicit affair revealed, the two are forced back to Scotland where our narrator's obsession with her art soon has terrible repercussions for the lovely Jenny Dolorosa plunging them into a living nightmare of separation and grief as one struggles with guilt - and the other struggles to reveal the truth about a world very different from the one they've known . . ." -- Lunacy

The Enemy by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | ForevaXena | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Tales of Two 

Muzza's Fan Fiction Award - Best Short Story

"Xena tries to save a villages newborns against a monster." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This is a tale of hatred, murder and revenge as Xena and Gabrielle come to the aid of a besieged village. With weapons unexpectedly becoming a liability, they must turn to their wits instead" -- Academy of Bards

"Intriguing story which has the Warrior Princess going up against a deadly figure known as the "tax gatherer" who has been terrorizing a small town. At her side as usual is the bard, while observing them both is a tavern owner, fascinated by the unlikely friendship between the two women and their unflagging determination to protect the town . . ." -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle and Xena try to stop a creature calling itself "The Tax Collector" who demands newborn children as payment." -- Athenaeum

Ensorcelled by Lady Savay


 Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A party goes horribly wrong and results in a exorcism of a spirit to retrieve past memories." -- Academy of Bards



Ergo Sum by Insane Englishwoman

Unfinished - Last updated October 2009

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

Eternal Night by Red Raven

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Sapphic Voices

"The story is vampiric in nature and set at the current time in Brighton, Sussex, on the South coast of England. There is some reference to 'The Xena Scrolls' and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', but not much!" -- Red Raven

"As immortals, torn apart by jealousy and hatred a few hundred years ago, Xena and Gabrielle are about to see in the new millennium. Will they destroy each other, or rediscover what they lost? How will they face the hunters, looking to rid the world of them, especially with the discovery of a new and lethal weapon? Will they be aided by their human allies, the mystical Talisman Circle?" -- Academy of Bards

"Eternal Night combines classic Xena/Gabrielle elements with a modern vampire tale. In the story, Xena and Gabrielle are immortal vampires. An emotional rift has left them separated from each other for over 300 years. The rift was so bad that Gabrielle is actually trying to kill Xena . . . They are reunited and must work together to stop a new breed of vampire hunters who have developed a new weapon to kill their kind . . . definitely recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Ethereal Ark Of Fire Series by Silvermoonlight GJ

1. Shattering Of The Silver Light by Silvermoonlight GJ

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

Rated PG

"In a world where Xena is the Empress of Greece she has come to know what it means to be alone. That world is about to change though, as a person appears who will shake the very foundations of her beliefs and turn everything upside down." -- Silvermoonlight GJ

FanFiction.Net Reviews

Cover by Silvermoonlight GJ 

2. Ethereal Ark Of Fire by Silvermoonlight GJ

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

UNFINISHED - Last updated August 26, 2013


"As the werewolf rebellion continues to ignites in the darkness becoming more volatile Gabrielle is forced confront her past choices and deal with the consequences as she and Xena prepare for the war ahead which if not brought to a close will spread across the Greek Empire coating it in fire and innocent blood." -- Silvermoonlight GJ

Cover by Silvermoonlight GJ


The Eve by Gerri Hill

Academy of Bards | Gerry Hill

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"On the Eve of Halloween, Sarah is stranded by a freak storm. Ghost stories and a mysterious stranger have Sarah convinced she's under a spell!" -- Gerry Hill

The Fairy Ring by Carole Giorgio

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A young woman desires to prove that fairies exist. So on All Hallow's Eve she begins a journey to observe the gathering of fairies and gets far more than she bargained." -- Academy of Bards

Faith by Idryth


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Gabrielle is lured to edge of a cliff in the dark of night where the faith of two women is sorely tested." -- Academy of Bards

 "Set shortly after season two, this Halloween offering is set in a dark forest where Gabrielle is supposed to have rendezvous with the Warrior Princess in the morning but has still seen no sign of Xena by nightfall. Drawn to a mysterious light she initially thinks might be the warrior, the bard serves as a catalyst for a series of events that will eventually bring closure to another soul looking for its mate . . ." -- Lunacy

Fallen Angels by Phantom Bard

Academy of BardsAthenaeum | PDA Fiction


Athenaeum Top 25 #1

"Make no mistake readers; this is a story of psychological and supernatural horror. Surely somewhere, something in here will be somewhat disturbing to someone." -- Phantom Bard

"Having been given free will in the moment of their creation, the orders of angels had the capacity to make choices. Among these was that of entertaining pride and ambition. It is said that one even went so far as to ascend in aspirations to enter heaven by right of his own will and become the equal of God, to usurp His prerogative of Creation, and to take a station above all other angels. For this, God banished Lucifer from heaven, throwing him down into hell, and with him fully a third of the angels, being those who had followed in the footsteps of his rebellion. These became numbered in latter days as demons under the dominion of Satan. Among the fallen were a Hashmalim of the Angelic Order of Dominations, separated from her beloved Tarshishim of the Order of Virtues. And having lost heaven, what greater misery could follow a fallen angel down the ages?" -- Academy of Bards

The Fangs of Academe by Vivian Darkbloom

Academy of Bards | Vivian Darkbloom | Passion & Perfection | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

Xena Online Community The Subtext Zone Book Club #5

"A light hearted piece. Mel is.... a vampire??" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Janice is enlisted into vampire hunting duty by an eccentric young man who also mistakenly believes Mel is a vampire." -- Academy of Bards

Fear by Kamouraskan


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Xena must struggle to retain her mind after being poisoned." -- Academy of Bards



Fin de Siècle by Fingersmith

Academy of BardsAthenaeum

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"Charly Warde's life took a plunge the day she found out her parents had died. Everything seemed to stop existing. Working in a dead end job, Charly meets a strange woman - a woman she believes is in her imagination. But is there something more to this woman than meets the eye? Could there be an element of the supernatural surrounding her? Or is Charly losing her mind?" -- Athenaeum

Follow the Blood by Fryequeene

". . . A riveting, MASTERFULY crafted tale that recalls a vary dark time in the life of the Warrior Princess. It is a time Xena reluctantly finds herself remembering as she and Gabrielle travel through an area she once destroyed, on their way to a meeting with one of the men who helped her in that campaign. What they come upon instead is an unfolding mystery that becomes more gruesome with each passing day - eventually even instilling fear in the heart of the warrior herself . . ." -- Lunacy

Frankie, I'm At the Garden Gate by Insane English Woman

From the Darkness Came by Raistlyn

"The Grrls are asked to keep watch over the negotiations of an unpopular treaty." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Very eerie new story that finds Xena and Gabrielle trying to help two kingdoms sign a peace treaty after years of war between them only someone seems intent on stopping that treaty and is willing to murder to do so." -- Lunacy

From the Pits of Hell by KrystalKnight

"A very timely SPAWN/XWP crossover tale that has Xena and Gabrielle combining forces with warrior angels to try to reach a new Hellspawn before the powers of darkness can consume him. Characters from the comic AVENGELYNE also appear in this . . ." -- Lunacy

Full Moon by Kim Pritekel

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Kim Pritekel EBook Links

Academy of Bards Fifth Halloween Invitational

"When a third woman is brought in to try and "spark some life" into a dying relationship, can it survive?" -- Kim Pritekel

"English prof/ EMT meet at awkward time" -- Academy of Bards

The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel by Rachel Stevens (Rachel2)

1. The Aegis by Rachel Staples (Rachel2)

Archaeo-Adventures (Archived)  | AusXIP

Not Halloween

"Xena and Gabby search for the shield of Zeus as Mel and Janice search for Xena and Gabby centuries later." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Janice and Mel search for more scrolls and Zeus' shield *recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Athena gives Xena Zeus' shield to hide as Ares sends Callisto to take it from her. Meanwhile, forward to 1943 where Janice and Mel set out in search of another Xena scroll." -- Athenaeum

". . . the legend of The Aegis is revealed - Zeus' great shield, strong enough to stop even a thunderbolt from the King of the Gods himself and as such coveted by those seeking power...and revenge. In Ancient Greece, Xena and Gabrielle become reluctant pawns in a deadly game between immortals for the right to wield the shield. It is a game that will bring them face to face with an old enemy while forcing them also to confront unresolved issues still between them. Eons later, in a time beset by a terrible war and ripe with danger, Mel and Janice will continue the struggle their ancestors began as they search for the mythical shield and also have to confront unresolved issues between them . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" -- Lunacy

2. Terror in the Amazon by Rachel Staples (Rachel2)

Archaeo-Adventures (Archived) |  AusXIP

"Diggers are dying and Janice and Mel must find out why.*recommended by CN*" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Mel accompanies Janice as a translator when the archeologist is hired to work a site in the Amazon, unaware that many people have already died during the dig.
". . . this story takes the archeologist and her partner to the wilds of the Amazon where a fantastic discovery has been made. Unfortunately, one liiiiiitle problem keeps stalling things at the dig - workers are dying left and right and the natives fear a curse is at work. Amidst those challenges, stand the ones of the heart as Janice struggles against feelings she fears will only leave her broken-hearted and Mel finds herself embracing ones she's never had before . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

3. House on Redmen's Hill by Rachel Staples (Rachel2)

Archaeo-Adventures (Archived) | AusXIP


Swollen Bud Award July 15, 2000 - "Getting Serious" / Drama

 Athenaeum Fan Favorite in the Category of Janice & Mel

"Janice and Mel decide to take a vacation by the sea. Unfortunately, their "cottage" turns out to be a mansion rumored to be haunted." -- Athenaeum

". . . In this new offering the spunky archeologist and her partner are headed for a well-deserved vacation in New England but as usual, with the penchant these two have for finding trouble, it isn't long before the vacation has turned just a taaaaaad more exiting than they were counting on. The warning bells first go off when instead of a quaint New England cottage - the two find themselves lodging in a mansion - a somewhat spooky abode which soon has Janice wondering if she hasn't gotten hit on the head just one too many times ;-) With dangers both real and imagined surrounding them, the two women nevertheless have more immediate concerns as their relationship continues to grow and deepen revealing possibilities neither had dreamed off before . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Art: Mel and Janice Dolls - Valley of the Uber Dolls

Fusion by JA Zollicoffer

Athenaeum Two Time Top 25 #1

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award  #52 in 2007

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award  #97 in 2009

"Camron and Antoinette are both loners, when they meet each other, they finally understand what making a connection with another person can mean." -- Athenaeum

The Gaslight Series by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Swollen Bud Award for "Constant Arousal in A Series" (March 23, 2000)

"Set amongst Victorian England, learn of a noblewoman who is determined to prove that she is every bit as capable as the legendary Sherlock Holmes is. A young destitute tutor's daughter joins her when she is saved from the clutches of 'The Ripper'. Not only is she an able assistant, but she soon worms her way into the aloof noblewoman's heart. Follow them as they engage in cases that roam the English countryside and even beyond to the ancient lands of the Egypt. Learn of mysterious clubs, assassins, embittered heirs, a tragic miscalculation and a painting's dark secret." -- Swollen Buds

1. Black by Gaslight by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Lady Evangeline St. Claire, an unconventional Victorian woman and friend of her mentor, Sherlock Holmes, rescues prostitute Rhiannon Moore from the deadly clutches of Jack the Ripper on a foggy night in Whitechapel. He escapes and the killing continues - soon both women find themselves investigating these terrible murders and unexpectedly falling in love. Their romance is threatened by a shameful event from the past, however, and the race is on to uncover a fiendish killer and expose the secret hidden deep within one woman's heart. Can they solve the mystery in time? Will they discover a soul-mate within each other? And can they survive discovering the terrible truth behind... BLACK BY GASLIGHT" -- Nene Adams

