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Fan Fiction based on the Xena: Warrior Princess series finale episodes, A Friend in Need Part 1 (Season 6, Episode 21) and A Friend in Need Part 2 (Season 6, Episode 22).

Premise: Xena and Gabrielle are summoned to feudal Japan at the behest of a ghost from Xena's past.

All stories listed here are copyrighted to the original authors. Before reading any of the stories, be sure to read the posted disclaimers. The Xena Library takes no responsibility for their content.

Adrift by Kwipinky

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net |  "A la deriva" (Spanish Translation)

"Gabrielle tries to make some sense out of the events she faced in her last battle beside the Warrior Princess." -- The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory

After the Fact by Ariel

After the Sunset by Carla M. Gilless

Aftermath by Sparrow

AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse  (Archived) | Bonded for Eternity | Born for War | Xena and Ares Fan Fiction


“Our duo was frozen for 25 years, but there is no EVE…NO Twilight."

"Gabrielle returns to Greece to tell their friends what happened in Japa." -- Sparrow

Against All Odds by BlueRaven

Bard Camp (Archived) | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)


"Xena and Gabrielle search for a way to be together again without betraying the souls Xena died to save."  Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory




Alone (Once In An African Blue Moon) by Jennifer Alexander Robinson

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"Still grieving over Xena's death in Japa, Gabrielle embarks on a voyage, which takes her to the land of Kush and a fateful meeting with Nubian Warrior Queen Utaria, ruler of Meroe. This is a gentle journey of new hope and new love. This lyrical narrative is a combination of Gabrielle's introspective cutaway thoughts, and is inspired by African praise poems and songs. It weaves myths, magic and rituals with factual elements." -- Jennifer Alexander Robinson

Always Have Faith by Melanie Long

Another Way by Maggielassie

Academy of Bardsmaggielassie | Passion & Perfection | Sapphic Voices

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF

"Many moons after Xena died in Jappa, Gabrielle still feels sad. She also tries to carry on with her own life and to find a way to live as the new warrior princess. One day, she needs a vacation from her Amazon Queen activities and decides to go spend it in the temple of her close friend, Aphrodite. Gabrielle spends some peaceful and wonderful time with the Goddess of Love, until one afternoon when the bard has to fight some attackers in the woods as she was on her way to get food. Ares suddenly appears and offers to make a deal with Gabrielle regarding the destiny of Xena’s soul. Will Gabrielle help bring Xena back into the world of the living if that means Ares might steal her soulmate away from her?" -- Maggielassie

Cover by Silvermoonlight

Apocalypse Series by Brigit M. Morgan

1. Apocalypse: Book 1 - Nemesis by Brigit M. Morgan

Athenaeum | Athenaeum Ebook Links | AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | PDA Fiction

“Set 12 years after FIN, this story follows an older, life-hardened Gabrielle as she reluctantly returns to Rome to help an old friend. Here she is plagued by painful memories, a crippling heat wave, and a growing menace that threatens to engulf the warrior, her friends and the entire world in its evil. Facing personal demons and enemies old and new, Gabrielle is led to a shocking confrontation that will change everything she holds to be true. If it doesn’t kill her first.” -- Athenaeum

2. Apocalypse: Book 2 - Inferno Part 7 by Brigit M. Morgan

Athenaeum | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | PDA Fiction

“This story takes place approximately 12 years after "Friend in Need." It also takes place about 5-6 hours after my other book Apocalypse Book 1: Nemesis ended, so if you haven't read that, you probably should---I'll wait… I kinda reference another story of mine: "To Rest" which you might also want to check out if you haven't read it.” — Brigit M. Morgan

“As the scalding heat wave continues, Gabrielle and her friends must smuggle Eve and the Cult of Eli out of Rome. Complicating matters are the dark machinations of Ares, the madness of the Emperor Nero and the warrior’s own doubt in her abilities. A doubt compounded by the painful confusion caused by her battle with the mysterious Assassin of the Gods, Nemesis.” -- Athenaeum

Appetite by Vivian Darkbloom

AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | Darkbloomiana | PDA Fiction

Xippy Award 

"Sidekick goes crazy, details at 11." -- Darkbloomiana 

"Appetite is a post fin fic story in a cell - two people held together on different paths and different hopes. Quite a story and made me sad a little." -- Xippy

Xenalicious Review

Are You a Little Seasick, Gabrielle? by Skya Wode

Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - 2nd Place Gabrielle’s Descendant Writing Contest





Ari's Ashes Series by McJude

1. Ari's Ashes by McJude

Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | The World of McJude (Archived) | WWOMB | Xena/Ares Fan Fiction

Rated PG-13 

“This story is a sequel to and contains spoilers for THE WIND WILL DO THE REST a story I wrote about the events of September 11, 2001. While it is not necessary to have read WIND to understand this story (WIND is not a POST-FIN Xena episode but a Hercules story relating to the events of September 11, 2001), I think if you haven't read it you would enjoy it. This story also contains references to several of the Xena episodes of the last two seasons.“ -- McJude

"Set just after "A Friend In Need", Gabrielle is confronted by Ares wanting to know where Xena is. Why it's a Favorite: Refreshing, unexpected, and original are the first words that come to mind for this wonderful tale with a unique twist along the way." -- Xena/Ares Fan Fiction

Gabrielle tells Ares of Xena's death while taking her ashes to Amphipolis” - Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Index

"After Ares agrees to conditions that hold him for eternity not to try to resurrect Xena, the world changes. (Post-FIN and Post 9-11)" -- The World of McJude

Ares makes a deal with Gabrielle for Xena's ashes.” -- Ksares Fiction

2. You Have to Die, So You Can Be Reborn by McJude

Heartbrkn's Place | The World of McJude (Archived) | Xena/Ares Fan Fiction

Rated NC-17

"Why it's a Favorite: This "ultra-uber (or are they)" (as McJude puts it) is a more than fitting conclusion for her story. "Ari's Ashes" and "You Have To Die,..." together are a charming tale of life and love everlasting." -- Xena/Ares Fan Fiction

"Xena is a modern soldier in the Russian Army." -- The World of McJude

"Uber characters in present-time Afghani conflict attempt to figure out past and present relationships. " -- Ksares Fiction

Ascension Series by Richard B.Kloosterboer

1. Ascension by Richard B.Kloosterboer  

AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

2. No Place Like Home by Richard B.Kloosterboer 

AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

The Ashes by Evelyn

At Your Side by FantasyTrepie14

"A reflexive fanfiction, taking a look inside Gabrielle's aching body and soul as she struggles between life and death."

The Baaing of the Lambs by The Bard of New Mexico

Royal Academy of Bards Holiday Challenge 2008: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Picture 15

The Beginning by MomBard


The Bard's Challenge Award - 3rd Place in the Fourth Bard's Challenge

"An alternative ending to a friend in need and won third place in the bard's challenge"

Cover by ForevaXena 


The Beginning of Forever by Nannaabelle

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"If FIN didn't happen or if it did and a way was found to bring Xena back, how would it all end? This is a kinder, gentler ending to the greatest love story of all time." -- Academy of Bards

The Best Gift 3 - The Gift of Family by Susan A. Rice

Part 3 of The Best Gift Series by Susan A. Rice

Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

“This story takes place 1-2 years after the Best Gift 2 and almost one year after FIN.”

