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The Conqueror Series by L.J. Maas


Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story 2005 

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1. Journey's End by L.J. Maas

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Cover by D. Kern

Swollen Bud Award January 15, 2001 - "All Nighter"

"Best Conqueror Story: 2000 Muzza Awards

"Best Xena & Gabrielle" 2004 Athenaeum Awards

"For those not familiar with this continuing story that started on the Ex-Guards Mail List, this Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories, so some will not care for it. It is more the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle.” -- Academy of Bards

"Timid Gabrielle, a slave since she was 10, becomes the 'pick of the litter'. But has Xena, who is trying to change her ways, gotten more than she bargained for?" -- Flat Mountain

"Xena is the Lord, Conqueror of Greece, but she is almost forty-five years old when she meets the slave, Gabrielle. The little slave girl turns the hardened warrior's life upside down." -- Xippy Awards

"Maas . . . presents a 44-year-old Xena grown tired of dealing with the minutiae of running an empire, her legendary appetites for sex and blood dulled by boredom. She remedies that, albeit unknowingly, when she acquires as her body slave a young woman named Gabrielle." -- Swollen Buds

"In her mid-forties, L.J.'s Conqueror is a ruler who's now grown weary of the intensity and violence of her younger days. Still a remarkable beauty and still capable of the ruthlessness that carved out her empire, Xena is nevertheless now a warrior in transition - a woman who's learned that no amount of conquest or riches will fill the emptiness within. It is with little enthusiasm then that she prepares to inspect the batch of slaves offered by one of her governors, knowing she must choose one as the customary gift she usually accepts but now seldom uses...only this time a pair of frightened green eyes literally takes her breath away, awakening a compassion and protectiveness within the Conqueror she hasn't felt in years. In the days and weeks to come the feared Empress will find herself going out of her way to avoid frightening her young slave. Struggling against her own rougher edges and the pitiful submissiveness that has allowed Gabrielle of Poteidaia to survive years of servitude, Xena will work to return the dignity long stolen from the young woman, discovering in the process that the heart of a slave may just be the greatest treasure she ever wins." -- Lunacy

Cee's FanFic Review

Published by Dare 2 Dream Publishing (out of print)

2. Petal of the Rose by L.J. Maas

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“The Lord Conqueror's new slave, a submissive and frightened young woman, holds the power to change Xena, if only she can muster the spirit.” -- Academy of Bards

"The arrival of Solan, Xena's son, brings new problems for the Lord Conqueror and the now free slave." -- Xippy Awards

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"The second entry in LJ's hugely popular CONQUEROR SERIES begins with the Lord Conqueror looking forward to the marriage that will turn her one-time slave Gabrielle into Queen of the Empire. It's a joyful time for the two as they get more comfortable in their relationship and as the young woman who stole the Conqueror's heart tries to put her past behind her to embrace her new role in Xena's life and the realm. One challenge immediately presents itself, however, when a visitor from the Centaur nation arrives - a very angry young man with a secret connection to the Conqueror and an attitude that could get him in more trouble than he could ever imagine. In the weeks ahead, Xena and Gabrielle will have to deal not only with this visitor but with a long-time presence in the Conqueror's life - a darkness which still resides within the warrior and which only the gentle emotions stirred by her betrothed seem capable of mitigating." -- Lunacy

3. Time's Fell Hand by L.J.Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction

“As always, the Conqueror is rather like having a Bengal tiger for a pet. She has come a long way since meeting Gabrielle, but Xena will never be considered tame, by any means. She has her ferocious moments just as she has the domesticated ones. Lying just beneath the surface of this complicated woman lies the Beast, Ares' curse upon the one-time Warrior Princess.” -- Academy of Bards

"LJ's popular CONQUEROR SERIES continues as the Conqueror and her beloved new wife prepare to go on a tour of the empire. With a deeper level of trust between them than ever before, the two will share painful memories as Gabrielle reveals a devastating secret and Xena recalls the events that led to her embracing a life of violence. Together the two will work toward healing those old wounds as they set off toward their childhood homes and Amazonia where a former slave will officially become queen of the Amazons." -- Lunacy

