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The Writer’s Studio Award

The Writer’s Studio Award is given out by a committee of fan fiction readers who meet monthly to read and discuss which online fiction stories are the most memorable. The stories can be humorous, dramatic, erotic, historical or romantic. It really doesn’t matter, as long as the story is memorable.

February 2015 - Black's Magic Cephalgia & MJ

"British secret agent Addison Black is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American research scientist, but the straightforward mission is soon complicated by old enemies, the threat of global bio-terrorism and possibly a traitor from within. It's not just a simple case as Addison finds she is increasingly attracted to her objective, the intriguing Skyler Tidwell." -- Academy of Bards

January 2015 - Cassey & Toni - Five Stories About Two Women In Love by Norsebard

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum

"A collection of five stories chronicling the lives of two women over a period of nearly two years. When Cassey Peters split from an abusive relationship, she had no way of knowing that she'd soon find genuine happiness and true love in a truck stop in New Mexico - nor that they would appear to her in the shape of Toni Willis, an intriguing truck driver on her way to San Diego…" -- Norsebard

December 2014 - First Solstice by Linda Crist aka Texbard

November 2014 - Madam President by T. Novan and Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper)

Academy of Bards | AusXIP | PDA Fiction

Señora Presidenta
(Spanish Translation)

2005 Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story

Athenaeum Fan Favorite
in the Categories of Drama and Romance

Swollen Bud Award
: "ALL NIGHTER" / Novel- or Novella-Length

"It's the year 2020, and the future is here at last. America has its first woman president, Devlyn Marlowe. President Marlowe, a compelling woman of heart, mind and spirit wants her term in office chronicled, and she wants it done by an author whose voice has always captured her, Lauren Strayer." -- Academy of Bards

"It is November 2020, and Devlyn Marlowe is a widow with 3 kids that just happens to be the President of the United States. Lauren Strayer has just been hired to be the Presidential Biographer. She is young, blond, professional...and trouble for the dark-haired, blue-eyed Madam President." -- Athenaeum

"Devlyn Marlowe didn't get author Lauren Strayer's vote in the fall of 2020. Just a few months after agreeing to write her life story, however, the intelligence, charm, and wit of America's first woman president wins the biographer's respect and friendship -- and maybe something much more profound. Something that may require Lauren to write herself into the history she is chronicling." -- Swollen Buds

"It is the year 2020, and  Devlyn Marlowe has just been elected the first woman President of the United States.  Author Lauren Strayer is the woman she asks to document her presidency and write her biography. Madam President is an entertaining story that follows the first year of President Marlowe's term. Devlyn is a complex woman - still grieving the loss of her first wife and trying to juggle the demands of being president with the demands of being a single mother to young children. Lauren has her own obstacles to overcome as she tries to determine where she fits into Devlyn's life  while trying to maintain her professional integrity as a writer as she finds herself getting more and more involved with her subject. The story is also filled with very plausible ideas about how technology will affect our daily lives in the not so distant future." -- Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews

"It's the year 2020 and the United States has elected its first ever woman president - a very gorgeous, very intelligent, very capable and openly gay Devlyn Marlowe. Aware that she's making history but not beyond serving her own interests as well, Devlyn insists that her favorite author be hired to write her official biography. Lauren Strayer part-time biographer, part-time novelist, didn't even vote for the new president so the offer from the White House comes as a surprise. Reluctant to take on a project she'll have little control over Lauren initially turns it down only to find herself on the other end of a phone conversation with a very persuasive president guaranteeing her full control over the biography. Within days the author's life is changed forever as she finds herself residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and getting to know the charming, funny, down-to-earth and surprisingly old-fashioned woman behind the politician. Meanwhile, Devlyn is similarly charmed by her biographer. A fan of the writer at first, she quickly becomes a fan of the woman, admiring Lauren's dedication, and intelligence and discovering to her consternation, an attraction to the young author destined to complicate things JUST a tad in the old White House. In the months ahead, the two will face challenges from within and without as political and other more dangerous enemies struggle to undermine the new president, as Lauren re-examines her sexuality in light of her own attraction to the tall, dark, Commander in Chief, as the president's children from her first marriage get to know the biographer, and as Devlyn Marlowe herself starts to let go of the past to open her heart once again . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

Ralst Recommendation

Madam President was published by P.D. Publishing and is available for sale online from Amazon

October 2014 - Fusion by J.A. Zollicoffer

Athenaeum Two Time Top 25 #1

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award  #52 in 2007

Athenaeum Perennial Favorite Award  #97 in 2009

"Camron and Antoinette are both loners, when they meet each other, they finally understand what making a connection with another person can mean." -- Athenaeum

September 2014 - Incarnations I: The Chosen Road by Icebard


This is Part 1 of the Incarnations Series. Each story in the series offers a brief glimpse into different uber incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle.

“Set in a dystopian near future. When a young woman in an impossible situation witnesses a beating, she wishes she could help the victims; then watches as another woman intervenes. Everything is about to change.”


August 2014 - After the Storm

Academy of Bards | CJ & Kate – Uber fanfic site 

eBooks: epub | MOBI | PDF

This is part one of The After Montana Series.