"This is an Uber-Xena story based in the London of 1888 and featuring the first encounter between Lady Evangeline St. Claire ("Lina"), a tall, wealth beauty who lives by her own rules and the lovely Rhiannon Moore, streetwalker with a gentle heart who has faced much misfortune. Rhiannon's latest bad luck comes when she agrees to service a strange gentleman on a dark night - a fellow who will soon reveal his true deadly intentions but which in so doing, will ironically bring Lady Evangeline and Rhiannon into one another's lives, awakening feelings of familiarity and more within both women. Soon they are working together to try to stop a madman who walks at night - a killer the world will come to know as...Jack the Ripper . . ." -- Lunacy

2. The Devil's Advocate by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Is the Madman's Tarot merely a valuable bauble or does this antique curiosity contain powerful occult forces? Is there black magic at work in London? Mysterious disappearances may have a connection to a revival of the notorious Hellfire Club - and there's much more going on in the shadows than meets the eye. When Lina and Rhiannon investigate, they uncover long-buried secrets of murder and more, hidden wealth and a fabulous treasure that one obsessed man will gladly kill to obtain. Will they lose their lives to the Dark Lord? Will their love be strong enough to survive? Can they confront the hideous fate that awaits those who tamper with... THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE" -- Nene Adams

". . . This time the intrepid private investigator and her secretary are faced with a mystery strangely connected to Lina's own past - a mystery involving the disappearance of two people, the gruesome murder of an old friend, the growing strength of a secretive cult and clues horrid enough to scare even the bravest of hearts . . ." -- Lunacy

3. The Banshee's Wail by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"When an unexpected legacy from a long-lost relative summons Rhiannon to Scotland, what she and Lina find there is much more than a holiday honeymoon. An ancient curse called down upon the family members of an ancestral castle may be responsible for the death of a kindly old woman who happens to be Rhiannon's aunt - or it might just be part of a hideous plot conceived by someone with an eye towards a hidden legacy. To save lives and bring a killer to justice, Lina and Rhiannon are called upon to investigate the strange, seemingly supernatural events and terrible mysteries that surround... THE BANSHEE'S WAIL" -- Nene Adams

". . . Set in the late 19th century right after the events in Nene's previous tales, this new offering has Lina and Rhiannon heading for Scotland where they are to attend the reading of Rhiannon's late Great-Aunt Margaret's will. The affair seems simple enough until the two hear a strange tale about ghosts and murder which Lina soon begins to suspect may be connected to an even darker truth . . ." -- Lunacy

4. The Mystic Dragon's Curse by Nene Adams

"On a quiet day in London, Lady Evangeline St. Claire recounts to her lover, Rhiannon Moore, this extraordinary tale of magic and murder, in a case she was involved with long ago. In a crowded theater, a Chinese illusionist dies on the stage in full view of a horrified audience, and its up to Lina to figure out whether it was accident, suicide or something infinitely more sinister. With her mentor, Sherlock Holmes, as an unwilling accomplice, can Lina dispell the lies and illusions to uncover the truth behind the mysterious - and all too public - death of one of the foremost magicians of his time? Or is this just another puzzling case of... THE MYSTIC DRAGON'S CURSE" -- Nene Adams

". . . this new offering has Lady Evangeline St. Claire telling her beloved Rhiannon about one of the cases she and Sherlock Holmes worked on a few years back. It was a case that began with the two detectives enjoying a night out - going to see a master magician in what turned out to be his last performance. Lina recalls her fascination with the case after the man's death - and the deadly intrigue she soon became involved in as a result . . ." -- Lunacy

5. The Hour of the Jackal by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Lady Evangeline and her lover, Rhiannon, go on a journey to Cairo, expecting to explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt during their holiday trip down the Nile. But they find much more than they bargained for when their lives are threatened by an unknown assassin who seems intent on wrecking revenge for some unknown crime. A dreadful secret from Lina's past resurfaces, threatening to destroy them both, and only a love as strong as theirs can possibly survive. Can Lina and Rhiannon uncover the identity of their attacker in time? Will they escape from the deadly fate that is in store for them? Or will they be forever trapped in the never-ending nightmare of fire, death and eternal vengeance that is... THE HOUR OF THE JACKAL" -- Nene Adams

". . . The story starts simply enough as a vacation for Lina and Rhiannon. They travel to Cairo where Lina hopes to show her beloved the time of her life but surprises await both women as they soon find themselves getting involved in a situation growing more dangerous by the day. Emotional challenges await them also as they confront some long-standing issues between them and Rhiannon learns more about her partner's past. All the while a terrible evil is growing closer - an evil determined to destroy their love and their very lives . . ." -- Lunacy

6. The Changeling Moon by Nene Adams

"A mysterious painting and a 20-year old murder may hold the key to one man's descent into madness and another man's darkest secret. With Rhiannon beginning to recover from a soul shattering act, and Lina forced to reassess the mistakes she has made in their relationship, the healing process continues as the lovers begin a light-hearted investigation into the circumstances surrounding an artist's insanity and his final masterpiece. But curiosity killed the cat, and all too soon both women are drawn into past events, unravelling a conspiracy of silence that reaches the highest levels of government. Will they be forced to conceal their findings in order to preserve national security and allow a killer to go free, or can they at last shed light on the horrifying events that are a chilling part of... THE CHANGELING'S MOON" -- Nene Adams

". . . Still suffering emotionally from the horror experienced during their recent trek to Egypt, Rhiannon has sunk into the depths of despair as this story begins. It's a despair that leads to a desperate act but which also marks the slow rebuilding of a relationship neither can live without. Emerging from this challenge stronger than ever, the two soon find themselves in the middle of a decades old mystery after Rhianon buys a painting and becomes determine to learn more about the tragic figure who painted it. What begins as a curious inquiry quickly becomes a search for justice as the two partners begin to uncover a hen ious tale of madness and murder - a truth so evil that its unveiling could shake the very foundations of the British Empire . . ." -- Lunacy

7. The Alabaster Hand by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A special Halloween tale! When Lina and Rhiannon are invited to Countess Orosz's Halloween party in London's fashionable West End, they have no idea there are going to be more tricks than treats when a woman is murdered... presumably as a result of an ancient Egyptian curse! Is a statue of Anubis, god of the underworld, reaching out from the grave? When a second victim is found, both women find themselves in a race against time, desperately trying to unravel the riddle behind... THE ALABASTER HAND" -- Nene Adams

". . .Lina and Rhiannon attending [sic] a friend's Halloween dinner party when the hostesses horrifying story of ancient Egyptian curses and murder starts to become all too true. Faced with an increasing body count, Lina and Rhiannon must try to get as much information as they can from some very nervous dinner guests aware that their culprit might not be an ancient evil but one made of flesh and bone . . ." -- Lunacy

8. The Poltergeist Puzzle by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A special Halloween tale! Lina and Rhiannon are asked to the haunted house of the rich American matron, Mrs. Terwilliger, who is being terrified by strange noises in the cellar which she believes are being caused by a poltergeist. These disturbances seem harmless enough, but is something more sinister going on? The partners lay a dangerous trap to uncover the solution to... THE POLTERGEIST PUZZLE" -- Nene Adams

". . . Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her partner Rhiannon Moore endeavour to help an American socialite with her ghostly problems. In London for her son's wedding, the woman has rented a house she's certain is now haunted after repeatedly hearing terrible sounds eminating from the cellar. Never one to pass on a challenge, Lina accepts the case only to soon find herself dealing with a very real and deadly danger . ." -- Lunacy

9. The Fall of the Phoenix by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Lina's mother, the Duchess of Inishglen, has not spoken with her estranged daughter in many years. So when a friendly invitation to visit the ancestral family castle arrives, Lina knows that something is very, very wrong. When she and Rhiannon arrive in Ireland, they find a sinister spiritualist, a hunch-backed Russian princess who claims to be five hundred-years old, terrified servants, a walking specter and the Duchess caught in a web of intrigue and murder that threatens to destroy her completely. Lina and Rhiannon must risk their lives to uncover the truth. Are there really ghosts haunting the corridors of Inishglen? Is a vengeful spirit responsible for two deaths? Or are all these strange occurences merely part of a mastermind's ultimate plan to ensure... THE FALL OF THE PHOENIX" -- Nene Adams

10. The Ides of October: A Gaslight Halloween Special by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A special Halloween tale! A wealthy collector of Roman coins believes he is being haunted by a toga-clad specter and calls upon Lina and Rhiannon for help. When he ends up dead, is it the work of a thief, revenge from beyond the grave, or has he merely fallen victim to the dreaded... IDES OF OCTOBER" -- Nene Adams

11. The Eyes of the Idol by Nene Adams

"A short story! A valuable opal necklace is stolen and a nurse is blamed for the crime, but there is more going on in Damascus House than meets the eye. The truth is revealed when Lina and Rhiannon uncover... THE EYES OF THE IDOL" -- Nene Adams

12. The Body on the Serpentine by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A short story! A picnic in Hyde Park turns into a murder investigation when Lina and Rhiannon witness the death of a man whose relatives seem to have no motive for killing... THE BODY ON THE SERPENTINE" -- Nene Adams

13. The Disappearance of the Devil's Eye by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"At a dinner party, Lina and Rhiannon are called upon to investigate the mysterious theft of a fabulous gemstone. Will they uncover the truth behind... THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE DEVIL'S EYE" -- Nene Adams 

14. The Cupid's Dart by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A case of blackmail soon leads to murder as Lina and Rhiannon investigate the mysterious surroundings and unusual circumstances that lead to... THE CUPID'S DART" -- Nene Adams

15. Art in the Blood by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A short story! When Lina and Rhiannon are faced with the murder of an artist, they discover that ART IN THE BLOOD is liable to take the strangest forms." -- Nene Adams

16. The Miraculous Fast by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A short story! Fifteen year old Mary Philpott was a 'miracle girl' who was supposed to have lived without food or water for many years. But when she is found starved to death and thirst at her wealthy patron's house, Lina and Rhiannon know that this is not the work of God, but some malevolent human agent behind... THE MIRACULOUS FAST" -- Nene Adams

17. The Perilous Rendevouz by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"A short story! A troubled American asks Lina and Rhiannon to help clear her missing friend of theft charges, but the simple case is more than it seems when it comes to... THE PERILOUS RENDEZVOUS" -- Nene Adams

Ghost of A Chance by DJWP

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Xippy Award

"The girls take shelter from a storm in an abandoned castle; much to the glee of the abode's ghostly inhabitant." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Darkness and storm force the Bard and Warrior into an old abandoned castle. Or is it really abandoned? Yet again DJWP manages to tell a wonderful story, best if read on a cold October night, when the trees are bare and the wind howls through the claw-like naked branches. Moonlight casts shadows everywhere, and...well you get the picture." -- Athenaeum 

". . . DJ's latest is the tale of a ghost - a very angry ghost who likes to haunt and is delighted at the opportunity to do so when a couple of travelers seek shelter in his dilapidated castle. A striking dark warrior with a beautiful golden companion, these aren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill travelers. They are exactly the type of challenge our ghost has been waiting for - only they aren't quite as inexperienced with the dead as most of the living are...and they have a knowledge of the heart that may just prove one ghost's undoing . . ." -- Lunacy

". . . Xena and Gabrielle enter a deserted Castle on a stormy night. Only problem is, it's not deserted and it's haunted. Gabrielle reaches out to this poor lost soul and Xena uses her own method to flush him out. EXCELLENT writing and storytelling!" -- Xippy

Ghost Train 2 by Carole Giorgio

Academy of Bards: Bard Challenge #8 - 101 Story Premises

"Logan is sent to survey some land and runs into an old coot who tells her the eerie tale of a white-woman ghost who haunts the woods running from slavers trying to kill or captures the runaways. As she climbs the trail she wonders who or what she'll run into." -- Academy of Bards

Ghosts, Ghouls & Others by Filfil

Academy of Bards | AthenaeumFilfil (PDF available) | Passion & Perfection


Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational 

"A Ghouls and Ghost tour in Edinburgh turns out to be more than a simple sightseeing trip for Erin." -- Filfil






Girls Just Having Some Fun by Sam Pagan

“This is my very wacky version of second season's episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Believe it or not, you'll actually find some resemblance to the episode…” --  Academy of Bards

Guardian by Midgit

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A young writer retreats to the countryside only to find herself pulled into an age old witch hunt." -- Academy of Bard

A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard

"For 2,000 years Tahlia had lived on the fringes of humanity as one of the most powerful and feared Royal Vampires in existence. The only ray of light in her endless brutal existence is the reincarnation of her human lover, Aurora. For the past 20 centuries the blue-eyed beauty's love added a gentle touch to the otherwise deadly veneer of the Vampire Queen. As protector and lover, she passionately loved her mortal partner and jealously guarded her existence.

