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Xena and/or Gabrielle as immortals.

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A Bad Dinar by Mark Annetts

Atheneum | AusXIP | Bleached Parchment | PDA Fiction

"Tricked into immortality, by a desperate Aphrodite, Gabrielle and Xena must save the Goddess of Love from the latest reincarnation of Alti before it's too late." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"Xena and Gabrielle are immortals living in modern times. Their eternal enemy Alti returns to challenge them again. This time she has the power to kill Gods and immortals. Can they stop her before she kills them and the remaining gods?  The story has a different take on the eternal lives they would lead as immortals. This Xena and Gabrielle are not joined at the hip through all time. There is some nice Cloak and Dagger action and intrigue in the story, as our heroes try to track down their age-old nemesis. There are also some appearances by old friends. It's an intriguing story with a plot that will keep you guessing and an interesting look at how Xena and Gabrielle would operate in modern times." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

A Day In The Endless Life by Julia Noel Goldman aka Xena's Little Bitch

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"It's 2004 and Xena and Gabrielle are living in the United States. Their obsessions with the war and their past lend to some interesting revelations." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Gabrielle are immortals, living in the present day. Gabrielle is obsessed with their past, while Xena is obsessed with the current political situation." -- FanFiction.Net

A Day in the Reel Life by Cheeyah

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"Xena returns home after the first day's shooting of the show that bears her name." -- Academy of Bards

Endless Twilight by Rainbard

"Three thousand years ago, Ares tricked Xena into immortality. The only way she can become mortal again is to destroy him, but so far she has been unsuccessful. In present-day New York City, Xena at last has a weapon that can kill Ares, and she finally tracks him down in a very unexpected place. But when she discovers that Ares' current wife, Alison Carter is the reincarnation of her eternal soulmate Gabrielle, things get rather complicated." -- Academy of Bards

Eternal Suffering by Katelin B.

"Star Trek cross-over. Immortal Xena keeps tabs on Gabby's descendants" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An immortal Xena is now a security officer aboard Voyager, there to keep watch on Gabrielle's descendant, Chakotay." -- Athenaeum

"Excellent new XWP/ST-VOYAGER crossover that has the crew of Voyager just recovering from an intense battle. Suffering from a head wound Janeway is taken to sick bay where amidst the wounded she meets the mysterious Lieutenant Gabrielle Marcus, a tall officer with dark hair, striking blue eyes and a strange ability to relieve pain using pressure points. Intrigued Janeway decides to learn more about the lieutenant and soon uncovers a story over 3,000 years old about a great love, the timeless devotion it inspired, and the evil which still surrounds it. This is a well-written story that is an absolute MUST READ for fans of the two series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

HardCore NutCrackers by Nalysia aka QueenNalysia

Xippy Award

This is an Uber Comedy I wrote set in modern day with Gabrielle and Xena as immortals." -- Nalysia

"A short funny story about Immortal Xena & Gabrielle talking about the show. I know, I know it's been done but this one is different, I promise!" -- Academy of Bards

". . .  Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Hercules are all real and immortal and living in modern times where they watch a television show of their lives called Xena. The show is making their lives much more complicated, as when Xena and Gabrielle get mobbed when fans mistake them for a couple of real life actors. Things take a really surreal turn when they finally meet the real Lucy Lawless and company. The story is funny, but it’s also respectful of the real actors and fans. Recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . What if Xena and Gabrielle were really immortals. This short story cracked me up and I loved the pillow fight :)" -- Xippy

      Cover by Calli's Creations

Infinity Series by Redhawk & Various Authors

"Xena is an immortal in the vein of Duncun MacLeod and the rest of the "Highlander" crew, thanks to having tasted the ambrosia. Consequently, the gods have long ago stopped involving themselves in her life. She's survived to the present day, though Gabrielle's death (from old age) of nearly two thousand years ago still haunts her." -- Joseph Connell

"Xena: Warrior Princess" melds with "Highlander." The ambrosia that brought her back from the dead has turned Xena into an Immortal. Now a P.I. in Portland, Ore., she has kept her promise to Gabrielle, doing good where she can. But life has little zest until the day she discovers that a street kid named Rickie Gardner has witnessed her confrontation with another Immortal ó and his beheading. Xena sees enough of the girl to remark on her physical resemblance to the bard, but is there... more? Even after she tracks the skittish girl down, it's far from easy. Xena's changed a little bit in the last 2000 years, and 19-year-old Rickie is really just discovering who she is. Constantly on the alert for attacks from Immortals "on the hunt," the two learn to rely on each other for emotional support as well as mutual protection. Along the way they encounter some folks with very old grudges, including an ex-lover that Xena first met on her way to join forces with Joan of Arc." --  Swollen Bud Award June 15, 2000