Meridio's Daughter by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction


"Tessa (Nikki) Nikolaidis is cold and ruthless, the perfect person to be Karê, the right-hand, to Greek magnate Andreas Meridio. Cassandra (Casey) Meridio has come home after a six-year absence to find that her father's new Karê is a very desirable, but highly dangerous woman. Set in modern day Greece on the beautiful island of M´ykonos, this novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different worlds struggle with forbidden desires. As the two come closer to the point of no return, Casey begins to wonder if she can really trust the beautiful Karê. Does Nikki's dark past, hide secrets that will eventually bring down the brutal Meridio Empire, or are her actions simply those of a vindictive woman? Will she stop at nothing for vengeance...even seduction?" -- Academy of Bards
"Set amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Greek Isles, this is a riveting epic about family ties, old traditions, deadly dealings and those bittersweet passions of the heart. Returning to Greece after living most of her life in the United States, Cassandra Meridio is looking forward to settling into a new life and new career and seeing the father she hasn't spent time with in over six years. Daughter of one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessman in the country, Casey expects to have to deal often with her father's "Karê" - or right-hand man. What she doesn't expect is the surprise greeting her at the airport when Andreas Meridio's Karê doesn't turn out to be a man at all, but a woman - and one with the most beautiful eyes Casey has ever seen. Tall, dark and beyond deadly, Tessa Nikolaidis has built a reputation throughout the region which serves her well as Meridio's Karê and which ensures his daughter will be safe under her care. Entrusted with the young woman's safety, Tessa finds herself spending more and more time with Casey and feeling emotions for her employer's daughter she knows she should not have - emotions which could eventually end up hurting them both more than any assassin's bullets. Fighting a losing cause, the Karê is helpless nevertheless to stop the young woman's incursion into her heart. Together they will chart a course that will have them experiencing a love unlike anything either has ever known even as it leads them also toward a fateful confrontation with the past and the certainty of future heartbreak. LJ has crafted a novel here that is not simply among the best I've ever read in uber fanfic but that can easily compete with anything you'll find in the commercial arena. Tessa and Casey are two of the most engaging characters you'll ever come across - two fascinating women with an inner strength that grows even more intense as the connection between them gives them the determination to fight both inner fears and the deadly evils of a world where a love like theirs could endanger even their very lives. The storyline is beautifully paced with moments of suspense, humor, passion, romance, action and despair all intricately weaved into a fictional tapestry that will have you engaged from page one through the last. It simply does NOT get better than this guys. A phenomenal TOUR-DE-FORCE that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!" -- Lunacy

Published by Intaglio Publications and avaialable for sale online from:

None So Blind by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | L.J. Maas| PDA Fiction


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Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story 2005

Athenaeum Fan Favorite in the Category of Romance

Athenaeum #25 in 2008

                  ¡Olé! Award Winner

"It's been almost 15 years since Chicago writer, Torrey Gray has set eyes on the woman she fell in love with so long ago. Taylor Kent has become one of the most celebrated artists in the country, and has spent the last 15 years trying to, unsuccessfully, forget the young woman that walked out of her life, stealing Taylor's heart in the process. Best friends forever, neither woman has ever been able to find the courage to speak about the growing passion they felt for one another. Now an unusual, but desperate request will throw the old friends together again, but this time, will either of them be able to voice their unspoken desires, or has time become their enemy?" -- Academy of Bards

"Taylor Kent, a successful artist, and Torrey Gray, an acclaimed author, have been best friends since a housing crunch threw them together as sorority roommates. Though they've never been lovers, they've seen each other through tough times: Taylor coached the younger woman through an unplanned pregnancy and made a home for her and her baby, and Torrey helped the tall dark woman get clean and sober. They haven't seen each other in years, ever since Torrey decided she was depriving Taylor of the chance to find real happiness. Still, when the writer has problems with her daughter, Jess, now 17 and addicted, it's Taylor that she turns to for help. It's a request that opens the eyes of the two women to something they should have seen -- and acted on -- long ago." -- Swollen Buds

"Torrey y Taylor coinciden en la residencia de la hermandad en la Universidad, su relación de 20 años hábilmente contada por medio de algunos flashbacks. Ambas mujeres enamoradas y sin saberlo empujando a la otra fuera de su vida, creyendo ayudarse mutuamente con ello. Es cierto que no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. Asegúrate de tener un buen saco de pañuelos a mano. Bien escrito y estructurado, la historia se desarrolla con sutileza, sin caer en los tópicos (bueno, por lo menos no en muchos...)." --  ¡Olé! Award