But it all changed when her lover's birth coincides with the resurfacing of a cunning and elusive enemy set out to upset the Vampire hierarchy. This though the time the target is not Tahlia...directly, but it does threaten the Vampire Queen's existence." -- Stein Willard

Guilt by Ali Vali (A. Valdivia)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | Bleached Parchment | eBooks by Lidae-ScribblersPDA Fiction |

The SandBox 101 | Wordscape Fiction


Swollen Bud Award April 15, 2003 - "Getting Serious" / Drama-Action

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

 ". . . Enter the twilight zone world of First Assistant District Attorney, Mordecai Sydney O'Shea, her lover Kay Millard and innocent bystanders Blithe Thompson and her son Charlie. In this tale of deceit and murder and playground rides, you won't know who to trust until the last scene unfolds. I could not scroll fast enough through this very well wrought tale . . ." -- Just Like Buttah!

"Mordecai Sydney O'Shea, a young aggressive prosecutor in New Orleans, deals with evil on a daily basis.  Sydney plays it by the rules - always, it's what's put her at the top of the prosecutorial heap in sin city.  But what happens to that strict moral code when evil comes to visit the people she loves? Can she turn her back on the law that she lives her life by? Only the women in Sydney's life have the answer to that question of Guilt in the Twilight Zone." -- Academy of Bards

"Mordecai Syndey O'Shea is a rising assistant DA who is not only successful but extremely ethical. Unfortunately, her girlfriend, Kay, isn't. In order to assuage her guilt over fooling around on the side -- and to have accusations to lob back should the dalliance come to light -- the reporter asks Blithe Thompson to entice Sydney into an affair of her own. The principled social worker refuses. But fate -- and a messy pair of hands belonging to Blithe's son Charlie -- brings the two together anyway.

The encounter leads to a friendship that could be something more -- and would be, if Sydney were a different kind of woman. She won't let it go any farther until the relationship with Kay ends. When it does, and only then, she invites Blithe and Charlie to accompany her to the family homestead for an annual event, in which they are welcomed by her parents.

When the grisly murder of Kay and her lover points to a local mafia don, Syndey is tapped to prosecute the case. What she learns during the course of the trial puts her ethics to the supreme test." -- Swollen Buds

Hallowed Crossing by Hunter Ash

Academy of BardsAmazon Trails | Frau Hunter's Story Crypt (Archived)


"This story is in today's world, specifically around Halloween, and is based in a small town somewhere in Northern California. Annie meets Cerys, an alternate universe being, who draws her into a battle between good and evil vampires." -- Academy of Bards




Halloween Memories by Jenah


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Samantha and Tina from Our Reunion recall past Halloweens." -- Academy of Bards


A Halloween to Remember by Tara Kerry


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A young news anchor is invited to a halloween party in which guests must traverse a maze." -- Academy of Bards



A Hand in the Bush by DJWP

Una mano en el arbusto (Spanish Translation) 

"It's a cold, dark night and one persistent little bard is determined to get as much warmth as possible from her warrior blanket. When nature calls, however, she has to risk a quick trip into the surrounding forest - a very gloomy, eerie forest hiding dangers the bard is about to become intimately acquainted with . . . ." -- Lunacy

The Hand of Hades by Becklee

Athenaeum | Tom's Xena Page

"Action-packed story that has the warrior and bard traveling toward a mountain where a deadly evil awaits - an evil that needs but one thing to attain ultimate power...a human soul . . ." -- Lunacy

The Haunting Series by Colleen

Home Fires by Judy (Wishes)

Amazon Trails | AusXIP | Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Zombies haunt a village." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle are asked to aid a village being threatened by the un-dead." -- Athenaeum

". . . a wonderfully suspenseful horror story that has Xena and Gabrielle helping villagers fight a deadly new enemy - a growing evil in the shape of humans that has been around for time immemorial and will likely outlive the Warrior and Bard themselves . . ." -- Lunacy

Hoodoo You Do Voodoo by Linda Crist (TexBard)

Academy of Bards 6th Annual Halloween Invitational

"Rock star Kimberly Case and her wardrobe assistant, Seana (no last name yet), were first introduced earlier this year in my 2006 Academy Valentine's story, When the Lights Go Down, which is set a bit in the future, during Mardi Gras of February 2008.  This story is also set in the future, later that same year, during Halloween of 2008.  It takes place in post - Katrina New Orleans, which is rebuilding and coming back to life.  You do not have to read When the Lights Go Down in order to enjoy this story - it can be read as a stand - alone.  This is a Halloween tale, and these ladies travel in the fast world of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll." -- Linda Crist

Horror to Hope by Lois Cloarec Hart

Academy of Bards | Lois Cloarec Hart

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"Callie Ayrs, a Crown Attorney, needs to convince Jean Calder to meet with Frank Navarro, the convicted killer of Jean's wife, Hope Nichols. Navarro is willing to confess to at least six other murders, but only if Jean will have a face-to-face meeting and listen to what he insists on saying. Jean, whose life was shattered when Hope was stabbed to death, is infuriated by the request and refuses to even contemplate the possibility. She has lived only for vengeance since the night her beloved wife was taken from her. Callie, eager to close a difficult case, uses every trick in the book, and finally convinces Jean to agree to a meeting. What ensues as Jean faces Navarro across a table in a prison room is completely unexpected, but changes three lives." -- Lois Cloarec Hart

The House on the Hill by Cheyne

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"It was a dark and stormy night…" -- Cheyne

The Hungry Land by Mary Morgan

Pink Rabbit ConsortiumPDA Fiction


"Xena and Gabrielle must comfort each others fears while trapped in a strange valley." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . Suffering from some very frightening nightmares, Gabrielle is less than enthusiastic about traveling through the lush forest Xena insists on leading them through. For the bard it's the beginning of a nightmare as every step seems to zap her strength further, widening both the physical and emotional distance between herself and her partner. For Xena it will be among her greatest challenges as she finds herself increasingly drawn to the power of that forest - wanting to become a part of it no matter the cost and dreading the implications of that compulsion . . ." -- Lunacy

Hunger in the Night by Allyson Heisey

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida | PDA Fiction



"Bacchus is dead. Or is he? Having the last laugh, he throws Xena and Gabrielle into a future timeline, where they must use their intelligence and skills to survive. Once again, as the fates would have it, the two women meet and outwit Bacchus for good. A tribute to "The Hunger" 1983, Starring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon A classic fiction that takes place after Season 6 (Post Finale)" -- Academy of Bards



Hungry One by Zwolf

"The Grrls are stuck in a castle with a carnivorous, human flesh loving monster. High gore factor." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . Set on an appropriately stormy night, this tale has Xena and the bard seeking refuge from the weather in a dark, deserted castle - at least it looks deserted...until they discover otherwise . . ." -- Lunacy

Hunters and Hunted by JPuertoR

Unfinished - Last Updated May 1998

"Xena and Gabrielle meet a Predator and a group of Aliens in this X:WP/Aliens/Predator crossover." -- Athenaeum

"Just in time for Halloween we get an entertaining XWP/ALIENS/PREDATOR crossover thriller by a new bard which has Xena and Gabrielle discovering a cache of these strange looking eggs in the forest. Soon after they happen upon the creatures responsible for that little cache just as these are...getting to know the locals. Meanwhile, another deadly visitor is making his presence known, playing a game which the warrior and bard know they must join before humans become an endangered species . . ." -- Lunacy

In A Deep Sleep by Zwolf

". . . The story has Xena and the Gabster going up against a warlord vent on world domination. On the surface it would seem like a run-of-the-mill challenge for warrior and bard but this is one warlord with a very different kind of army - an army of the undead that just continues to grow and grow . . ." -- Lunacy

The Invitation by Zuke

"A lesbian couple on a roadtrip fall in love with a small seaside town and decide to move there and open a computer service business." -- Academy of Bards

The Ireland Saga by Filfil

1. The Matchmaking Festival by Filfil

Academy of Bards | Filfil (PDF available)


"Once a year Lisdoonvarna, a small Irish town, hosts The Matchmaking Festival. Singles from all over the world are drawn to this place, humans and non-humans alike…" -- Filfil

"Julia accompanies her friend Monika to the matchmaking festival of Lisdoonvarna, being Europe 's biggest single event. Julia lost hope of finding love in her life after surviving an abusive relationship. But then, this is a story about finding unexpected love in an expected place and about the purchase of a portrait which triggers a chain of events never to be expected." -- Academy of Bards

Cover by Calli



2. In Sync by Filfil

Academy of BardsFilfil (PDF available)

"Julia and Eileen have to face an adventure of life and death that threatens to destroy their life together. Will they be able to survive the challenge that is thrown in their way? Will Julia be able to face the supernatural world of the Irish faeries?" -- Filfil

"'In Sync' begins right were ‘The Matchmaking Festival’ left off and takes us deeper into the realm of the Irish sidhe. Julia and Eileen have to face an adventure of life and death that threatens to destroy their life. Will they be able to survive the challenge that is thrown in their way? Or will their life together end as fast as it begun." -- Academy of Bards

It's All in the Telling by Eileen Marks

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A Halloween vignette about an aunt who tells her nieces a scary story ... but is it merely that." -- Academy of Bards

The Jess and Andi Series by Anais

1. Make A Wish by Anais

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Jess, an animal control officer, and her best friend, Andi, find themselves on a rather unusual assignment. All is not what it seems when the women attend a 'mass' at a local church. On Halloween, no less. They soon discover, however, that this is not your usual garden variety church service. Jess and Andi make a hasty escape only to realize that they've lost Andi's treasured locket, an heirloom, and , must return to the scene of the....of the what?" -- Academy of Bards

Just Like Buttah! Review 

2. The Hitchhiker by Anais

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"This time Jess and Andi decide to take a vacation on Halloween.  Only their plans hit a bump in the road." -- Academy of Bards

3. Movietime by Anais

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Jess and Andi are enjoying a scary movie when a knock on the door reveals a mysterious man." -- Academy of Bards

4. Trick or Treat by Anais

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

5. The Note by Anais

Academy of Bards Fifth Annual Halloween Invitational

6. California Dreaming by Anais

Academy of Bards Sixth Annual Halloween invitational

Kennedy and Carson Halloween Stories by Linda Crist (TexBard)

Part of The Kennedy and Carson / Bluest Eyes in Texas Series by Linda Crist (TexBard)

1. Soul Vessels by Linda Crist (TexBard)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | e-Books by Lida


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"While camping out at the Beach Kennedy and Carson encounter the ghost of a female pirate." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Very highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Just Like Buttah! Review

2. Rituals by Texbard

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"This is a story about Meg and Isalba." -- Academy of Bards

 3. A Wish to Build A Dream On by Texbard

Academy of Bards 7th Annual Halloween Invitational

". . . finds Kennedy and Carson on a romantic Halloween getaway on a deserted beach enjoying a campfire, roasted marshmallows...and each other. It is the perfect evening until Kennedy finds herself drawn away from her sleeping lover by ghostly images on the star-lit beach - images that are somehow familiar and that are about to answer questions Kennedy didn't even realize she had . . ." -- Lunacy

4. Peril on the Pearl by Texbard

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"This short story is set between "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" and "Borderline." Kennedy and Carson go on a much-needed vacation and discover a mysterious link to the past." -- Academy of Bards