1.The Journey by Charles Anderson

"This is an historical piece, showing insight to the Immortal's sanity in the distant past." -- Academy of Bards

2. Tyger, Tyger by Joseph Connell

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | PDA Fiction | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows

"The Immortal Xena, after a century of isolation, emerges from the Amazonian rainforests on a quest from a vision." -- Academy of Bards

"The story begins in the Amazon jungles of the 1940's where the inhabitants of a small village begin to worry that the medicine woman they've revered for longer than any of them can remember, might possibly be getting ready to leave them. For many of them the dark woman with piercing blue eyes is part god, able to heal from fatal injuries in a matter of moments. She has been, for a long time, the villagers' salvation, helping them to survive and cope in the changing world but indeed her time with them is at an end. The medicine woman knows this when visions come to her of a beloved face never forgotten if somehow made different by the passing of time. Instinctively she knows her time of peace is at an end for the world is crying out for a warrior - and Xena of Amphipolis must answer that call . . . DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

3. Farewells, and Greetings by Joseph Connell

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | PDA Fiction | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"Nearly 25 years have passed since that fateful vision and it's time to pay respects and gain new perspectives." -- Academy of Bards

"Part of the INFINITY SERIES originated by Redhawk, this new offering is one of the most poignant accounts yet of the continuing saga of Xena the Immortal as fate finds her this time attending a funeral on an April day in 1979 and struggling with regrets as she thinks back on the life of the archeologist with the oh-so-familiar features she never had the courage to meet face to face. It's a mistake she decides to make up for when she meets instead the children of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas - the eternal connection between them reminding her of a promise made so very long ago and sparking a renewed determination to watch over the descendants of two ancient soulmates just as a new life is brought into that lineage. Joseph does a terrific job imbuing the immortal warrior with the sense of melancholy that has been her hallmark throughout this series. Well-written and executed this new installment perfectly merges the essence of both the HIGHLANDER and XENA series on which it's based. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

4. Demon by Kristian Fischer

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows

"Final Note: I set out to write this story thinking about the worst crime I could come up with: the mistreatment of children. Some pedophiles claim protection from punishment for their crimes because they say they're mentally ill, hoping for treatment sentences instead of imprisonment. A lot of serial killers are sick too, but that doesn't make them any less criminal. Oh, and the fact that I made the villains of this story Russians shouldn't be misconstrued as me saying that this crime only happens among foreigners. It's everywhere…" -- Kristian Fischer

"The life of an immortally lonely P.I., the depraved depths of an organized crime ring." -- Academy of Bards

5. Bad Timing by Kristian Fischer

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"A weighty isolation." -- Academy of Bards

"A poignant prologue to Redhawk's ONLY ONE that finds a dark-haired immortal going through the motions that has become her existence after two millenniums spent missing her partner, while in another part of town a golden-haired young woman sleeps restlessly." -- Lunacy

6. Only One by Redhawk

Academy of Bards | PDA Fiction | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

Sólo uno por Redhawk / Traducido por Atenea - Spanish Translation

 Xippy Award

Muzza's Fan Fiction Award - Best Crossover Story

Cover by Ciegra

"The original beginning of the Infinity series, Xena is an Immortal in twentieth century Portland, Oregon. Canon" -- Academy of Bards

"This is a fantastic HIGHLANDER/XWP crossover story set in the modern world has the one-time Warrior Princess, now a deadly immortal, getting the shock of her life when she sees a familiar face lost to her centuries before. Rickie Gardner is a young runaway used to surviving amidst the danger and cruelty of the streets but when she witnesses a murder she becomes a target in a way she's never been before. Her one hope of survival now rests in a tall, dark stranger whose presence somehow calls to her and whose face she sees in dreams . . . this is a MUST READ just as a XWP story but should be particularly entertaining for fans of both series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" -- Lunacy

"Being an immortal can be rather tiresome when you don't have your soulmate to be with you and Xena goes through the millennia without Gabrielle - who promised to come back to her - and she does in the form of Rickie - a street kid who witnesses the immortal in action! Highly recommended. The whole INFINITY series is fantastic." -- Xippy

