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C-Spot Reviews

New home of Cheri's reviews of books and online fiction.

Cocktail Hour

"Pull up a chair, have a drink, and enjoy the casual discussions of novels and fan fiction."

F/F Fan Fiction Reader's Corner

"Reviews and rambles about uber and original on-line fiction of an alternative nature (f/f)"

This is a great resource for finding the stories that you want to read. Check out their "Top 10s" for their All-Time Favorites, Comedies, Larisa stories and Spicy Reads. Got a favorite genre? Head over to "Listmania". And take a look "Around The Corner" for a list of books and movies that might just spark your interest.

Nancy Amazon and Ewok Alternative Uber Fanfiction Reviews

"Are you picky about the kind of Xena fanfiction you read?

Sick of wading through hundreds of fanfic archives and websites only to read stuff that sucks time after time? Sick of people praising bards to their faces (or to their mailboxes) when really you think their stuff is unreadable?

With our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks ...

... and taking our lives in our hands, Nancy Amazon presents the Nancy and Ewok fanfic reviews!

Here you'll find reviews of the best and worst in alternative uber fanfiction. We're honest, we're forthright. Attitude is Queen. Hail to the Conqueror!"