“Placed after FIN. Gabrielle gets a visit from an old friend, Senticles, and the promise of a new lamb.” - Susan A. Rice

The Best World Possible by McJude


Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - 1st Place Tomb of Ares Writing Contest




Beyond the Greater Good by Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger

Amazon Trails | Ambyrhawke (Archived) | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Bleached Parchment | ForevaXena | The Mindom

Por encima del bien supremo - Spanish Translation

"While Xena is preparing to fight her final battle, Gabrielle realizes what is truly happening.  Can anything stop the course of events?" -- Ambyrhawke

"As Xena prepares to face an army of 20,000 samurai alone, can Gabrielle find a way to turn the warrior aside from this suicide mission?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

The Black Jar by Dreamweaver

Blessed by Onesockbard

Academy of Bards | E-Books by Lida

"After the events of "Friend in Need II" Gabrielle sacrifices herself to regain Xena's life, leaving Xena to do some soul and soul mate searching. A happier ending." -- Academy of Bards

Blessing In Disguise by Darshann

Rated PG

"What really happens with Xena and Gabrielle between the last two scenes of the finale." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Blind Faith by Ken Rogers

Academy of Bards | E-Books by Lida | KRogers2002 (Archived)

"Gabrielle's near death injuries, during a conflict with slavers, leave Xena to show the way." -- Academy of Bards

Blood Bond - The Second Pint by D (aka Bacchae Bunny)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links


Academy of Bards Halloween 2004

Xippy Award Winner

"A Post FIN tale that shows the bard's devastation over the loss of Xena and how both Ares and Aphrodite come to her aid.  They soon discover a terrifying secret and what's its conseuqences might mean." Academy of Bards

". . . 'what if' Xena and Gabrielle were immortal bacchae?" -- D's Domain

"This is an incredible epic love story - set after the events of FIN. It's the story of a quest, of a longing, of a desire to find Xena and Xena's quest to find Gabrielle. A magnificent story, well written that will keep you riveted to your seat . . . We follow Gabrielle's journey as well as Xena's as they try and reunite. D has interwoven history throughout this story which for me as a history nut was incredible . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." -- Xippy

Ralst Recommendation

Cover by MaryD

But Wait! There's More! by Nancy M

“These events take place about ten days following the close of Friend In Need, Part II.“

A Case of Do or Die by ArdenTly

Cecropes' Gift by AJ Marks

Chakram and Scroll by Cheza Yumi Usagi (aka SanquisSerpent)

Academy of Bards | Andro's Scrolls (.doc download link) | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"Heading to Amphipolis to bury Xena's ashes, Gabrielle meets up with Aphrodite and Virgil. Together they head out for Egypt. What will await them in the Land of the Pharaohs?" -- Academy of Bards

"After Xena's death, Gabrielle travels with Aphrodite to take the warrior's ashes to Amphipolis. There they meet Virgil, and travel to Egypt. What challenges await them, and is it possible that Xena could come back?" -- Andro's Scrolls

Change of Heart by FlyBigD

AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - Honorable Mention

". . . Set three months after the Nippon debacle, the tale finds Gabrielle wandering around with her ghostly partner who has gotten a bit frustrated at the day to day reality of not being able to touch anything except the bard. It's a frustration that becomes even more disconcerting whenever Gabrielle seems in imminent danger which is precisely what the Warrior Princess senses during their visit to a bazaar one day. A confident warrior in her own right now, the bard deals with the danger but something else continues to stalk our heroic twosome - a cloaked figure which the two soon realize has one thing in common with the warrior. Dead for over a thousand years, the stranger, named Omrond, eventually reveals herself as a ghost doomed to walk the earth far from the forest village she once called home but desperate to make retributions for the wrongs she feels she brought upon her people so long ago. To this purpose, she enlists the aid of Xena and Gabrielle - needing their help to try to return a mystical sword to her people. It's a quest that will offer warrior and bard the opportunity to go on one last adventure together as true partners when Omrond reveals that she can help Xena exist for brief moments as a solid being. In exchange, the troubled forest dweller will find her spirits lifted by the easy banter between the two companions and her soul warmed by the magnitude of a love unlike anything she's witnessed before. In a journey that will take them from one of the most dangerous cities on the Barbary Coast, across the sea to northern lands - these three will forge a strong friendship as warrior and bard help to make the impossible happen and an ancient soul finds redemption in the most precious gift of all . . . comes with my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!" -- Lunacy

Changes by Mazrat

“This is a 55 word piece of fanfic.“

The Choice by Jan V.

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida

"A post-'Friend In Need' piece that brings Xena back to life." -- Academy of Bards

Choice Weapons by Julia Swan

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida

"This is a post-FIN tale. In debt to Aphrodite for a favor, the spirit Xena must find a way to get rid of Ares forever. She gets a little help from Gabrielle and an unwitting Aphrodite. The story fills in some holes in the XWP mythology." -- Academy of Bards

Choosing A Destiny by EpTalk

"The story takes place after the final season and/or final journey of Xena and Gabrielle to Japan. The last battle leaves them exhausted and the time for them to choose their future destiny has arrived. This story is a translation of the legend and not from Gabrielle's scrolls." -- ATR Library

"Xena and Gabrielle are given back their first born children, Hope and Solan (gift from Angel Callisto). They live on Xena's grandmother's farm after the battle in Japan becoming a family. Some interesting adjustments just like any family and yes - the ending will have them living happily ever after. A couple of interesting twist and turns during the story and even more, a vision of "what could have been"." -- EpTalk

Cover by Eptalk

Cold Heritage by Karla

The Comfort of Strangers by Joseph Connell aka Uberscribbler

Confession by Sais 2 Cool

Conflict of Interest by Richard B. Kloosterboer

Crossroads of Destiny by Saul Trabal

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Obsolyte | PDA Fiction


"A series of circumstances put Gabrielle in a position where she must face one of her most challenging, dangerous missions ever. It will push her to the brink of her abilities, and the fate of milllions hangs in the balance." -- Academy of Bards

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Xena by Spike

Academy of Bards | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | Bleached Parchment | eBooks by Lida | Screaming Xenas


Winner of the Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award for "Restoration Project"

"Want to know what happened after 'FIN I & II'? I like to refer to this tale of grief, love and resurrection as the "lost" final episode." -- Academy of Bards



The Curse of Higuchi Series by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero

1. You Should Have...  by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Charani (Archived) | eBooks by Lida | ForevaXena


"After the loss of her soul mate, Gabrielle finds herself sailing on a ship away from Japa with her jealous ghost lover and an exquisite female captain. Revealed secrets may be the bards only hope of bringing her soulmate back to life." -- Academy of Bards

". . .The story opens with Gabrielle a month or so into a ship's voyage back from Japa. The captain has taken a fancy to our bard (yet another Gab-fan in the world) and Xena is jealous but won't admit it (even death won't change some things). Gabrielle's reaction to the situation is wonderfully complex and thought provoking. Still in the anger and denial stages of grief, she uses the captain's interest to make the point that her hard-headed ghost should have thought of some things before stopping Gabrielle from bringing her back to life. It's not a pleasant lesson for Xena, but hard heads tend to call for big clubs. The captain's interest also provides a way for Gabrielle to have an evening's respite from the loss of her lover. But how far will Gabrielle go? You have to read to find that part out! The banter between Gabrielle and Xena is like a poker match, with bluffs being called all over the place, sometimes gently and with humor, other times with the stinging tinge of anger. . ." -- Athenaeum

2. The Curse of Higuchi by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Charani (Archived) | eBooks by Lida | ForevaXena (Archived)


"Gabrielle, alone and mourning the loss of her soul mate, finds herself amongst a group of people whose language and culture is very different from her own. Misconceptions and differing social beliefs lead the bard into troubles which only she can get herself out of. Now alone and making her way back home, the bard must either learn to live without her soul mate, or find a way to bring Xena back from the dead." -- Academy of Bards

"After 21 months of research, L. Crystal Michallet-Romero has produced the finest FIN tale ever written! Crystal not only utilized her tremendous skills as a scholar to painstakingly research the history of the times, but she includes vast knowledge into the religious aspects of Islam, Hindu and Egyptian religions. When she promised us a roller coaster ride at the beginning of this tale, she was not kidding. The Curse of Higuchi brings out a wide range of emotions, and is filled with such depth and detail as to take your breath away. From the very first chapter, all the way to the end, I felt as if I was a part of the story. Even after I go back to re-read the story again, I come across so many details that were previously missed before. I have read every FIN story ever written, and I truly believe that COH will become the definitive tale for the continuation of X:WP. If TPTB are looking for a script for any future movies, they need not look further than COH. COH is a must read for all Xena Fans. " -- Athenaeum

". . . This is an amazing tale, and not for the faint of heart. The story begins in the aftermath of Higuchi, as our Bard endures the darkest period of her life . . . Fair warning: when I say graphic content of all kinds, I mean it, and this story depicts its battles vividly. This portrait of our favorite pair of soulmates gives us a very human Gabrielle, complete with her shortcomings and a skoche of polygamy as she truly comes into her own, and a Warrior Princess who is forced to look at unexpected consequences of her actions as she watches her Bard move through life independently, though in pain . . . While predominantly F/F, there's a touch of M/M as well, though the men are vulnerable and loving in expressing their love for each other, and *that* content isn't graphic. The best parts of this tale illustrate the drive and passion its women have in their love for one another, and in this regard, Michallet-Romero succeeds in ways that will grab you and not let you go! Also, the author's portrayal of Middle Eastern and Indian traditions and spirituality are very eye-opening. . .