Cover by Calli's Creations

Covers by L.J. Maas

Published by Itaglio Publications and available for sale online from: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Intaglio Publications (ebook)

Our Little World Series by L.J. Maas


"Short stories chronicling the lives of Katie & Charlie, from the time they are children into adulthood." -- Academy of Bards






1. Just Like Xena by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | L.J. Maas

"This is a kid's story all the way!" -- L.J. Maas

". . . this modern-day uber is a delightful children's story chronicling the first meeting between rambunctious 8 yr. old Charlie Cunningham and the new girl in school - Katie Tyler, a smart little seven-year-old who's been allowed to skip a grade. A Xena-wannabee, Charlie immediately feels protective toward her new friend and thrilled when instead of laughing at her for playing make-believe, Katie volunteers to be "Gabrielle". Instant best friends, the two are soon faced with a challenge neither quite understands, however, when Charlie's mother, upon learning her daughter's new friend has TWO moms, refuses to let them play - prompting Charlie to make a drastic decision and inadvertently setting the stage for one adult to learn an important lesson about friendship, parenting and prejudices . . ."  -- Lunacy

2. Making New Memories by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | L.J. Maas

Tumbleweed Fever Series by L.J. Maas

1. Tumbleweed Fever by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction


"In the Oklahoma Territory of the old west Devlin Brown is trying to redeem herself for her past as an outlaw, now working as a rider on a cattle ranch. Sarah Tolliver is a widow with two children and a successful ranch, but no way to protect it from the ruthless men who would rather see her fail. When the two come together sparks fly, as a former outlaw loses her heart to a beautiful yet headstrong young woman." -- Academy of Bards


"In the Oklahoma Territory, a land both majestic and harsh, recent widow Sarah Tolliver is fiercely determined to continue operating her cattle ranch. Beset by isolation, she composes heartfelt messages that she ties to tumbleweeds and releases to be scattered across the landscape. Into her life comes former outlaw Devlin Brown. The taciturn range rider knows that, with the end of winter, it is increasingly likely that young woman and her children will be at the mercy of rustlers ó or worse. Devlin's bloodthirsty reputation will be enough to keep away all but the most foolish or greedy. Her ties to the local Choctaw tribe provide additional security. But who is going to protect her from the assault that Sarah is making on her lonely heart? Or Sarah from emotions of a sort she's never experienced before?" -- Swollen Buds

Cover by Calli's Creations

Cover by L.J. Maas

Published by Intaglio Pulications and available for sale online from: Bella Books | Intaglio Publications (ebook)

2. Prairie Fire by L.J. Maas

Not Posted Online

"In this sequel to Tumbleweed Fever, the story of Devlin Brown, an ex-outlaw, and Sarah Tolliver, the woman of her heart, continues. Sarah and Devlin must convince the ranchers around them to destroy the wire fences that contain their cattle to avoid certain calamity. Amidst the beautiful and sometimes unforgiving land of the Oklahoma Territory, Sarah and Devlin begin a new life. Adventure and mysticism abound as they revisit the Choctaw camp. Sarah must decide whether she will undergo the clan rituals that will allow her to join with the former outlaw in a ceremony that will bind their hearts together forever. Each woman must undergo an incredible test of her individual skills and all the while race against time to prevent a premonition from becoming a frightening reality." -- Intaglio Publications

Published by Intaglio Publications and available for sale online from: Bella Books | Intaglio Publications (ebook)

The Queen Series by L.J. Maas

1. To Become A Queen by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) | PDA Fiction

Llegar a ser reina  (Spanish Translation)


"In this "first time" story, a brutal attack leaves Xena and Gabrielle to recuperate in the Amazon village, as their hidden dreamscapes threaten to tear Warrior and Bard apart."  -- Academy of Bards

Cover by L.J. Maas

Cover by Calli's Creations




2. Quest for A Queen by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction

"Xena must fend off her past against mortals and Gods to rescue the other half of her soul. At the same time, Gabrielle must complete her own Quest to find out who she is as a woman, a bard, a lover & friend, most importantly, as an Amazon Queen."  -- Academy of Bards