5. A Not So Scary Night by Linda Crist

The Royal Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational 2014 

“This is a Kennedy and Carson short story . . . It is set sometime between "Once Upon a Future Time" and "Airships That Pass in the Night." — Linda Crist

Kwaidan: Supernatural Tales of the Floating World by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

1. Azumaya - The Eastern House (The First Tale of Unmei) by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Strange happenings in the Imperial Palace come to the attention of the samurai Ichijo Ayumi and her new mistress, the young noblewoman Fujiwara no Kimiko. A vengeful ghost is no less troubling to the two women than the machinations of the powerful people who rule the Floating World." -- Nene Adams

". . . Nene sets her tale in the mythical Island of Wa - a place resembling feudal Japan with its rigid social structure and obsession with honor, duty, and power. Ichijo Ayumi is a member of the warrior class in this world - one of the many samurai whose sole purpose is to serve the masters who employ them. As a female from humble origins, however, she's a rarity who's had to struggle harder than others to prove herself deserving of the rank she's achieved so when her miserly lord decides he can no longer afford her Ayumi is devastated. Masterless samurai are spurned by the society she lives in - doomed to poverty unless they become bandits. Unbeknownst to the proud warrior, her fate is about to take yet another interesting turn. The lady Fujiwara no Kimiko is one of the most beautiful and intelligent aristocrats at the imperial court but at nineteen she's also impressionable, naive, and filled with very romantic notions of love. The object of her affections at the moment just happens to be a certain female samurai desperately in need of a master so upon learning of Ayumi-san's predicament, Kimiko hires her as a personal retainer. It's a decision that will have repercussions for them both, for others in positions of great power and for the empire itself as Kimiko and Ayumi soon find themselves trapped in a web of intrigue, fighting for their lives and coming face to face with an avenging force determined to extract a terrible justice on those who once wronged it . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Hotaru: Fireflies (The Second Tale of Unmei) by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Kimiko has been ordered by her powerful uncle to marry despite her love for Ayumi, but supernatural happenings and an envious spirit lead to an unexpected end." -- Nene Adams

3. Onna Yugao: Lady of the Evening Faces (The Third Tale of Unmei) by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"The separation of Kimiko and Ayumi continues, but so does the danger as both women face trials and tribulations on their way to a reunion that could finish in death." -- Nene Adams

4. Shorogejo: The Weeping Maid (The First Tale of Giri) by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Now that Kimiko has sworn rebellion against the Empire, Ayumi aids her as they journey towards their shared destiny, facing horrors and gaining new allies in their quest." -- Nene Adams

5. Nukekubi: Floating Heads by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"A kind act by a stranger proves to have a bizarre and deadly motive as Ayumi and Kimiko learn that horror wears a pretty face. (Written for the Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational 2004)" -- Nene Adams

Academy of Bards Link

5. Yuki Onna: Snow Woman by Nene Adams (Barwynna)

"While travelling through the winter-stricken mountains, Ayumi and Kimiko are forced to confront danger in the form of a beautiful and murderous elemental force, leading Kimiko to accept strange allies in order to save Ayumi from an icy doom! (Commissioned by Mary Pardo for the Buy-a-Bard Auction II and archived here by her kind permission)" -- Nene Adams

Lamia by Noelle


"Spooky story that has Xena and Gabrielle trying to track down a number of missing children only to discover that an old tale told to children to make them behave may not be entirely fictional after all." -- Lunacy

"A hated limeric from Gabrielle's youth about evil woman who took bad little children comes, to mind as she and Xena try to solve the mystery of disappearing children from a village. "If you have been good as you played through the day, Rest easy, my sweet, she won't take you away." The eerie rhyme may not be so far off...and the tension mounts as Gabrielle sets oout on her own to try to solve the riddle of the missing children." -- Athenaeum

The Legacy of Mephistopheles by Aurelia

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"It's a year since Xena defeated Lucifer and sent him to Hell. On the eve of the anniversary Xena has an urge to return to Amphipolis. When she and Gabrielle arrive everything is not as it seems. Is the King of Hell on the rampage again?" -- Athenaeum

Legends in Time by K. Darblyne

Academy of Bards | K. Darblynne


Academy of Bards: Bards Challenge #8 - 101 Story Premises -- Honorable Mention

"Logan finds herself roped into inspecting a trail for possible development. Seeking directions, she hears the tale of an Indian and a bordello maid who are separated by a cruel railroad boss that sends the Indian on the Ghost Train. Just as the story is wrapping up, in walks Mattie, a hermit and local who volunteers to take Logan to the trail and tells her version of the story." -- Academy of Bards



Lily White by Nene Adams

Academy of Bards | Chamber of Horror

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Everyone is entranced by Lily whose cold exterior seems mysterious, but one person hates who she really is." -- Academy of Bards

"She's beautiful but deadly, and oh, so very, very cold. What are her secrets? Don't ask her lovers - they've all gone mad." -- Nene's Living Library

Living Doll by Nene Adams

Academy of Bards | Chamber of Horror

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"In her quest to reunite with the woman she loves, Felicity will go to any lengths, including necromancy. Is the price too high to pay? A foul curse spells murder for the Living Doll." -- Academy of Bards

"Felicity's obsessive quest to regain her lost love by any means possible - including forbidden magic - leads to possession and murder. What terrible sacrifices must be made to put things right again?" -- Nene's Living Library

Love Bites by Alex D. Taggert

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A young reporter is asked to interview people on Halloween for the local paper. When she interviews a woman and child dressed as vampires they leave an impression, one that causes her to look for the woman throughout the year." -- Academy of Bards

Love Lies Bleeding by Lariel

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A seductive popular woman who stalks people at a party, including one woman's girlfriend." -- Academy of Bards

Loverman by Lupine

"An evil lurks in search of blood. Will Gabrielle be it's next victim? Find out in the short but nicely told tale." -- Athenaeum

"Inspired by the song of the same name by Metallica, this is an eerie little tale that has the bard coming face to face with a terrifying apparition." -- Lunacy

Maleficent Beauty by Crème Brûlée

Academy of Bards | Celestial Buffet | e-Books by Lida

"Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover - a Xenaverse fairy tale for Halloween." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Maleficent Beauty is a tale of sorcerers and magic and a level of sibling rivalry usually reserved for guests of the Jerry Springer show. Maleficent is the youngest of 4 sorceress sisters who use their magic to try to keep her from the beautiful Princess Aurora. But true lust might overcome the spell blocking true love. It's witty and fun. Definitely recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . Charged with the well-being of the as-yet unborn princess Aurora, her three fairy godmothers are horrified when a vision reveals to them who the princess' true love will eventually be - none other than their evil sister Maleficent - a dark sorceress ostracized from the kingdom and their family for her dealings in dark magic and her rebellious determination to live life on her own terms. Intent on protecting the princess, the three sisters cast a spell that should keep Aurora and the dark sorceress apart and one day join the princess's life to that of the neighboring prince. Two things they don't quite count on though - the strength of true love...or the staying power of true lust. Years later, at the princess' engagement party, Aurora catches her first glimpse of the dark, sexy, GORGEOUS sorceress everyone has been trying to keep her away from and suddenly those hormones kick in full force. For her part, Maleficent attends the festivities intent on wrecking havoc on the royal family, her own sisters and the kingdom but one look at the beautiful young princess starts wrecking a little havoc on the dark one's own composure. It's spells vs the magic of the heart as Maleficent goes head to head with her sisters for the right to choose her own destiny and have Aurora do the same . . ." -- Lunacy

Recommended by Ralst

Masks: A Halloween Tale by Minerva

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Minerva's Domain

Part of the Holiday Series

"This is sort of a combo uber/classic Xena story, using original characters as well as Xena and Gabrielle themselves. It is a twisted kind of Halloween story with hints dropped from early season episodes as well as the latter ones." -- Athenaeum

"A Halloween story with a romantic twist." -- Academy of Bards

Masquerade by Colleen

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links

Part of the Erin and Jamie / "At First Sight" Series

"A bit of Halloween fun and non-spookiness." -- Academy of Bards

"This a just short, non spooky Halloween visit with some old friends." -- Athenaeum

The Matter with Primes by Crème Brûlée

Academy of Bards: Part 1  Part 2 | Celestial Buffet

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

". . .there are aspects of this story that will chill you to the very core - if you happen to be sitting on a block of ice when you read it. " --  Crème Brûlée

"SciFi tale that focuses on an enhanced computer geek who partners with a vampire to locate her missing sister that is special to a corporation looking for control." -- Academy of Bards

A Mel and Jan Halloween Story by DJ Belt

Academy of Bards | Jess Fan Fiction | The SandBox 101

Part of The Mel and Janice Series

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"I wondered what our two intrepid gals might go to a costume  party dressed as, so I considered various scenes and their hopefully comic possibilities.  Here’s the result..." -- D.J. Belt

Memories of the Heart by Ali Vali

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | E-Scribblers | PDA Fiction | The SandBox 101

Academy of Bards Fifth Annual Halloween Invitational

"Briar Kilston is a rich, powerful woman who seems to have it all: good looks, a gorgeous woman, millions of dollars, and her health. But all is not what it seems to be and after suffering a massive heart attack and miraculous transplant, she finds herself mysteriously led to New Orleans.

Megan Beniot is a thirty-something kindergarten teacher who has been in love with Vivian since she was 14 years old. She loves Viv but feels that something is missing from their relationship – passion." -- Fan Fiction Reviews

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . . by Lariel

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"A woman wakes one morning to find out that her life is slipping away from her, with terrifying consequences." -- Academy of Bards

The Mist Series by Chem1 (Chemmy)

1. The Mist by Chem1 (Chemmy)

General Version | Romantic Friendship Version

2. Ate's Revenge by Chemmy (Chem1)

"The fearsome goddess Ate is back and more determined than ever. Recognizing Xena's biggest vulnerability, Ate centers her efforts on destroying Gabrielle who already badly wounded from the earlier confrontation with the goddess can only struggle to survive as Xena fights to keep her alive . . ." -- Lunacy

A Monster Bash by Tara Kerry 

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Two women on the way to friends get lost and walk into a party filled with strange people." -- Academy of Bards

Monsters in Love Series by Zee

1. Monsters in Love by Zee

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Linkse-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction


Academy of Bards Valentine Special 2004

"Danny and Tori are in love but unable to spend Valentine's together which causes an argument." -- Academy of Bards

2. Control by Zee

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links

Academy of Bards Sixth Annual Halloween Invitational

Moonlight Serenade by SX Meagher


Swollen Bud Award April 15, 2003 - Getting Serious / Drama-Action

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"The year: 1943. The place: New York City. Sally and her fiance, Pete, are trying to decide if they should rush to get married. Pete is due to be on a troop ship in less than 24 hours and Sally has clearly been dragging her heels. A new friend, Gina, offers advice and friendship to Sally, but her generosity only serves to confuse the situation. Will Sally follow through on her promise and marry Pete, or will she allow the savvy New Yorker to turn her head?" -- Academy of Bards

"It's World War II and Sally has come to New York City to see her soldier off and give him a reason to live ... by marrying him. They meet up with a buddy of his at a USO canteen, intending to hitch a ride to a place where they can marry without waiting. When Sally meets Gina, however, things don't seem quite so clear. In answer to questions from the confident and independent woman, a hostess at the canteen and the owner of the car in question, Sally admits that she's put off marrying Pete a number of times before -- first for schooling and lately because of her job.