Three Blades out of Five: it is quite long, so plan on investing some time reading it, and while the story never veers from the soulmate theme, it varies from the standard romance of just Xena and Gabrielle. Recommended!" -- BlackDaemon

Damnation by Karla

The Dark Soul by Altilicious

UNFINISHED - Last updated January 17, 2008

Set seven years after the events in Japa, this story explores Xena's origins.

A Darkened Path Series by Durgis-Flak

1. A Darkened Path by Durgis-Flak

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"3 months since the death of Xena, Gabrielle is slowly falling into despair." -- Durgis-Flak

2. The Day After by Durgis-Flak

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

"The day after the night before and everyone struggles to cope with their new paths in life." -- Durgis-Flak

Darkness and Light Series by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

1. First Steps by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net  | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link


". . . follows Gabrielle after A Friend In Need as she handles an adventure in Egypt, discovering more about her soul and other secrets hidden in the shifting sands of the great desert. It is all seen through the eyes of a bed ridden Xena as she reads Gabrielle's scrolls." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena has mysteriously returned from dead, but finds that her world is not as intended. Gabrielle has disappeared and the only clues to what happened to her lies in the scrolls she left behind. As Xena recovers she reads about the adventures Gabrielle had as she went to Egypt. She learns about the woman that is slowly growing out of her young bard as she travels the world alone, sad and full of the knowledge given to her by Xena herself." -- The Ice Bear

2. Heritage by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link

Rated PG-15

"Xena, still reading from the scrolls left in Greece by Gabrielle, finds out about her bard's return to her family, while Poteidaia is on the verge of a deadly war." -- Academy of Bards

"This 2nd story follows Gabrielle as she comes home to stay for more than a few days for the first time since her leaving Poteidaia in “Sins of the Past”; she must make peace with her past, her family and handle a major discovery about herself, while stopping a local warrior from kindling a deadly war." -- Mikael Helbo Kjaer

"Xena continues to read about Gabrielle as she returns to Greece and seeks out her sister only to find her ancestral home about to be brutally attacked and potentially conquered, while the people of her hometown squabble. But Gabrielle must not only deal with a nasty enemy, but also find a way to bridge the gap that has grown between her and her family. " -- The Ice Bear

3. Exodus by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link

"The 3rd story sees Xena beginning to follow the over two years old trail of her beloved Gabrielle and discovers the true reason the amazons disappeared from Greece. Her travels allows her to discover, what brought Gabrielle back to the once again beleaguered amazon nation, a nation suffering from both threats from the outside world and stagnation inside." -- Academy of Bards

"A fully healed Xena sets out to find out what happened to Gabrielle and the Greek Amazons guided by the stories of her bard and people all around. She finds a land recovering from war devoid of any amazons and still finds no clues to the whereabout of her lost bard. Follow her as she discovers what truly happened to the amazons of Greece." -- The Ice Bear

4. False Dragon by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net  | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link

Rated PG-15

"Xena follows Gabrielle's tracks across Asia hoping to reach her friend that last she heard was struggling with an inner darkness. At last we learn why no one has heard from Gabrielle in two years." -- Academy of Bards

"This story sees Xena track the heartbroken Gabrielle, who is searching for some kind of healing for her ailing soul. Trekking all across Asia and divided by a 2 year time difference Xena can only hope that the darkness revealed in Gabrielle won't consume her friend before she reaches her. " -- Mikael Helbo Kjaer

5. True Tiger by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

FanFiction.Net  | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link

Rated PG-15

"A desolate Xena goes to collect Gabrielle's body from the dragon that protects it, while remembering the events that lead to her resurrection. But another threat reveals itself as the witch Jenn tries to undo all the good Gabrielle did for Chin." -- The Ice Bear

6. Stepping into the Light by Mikael Helbo Kjaer

FanFiction.Net  | FanFiction.Net Mobile | The Ice Bear | The Ice Bear PDF Link

Rated G-15

"Xena and Gabrielle are returning to their old haunts. But all is not well in their relationship. They have each changed in ways the other cannot understand. Can they work out their differences before the countryside explodes into a bloody rebellion?" -- The Ice Bearl

A Day In The Endless Life by Julia Noel Goldman aka Xena's Little Bitch

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | eBooks by Lida | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile


"It's 2004 and Xena and Gabrielle are living in the United States. Their obsessions with the war and their past lend to some interesting revelations." -- Academy of Bards

"Xena and Gabrielle are immortals, living in the present day. Gabrielle is obsessed with their past, while Xena is obsessed with the current political situation." -- FanFiction.Net

Dead, My Ash! by Joanna Sandsmark

ArgenXena | Cousin Liz

¡Muerta, Las Cenizas! (Spanish Translation)

". . . This new effort succeeds handily . . . as it puts a slightly different spin on the last few minutes of those series enders. As Joanna tells it, Gabrielle isn't quite ready to surrender the Warrior Princess to a bunch of greedy souls demanding grace. Only the warrior seems as equally determined to appease those souls, changing her usually intimidating warrior cry to something a tad...different in hopes of scaring her partner. After a fierce little contest of wills, the souls are on their way to true TV immortality and a one-time bard is enjoying her new hero status just a bit...much . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"Parodia de “A Friend In Need II”; ideal para quienes no quedaron muy conformes con el final de la serie." -- Las Parodias

A Different Peace by Sais 2 Cool

Discoveries by Karla

Do They Know It's Christmas? by sHaYch

Bards Challenge X: Do You See What I Hear?

"This story presumes that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers. This story also presumes that somehow, Gabrielle was able to revive Xena the Soul Savior of Japan and return her to the state of being also known as life. Of course, Gabrielle is just thrilled to have her honey buns back, and Xena’s just as thrilled not to have to smell one more demonic fart. Those things really stink, you know?" --  sHaYch

Dragon Princess by Ken Rogers

Academy of Bards | Ken's Fiction & Fantasy (Archived)

"A soldier witnesses an amazing battle" -- Academy of Bards

Dreaming by Lady Jane Gray

El Día de los Muertos by Stacia Seaman

Academy of Bards | Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002 ebooks | AusXIP

Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza 2002

"Gabrielle journeys to the land of the Pharaohs, where she has a mystical encounter with Xena." -- Academy of Bards 

"[AusXIP has] a slightly different version of a story that appeared on the Academy of Bards Halloween page." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Saturday, November 23, 2002

End of the Road by Mchelle U.