3. The Heart of A Queen by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) | PDA Fiction

"Before they are to be joined in front of the eyes of the Amazon Nation, an old flame comes back into Xena's life. Will an old lover be able to tempt the Warrior to step across the line of fidelity? Gabrielle must deal with this very real threat to her future, while at the same time the young Queen must also find a way to face her own heritage, finally revealed by her mother."  -- Academy of Bards

4. Queen of My Heart by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction

"A deadly sickness sweeps through the Amazons until even their Queen is afflicted with the unknown fever. The only thing that can save an entire Nation is the Elixir of Life, a liquid with the ability to heal the ills of any mortal or God. Xena, along with her friends Eponin and Autolycus, embark on a quest for the Elixir, which can restore the Amazons, but the potion is being closely guarded on the island of Delos. Along the way, Xena reminisces to herself about her wife. It is through the Warrior's eyes that we get to see how she met and traveled with the young woman from Potidaea, the woman that has become the Queen of her Heart."  -- Academy of Bards

5. Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) |  L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction

"The Summer Solstice is Xena and Gabrielle's first anniversary and this just happens to be the Warrior's present to her bard. It also takes care of one of Xena's biggest desires, to have been Gabrielle's first lover. So, what would happen if Xena had the ability to go back to that day? You know the infamous one when Perdicus asked Gabrielle to marry him? Would said Warrior finally swallow her pride and tell the bard about her feelings, or will she allow history to repeat itself?"  -- Academy of Bards

"Xena regrets not telling Gabrielle how she felt about her and she let Gabrielle slip away from her and marry Perdicus. Xena wants to be Gabrielle's first lover so she goes into the dreamscape to alter Gabrielle's memories." -- Xippy Awards

". . . this clever first time tale opens with the warrior already married to a very pregnant bard and planning a unique anniversary present for her beloved. Aware of some special herbs that can help synchronize the dreams of individuals, Xena secretly sends them both into a dreamscape where they find themselves reliving the moment years before where Xena stupidly allowed another to take her bard from her robing them both of the opportunity to share a very special first time together. It's a mistake the warrior is determined not to repeat again . . ." -- Lunacy

Xippy Award Logo by Lucia

6. Happy Anniversary, Xena by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction


"This is the Bard's present to her Warrior. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, and Gabrielle has a surprise for Xena. We've seen what can happen within the dreamscape when two people try to relive an event in the past. Things don't always go as planned. Gabrielle is ecstatic about the gift that Xena gave her. So, what about Xena's first time? The young Queen begins to wonder what would have happened that summer that Xena turned sixteen, if the bard actually met her wife as that young woman."  -- Academy of Bards


"Gabrielle decides it's time to give her wife a special memory of her own and as usually happens when Gabrielle is involved, not everything goes according to plan." -- Xippy Awards

"In a rather amusing follow-up to HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GABRIELLE, an excited bard looks forward to returning the favor her beautiful warrior did for her recently but things don't work out quite as planned leaving a frustrated Gabrielle trapped in a dreamscape where her own situation is not quite what she hoped, there's some intimidating competition for the affections of her beloved, and perhaps most challenging of all - there's the hormones of a sixteen year old Xena to deal with . . ." -- Lunacy

Xippy Award Logo by Lucia

7. To Walk the Path of A Queen by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas | PDA Fiction

"The latest entry in LJ's very popular Queen series. Gabrielle and Xena go through a dark period, do they come out of it unscathed?"  -- Academy of Bards

"We all have trials and tribulations in our lives, some more devastating than others. It is not whether we come through them or not, which makes us great is the journey through the pain that shows what kind of people we truly are. I've written this one to reflect that thought. It's Gabrielle's journey." -- L.J. Maas





 8. The Perfect Gift by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Flat Mountain (.prc) | L.J. Maas  | PDA Fiction

Academy of Bards Valentine Invitational 2003

"Gabrielle's pregnant and learning to cope with her godly powers with Ares as her mentor. Xena is bored and enlists little Tai to have a little fun at the expense of Ares. And warlords are making everyone miserable. A typical day in Amazonia." -- Academy of Bards

"The long awaited day arrives, the birth of Brianna. The only problem is that Gabrielle is without Xena and nowhere near the Amazon village. The frightened Amazon Queen's sole assistance will come from the lady in pink herself, the Goddess Aphrodite." -- L.J. Maas