She gets another reprieve when the car is impounded for speeding, and, as propriety demands, she ends up staying with Gina, the hotels in the area being full. In the course of her night with the woman, she discovers a number of other reasons to forgo the secure and accepted life that marriage to Pete offers -- if she is brave enough to seize them." -- Swollen Buds

A Mortal Trade by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction Link   |  Pink Rabbit


"Xena and Gabrielle battle against an ancient evil which is greedy to possess the warrior's soul." -- Academy of Bards

". . . begins with a beautiful warrior insinuating herself into the employ of a vicious warlord by showing just how inadequate his present lieutenants are. Recuperating from an illness, Gabrielle has stayed behind while her partner works to rid the region of the warlord but troubling dreams spur her to go after Xena terrified that a deadly evil will ensnare the warrior. On the way she comes across a small, traumatized survivor of one the raids and further proof that the evil they're facing is unlike anything they've ever faced before - powerful, inhuman and intelligent - hungry for blood and intent on recruiting one Warrior Princess to help it obtain more... With the evil kept purposely vague, this is a mysterious, troubling story with a surprising ending and a poignant lesson about price of survival." -- Lunacy

My Xena, What Big Teeth You Have by Del Robertson


Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational

"Xena and Gabrielle attend an Amazon harvest festival. And, after being bitten by wolf, a certain warrior princess begins to exhibit some very disturbing behavior." -- Del Robertson



The Myth Series by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

     Cover by Barron

1. Myth-Understandings by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Not Halloween

"Xena and Gabrielle and Hercules and Iolaus experience a series of sexual misunderstandings." -- Athenaeum

". . . The story begins innocently enough with Iolus, Hercules' intrepid partner, walking through the woods when suddenly he overhears a rather loud Gabrielle yelling at the top of her lung...urging Xena on! The blonde warrior immediately jumps to conclusions setting off a series of misunderstandings that will soon include Hercules and have even the gods on Mount Olympus roaring with laughter. Amidst the confusion and hilarity, however, one truth will surface at last - binding two souls into one - as they were always meant to be..." -- Lunacy

2. Ain't Myth-Behaving by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Not Halloween

"Staying at an inn for the Festival of Aphrodite, our two grrls keep missing each other as they exchange a series of notes." -- Athenaeum

". . . Together now and suddenly VERY affectionate, Xena and Gabrielle travel with Hercules and Iolus to Erosia-by-the-sea where the Annual Festival of Aphrodite is under way. Things are going rather well until Xena receives a summons to join her fellow warriors for some drinks in honor of fallen comrades. Vowing to come back soon, the warrior leaves a fuming and - er - frustrated bard waiting. When the wait drags on, however, the bard decides to go on a little trip herself and the quest for revenge is ON!!! Before the day is over, much parchment will be used, a warrior and a bard will spend considerable time planning terrible things to do to one another and the Olympians will once again enjoy themselves immensely at the cost of two hearts in love...and lust . . ." -- Lunacy

3. Myth-Feasance and Myth Directions by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Not Halloween

"On the way to be married at the Amazon village, Gabrielle and Xena agree to escort a troupe of actors, much to their frustration." -- Athenaeum

". . . the story has the Warrior Princess and her - "bardie-poo" heading for Amazonia where they plan to go through a joining ceremony. Delays, however, soon result in one unhappy "bardie-poo" prompting Xena to start reciting Wyllam Spear-Shaker. (You have not LIVED 'til you've seen the Warrior Princess reciting Wyllam Spear-Shaker ;-) This foreshadows the additional delays to come as the two meet up with a traveling group of actors who soon join them on their journey, resulting in an even unhappier "bardie-poo" and one FRUSTRATED Warrior Princess . . ." -- Lunacy

4. Myth-Alliances by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Not Halloween

"Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazon village to be married." -- Athenaeum

"This fourth installment in Nene's comedy MYTH series finds the warrior and her "bardie-poo" in Amazonia getting ready for the wedding of the century. Before that fateful event, however, a "few" misunderstandings will have to be cleared up and some ceremonial customs observed including a priceless meeting between one of the brides-to-be and the Ancient version of Dr. Ruth! . . ." -- Lunacy

5. Myth-Deeds of Daring-Do by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

"Xena and Gabrielle on their honeymoon aboard the "Lust Boat"" -- Athenaeum

"The fifth installment in the MYTH series begins with the long-anticipated honeymoon of a certain Warrior Princess and her "bardie-poo" aboard none other than the Lust Boat complete with Kaptain Schtubing and company :) The next few days will see Xena and bardie-poo meeting the great god "Aaron" along with most of his best known - er - "followers" as their journey eventually takes them to a disturbingly familiar island where all fantasies come true!" -- Lunacy

6. Myth-ery Loves Company by Tim Wellman and Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

". . . Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back and happy at LAST...well sort of...except for the little matter of a bug-infested house...not that the bugs can't share mind you...they're even doing homage to the bard! ;-) Before long their troubles seemed solved as Salmoneous sells them a new house. Not just any house either... a mansion...a HUGE spread...a palace...which just happens to feature blood-splattered walls and disembodied voices BUT it was always hard to find good real-estate in Ancient Greece! . . ." -- Lunacy

7. Myth-taken Identity: An Addendum to the Myth Series by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

Not Halloween

"Still on their honeymoon, Gabrielle mistakes Princess Diana, Priestess Leah, and Meg for Xena." -- Athenaeum

"Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back once again in this hilarious new addition to Nene's MYTH SERIES which finds a frustrated Bardie Poo coming across a lot of Xena lookalikes while the Dream Rabbit herself is secretly spirited off in an evil plot to keep the bard...frustrated." -- Lunacy

8. Midnight Myth-tery by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

". . . Still galivanting around Greece with their wonder saddlebag in tow and an eye for convenient bushes, the two change their immediate plans when word reaches them that Gabrielle's Uncle Bingo has kicked the bucket and the bard is mentioned in his will. The two immediately head for Bingo's Old Stone Fort - a spooky monstrocity of a house where they meet an odd assortment of characters, including a talking pooch that should be familiar to many from my generation, the requisite mysterious caretakers, and a deadly apparition who soon realizes it may have met its match in the likes of Dream Rabbit . . ." -- Lunacy

Natalie Lambert: Warrior Coroner by Dalton S. Spence

Unfinished - Last Updated 1997

Forever Knight/Xena crossover.

"Being a big fan of the vampire cop TV show "FOREVER KNIGHT", I just have to mention this new crossover story. For any fan of the two shows this is ABSOLUTELY WILD and tons of FUN!! ALL the characters seem to be in here, Xena, Gabby, Callisto, Joxer (well, no story is perfect after all <:), Hades, even Janice from XENA SCROLLS!! From "FOREVER KNIGHT" we get Nick, Nat, Tracey, and Lacroix so far. You aren't going to BELIEVE who is related to who - ingenious little genealogical meddling >:) . . . Think Xena in modern-day Toronto!!" -- Lunacy

The Nature of the Beast by Insane Englishwoman

Nepenthean by Baermer

AusXIP | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page | BloodRaven's Xena 105 Editor's Choice Award

"A mysterious woman aids the friends when a Warlord tortures Gabrielle to get revenge against Xena." -- Athenaeum

"Gripping story with a sense of mystery that has Xena and Gabrielle falling into the clutches of an evil warlord intent on using the bard to exact a cruel revenge on Xena. To their rescue come several old friends including a Joxer who is less goofy than usual and a strange old woman who visits Xena in the warrior's darkest moments, encouraging her to have faith and to trust that help is on the way . . ." -- Lunacy

The New Adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess Series by Ernie Whiting

Three Halloween Tales from the 17 story The New Adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess Series

1. The Uninvited by Ernie Whiting

Academy of Bards Sixth Annual Halloween Invitational

2. The Howling by Ernie Whiting


Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational

"It's Halloween Night. With the party over, Gina Ryan and Brie Duncan finally get to kick back and relax, and watch classic old horror movies. But their movie-watching keeps getting interrupted by some unusual trick-or-treaters, and something out in the darkness of the forest." -- Academy of Bards


3. Celebratio Interruptus by Ernie Whiting

Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational

"With their Halloween preparations only partially completed, a sudden medical scare compels Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, to accompany Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, as she goes to the base hospital down in CoronadoÖwhich results in a life-changing event." -- Academy of Bards

Nightstalker by Anne O'Donnell

The girls are attacked by a cave monster." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"In this eerie tale Xena and Gab are seeking shelter from a storm when they encounter a deadly threat - a menace neither has ever faced before and which grows more dangerous than ever when it establishes a seemingly unbreakable link with the bard . . ." -- Lunacy

Not As Long As I'm Around by T. Novan

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | GunhildaT. Novan (Archived)


"Xena is an immortal vampire, mourning the loss of Gabrielle until she meets a reincarnation of the bard." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Cover by Calli's Creations






O'Connor's Pub by Mavis

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Fator X

"A bartender tells one of her co-workers a spooky Halloween tale but is it just a story?" -- Academy of Bards

The October Series by Fingersmith

1. October by Fingersmith

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook LinksPDA Fiction

"Libby Armitage doesn't believe in things that go bump in the night. She also doesn't believe that Jennifer Darby and her have anything in common. But a night vigil at the Falstaff Experience is enough for her to doubt more than her sanity." -- Academy of Bards

2. October Part II by Fingersmith

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links


 Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational




Once In A Blue Moon by Insane Englishwoman

Once Upon an Uber: A Fracture Fairy Tale by Tara Kerry

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

"In this fractured fairy tale, Snow White gets help from her Fairy Godmother as she battles nasty trolls and an evil huntress in her search for the sleeping beauty taken away by Prince Charming." -- Academy of Bards

One by One by Zuke B.

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"On board a ship returning from Britannia, the crew is slowly disappearing while stranded in a fog bank. Can Xena and Gabrielle find the cause?" -- Academy of Bards

One Foggy Night by Colleen

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links | PDA Fiction

Part of the 12 Days Series

"One wrong turn leads to a frightful Halloween night." -- Academy of Bards

"This is the third installment of her holiday series, Colleen has Cori and Taylor spend an interesting Halloween together." -- Athenaeum

One Night by Robin Alexander

The Other Side by Devize

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links

Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"Halloween, and Kate is having a bad day, which can only get worse? until she meets a blue-eyed stranger who can save her. Or can she?"  -- Athenaeum

The Phantom by Kim Pritekel

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trailse-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction

"Erika gets pulled into going to a Halloween masquerade party, dressed as The Phantom of the Opera. Will she find her Christine there?" -- Academy of Bards

Phantom by Silk

AusXIP | Silk's Fiction (Archived)

5th story in the Apparitions of Love Series


". . . a lost soul's desperate journey to reunite with her forgotten mate . . ." -- Lunacy

Powers That Bind by Marie E. Costa

"Xena and Gabrielle rescue a man from certain death at the hands of a mob who claims he is a wolf-like creature." -- Athenaeum

". . . the warrior and bard try to help a couple of men whose blood links them to the Lykoi - a mysterious tribe with characteristics that make many fear them as werewolves." -- Lunacy

The Present Moment by Cheyne Curry

Academy of Bards | The Story Lounge

2013 Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational

Part 2 of The Renegade Series by Cheyne Curry

“A day in the life of the Sheridan family six years after we last visited them. It’s the Sunday before Halloween. The reverend and a few church members are not thrilled about the sheriff’s new addition to the harvest festival, the gang at Wilbur’s just want to be left to their card games and Trace finds an intellectual equal to discuss her life with.” — Cheyne Curry

The Price I Paid by Mavis Applewater

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Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A woman who realizes she has no recall of her past beyond her name and job. Eventually she comes to realize that a vampire saved her and gave her a new life." -- Academy of Bards

The Princess and Her Pirate by S.X. Meagher

Part of the "I Found My Heart in San Francisco" Series

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A halloween interlude takes a step back in time to when a very young Jamie frolics in a park with a very determined pirate queen." -- Academy of Bards

The Priory / Dylan Ghost Series by Aurelia

1. The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Bathroom Fixtures, Non-Corporeal Manifestations & You by Aurelia

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Academy of Bards Sixth Annual Halloween Invitational