Enter the Dragon by Ken Rogers

Academy of Bards | eBooks by Lida | K. Rogers (Archived)

"The most feared and hated warrior in the east keeps an uneasy peace, which is threatened by a northern horde." -- Academy of Bards

Eve-R-Clear by Chelle

Even in Death by Feline Moon

Academy of Bards Holiday Challenge 2008: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Picture 15

Everything I Know by Julia Noel Goldman (aka Xena's Little Bitch)

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | AusXIP

"After the events of 'Friend In Need', Gabrielle is sad and waxes philosophical." -- Academy of Bards

"After “FIN2,” an angry, grieving Gabrielle considers stuff, meets another ghost, and receives a very unique gift." -- Julia Noel Goldman

". . .It's beautiful, sad and absolutely right. After Xena's death, Gabrielle wanders through Chin followed by ghosts. Heartbreakingly lovely." -- leavesthesky

EvilXena: Resurrection by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF

"After a long and stressful journey, Gabrielle finally returns home from the terrible events in Jappa. She soon discovers that Greece has undergone a drastic change in the year since she and Xena left for the land beyond Ch'in: A merciless warrior second only to Ares, God of War has united the warlords and conquered a great deal of the land; a warrior with a wild, dark mane and piercing blue eyes…" -- Norsebard

Exclusive by Ambrosia

Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links

"Here's an alternative X&G story, though there is a hint of Uber as well. Also, it's a post AFIN (Friend In Need) story that's a bit on the unusual side." -- Athenaeum

The Eye of Hephaestus by D.J. Belt

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Mega Fan Fiction Downloads | Passion & Perfection | PDA Fiction

"After Xena's untimely death in Japan, Gabrielle has returned to Potidaea, wallowing in deep grief and strong drink. Ares, noting her vulnerability, makes her an offer of power that she is sorely tempted to accept, until Xena's spirit appears to her and they fashion a desperate plan to attempt Ares' imprisonment and Xena's own return to the mortal realm. Its success depends upon Gabrielle, however. In her current state of mind, will she be able to pull it off?" -- Academy of Bards

"authors note: This story takes place immediately after the grand finale of the sixth season of X:WP. It is helpful to be familiar with that, and the episode "The Xena Scrolls" to fully appreciate the story. Get ready for Mission: Impossible, Ancient Greek style!" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Friday, April 19, 2002

Feathers & Scales by Witchbaby

"Directly follows the final episode of Season 6. Gabrielle travels with Aphrodite to the land of the Pharaohs, in search of a way to revive Xena." -- Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse

Fiction by Ana Ortiz

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | AusXIP

Swollen Bud Award - "FIRST TIMER" / First-Time Bard

"How do you make life meaningful once you discover you're a fictional character? Xena somehow has to manage this both for herself and Gabrielle in the wake of Friend in Need." -- Academy of Bards

". . . This is not a classical X:WP tale. It’s not a funky uber. It’s a story that redefines a connection between two souls in a wholly different and original and absolutely beautiful manner . . ." -- Xenalicious

". . . Ortiz's storytelling is compelling and complex and will stick with you long after less substantial fare has been digested . . ." -- Swollen Buds

FIN – Grief by Dana Cooper Kjarr (aka Frau Hunter Ash)

FIN: The Proper Ending by Hermes

"A short tale that takes place on Mt. Fuji beside the Fountain of Strength." -- Academy of Bards

The Final Battleground, The Journey Continues by Dana Cooper-Kjarr (aka Frau Hunter Ash)

Finding My Way by ThingforGabrielle


"Gabrielle returns to the land of Greece, grieving for the loss of Xena, when she is confronted with the love and affection of another, the will of a god to try and change her, and a fellow Amazon's betrayal." -- Academy of Bards

Fixing a Betrayal by Silence

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Heartbrkn's Scrolls


". . . An important person from X&G's past reappears to help a devastated Bard put things right. A wonderful job of Fixing the Betrayal. Solid craftsmanship, and a lot of heart. The ending was *feel-good*!!" -- Just Like Buttah!

 Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

 Cover by Calli's Creations


The Flood Series by Thatpote

1. The Flood by Gabrielle by Thatpote

Amazon Trails | Fires of Home (Archived) | PDA Fiction

“This story, told by Gabrielle, is set in the year that followed Xena's death in the debacle in Japa.”

“"So much time had passed since that day -- so many heavens, so many hells.  But that day by the waterfall in Chin, my Ghost reached to me and put her hand to my heart.  Instantly I was suffused with such love and longing that I lost all strength in my limbs and slumped to the ground.  My Ghost smiled gently as I lay motionless with my head propped up against a tree, captured in an enchantment woven of remembered love." — Fires of Home

2. How I Got Over by Xena by Thatpote

Amazon Trails | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | Fires of Home (Archived) | PDA Fiction

3. After the Flood by Thatpote


Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - Gabrielle’s Descendant Writing Contest Honorable Mention

“This is an entry in the contest to divine how Gabrielle came to have direct descendants like the indefatigable Janice Covington.”



For Love by Karyna Sylinia


"Gabrielle travels back to Greece after Xena's death in the hopes of picking up the pieces of her shattered life but Fate has other plans. Forced to find a way to bring Xena back with the help of one of her future reincarnations, Gabrielle struggles to find Xena's soul before it is to late... for everyone." -- Academy of Bards

Forever by Destacain

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails (Part 1 Only)

"After returning from Japa, Xena and Gabrielle are still adjusting to their new way of life...or rather Xena's lack thereof. The duo decide to head for Egypt to show the land of the Pharaohs what a girl with a chakram can do. However Gabrielle, discontent with Xena: Warrior Ghost, harborers secret plans to revive her lover. An escapade ensues involving mystery, treasure, magic, love and adventure." -- Academy of Bards

Forever and a Day by Debbie Dee

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida

"This is a FIN story. It take place after Xena's death. It is about how Gabrielle is dealing with it. But with help from Ares and Aphrodite Xena might have a chance to come back from the dead." -- Academy of Bards

Forever Connected by Caina Q. Fuller

Forty-eight Hour Fix by D

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | D's Domain | PDA Fiction

The Academy of Bards Valentine Special 2003

". . . Aphrodite does her thing with her usual flair, helping her Little Bard Friend and the Warrior Babe find their way back to each other." -- Just Like Buttah!

In this post-FIN story, Aphrodite decides that no way is she going to let Xena sacrifice herself. Unfortunately bringing back the Warrior Princess to life doesn't seem to help the bard overcome her feelings of despondency.  The goddess decides they need a little uninterrupted time to work things out." -- Academy of Bards

A Friend in A Funk by Verrath

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | Verrath's Book of Tales

Part 16 of the Tell Me Series by Verrath (Uber)

"Gabby is upset because Sina is going away over the weekend - when it's the weekend of Gabby's birthday! And what better way to vent her frustration than to let Xena bear the brunt of it...? Rated PG." -- Verrath

A Friend, In Deed Series by Cath, Bard

1. A Friend, In Deed by Cath, Bard

Amazon Trails | AusXIP 

"Gabrielle decide[s] to bring Xena back – souls of Higuchi be damned." -- Cath, Bard

2. We Need A Little Solstice by Cath, Bard

Amazon Trails | AusXIP

A Friend In Deed by Paige Turner

Friend in Need of Therapy Series by K. Simpson

1. Friend in Need of Therapy by K. Simpson

""Friend in Need" parody" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Friday June 29, 2001  

"A Finale story that will make you laugh? Thank the Gods! This story will help soften the blow caused by the FIN. It explains away the entire episode and makes everything ok again. Even manages to get in a few playful zingers about the Big Giant Head. Highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

2. The Way She Were by K. Simpson

". . . Gabrielle returns to the temple of Mnemosyne in order to teach her warrior a little lesson. You'll laugh out loud, and you'll feel better about the TV finale. Guaranteed. Highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews 

Friend In Need Series by W. Brad Danbrook

1. Friend In Need - Part III by W. Brad Danbrook

"What happened to Gabrielle after the end of FIN? What happened to Xena? Will they ever meet again? Along this strange journey, Gabrielle meets up with an old friend, and an old enemy. A dark cloud has invaded Gabrielle's soul." -- Academy of Bards

2. Friend In Need - Part IV by W. Brad Danbrook

"Xena, now resurrected in an unfamiliar body, seeks to now help Gabrielle deal with her own feelings a guilt. Aidan continues his evil plotting. Has Gabrielle been changed forever, and for the worse?" -- Academy of Bards What's New Wednesday July 1st, 2003

A Friend in Need III Series by Easyreader

1. A Friend in Need III by Easy Reader

AusXIP | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

2. A Friend in Need III - Epilogue by Easy Reader

A Friend in Need, Part III by Kodi Wolf

AusXIP | Kodi Wolf | Kodi Wolf's PDF Library


"This story picks up immediately where the series finale A Friend In Need, Part II left off. In order to cope with what TPTB decided to do with the show, I've decided that they only aired the first two hours of a three-hour episode and they cut it off at a really bad spot. So I've tried to provide a fairly adequate telling of that last hour of the story to finish what they started.