7. Oktoberfest by Redhawk

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)



Tom's Xena Page Editor's Choice Award

"Off for a vacation in beautiful Europe, Xena and her young lover, Rickie Gardner, are in for a sinister surprise. Canon." -- Academy of Bards

 "This sequel to Redhawk's fantastic HIGHLANDER/XWP crossover tale, ONLY ONE begins on a plane bound for Europe on the first leg of a vacation Xena hopes will further aid in the recuperation of her young lover Rickie Gardner. Still suffering from horrific nightmares, Rickie is nevertheless flourishing in the warrior's company - starting to remember a life from very long ago and looking forward to a second chance with her soulmate. Unbeknownst to them, however, others are watching and waiting...knowing the life of an immortal will not be peaceful for long. Picking up where ONLY ONE left off, this story features a riveting, suspenseful plot and a strengthening of the Xena/Rickie connection. Definitely one for the MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

8. Disembodied by Kristian Fischer

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"A lazy and rainy November day for Xena and Rickie... or is it? A blast from the past and a threat to the future." -- Academy of Bards

". . . continues the tale of the immortal Xena and her beloved Rickie as they enjoy a quiet time in Portland, reveling in their love and remembering moments from their life together over two thousand years ago. It's a quiet time that is soon interrupted when an old friend of Xena pays them a visit, warning of dangers drawing near and a game about to begin all over again for the ancient warrior . . . Good action sequence in this." -- Lunacy

9. The Longing by Protek

Academy of Bards | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)


"With the surge of interest in the Titanic disaster, new evidence comes to light and an Immortal remembers." -- Academy of Bards

". . . this new story finds the immortal Xena of Amphipolis remembering the time she first escaped from her self-imposed exile in the jungles of the Amazon to embrace the world again. It was a juncture that would take her to Europe and then on a long sea voyage headed to the United States aboard a majestic liner on her maiden voyage in April 1912." -- Lunacy





10. The Broken Blade: A Tale of Camelot by Llachlan

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Readhawk's Realm (Archived)


"A time for introspection as the year comes to a close and a new year begins, this tale of Camelot's wonders from the Immortal who was pivotal in its creation inspires her young bard's imagination. Unfinished." -- Academy of Bards

"Llachlan contributes a very promising new entry in the INFINITY SERIES as the immortal Xena tells her beloved Rickie about a time of knights and kings and chivalry and intrigue. With the teenager listening spellbound, the ancient warrior remembers the day centuries before when she found the bastard son of a medieval warlord and set out to turn that babe into the king legends had long ago foretold . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDEd! -- Lunacy

11. Bloodlust by Protek

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

Xippy Award

"The theory of Immortality versus vampirism…." -- Academy of Bards

"Set in the Series created by Redhawk. Xena is an immortal and Rickie is the reincarnated Gabrielle. This particular tale involves Xena's meeting with Vlad The Impaler of Count Dracula fame. If you love the Immortal Xena series then you will love this one!" -- Xippy

". . . this newest entry in the INFINITY SERIES has Xena and Rickie investigating a gruesome series of murders showing the telltale signs of a vampire on the loose. Having never met a real vampire in her two thousand years on Earth, the ancient warrior rather doubts that's the answer but the bloodlust evident by the murders do remind her of an all-too-human monster she once met centuries ago called...Prince Vlad. Well-written, Protek's latest does a good job of capturing the feel of this always intriguing series but be warned - if the opening of this story doesn't make you squirm you're a much tougher customer than I am! DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

Artwork: "Here's a nicely drawn picture of the Mustang that Xena gives to Rickie, drawn by Protek!" -- Academy of Bards

12. London Blitz by Joseph Connell

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Bearblue's Bluehaven | PDA Fiction | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

Author's Notes

Xippy Award

"The time has come - to return to London, to seek out those who purchased a certain ancient weapon... and left it on a stranger's hotel bed." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Rickie travel to London unaware until it's too late that there people watching them and waiting to kill Xena. Descendents of a very close friend of Xena's when she was roaming the high seas of Greece play a prominent role. A very good story - long but an excellent read."