"Corporate executive Priory McAllister had finally bought her dream house, or so she thought. A turn-of-the-century manor house, it had stood unoccupied for many years after passing through a succession of owners. Assisted by her under-appreciated secretary, Jacey Ryder, Priory moves in amid creaking boards, squealing pipes and Halloween preparations. Was the place haunted or just a feeble trick of her imagination?" -- Athenaeum 

2. The Paramilitary Handbook to Table Dancing and Surveillance Countermeasures in Detecting Threats with Proper Bathroom Etiquette by Aurelia

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"In this sequel to The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Bathroom Fixtures, Non-Corporeal Manifestations & You, this second tale of Priory/Jacey and Dylan/Rhea has the unlikely quartet trying to co-exist under the one roof. Christmas is approaching rapidly and, if Dylan has anything to say about it, the office party about to take place in their home has disaster written all over it." -- Academy of Bards

3. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Bathroom Bogeys, Suspect Seafood and Valentine Dreams . . . But Were Afraid to Ask by Aurelia

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Athenaeum Top 25 #1

Academy of Bards Valentine Invitational 2007

"Dylan and Rhea mourn for what might have been and Jacey's solution to the problem is even more bizarre than the resident demonic toilet." -- Athenaeum


4. The Homemaker's Journal Featuring Articles on Pruning the Family Tree, Getting Rid of Unwanted Cat Hair and Fixing Leaking Lavatories by Aurelia

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Athenaeum Top 25 #1

"You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. An unexpected visit from a pushy relative throws the McAllister household into turmoil. Within two hours she has taken over the house and Dylan decides enough is enough. The battle lines are drawn." -- Academy of Bards

5. The Halloween Hunter's Guide to Trick-or-Treating Tots, Ambling Apparitions and Porta-Potties by Aurelia

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Academy of Bards 7th Annual Halloween Invitational

"Dylan and Rhea received an unexpected present from the most unlikeliest of sources, allowing them to experience Halloween like never before. But is this gift a good thing or a bad thing?" --  Athenaeum

6. How To Go From A Medium To An Extra-Small Without Losing The Family Jewels  by Aurelia

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"This is the sixth story in the Priory/Dylan series. A holiday is on the cards for Priory and Jacey but does Priory trust Dylan enough to leave the house unattended while they are away? Will Dylan find the strength to behave herself with the arrival of her arch-nemesis?" -- Athenaeum 

7. Destined to Be by Aurelia

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Athenaeum Top 25 #1

"This tale is a prequel to the series, telling the story of how Dylan met Rhea. It was a time of great turmoil in 1935. The Great Depression had just ended and the ramifications of it were still being felt. Jobs were hard to get, for women even more so. One woman was so desperate for a job that she would become a man to get it. Little did she know what it would cost her to win it." -- Academy of Bards

Project 1031 by Padington T. Bear

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

A series of 10 poems.

The Real Housewives of Wolfgang County by Jenny Frame

"A story of family, love, loyalty and passion. The "Real Housewives of Wolfgang County" gives you a snapshot into the lives of extraordinary creatures living ordinary lives . Dante Wolfgang, Alpha of the Wolfgang pack, would do anything to protect her family and her pack. Dante is surrounded by her most powerful and loyal wolves, who have only one goal in mind, to keep the pack strong and secure. When an intruder threatens, will the Alpha be able to protect what is hers? Find out in the new title by Jenny Frame. A story of a wolf pack that live by one motto. "Fortis et Fidelis". Strong and Faithful." -- Academy of Bards What's New June 18th, 2013



Real Vampires by Phantom Bard

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Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A young goth who finds her niche in a club filled with vampires." -- Academy of Bards

"This is an atypical vampire story, recommended for mature audiences. Written for the Royal Academy of Bards' 2003 Halloween Special, this story of supernatural horror is based on current and historical beliefs about vampires. A modern vampire discovers the grain of truth behind the myths. The characters Valerie McCormack, Hekate Colchis, and Medea, who appeared in 'All Hallows Peeve,' are introduced in, this tale." -- Athenaeum

Reality Check by Idryth

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Two women who attend a local spookfest and one comes into contact with the woman of her dreams." -- Academy of Bards

Reflections of A Vampire by Rab Donald

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A successful journalist takes on a surly teen as her personal assistant who grows into her position and on her boss." -- Academy of Bards

Remember Me by Midgit

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Part of the Joanna and Rocky / "Cold" Series by Midgit

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"An interlude in Cold finds the pair at a cottage on the estate that is haunted by the ghost of a victim from the dark doings of the original master." -- Academy of Bards

"In a poignant Halloween sequel to her story COLD, Midgit continues the tale of Joe and Shelley as the two lovers settle into their lives together at the magnificent Collingford estate belonging to Joe's family. Joe surprises her partner by taking her to a beautiful little cottage on the grounds recently renovated just for them. The delight in their new home is short-lived, however, when it quickly becomes apparent that they aren't quite alone. Someone or something is haunting the woods and making its way close to the two women at every opportunity. Frightened but curious, Joe and Shelley set out to discover the history behind the hauntings uncovering in the process a shameful past for the Collingford family and a wrong that must be set right . . ." -- Lunacy

Return of the Headless Warrior by Crème Brûlée

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Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"It's a dark and stormy night in the Xenaverse as a mysterious storyteller spins a ghastly and frightening tale (not!), of a warrior's curse." -- Academy of Bards



The Rhymer by Insane English Woman 

School Day by Jessica Casavant

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Film producer, Tessa is left to handle two little girls on Halloween night." -- Academy of Bards

The Scream by Medora MacD

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Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story 2011

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

Swollen Bud Award - "The Quickie" / Short Story


"What will it take to get publishing executive and outdoor adventurer Althea Ashford to scream at the top of her lungs? That's what biology professor Shelley Solomon has to discover before midnight if she's to win her bet with her twin sister's insufferable (and infernally attractive) best friend, in this story from the spectacular Academy of the Bards Halloween Challenge 2001." -- Academy of Bards

"Determined to FINALLY meet the best friend her sister has been raving about for months, Shelley heads for her twin's Halloween party hoping that the long-anticipated meeting between her and the stunning Althea Ashford won't be thwarted yet again. A bit unnerved at the idea that someone else has gotten as close to her sister as she herself once was, Shelley nevertheless cannot help but feel intrigued by the beautiful daredevil editor. It's a curiosity that becomes a full-fledged attraction the minute her eyes confirm what her libido had been telling her about Althea but tragically things are not fated to be easy for these two as a misunderstanding creates friction of the WRONG type between them. A light-hearted addition to the Xenaverse's growing "Halloween collection" . . ." -- Lunacy

Cee's Fan Fiction Review

Just Like Buttah! Review

Seven Nights to Bacchus by Frau Hunter Ash (Dana Cooper-Kjarr)

Amazon Trails | ForevaXena | Frau Hunter's Story Crypt (Archived)

"A mysterious female warrior brings another confrontation with Bacchus, Lord of the Bacchae, with the souls of Gabrielle and Xena hanging in the balance." -- Frau Hunter Ash

The Shade by Imbri

"Xena needs the help of a Shade to rescue Gabrielle from a vicious Warlord who's taken the bard as his personal slave." -- Athenaeum

"When Gabrielle is captured by a sadicious warlord, the spirit of a young girl once murdered by the man is the only hope Xena has of finding the bard . . ." -- Lunacy

A Shade Less Ordinary by Xenrielle

"A tribute of sorts to the movie GHOST, this new tale has Xena and Gabrielle trying to deal with a slight communication problem after a harrowing ordeal changes their lives forever . . ." -- Lunacy

Shadows in the Night by C. Paradee

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"Two kittens, one dark the other light, befriend each other and face the rigors of the wild." -- Academy of Bards

Cover by C. Paradee



Sing You A Song of Justice Series by Godot

1. Sing You A Song of Justice by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page

"A woman from a village Xena can't even remember raiding gets the chance to use her sorcerer's skills to exact revenge against the warrior." -- Athenaeum

". . . Xena and Gabrielle are on their way to help a village deal with some thugs when they run into a stranger - a very dangerous stranger with deadly powers who is determined to take revenge on Xena for some of her past actions. What this stranger doesn't count on of course, is that the Warrior Princess has a very determined protector - a certain bard who somehow manages to see the good in everyone and who wields a power within her stronger than any other force . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Embodiment of Evil by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page

"The sorcerer has been abducted and it's up to Xena and Gabrielle to rescue her." -- Athenaeum

". . . the wacky sorceress Antipany, still vent on someday getting revenge on the Warrior Princess but for the moment forced to struggle for her own life when she falls into the clutches of a great evil. Guided by Antipany's pet vulture Peisander and with a certain bard cleverly manipulating her, a VERY reluctant Xena sets out to try to rescue the woman all the while being reminded by one life-threatening challenge or another just how much...she HATES sorcerers! . . ." -- Lunacy

3. The Soul Catcher by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page

"Gabrielle, Xena and the sorcerer go in search of a special box that can help capture the evil sorcerer Kryptus." -- Athenaeum

"This is the third entry in Godot's DELIGHTFUL series of adventures teaming Xena and Gabrielle with the zany sorceress Antipany who has a score to settle with the Warrior Princess but a soft spot for a certain bard who keeps preventing her from settling that score ;-) In this latest tale the three set out to try to stop an evil being Antipany has met before and has no wish to ever meet again. Aiding them is a healer with more than a passing interest in the zany sorceress and an old acquaintance of Xena and Gabrielle who is near and dear to their hearts...and their dinar bag! . . ." -- Lunacy

4. Journey Into Darkness by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Finally reaching the fortress with the Soul Catcher, Hercules, Iolaus and Autolycus join Xena, Gabrielle and Antipany in the final battle with the evil sorcerer." -- Athenaeum

". . . This tale picks up immediately where THE SOUL CATCHER left of, with Xena, Gabrielle, Antipany and several of their friends heading for a confrontation with the evil wizard Kryptus. Xena and Antipany meanwhile, are heading for a confrontation of their own, each aware that regardless of the mission's outcome, there is unfinished business between them they will have to settle once and for all . . ." -- Lunacy

5. Death of Dreams by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page

" . . . The story has a Xena and Gabrielle traveling with a very reluctant Antipany to the Valley of Larima where Xena hopes to keep some powerful ancient texts from being stolen. It is a challenge that will become more difficult in the days ahead as only the bard seems to stand in the way of warrior and sorceress killing one another - a challenge that will turn into a deadly mystery involving an old friend, a possible wolf in sheep's clothing, and prophesies of darkness yet to come . . ." -- Lunacy

6. Family by Godot

Mega Fan Fiction | Pink Rabbit Productions | Tom's Xena Page

"While trying to reshape their relationship after the events of "the rift" Xena and Gabrielle part ways. Xena is plunged into the darkness of her lonely heart and wanders through the country side without any focus until she finds her home again." -- Athenaeum

Simulacrum by Wishes

". . . When Xena goes off to help an old friend, Gabrielle stays behind in a village where a fateful encounter awaits her with a face from the past and a woman who has already touched her life without the bard ever knowing it . . ." -- Lunacy

Some Kin of Bacchus by Hunter Ash (Dana Cooper-Kjarr)

Amazon Trails | ForevaXena | Frau Hunter's Story Crypt (Archived)

"Xena and Gabrielle are investigating the disappearance of young women in a city and meet a mysterious warrior who might be part of the problem." -- Hunter Ash

Xena and Gabrielle encounter the Vrykolakas, a Bacchae-like race. When Xena is bitten, Gabrielle risks everything to try and save her." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Something Important by Hunter Ash aka Dana Cooper-Kjarr

"This takes place in the hills of Tennessee in the 1950s. A hard life and hard times made for hard and strong people. Also makes for stubborn people. PG." -- Hunter Ash