This story has two endings and it's up to you to decide which one you prefer. . ." -- Kodi Wolf

Cover by Kodi Wolf


A Friend in Need, Part III by T. Novan

AusXIP | Mega Fan Fiction EBooks | T. Novan (Archived)

Xippy Award

". . . This story picks up where FIN II ended. Gabrielle has changed her mind about accepting Xena's choice to stay dead, and (with the help of an old friend) returns to Japa to make things right . . . Highly recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . Gabrielle seeks to get Xena back and is willing to pay the ultimate price to do it, will Xena let her? This also features Xena and Gabrielle's descendents." -- Xippy

Friend Indeed by CN Winters

Friend In Need, The Way It Should Have Been by Marion D. Tuttle

Amazon Trails | AusXIP

Una amiga en apuros, como debería haber sido - Spanish Translation

"This short tale by Marion Tuttle continues the story told in FIN. On their journey from Japa, Xena and Gabrielle start to question the recent events that have left them where they are and the decisions that got them there. Upon closer examination, some things don't seem to make as much sense as they should. The question is, what can they do about it? Answers some good questions about the plot in the series Finale." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Full Circle by Leslie Ann Miller

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | ForevaXena | PDA Fiction | Viking Chick

"Gabrielle returns to Egypt to help Queen Zenobia." -- Academy of Bards

Gabrielle Alone by jacey03

UNFINISHED - Last updated May 5, 2009

"She can no longer remember how long it's been since she left the land of the pharaohs...long enough for that face to fade in the back of her mind. Life is no longer good. Alone in the world she need's help." -- Bibliotheca

Gabrielle and Xena (deceased) by Mark Annetts

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Bleached Parchment | The Crysanium (Archived) | PDA Fiction

Gabrielle y Xena (fallecida) - Spanish Translation

Xippy Award

"Comedy which starts right after AFIN. The story takes a decided turn after the heartache as Xena learns that being a ghost, while frustrating for Gabrielle, can be fun." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Wednesday, December 19, 2001

". . . It picks up from the time Gabrielle leaves Japa with Xena's ashes and takes them back home to Amphipolis. Armed with sacred scrolls and rituals to bring Xena back, it somehow doesn't happen the way she wanted and Xena is back on earth, as a ghost. Enlisting the help of gods and former enemies is going to be tricky but the story captures you and is a thoroughly enjoyable read. A wonderful resolution as well." -- Xippy

Gabrielle's Faith by Phantom Bard

* See Gabrielle's Faith (Revised Version) by Phantom Bard

"After Xena's death in Japa, Gabrielle is disenchanted with the Greater Good, having had to choose between it and her love for Xena, and feeling that she has lost both. She travels through the known world, hoping to find something that will bring her a new sense of completion. Her journey is driven, at first by unremembered dreams, and later by recognition of her destiny. She follows the path that will lead to the achievement of both, finally defeating a challenge to her promised future lives with Xena." -- Academy of Bards

Gabrielle's Faith (Revised Version) by Phantom Bard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile


* See Gabrielle's Faith by Phantom Bard

Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - 2nd Place Tomb of Ares Writing Contest

"This is the story of Gabrielle's life following the disastrous mission with Xena in Japa. A badly disillusioned Gabrielle travels the known world, searching for something to restore her purpose and her faith in life. Along the way, she becomes aware of a threat to the eternal destiny that she was to share with her soulmate, and a future too horrible to accept. Bound to her destiny with Xena is the destiny of her descendants, her ancestors, and the Amazon Nation. She must use all the lessons she learned from her teacher, become all her soulmate tried to be, and serve the Greater Good on a scale that even her beloved Xena had never imagined. The innocent farm girl from Potidaea will become the greatest hero the ancient world has ever seen.  (Revised Version 4/2003, Original Version posted 5/2002)" -- Academy of Bards

Gabrielle's Heart by Stiney

"The fate of the world depends on Gabrielle bringing Xena back." -- Stiney

The Ghost of A Smile Series by IseQween

1. The Ghost of A Smile by IseQween

Academy of Bards | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


“Begins shortly after the events portrayed in the series finale A FRIEND IN NEED and explores Gabrielle’s coming to terms with Xena’s promise never to leave her soulmate.” -- IseQween


2. A Fly in The Ointment by IseQween

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


“Gabrielle seems to be living the life Xena dreamed for her in the previous post-series finale story The Ghost of A Smile, but with some problems and possibilities neither of them expected.” -- IseQween


3. Suns of the Passed by IseQween

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


"Gabrielle returns to Japa, where both she and Xena face uncertain consequences of the love and honor that melded their legendary partnership in defense of the greater good.” -- IseQween



4. War's Surrender by IseQween

AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


". . . how Ares might respond to Xena’s actions in Japa."-- IseQween

“Pits Ares against Aphrodite in a heated debate provoked by Xena's actions in A FRIEND IN NEED.” -- AusXIP


5. Love's Therapy by IseQween

Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


“Gabrielle and Xena seek Aphrodite's help with a "personal" problem shortly after events depicted in IseQween's post-finale story Suns of The Passed. This could also be considered a companion piece to War's Surrender." -- IseQween


6. Enough by IseQween

AusXIP | PDA Fiction

"Xena faces hurdles from the past and present as she tries to adjust to the life Gabrielle created before the warrior’s resurrection in Japa." -- IseQween

7. Behind Sight by IseQween

"Several years after settling down in the story "Enough", Gabrielle decides revisiting her early journeys with Xena might provide more accurate directions for a new generation of heroes." -- IseQween

Girl With A Chakram by Caina Fuller


"Eve summons Gabrielle, who has been fighting in Egypt since Xena’s death, to Amphipolis. Greece is falling apart under strange storms caused by a threat that no one may be able to stop, not even the new carrier of the Chakram." -- AusXIP

Girl with a Chakram by JLynn

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails

"A wistful, yet uplifting look at the Battling Bard a few months following the events in AFIN as Gabrielle struggles to deal with the loss of her soulmate." -- Athenaeum

A Girl with a Chakram in Egypt by Starry Glyph

"In this post-FIN story, Gabrielle journeys to Egypt to continue the fight for good. However, she encounters more trouble than she bargained for but also receives aid from a most unexpected source. In the meantime, Xena finds that being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be." -- Academy of Bards

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by anex

eBooks: epub | Mobi | PDF


Gabrielle learns the true nature of her tattoo.

". . . For a story that took less than 5 minutes to read, I found myself drawn in and connected. I like her writing style, too. . ." -- Cheri at C-Spot Reviews



The Go-Between by Kamouraskan

Goddess' Dream, Bard's Nightmare by TraceGem

UNFINISHED - Last updated January 23, 2009

Rated NC-17

"Post FIN, Gabrielle has been struggling for over two summers the loss of her warrior and tracks down the help from one of the gods, only for Xena to return not as she left…." -- Academy of Bards

Going Home by Patricia Winterburn

Academy of Bards | ForevaXena

"Post FIN short story depicting the author's feelings on how Gabrielle would continue her journey and find a way to bring Xena back. It's always nice to have friends in "high" places." -- Academy of Bards

Golden Time of Day by Portia Richardson

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | AusXIP

". . . it focuses on Gabrielle, her life without Xena, and her continuing quest for spiritual enlightenment." -- Portia Richardson

"It is a Post FIN (Alternative) story and centers on Gabrielle's life after Xena, her continued spiritual journey, and her quest to create a place for herself in the world. This story is heavy on Gabrielle with very little Xena in it." -- Academy of Bards

The Great Voice by Cephalgia

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Mega Fan Fiction | Mega Fan Fiction Download Links

"A post Friend in Need piece in which the Warrior Princess is returned to the living by Gabrielle, Eve and a mysterious new Supreme Being.  Xena and the bard must face off against a shape-shifting embodiment of ultimate evil.  In the balance hangs the very survival of mankind and the future of the earth." -- Academy of Bards