". . . this new modern-day tale is set in London where plans are underway among a very secretive society to closely monitor the activities of a couple of visitors to the English capital. Accompanied by her young partner Rickie Gardner, the immortal Xena of Amphipolis has traveled to the city in hopes of recovering a lost part of her past only what awaits her there is a greater link to that past than even she suspects. Maintaining the sense of history, passion and suspense that are hallmarks of the INFINITY SERIES, this latest entry immediately draws you in to the unfolding mystery with a sophisticated, clever storyline, solid writing and a very loving, sexy depiction of the Xena/Rickie relationship. Joseph's latest should improve on an already excellent series. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

13. Mia by Kristian Fischer

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"A Mafia contract that has failed to be completed, a violent escapee looking for work, an eerie reminder of the distant past." -- Academy of Bards

"This latest entry in the INFINITY SERIES begun by Redhawk finds the immortal Xena once again being targeted by the mobsters whose organization she's been slowly dismantling - only this time the assassin they hire is a dark soul that recalls another enemy from Xena's ancient past - a killer without conscience who enjoys the kill and knows that her prey's vulnerable points are her friends...and family." -- Lunacy

14. Two Sides of the Same Coin by Protek

Academy of Bards | Bearblue's Bluehaven | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"Before there was the Immortal Xena, there was the Destroyer of Nations…." -- Academy of Bards

"In a terrific new contribution to the INFINITY SERIES, Xena and Ricky accompany their friend detective Emil Holt to a police standoff where Xena hopes to talk a teenager who once worked for her into surrendering himself to the authorities. The situation soon deteriorates, however, when a well-meaning Ricky tries to help setting in motion a series of events that lead to a disoriented Xena waking up in a very different place and time - back it seems in the Ancient Greece that gave birth to her, with one fundamental difference - it is a Greece where the Destroyer of Nations still reigns - where one-time enemies are now allies, family is insignificant, and the bard Xena treasures above all else has been forced into a very different role...Protek's first chapter starts off with a BANG promising one hell of a ride and continuing a tradition of fine storytelling by this talented bard. DO NOT MISS!" -- Lunacy

15. The Breaking by Redhawk

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Bearblue's Bluehaven | PDA Fiction | D. Jordan Redhawk's In Shadows | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

Xippy Award

"While promises are meant to be binding, some are impossible to keep. Canon." -- Academy of Bards

"I would recommend you get a hanky or two and then settle back and read this fantastic follow up to Redhawke's Only One and Oktoberfest. Xena, the immortal, is once again faced with a loss so profound that the world would soon see a return of the Destroyer of Nations. If not for Rickie, Xena would be lost." -- Xippy

"A key entry in the popular INFINITY SERIES, this new story marks a turning point in the lives of the immortal Xena and her beloved Rickie as the younger woman graduates from college and the two prepare to go on a celebratory cruise but a cruel twist of fate will destroy those plans as violence once again rips their lives apart plunging the one-time Destroyer of Nations into a darkness she hasn't known in over two thousand years and blinding her to other...possibilities . . . This one will have you on the edge of that seat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! -- Lunacy

16. The Sound of Distant Thunder by Joseph Connell (Uberscribbler)

"Mysterious doings, a twisting trail and clandestine meetings between conspirators. What will be found on the isle of Milikion?" -- Academy of Bards

17. Macedonia by Joseph Connell (Uberscribbler)


"The long awaited addition by Joseph Connell." -- Academy of Bards

* Ships in the Night by Willowluvyr

Beablue's Bluehaven | Redhawk's Realm (Archived)

"Xena attempts to rescue a three year old Rickie from kidnappers." -- Willowluvyr

Seasons of the Gods Series by Katrina

1. A Different Kind Of Spring Break by Katrina

"Immortal Xena and Gabby run a modern day summer camp" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

" A modern day woman goes to a summer survival camp run by an immortal Xena and Gabrielle the God and is made love to and taken over by various Goddess' changing her forever" -- Athenaeum

2. Intersession by Katrina

"Bernie/Brigid returns to the city and changes her life." -- Athenaeum

3. Summer by Katrina

"Veronica realizes she's Velaska, Joni realizes she's Callisto, Bernie turns into Brigid; a visit to Aunts Mel and Jan with Xena and Gabrielle - oh, and Ares is taking over the modern world." -- Athenaeum

4. Falling Up by Katrina

"Three years later and the demi-God Brigid discovers a plot to get Xena and Gabrielle." -- Athenaeum

5. Dancing Winter by Katrina

"Brigid, Robin, Melinda, Mel, Janice and Jan deal with life - at an existential level. " -- Athenaeum

6. Summer Dreams by Katrina

7. Intersession 2 by Katrina and Joseph Connell

8. Visions in Fall Colors by Katrina