Something In The Water DS Bauden and kd bard

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Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"Ever get caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Well that's exactly how Tara feels when her neighbor Sarah catches her spying on her while hot tubbing in her birthday suit! The next thing she knows, Sarah is at her door laying the mother of all lip-locks on her - right there in her living room! Funny thing is, when the new day dawns, Sarah has no recollection of the encounter. Join these girls on a fun filled romp of discovery as Tara literally stumbles into one of the most confusing messes of her life - a mystery only Sarah can help her solve!" -- Academy of Bards

Spectre-In-Law by Lois Cloarec Hart

Academy of Bards | Lois Cloarec Hart


Academy of Bards 2008 Halloween Invitational

"Rayne thought when you divorced that meant cutting all ties with your in-laws. She was wrong. Follow Rayne and her crazy, not to mention dead, Mother-in-law try to figure out life (and death)." -- Athenaeum

"Rayne had a very bad relationship with her mother-in-law, Everlene, mostly because when she realized she was gay, she divorced Everlene's only son. She's having an even worse relationship with Everlene's ghost, who pops in to haunt her at the worst possible moments. When Cayleigh Hunter joins Rayne's firm, things become even more problematic thanks to the nosy, aggravating ghost, but when Cayleigh asks Rayne out on a date, even the potential for Everlene-inspired disaster doesn't dissuade Rayne from accepting." -- Lois Cloarec Hart

Spellbound by Medora MacD

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"Two women meet and engage in a Scrabble game at the behest of a benefactor." -- Academy of Bards

Spells Really Do Come True by Deb Kern

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Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Long lost friends are reunited." -- Academy of Bards

"Deb's latest finds a young artist reminiscing about her childhood and the best friend she used to spend time with. Once, a long time ago, they made a wish on All Hallows’ Eve. Time eventually separated them and that wish for the young artist has never come true but as she's about to discover those Halloween spells sometimes have a timeless quality to them . . ." -- Lunacy


The Stuff Legends Are Made Of by Lynn Ames

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A former actress agrees to take on the role of the Headless Horseman and in the graveyard comes face to face with her past." -- Academy of Bards

Submitted for Your Approval by Kamouraskan

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"You unlock this story with a key of imagination. Kamouraskan's attempt at the first Twilight Zone episode, co-starring a certain bard." -- Academy of Bards

Take One Head and Call Me in the Morning Series by Lariel

1. Take One Head and Call Me in the Morning by Lariel 

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Dream Catching | e-Books By Lida


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"Lady Xena was never one to let a little thing like death get in the way of a good relationship..." -- Academy of Bards

"Oh my god, how funny is this story? Take One Head tells the story of the deranged Lady Xena and her quest to re-create her beloved (and long dead) Bard. Filled with series in-jokes plus some great riffs on classic horror tales . . . Very highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews 

". . . hysterical uber set in a mysterious, spooky castle were a somewhat deranged Lady Xena is anxiously anticipating a reunion with her beloved Gabrielle. One sliiight little problem though - Gabrielle has been dead for a while now and though Lady Xena has managed to reconstruct her with some spare body parts, one crucial part remains... Meanwhile, teenager Callista and her younger sister Gabriella are out with friends never suspecting the "parts" they're about to play in the reunion of two soulmates . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Medium Rare by Lariel

RAOB Tenth Annual Halloween Invitational

A Tale From the Haunted Web Series by Shadowriter

1. A Tale From the Haunted Web by Shadowriter

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"The ad originally caught Kara's eye because it was a black square on a white background. The web page it sat on listed Halloween sale items from local merchants. Kara had already finished her decorations, but decided to look anyway. After all, it was her first Halloween in her new house, and it couldn't hurt to have add a few more pumpkins or hanging skeletons. But the ad that had grabbed her attention wasn't for anything that she could hang, or carve, or even buy. It was a link to another website…" -- Athenaeum

"Seems one can mail order a specified ghost over the internet." -- Academy of Bards

". . . uber about a curious Net surfer named Kara who happens across a mysterious web site through which you can order your own ghost. Assuming the site to be a cute Halloween spoof, Kara goes ahead and puts her "order" in only to discover that...they do indeed deliver. . ." -- Lunacy

2. by Shadowriter

"They are back!!! and this time the ghost is lending a helping hand." -- Academy of Bards

"Jody, Karas' girlfriend finds out about her ghost..." -- Athenaeum

Taming the Wolf by Sammet


"Being a globetrotter, as well as a vampire, Lauren Gabriel is used to unpleasant encounters with vampire hunters and has no qualms about killing them. So when visiting her clan, she is happy to help her friends raid the local Hunters' base. What she didn't expect there, was to find a young vampire who had been captured by the Hunters and seems to have lost her mind. Despite her friends' protest, Gabriel is determined to save her." -- Academy of Bards

Thirteen by Nene Adams

Academy of Bards | Chamber of Horror | e-Books by Lida


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A halloween suspense story revolving around the tragic fire at a sanatorium and the nurse who wouldn't leave the ghost of her patient." -- Academy of Bards

". . . In Alabama in 1955 a nurse prepares for her night shift on the seventh floor of the Ashpool-St. John Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Taking over for another nurse that recently died, Maria approaches her assignment with both curiosity and trepidation - well-aware that cell thirteen on seven houses the hospital's most mysterious and dangerous patient - a patient who's been confined behind the locked doors of cell thirteen for so long no one knows her story, no one even knows her name. Trying to escape the pitiful pleas for help from the infamous cell, Maria uncovers an old file and through it a story that will make her shift that evening an unforgettable one as a terrible, dark truth from the past is exposed at last and two souls are finally allowed the dignity they were denied for so many decades . . ." -- Lunacy

". . . Highly recommended." - Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews 

Time Slip by Bel-Wah

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | e-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction


Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A strange woman accompanies Xena and Gabrielle as they travel through a forest that seems to be full of more than darkness." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Spooky little tale set in a dark forest that has the Warrior Princess and bard meeting a young woman desperate to see the love of her life and being kept from him by something very determined... and very inhuman . . ." -- Lunacy

"Xena and Gabby help a young woman defeat a monster." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory 

"It's classic Xena and Gabrielle meets classic horror tale! On the road to the village of Calaye, Xena and Gabrielle encounter a distraught young woman who is desperate to get to the village to meet up with her fiancé. She warns them about a creature called the Mordello who lurks in the woods on the road to Calaye . . . Recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews 

Time to Kill by Sarah Mangene


". . . Prepare for chills galore as Xena and the Gabster arrive at a mysterious abandoned castle where they have been summoned to a meeting with Hercules and Iolus. With the two men still not expected for a few days, the warrior and bard decide to wait in the castle never suspecting the evil they are about to uncover. Well-written and CREEPY!" -- Lunacy

"Herc sends Xena and Gabby to a castle but it's up to the bard to break a spell Xena falls under." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

TN's Unnamed Story by T. Novan

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida

Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A young woman gets more than she bargained when she inherits a haunted property in the bayou. She must help the souls of two tormented lovers reunite." -- Academy of Bards

"Hysterical in OHHH so many ways, this new uber offering from TN begins with a young woman named Jamie trying to convince her friend Steph and Steph's boyfriend Jeff to accompany her to New Orleans where in order to inherit the fortune her Aunt Melanie just left her she must first spend a weekend in her Aunt's spooky old mansion. The weekend begins to look much more promising when Steph's gorgeous cousin Barron decides to join them affording Jamie the opportunity at last to finally get to know the tall brunette better - and get to know one another they DO! ;-) Together the two couples arrive at Aunt Melanie's never suspecting the role they're about to play in correcting a terrible wrong from the past. It's a weekend full of chills and thrills, that will have two new lovers discovering one another, and two old souls seeking a reunion too long denied . . ." -- Lunacy

Transmutation by filfil

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Filfil (PDF available)


Academy of Bards 7th Annual Halloween Invitational

"What if the things you never believed in really exist… and changed your life forever?" -- Filfil





Trick of the Moonlight by DJWP


"Xena decides to investigate when Gabrielle's Uncle tells the tale of the ghost of a young woman who appears to lie on her grave when the moon shines." -- Athenaeum

"This is one of the entries from the recent Halloween Bard Contest - a poignant, haunting story about a love lost and the tragedy of war. Xena and Gabrielle are visiting the bard's uncle when he tells them a story about the battle which took place on a nearby meadow where amidst the fighting a young woman was cut down as she tried to reach her lover. Local legends has it that her spirit still haunts the area, forevermore trying to pull warriors into the safety of her arms. This is nicely written and spooky." -- Lunacy

Twilight Tales by Raistlyn

1. In the Twilight Hour by Raistlyn

"Xena is immortal and remembers her time with Gabrielle long ago." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

". . . a three thousand year old warrior recalling the time so long ago when her life would change for ever and the little bard whose love would always be a part of her . . ." -- Lunacy

2. Twilight's Promise by Raistlyn

" . . . tells the story from Gabrielle's perspective as she remembers the last time she saw the Warrior Princess some three thousand years before and thinks about all the centuries she's spent searching for her since . . ." -- Lunacy

3. Twilight's Shadow by Raistlyn

". . . follows the thoughts of two very old friends as they prepare for a reunion two millenniums in the making . . ." -- Lunacy

Twisted by Norsebard

eBook: epub | MOBI | PDF


The Royal Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational 2014 

“In certain parts of the city, it's not safe to venture outside on Halloween. We're not talking about the scary zombies or vampires you'll meet out there, or even the rest of the ghouls and creepazoids that roam the streets laughing and carrying bags of candy - no, the real danger comes from the people you'd never expect to be mass murderers. On these streets, you'll never know who you might bump into… one of them could be Twisted.” — Norsebard


Under the Moon by Zwolf

". . . set around Xena's reunion with an old friend - a friend that is more than he seems and who makes the Warrior Princess an offer she's sorely tempted to accept...if only she wasn't committed to solving the series of grisly murders terrifying a small town . . ." -- Lunacy

Up to the Old Inn Door by Beowolf

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida | Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction (Archived)

"Xena and Gabrielle spend the night at an inn where they encounter the ghost of a young woman." -- Athenaeum

"Poignantly haunting alt. tale that has Xena and Gabrielle trying to discover what happened to a pair of lovers on a fateful night long ago." -- Lunacy

Vampire for Hire by Kim Pritekel

Academy of Bards | Fator XPDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"An accountant needing extra money tries and tries to get a job playing a vampire. Finally one woman gives her a chance." -- Academy of Bards

Vampire Hunter Series by Jp

1. Hunting Clarion by Jp

Academy of Bardse-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction

"It's an uber and it's R-rated on account of the blood and bad words. The gist...well it's a little too complicated to just say a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire meet up and butt heads, so I suggest just reading it. ;) By the by, this is just book I, there is a book 2 which is still incomplete." -- Academy of Bards

". . . Yoshima Miakoda is a vampire hunter who is almost 1000 years old. One night she rescues a young woman from a vicious vampire attack. She meets the woman again, and agrees to go out on a date (the first she's been on in decades). She notices some unusual things about her, but doesn't realize that her new girlfriend Clarion Larieux is a vampire. More than that, Clarion is a very special vampire known as the Daywalker - the key to human existence. She's also being stalked by a master vampire and his assistant Vamps. But if Yoshi finds out her secret, will she try to kill her before the other vamps get a chance? . . . highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

2. Return of the Prodigal by Jp

Academy of Bards | e-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction

"Our unlikely duo of Hunter and Vampire are on the lam and on the search for a certain Master with special plans for the human race. As always a little love and romance, some fearsome fighting, and lots of help from things that go bump in the night." -- Academy of Bards

The Vampire Hunter by Kodi Wolf

Kodi Wolf Link (Archived) | W.O.L.F. Sector Link

UNFINISHED - Last Updated June 17, 2002


Xippy Award March 10, 2000

Xippy Logo by Lùcia Nobrega

Cover by Calli


"We get introduced to Dana Clark - a vampire hunter who is out to rid the city of them. She gets introduced to Gabrielle, who is an ancient vampire, the ancient of ancients and her perceptions gets turned on their head." -- Xippy Awards

"Eighteen-year-old Dana Clark was a promising student with a bright future ahead of her. Then a vampire murdered her parents and younger brother, and her world changed overnight. Plans for college suddenly seemed meaningless, so Dana joined the Vampire Hunters Association instead.