Happy Ever After by Lena

Healing Love by Yorksbard

"It is more than half a year since Japa and Gabrielle is struggling to move on. How can the love that Aphrodite has for her best, mortal friend help, and does Aphrodite have what it takes?" -- Yorksbard

The Heart Of Aphrodite by Silence

Hedda: Defender of Olympus: And Not to Yield by Arianwen P.F. Everett

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

“Two months after Xena's death in Japa, Gabrielle, Eve, and Hercules must team up with Hedda, the daughter of Xena: the Conqueror and Ares, to stop a powerful new threat to Greece: the Christians.” -- Arianwen P.F. Everett

Her Sins of The Past by Cheryl Pierce


How Can I Go On? by Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger

Ambyrhawke (Archived) | AusXIP | Bleached Parchment | ForevaXena | Mindom

¿Cómo puedo seguir? (Spanish Translation)

"On the ship leaving Japa, Gabrielle contemplates how she can stand to remain on the warrior path in the face of Xena's death." -- Ambyrhawke

Hunger in the Night by Allyson Heisey

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | eBooks by Lida | PDA Fiction


"Bacchus is dead. Or is he? Having the last laugh, he throws Xena and Gabrielle into a future timeline, where they must use their intelligence and skills to survive. Once again, as the fates would have it, the two women meet and outwit Bacchus for good. A tribute to "The Hunger" 1983, Starring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon A classic fiction that takes place after Season 6 (Post Finale)" -- Academy of Bards



The Judging of the Queen Series by Pysta

1. The Judging of the Queen by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

Athenaeum Top 25 #1; #85 in 2006

"Ten long and lonely years after Xena's demise in Jappa, Gabrielle returns to the Amazon Village, in the hope that she will be able to rejoin the Tribe, and make amends for having abandoned them after Helicon. Uncertain that she still has any right to be their Queen, she appeals to a problematic Artemis, and must undergo an Ordeal to determine her fate. The post-Twilight of the Gods is an odd time, and strange things can still happen." -- Athenaeum

"This is a beautiful post-Fin fic that's crack for all of us literary geeks (complete with Anne Carson's Sappho fragments). A great story told in beautiful, lyrical prose. Gabrielle returns to the Amazons after years of absence and must undergo three ordeals laid out by Artemis in order to recover her crown and the hearts of her tribe." -- leavethesky

2. The Chakram and the Dragon by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

"Returning to the Amazons is one thing - leading them is another. Gabrielle demonstrates her strength of character, and her wisdom. Her hopes and plans for the future of the tribe are strong. But life is full of twists and turns, and the reality of their chaotic world sets challenges that they must endure, and overcome - if the Amazons are to escape oblivion." -- Athenaeum

3. The Annals of the Queens by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

Athenaeum Top 25 #1

Athenaeum #85 in 2006

"Gabrielle, Xena and the remnants of the Amazons of Thessaly make their way across Aegea's Sea to the Isle of Lemnos - their new home. On the way, Gabrielle shares more about her adventures in Egypt, and she and Xe discover more about themselves than even they had guessed. Xena adds something mysterious to her "many skills" - and Gabrielle does, too. And a new life begins to be shaped by their capable hands." -- Athenaeum

4. The Crucible by Pysta

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook

"In this, the conclusion to the Lemnos Quartet, Gabrielle and Xena learn that the path to righteous rule is fraught with complexity. They follow the precepts of Lao Ma, however, and fulfill their destiny, and learn that 'all good things come to those who wait." -- Academy of Bards

The Land Of Song by Fedelma

"Five years after Xena's death, Gabrielle returns to Greece. She meets a new friend, who invites her on a journey to the farthest end of the known world, to a land where bards rule and ancient demons threaten a way of life." -- Fedelma

The Lie by My Osage

Listen by The Lavender Bard


The Long Journey Series by daviderl

1. The Long Journey Back by daviderl

Athenaeum | daviderl | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Xena Scrolls (Archived)

"Gabrielle travels back to Amphipolis to take Xena's ashes home. Then she sets out to find Eve, Hercules, and the Amazons to give them the bad news." -- Athenaeum

2. The Long Journey Begins by daviderl

Athenaeum | daviderl | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Xena Scrolls (Archived)

Rated PG

"Gabrielle begins her journey back to Japa to reclaim Xena's soul." -- daviderl

"Gabrielle is determined to go back to Mt. Fuji to reclaim Xena's body and soul and bring her back to Greece." -- daviderl

3. The Long Journey Continues by daviderl

Athenaeum | daviderl | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Xena Scrolls (Archived)

"Gabrielle arrives in Japa, but need Ares' help to get to Mt. Fuji, and Xena." -- daviderl

"Gabrielle and Xena are reunited, but Ares poses a serious threat." -- daviderl

4. The Long Journey Ends by daviderl

Athenaeum | daviderl | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Xena Scrolls (Archived)

Rated PG

"Xena and Gabrielle return to Mt. Olympus to battle Ares. Gabrielle asks Aphrodite to betray him." -- daviderl

"Michael the Archangel sends Xena and Gabrielle to Mt. Olympus so Xena can fufill her promise to kill Ares." -- daviderl

The Loom of Destiny by Phantom Bard (aka J. Nakamura)

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | ForevaXena (Original Version)


 Academy of Bards Story Challenge 2001 - Part II: "Epic"

"Following Xena's death in Japa, Gabrielle has become the Warrior Princess. For a decade, she fights for the Greater Good, but her craftiest plan involves returning her soulmate to life. Love may be forever, but life doesn't wait, and Gabrielle's plan will take a lifetime to achieve. The only way to make it work is for Gabrielle to die." -- Athenaeum

"For ten long years following Xena's death, Gabrielle has carried on the Warrior Princess' mission, fighting for the Greater Good. Though Gabrielle has honored her soulmate's last decision to remain dead following the destruction of Yodoshi, she is also compelled to seek a way to resurrect her. Finally she enacts a daring long-range plan, manipulating the gods and even Xena herself to achieve her goal. But to make her plan work, Gabrielle has to die. (Revised Version 6/1/2003, Original Version 7/7/2001)." -- Academy of Bards

Lost Soul by Ken Rogers

"Xena discovers she is still on Mt. Fuji and goes in search of Gabrielle." -- Academy of Bards

The Man Who Killed Xena by Richard  Franke

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

Rated PG-13

"The ancient Celts feared a Bard's wrath more than almost anything. A samurai discovers why." -- R. Franke

A Matter of Trust by Jody Leak

Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award 1st Place Chakram Writing Contest




Memento Mori by Lexx23

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Passion & Perfection

Athenaeum Top 25 #1

"Gabrielle is haunted by her memories of Xena's death and Aphrodite can't stand to watch her friend suffer. Together they travel to the temple of Mnemosyne where Gabrielle makes a life changing decision." -- Lexx23

Video by Lexx223 (based on this story)

Cover by Lexx23


Memoirs of A Bard Series by Dawn L. (Tigress)

1. Memoirs of A Bard: Translated by Melinda Pappas by Dawn L. (Tigress)

Mel & Janice / Post FIN

2. A Last Request by Dawn L. (Tigress)

The Missing Piece by LadyWillow

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | Lady Willow

"An alternate and I DO mean alternate ending to A Friend in Need. *subtext* It's cute …" -- LadyWillow

Moving On by Sandakat

Moving On by Caina Q. Fuller

My Heart Will Go On by Paully Adams

"Gabrielle learns how to live and love again thanks to an old friend." -- Academy of Bards

"Angst filled story about Gabrielle trying to go on without Xena." -- Whoosh!

My Mistake by Ideasofmany

FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile


"Xena gets an offer from a God that could eventually reunite her with her soul mate, but the reunion does not come without a cost. A cost to Gabrielle. Warrior, Bards, and Valkyries, Oh my!" -- FanFiction.Net

Cover by Silvermoonlight


Never Series by Grit Jahning

1. Never by Grit Jahning

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | ForevaXena | Grit Jahning (Archived)

Xippy Award

"Gabrielle is on a ship heading west but she is she really alone?" -- Academy of Bards

"A short story set after the events of Friend In Need of a loving soulmate standing by her battling bard. Beautifully written." -- Xippy

2. Always by Grit Jahning

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | ForevaXena | Grit Jahning (Archived)

"Taking place after Never. Gabrielle is still on the ship that is headed to new shores... new beginnings. But sometimes waking up alone is the hardest part…" -- Academy of Bards

3. Ever by Grit Jahning

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | ForevaXena | Grit Jahning (Archived)

"The third part in this little postFIN series.....Gabrielle has finally arrived in Egypt. And after months on the ship, hiding from the world - she finally has to face life again. " -- Grit Jahning

Night's Grief by The Lavender Bard

"This is a chained Haiku poem; the time frame is during FIN (A Friend In Need)." -- Academy of Bards What's New September 10th, 2013

Old Warriors Never Die, They Just . . . by Verrath, Kamouraskan and Lariel

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | Bibliotheca (Home page) | eBooks by Lida | Pink Rabbit Consortium | Verrath's Book of Tales

German Version: Alte Kriegerinnen ... Sind Knackiger

"These bards all went to Brighton Beach and all you get is a X+G comedy? Definitely 'post fin'." -- Academy of Bards

"Just what does happen to a retired Warrior and Bard on an average Sunday afternoon in the Corinthian Centre for Graceful Ageing?" -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory What's New Saturday, September 29, 2001

A Once And Future Journey by Temora

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | PDA Fiction

"Gabrielle's story doesn't finish when Xena died. Can she find peace? Or will this new warrior follow a dangerous old path?" -- FanFiction.Net

"a post-FIN fic told from another character's POV. Gabrielle, the hero, comes to Egypt, but she is still haunted... Beautiful, beautiful stuff." -- leavesthesky

" Set after the events in 'Friend In Need'... Gabrielle journeys to the land of the pharaohs and saves one not so different from herself so long ago." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"This post-Finale story is told by a slave who is "rescued" by a mysterious warrior woman known as the Little Dragon.  The mysterious warrior helps the entire town, but always spends her nights alone and under the stars. After a time, the former slave is determined to find out why . . . Recommended."  -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

". . . tells the story of a new warrior/diplomat, the Little Dragon. As always, Temora excels at capturing first person POV and is able to convey emotion with ease. From the perspective of a slave girl in the Land of the Pharaohs, the short story unfolds, showing how Gabrielle has evolved and taken the best of her and Xena with her. It's also an enduring love story and while one cannot help feeling sadness (and even a little pity) about the fact that Gabrielle must live on her own, Temora shows that she is not alone without it feeling pitiful and without Gabrielle looking crazy. Loving a ghost isn't an easy sell in terms of mental health issues, that's for sure." -- Tiggster Review

Xenalicious Review

Xena E-Xine Review

Pain to Kill by Manuel T.

"Contest entry – while Gabrielle and Virgil search of Eve to tell her of Xena’s death, they get more than they bargained for."

Redress (or A Friend In Need, part 3) by Foxglove

Amazon Trails | Heartbrkn's Place

“With Xena gone, what will become of Gabrielle? A somewhat different ending to FIN and the aftermath.” — Athenaeum

Remember by Paully Adams aka abbaspice1

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile | ForevaXena (Archived)

“After Xena's death, Ares finds comfort in familiar arms.” — Academy of Bards

Resurrection by Calliope

"Gabrielle returns to the Amazons to grieve for Xena." -- Athenaeum

The Return  by Akiela Xal

The Return Series by Rose Corsaro

1. The Return by Rose Corsaro

Russian Translation

2. Beneath Twinkling Stars by Rose Corsaro

3. A Day of Memories Made by Rose Corsaro

4. Wanderlust by Rose Corsaro

"The Rheingold is missing and Xena and Gabrielle are required to find it." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

A Return to Form Series by Jay

1. A Return to Form by Jay

Academy of Bards | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived)

"This story covers the tail-end of 'A Friend In Need' and the six months that follow, as The Battlin' Bard and the late Warrior Princess get out of Japan and find themselves in more trouble in the Land of The Pharaohs..." -- Academy of Bards

2. You, Me & The Tripolis Militia by Jay

“A sequel to "A Return to Form," Xena and Gabrielle make their way back to Amphipolis to lay Xena's ashes to rest. Will Gabrielle ever let go of the urn? Was Cyrene really a witch? Will Aphrodite ever stop crying?” — Academy of Bards

The Reunion Series by Norsebard

1. Reunion by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Passion & Perfection

eBooks: epub | PDF

"After the tragedy in Jappa, Gabrielle returns to Greece to spend some time with her Amazon Sisters. Unfortunately, a certain God of War has other plans for her. As those plans are set in motion, Aphrodite realizes she must take drastic action to put things right again…" -- Norsebard

2. Revenge by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Passion & Perfection

eBooks: epub | PDF  

"In this sequel to Reunion, Xena and Gabrielle travel to Treus to be guests at the wedding of Princess Penthea, Queen Diana's daughter - but the joyous event turns ugly when a band of merciless and bloodthirsty thugs interferes, forcing our two heroines to once again embark on a dangerous mission." -- Norsebard

3. Reflection Series by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

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"Wanting to conduct the ultimate test of Xena's and Gabrielle's abilities in the art of war and survival, Ares puts them through four harrowing trials. In order to make it through unscathed, the two warriors will have to dig very deep and tap into their many skills - will the unique bond that exists between Xena and Gabrielle be strong enough to overcome the God of War's plans?" -- Norsebard

Rising Sun  by Erin Jennifer

Sad Moments by Ken Rogers

"Gabrielle's feelings take her into depression then finally overwhelm her when Xena makes a callous remark." -- Academy of Bards

The Sad One by Verrath

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida | myFandoms | Verrath's Book of Tales

Like many others, I could not leave the Show the way it ended. It left me wondering how Gabrielle would have fared... here's the result. A tad on the somber side, I might add. But not without light at the end of the tunnel." -- Verrath

Story Wallpaper by Verrath

Second Chance - Through the Eyes of Love by Ken Rogers

"A nightmare vision of the future changes the future. (FIN III)" -- Academy of Bards

Seeking Xena  by Sam Ruskin

The Shaman  by Baermer

She who talks to the Air  by Carole Giorgio aka WomynBard

Solstice Ashes  by Lisa Grandstaff

A Solstice Miracle by Dawn (Tigress)

The Academy of Bards Challenge #3: Yes, Amphipolis - There Is A Xena Claus

Post FIN.

"Sad and alone, Gabrielle spends Solstice with her old friend Senticles and gets a very unexpected gift." -- Dragon's Quill and Ink

Solstice Presents by Teara

Written for the Dead of Winter Ficathon

Characters: Xena, Gabrielle

"Solstice with the Amazons." -- Passion & Perfection

A Solstice to Remember by Akiela Xal

Picture 15 - Royal Academy of Bards Holiday Challenge 2008: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Something's Wicked, This Way Run by Talos the LargeBaldMan

"General" fan fiction

Somewhere Down The Line by Paully Adams aka abbaspice1

Academy of Bards | FanFiction.Net | FanFiction.Net Mobile

“A post-FIN tale that tells relates the tale of Gabrielle's death. Nothing violent and overly sad in this tale.” — Academy of Bards

“Gabrielle has to decide between eternal peace or reincarnation” — abbaspice1

Spellbound  by Annemaart

Strange Alliances  by Marion D Tuttle

A Strange Trail Series by Ri

1. Carry on my Wayward Bard by Ri

"This is a pre-story to my Fin Story." -- Ri

2. A Strange Trail by Ri

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"In Egypt the spirit of Xena is miserable and Gabrielle is miserable. Their old friend Aphrodite has to do something so she finds a way for Gabrielle to get her Warrior back." -- Academy of Bards

"Post FIN tale that has Aphrodite helping Gabrielle try to get Xena back where she belongs. But first, she must meet the challenges set before her, with Xena as her guide." -- Athenaeum