Twelve years later, Dana has channeled her grief and rage into becoming the best vampire hunter in the history of the VHA. Her motto they all deserve to die serves her well in her quest for vengeance... That is, until she meets Gabrielle, the 'First Born' and oldest living vampire, and Dana's world turns upside down once again.

For Gabrielle is on her own quest, though it's not one of vengeance. To prove it, she brings Dana news of a secret attack on the VHA and asks for her help to prevent what she believes could spark an all-out war between their two species. Dana agrees and the two form an uneasy partnership.

As they work together, Dana realizes the First Born is unlike any vampire she's ever met before. Gabrielle is intelligent, compassionate, sincere, and thoughtful, not to mention beautiful.

But what happens when a vampire hunter finds herself falling for the Queen of the vampires?" --Kodi Wolf

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost Series by Ali Vali

1. Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost by Ali Vali

Academy of Bards (Archived) | Athenaeum (Archived) | e-Books by Lida | PDA Fiction | Wordscape Fiction

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"Kendal is a business genius who is drawn back to New Orleans where she must deal not only with a young woman determined to undermine her deal, but also a black-hearted sibling." -- Academy of Bards

"Kendal Mackey is at the top of her game as far as business goes, until she meets Piper Dupont and her grandfather, Mac. Add to that the most unusual brother anyone could hope and you start to understand why Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost are some of the things Kendal fears the most." -- Athenaeum

2. Things That Terrify Me the Most by Ali Vali

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Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

"Kendal and Piper are back for another adventure that will give Piper a little more insight into her lover's long past." -- AusXIP 

Vampyre! by D.J. Belt

Set in 1897 England, this story features Abraham van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula and Alais from D.J. Belt's Mel and Janice series of stories .

"A mysterious, beautiful woman with an astounding secret helps Van Helsing chase vampires in Victorian England." -- Academy of Bards What's New September 24, 2010

"England, 1897. Dr van Helsing and his assistant Jacob, accompanied by Alais, break into a tomb to stake a vampire. Or rather, they *try* to break into said tomb, but the door proves to be too sturdy – until Alais ("Let a girl do it") points out that the door opens outwards...

. . . The story tells of the age old battle between the vampire hunter and the creatures of the night, represented here by the Count and Countess de Mort, but don't expect to get your blood chilled -- prepare for sore abs from constant chuckling and quite a few bouts of outright laughter, instead. There's 'hanky-panky', love, a saved soul, and more to Alais than meets the eye -- all served with an ironic bow to the genre. . ." -- Fan Fiction Reviews

Voices Carry by Stacia Seaman

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Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"A young woman believes she heard the voice of a friend who has gone missing." -- Academy of Bards

". . . begins at a junior high school where seventh-grader Jennifer Nelson is dismayed to learn that Stephanie Winslow, the ninth-grader with the locker next to hers, is missing. Wanting very much to help find the older girl who's always been very nice to her, Jennifer decides to pursue the matter on her own when a clue reveals itself . . ." -- Lunacy


The Waking Light Series by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)

1. Up On The Reaches Of The Darkest Moonlight by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)



"A night by the campfire turns in to a nightmare for Xena and Gabrielle. As they are both drawn in to a deadly battle in which they will both learn what it is to be human and to become inhuman." -- Silvermoonlight GJ


2. As The Winged Serpent Rises by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)


"Xena and Gabrielle's peace is shattered once more as an Aztec creator god appears on the Greek shores. His cold hated directed at the one who betrayed him, the one who can no longer escape him or her past." -- Silvermoonlight GJ



3. Embrace The Waking Light by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)


UNFINISHED - Last update September 5, 2013

"As clouds of multicolour reveal themselves to the mortal world and the bridge between reality and dreams begins to crack Xena and Gabrielle will truly come full circle as they are forced to face the fears which have always haunted them." -- Silvermoonlight GJ


Walking After Midnight by Lois C. Clark

Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A young woman distressed after meeting an old childhood flame walks into a graveyard where she has a conversation about love with a woman." -- Academy of Bards

War of the Vampires by Katia N. Ruiz

Amazon Trails | Tyger's Lesbian Fiction

UNFINISHED - Last Updated 1997

"War is brewing in Salum Town, NY. There is a new vampire, ambitious, sexy, and ready to rumble. She wants to be the queen of all the vampires, and it is up to a group of vampire friends to stop her." -- Academy of Bards

"Lea, a young woman, is brought into the dark world of vampires, and we see through her eyes what happens when a brash young woman decides she wants to be one of the vampires, and a war brews..." -- Athenaeum

The Warrior, the Witch and the Nightmare by Verath

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"A SPECTACULAR adventure-thriller, Verrath latest is a lengthy, thoroughly engrossing tale which begins on Mount Olympus where the gods are very concerned about an unexpected presence in the mortal realm. Meanwhile, on Earth, Xena and Gabrielle are busy saving a mysterious stranger - a woman accused of being a witch who inspires something in Xena the warrior is not used to feeling...fear. Before long the warrior's instincts prove correct as she embarks on a desperate quest to find her beloved partner, ultimately making a deal with a goddess whose unusual aid will challenge warrior and bard as they've never been challenged before . . ." -- Lunacy

"Xena and Gabrielle prevent an execution of a supposed witch and get a little more than they bargained for. A story about dreams, nightmares, and a very twisted evil creature." -- Verrath

Cover by Verrath 

A Warrior's Heart by TZ

Part of the Sacrifice for Love Series

". . . Certain that she's dead, Gabrielle is thoroughly confused when she finds herself in the woods near Xena - able to see her partner, able to see and smell and feel the forest around them but invisible to the warrior. With her heart mirroring the ache in Xena's own, the little bard begins to follow her - vowing to keep her safe despite the warrior's almost suicidal recklessness. Soon Xena senses the beloved presence by her side and thus begins a quest to bring her soulmate back to the world of the living - determined to do so no matter the consequences...or the price . . ." -- Lunacy

"Gabrielle's spirit and Argo form a bond after Gabby's death in Sac II." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory 

Well Met by Moonlight by Nene Adams (Bardwynna)

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Academy of Bards Third Annual Halloween Invitational

"A young homeless woman is saved by a dark-spirited woman who only asks for her smile." -- Academy of Bards

"In Victorian London, Alice Russell is dying of starvation and cold, and then she meets the beautiful and mysterious Countess Dargorad, a vampire. When the Countess' enemy seeks revenge, Alice risks her very soul to save the immortal that she loves." -- Nene's Living Library

What If? Series by Katelin B.

1. What If? by Katelin B.

AthenaeumSection X

Rated NC-17

"What if Bacchus and the bacchai had won and had taken over some of our favorite heroines?? Read this interesting tale and find out." -- Athenaeum

2. Little Surprises by Katelin B.

AthenaeumSection X

Rated PG

"More of the alternate world where Bacchus rules... Part II of What If?" -- Athenaeum

3. Tender Moments by Katelin B.

AthenaeumSection X

Rated PG

"The continuing story of an alternate world where the bacchae rule... Part III of What If?" -- Athenaeum

4. Mirror Writing by Katelin B.

 "The continuing story of an alternate world where the bacchae rule...with a twist... Part VI of What If?" -- Athenaeum

5. Guess Who's For Dinner by Katelin B.

"The continuing story of an alternate world where the bacchae rule... but strange things continue to happen...Part V of What If?" -- Athenaeum

When Souls Collide by Kim Pritekel

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Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

"An auto accident causes one woman to dream of another who is lost in a coma." -- Academy of Bards



When the Bough Breaks by Pink Rabbit Productions

". . . Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying a peaceful time, sharing their love and growing closer when a troop of soldiers inform them of the strange killings which have been taking place in the area. It is a mystery that will bring Xena face to face with some ghosts from her past and once again imperil the lives of both warrior and bard . . ." -- Lunacy

"After learning about the mysterious murders of young girls that have been plaguing a valley, Xena and Gabrielle take shelter inside a fort where they meet a woman from Xena's past." -- Athenaeum 

Whispering Pines by Mavis Applewater

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"Welcome to Whispering Pines, built in 1907 by sea Captain Horatio Stratton.

On the morning of October 31, 1916, the servants arrived early to discover Captain Stratton alone in the house, sitting calmly in his study and smoking his pipe. His wife and sister were missing, and what the maid found in the kitchen sent her screaming from the house.

Almost one hundred years later, paranormal investigator Shawn Williams agrees to spend the night in the mysterious manor. She finds the stories about Whispering Pines almost as intriguing as her companion for the evening. Faith Charles, former reporter turned professional skeptic, isn’t thrilled at the prospect of spending the night in a house where strange things have already begun to happen. Then again, to spend the night with Shawn, Faith might be willing to endure anything.

Shawn and Faith begin their adventure together, possibly finding love along the way. The only thing standing in their way is the mystery of Whispering Pines." -- Mavis Applewater

"This recent winner of the Bards Village Halloween Challenge; Shawn is stuck in a haunted mansion on Halloween night for a television special. Her only companion should be the attractive allbeit annoying Faith Charles. But everything is not as it seems. A new series featuring the quirky psychic Shawn Williams and the cranky reporter Faith Charles follows with a brief glimpse into what happened to Faith after her experiences that Halloween night and a look into how Anna and Catherine met. Next, Anna is growing very fond of her house guest, Faith learns what Delia wants and we get a glimpse into what Shawn has been up to after her experineces last Halloween.

In the 2rd installment Anna and Catherine finally have a chance to spend some time alone. Shawn is less than thrilled to find Faith standing in her doorway. Next Anna is trying to understand her feelings for Catherine, while Shawn is barely coping with being reunited with Faith." -- Academy of Bards

"Paranormal investigator Shawn Williams confronts ghosts from the past to solve a hundred year old mystery surrounding the disappearance of two women at Whispering Pines manor." -- badcock24 on YouTube 

Whispering Pines was published. Online sale links are available on Good Reads

The Witching Hour by Ellie Maziekien

The Witch of Greyfriare by LM Townshend-Crow

A Witching Memory by Carole Giorgio

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Academy of Bards Halloween 2001

Part of the Alex and Samantha / Laguna Nights Series 

"Samantha is drawn to a coven on the beach and in the process recovers memories a past life." -- Academy of Bards


The Witch Warrior Chronicles by L.M. Townshend and Crow

1. Ghost Writer by L.M. Townshend and Crow

Academy of Bards | Sapphic Voives

"For Celine, the terror begins with "Girls' Night Out". She arrives home, hoping for an intimate chat with her lover via the computer, but the conversation is interrupted by an unknown entity - the "Ghost Writer" - who is it and what does it want with Celine?" -- Academy of Bards

"It started innocently enough...Celine and Raven were having their usual intimate chat on the computer, when their conversation was suddenly interrupted by an unknown entity. This 'Ghost Writer' is asking for help and raises questions that both women will have to answer together..." -- Athenaeum

2. Soul Retriever by L.M. Townshend and Crow

Academy of Bards | Sapphic Voices

"Celine and Lisa must travel to Land of the Dead to rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time - the problem? Where is he and can they find him before it's too late?" -- Academy of Bards

"In this sequel to the 'Witch Warrior Chronicles' Raven and Celine must rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time, but can they find him before it's too late? Can they defeat the evil that binds them together?" -- Athenaeum

Xena and Gabrielle and the Terrifying Mystery of the Darkness by Julia Noel Goldman (Xena's Little Bitch)

Xena and Gabrielle Meet Barney by Inky

". . . skit which FINALLY reveals the true nature of a well-known purple dinosaur and has our heroines trying to save the day!" -- Lunacy

" IT'S BARNEY!!! NO, IT'S DAHOK!!!!!!! Well...actually it's just a cute parody." -- Athenaeum