The Sun Went Down - A Friend in Need III by Ken Rogers

"Gabrielle is unable to accept Xena's death and shuns her spirit. Xena is in anguish over what she has done to her soulmate. In desperation Gabrielle seeks a way out." -- Academy of Bards

A Symphony of Life by Doc

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum


"This is a HURT/COMFORT, POST FIN story that takes place on the voyage to Egypt. Gabrielle is experiencing difficulty going through the grief process." -- Academy of Bards

Cover by Calli's Creations



These Exiled Years  by Kerowyn

To Hate or To Thank by Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger

Ambyrhawke (Archived) | AusXIP | Bleached Parchment | ForevaXena | Mindom

Odiar o agradecer - Spanish Translation

"In another personal scroll, Gabrielle examines her conflicting emotions for Akemi." -- Ambyrhawke

The To Rest Series by Brigit M. Morgan

1. To Rest  by Brigit M. Morgan

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | AusXIP | eBooks by Lida

Xippy Award

"A short Post-FIN tale that follows Gabrielle on perhaps the saddest day of her life." -- Athenaeum

"Set long after the events of FIN, Gabrielle goes back to Amphipolis to keep a promise she made to Xena so many years before. The life of a warrior with a broken heart" -- Xippy

"'To Rest' takes place about a year after FIN and follows the aftermath of a decision that Gabrielle and Xena have made regarding the Warrior Princess' remains. A decision that while putting one soul to rest, threatens to destroy the other." -- Academy of Bards

Xenalicious Review

2. The Blonde  by Brigit M. Morgan

Athenaeum | AusXIP

"Set three years Post-FIN, this story follows the young daughter of a gladiator, her daily life helping out at the arena and her conflicted impressions of a certain soul-damaged blonde gladiatrix." -- Athenaeum

Xenalicious Review

3. The Silent Country  by Brigit M. Morgan

Athenaeum | AusXIP

"A somewhat directionless Gabrielle finds herself as a mercenary working for the wrong side in this story set five years Post-FIN." -- Athenaeum

The Truth Shall Set Us Free  by MikkiDee (alias Mikki Hibbens)

"In modern times, Mattie and Annie react to viewing the Xena finale. You can bet their reactions are just like the rest of the Xena faithful. But they know the way the story really ended (those TV people never get anything right), and they know who can get us out of this awful situation! It serves as a little group therapy to help all of us recover. Definitely recommended." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

Turnip Stew Series by Ariel

1. Turnip Stew by Ariel

"Comedy - Rated PG13 for language  -  Post-FIN  Gabrielle is reunited with Joxer while Xena tries to make it back to the living." -- ArielX

2. Before There Were Turkey Basters by Ariel

Ariel X (Archived / Black Text on Black Background) | Future Muse (Archived)


Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - Honorable Mention Gabrielle’s Descendant Writing Contest 

"Comedy - Rated R for language, and not too graphic M/F, M/M, and F/F sexual situations  -  Sequel to Turnip Stew -  Gabrielle and Xena decide they want to start a family.  This story won Honerable Mention at the Future Muse site." -- ArielX



Unending by Speeris1

Picture 15 - Royal Academy of Bards Holiday Challenge 2008: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Unity  by Ripley

The Waking Light Series by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)

1. Up On The Reaches Of The Darkest Moonlight by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)


"A night by the campfire turns in to a nightmare for Xena and Gabrielle. As they are both drawn in to a deadly battle in which they will both learn what it is to be human and to become inhuman." -- Silvermoonlight GJ



2. As The Winged Serpent Rises by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)


"Xena and Gabrielle's peace is shattered once more as an Aztec creator god appears on the Greek shores. His cold hated directed at the one who betrayed him, the one who can no longer escape him or her past." -- Silvermoonlight GJ



3. Embrace The Waking Light by Silvermoonlight (dark hunter silver)


UNFINISHED - Last updated September 22, 2013

"As clouds of multicolour reveal themselves to the mortal world and the bridge between reality and dreams begins to crack Xena and Gabrielle will truly come full circle as they are forced to face the fears which have always haunted them." -- Silvermoonlight GJ

A Warrior's Death by Martin Tapparo aka Satachrist

Warriors In Need  by Klancy7

The Way Back by Samantha Paedae


UNFINISHED - Last updated July 28th, 2012

"Upon her return from Japan, Gabrielle receives a message from an unlikely carrier, and the two embark on an epic quest to revive Xena. Quickly, they become embroiled in a massive conflict that threatens not only the fate of Greece, but that of their souls." -- Academy of Bards

Cover by Algion

The Weakest Link  by MaryE

What Difference Death  by Christa Baran

This is not exactly what happened in the episodes of A Friend In Need, but is rather my twist on what I would have preferred. It begins near the end of FIN, and uses what knowledge that the viewer had at that point. Nobody has said anything about Xena having to stay dead to offer retribution to all those souls, and nobody will. Retribution was served when Yodoshi was destroyed, and the spirits that he held are now free to move on.  (Author's summary)

The What Stories Are For Series by IseQween

1. What Stories Are For by IseQween

AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


Xippy Award

“Gabrielle reminisces about some key scenes we didn't see in the final episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.” -- AusXIP


2. What Stories Are For Too by IseQween

AusXIP | Cousin Liz | PDA Fiction


“Imagine Xena's thoughts as she fights what may be her last battle, as portrayed in the series finale.” -- AusXIP

"The following companion piece to Gabrielle’s reflections in "What Stories Are For" is from Xena’s perspective, after she’s sent her soulmate away from the battlefield in Japa and prepares to face the enemy alone." -- IseQween


When In Rome  by Kamouraskan

When Xena Died  by Mike

This humble offering began with a question. I loved these episodes even as I suffered through them, but why is Gabrielle distraught when Xena leaves her on the hillside near the end of ‘Friend In Need 2’ and then smiling at the close of the episode? It jarred a little with me, but I’m grateful, because it gave me the opportunity to make sure that our heroines get (kind of) the ending that I wanted for them.  (Author's summary)

Where You Go by Ken Rogers

"Gabrielle makes a decision against Xena's wishes, fighting a valiant battle to stop a warlord." -- Academy of Bards

Who Would I Be, Without You?  by Mike

This follows on from my first effort, ‘When Xena Died’  (Author's Summary)

Wise Words in Any Age  by Cath Bard

This story is post-FIN, and presumes that all the scrolls by all the hopeful bards somehow brought Xena back to Gabrielle – in the flesh. Forget that "ghost-on-the-deck" ending. I was one of those bards. My attempt is documented in a scroll titled "A Friend in Deed," which can be found at:  (Author's summary)

Xena: The Final Chapter Series by Allyson Heisey

1. A New Warrior Emerges by Allyson Heisey

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | ForevaXena (Archived) | Heartbrkn | PDA Fiction


"Gabrielle struggles with Xena's death and defines herself in her newfound freedom. She takes the lessons she learned while with Xena and puts them to use. She continues the task of helping others, and completes her path as a new breed of warrior. The depth of her love for Xena is rewarded with a surprising gift." -- Academy of Bards



2. A Braveheart Bard by Allyson Heisey

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | ForevaXena (Archived) | Heartbrkn | PDA Fiction


3. A Warrior Returns Home by Allyson Heisey

Academy of Bards | Amazon Trails | Athenaeum | Bards of the Xenaverse (Archived) | ForevaXena (Archived) | Heartbrkn | PDA Fiction


Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award - Honorable Mention Tomb of Ares Writing Contest




Xena:  Warrior Princess Subtext Virtual Seasons (Alt)

Xena:  Warrior Princess Virtual Seasons (Gen)

The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls - Post FIN by Shana and Kye

Parts 54 - 58 of the 60 part series, The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls by Shana and Kye

54/60. The Warrior Bard by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 1

"The following is the first part of a four part scroll. The scrolls are all intense, dark, violent, and unhappy. Things are NOT as they should be, and it's an angst-filled journey for Xena and Gabrielle."

55/60. My Lord by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 2

56/60. Sorting Out the Enemy by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 3

57/60. Choosing A Side by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 4

58/60. Reunited by Shana and Kye

After FIN Scroll 5