"When Special Agent CJ Carson took a long overdue vacation into the Rocky Mountains, she never anticipated finding Kate Marshall, a strong, determined actress… in the middle of a snowstorm. Lives thrown together in the strangest of ways, they fell in love, but CJ's worst nightmare just won't go away." -- Wendy Arthur

Cover by Calli's Creations


May 2014 - High Intensity by Bel-Wah (Belle Reilly)

AusXIP | PDA Fiction


Veronique “Ricky” Bouchard, a French-Canadian mountaineer, signs on to help guide a trek to the top of the formidable Mt. Everest. She’s reached the summit twice before and comes to the expedition with more background and knowledge than the trip leaders and the odd assortment of experienced and greenhorn climbers. New York stockbroker Allison Peabody is a thrill-seeker who has spent considerable time and money on dangerous and extreme sports, unconsciously trying to get a reaction from her distant and uncaring parents. She ponies up the $70,000 to join the expedition, and that’s how she and the taciturn, mysterious Ricky Bouchard meet." -- The Fan Fiction Lounge

April 2014 - All In A Year’s Work: Winter by L. Fox

AusXIP | Lynka's Alt Fic Index:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 | PDA Fiction | Tom's Xena Page

Part 4/5 of The Cage of Elysis Series by L. Fox

"A lifelong friend of Gabby's relates a tale from the bard's deathbed." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

"An entertaining collection of stories transcribed by a biographer of Gabrielle of Poteidaia and featuring the bard's recollections of some of her most memorable adventures with Xena: Warrior Princess. In SOLSTICE EVE she remembers one of the many times her warrior defended her. This is followed by two very different hurt/comfort tales THE FEVER and SPLISH SPLASH, I WAS TAKIN' A BATH. The first has a delirious Xena recalling some of the most violent events from her past, while in the second an unconscious Gabrielle is gifted with the opportunity to see the future of two souls fated to never be far apart. In THE BLOOD STONE a friend is up to his old tricks again while in THE LAST COMPETITION a certain warrior reveals perhaps one of her most surprising skills. Finally Gabrielle shares the story of THESPUS AND HORATIO, a couple of very unusual warriors she and Xena once helped on their quest to locate a legendary ring of power." -- Lunacy


March 2014 - The Bluest Eyes in Texas by Linda Crist (Texbard)

Part 1 of the Kennedy and Carson Series by Linda Crist (Texbard)

2005 Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story

Swollen Bud Award: "ALL NIGHTER" / Novel-Length

"Two women in the legal profession meet at a seminar and are brought closer together when paralegal Carson Garret finds herself as a potential witness in an investigation into her law firm. Kennedy Nocona, an attorney, lends support and advice to Carson and as the investigation proceeds so does the relationship between the two women." -- Swollen Buds

"Kennedy Nocona is an out, liberal, driven attorney, living in Austin, the heart of the Texas hill country. Once a finds herself in the position of re-evaluating her life - a position brought on by a personal tragedy for which she blames herself. Seeking redemption for her tormented past, she loses herself in her work, strict discipline of mind and body, and the teachings of Native American roots she once shunned.

Dallasite Carson Garret is a young paralegal overcoming the loss of her parents and coming to terms with her own sexual orientation. After settling her parents' estate and examining her failed past relationships, she is desperately ready to move forward. Bored with her state of affairs, she longs for excitement and romance to make her feel alive again.

A chance encounter finds them inexplicably drawn to one another, and after a weekend together, they quickly find themselves in a long distance romance that leaves them both wanting more. Circumstances at Carson's job develop into a series of mysteries and blackmail attempts that leaves her with more excitement than she ever bargained for. Confused, afraid, and alone, she turns to Kennedy, the one person she knows can help her. As they work together to solve a puzzle, they confront growing feelings that neither woman can deny, complicated by outside forces that threaten to crush them both." -- Academy of Bards

"A young paralegal in Dallas, Carson Garret is relieved to have a seminar on her schedule for Friday, grateful for the change in what has become a rather mundane work routine. It's a fateful day that will have Carson's life spinning in an entirely different direction the minute she sees the seminar instructor and finds herself captivated by the most amazing blue eyes she's ever seen. A hard-working Austin attorney, determined to improve the legal profession by making it affordable to all and empowering paralegals, Kennedy Nocona plans on offering her seminar and getting together with an old friend afterwards but those plans change when the cute blonde from her seminar happens to show up at the same club later that evening. Immediately drawn to one another, Kennedy and Carson overcome some early misconceptions to find themselves in a blossoming romance that will help one come to terms with the demons from her past and will help the other embrace her sexuality and end the loneliness of recent years. Together, however, the two will find themselves in uncharted and dangerous waters when Carson unknowingly stumbles into a situation at work that will put not only her career at jeopardy but her very life." -- Lunacy

The Bluest Eyes in Texas was published by Fortitude Press / RAP / Yellow Rose Books but is no longer in print.

February 2014 - Heart's Passage (aka King of the Beach) by Cate Swannell

Part 1 of the Heart's Passage (aka King of the Beach) Series by Cate Swannell

"A former assassin turned pleasure boat captain who becomes enchanted by a senator's aide." -- Academy of Bards

"Australian Jo Madison is a charter yacht skipper in the Whitsunday Islands. Strong, independent and a loner by necessity as well as by choice, she has a past she would rather forget. The last thing on Jo's mind is love. It's a complication she not only doesn't need, but doesn't feel she deserves. Cadie Jones is the long-time partner of a US senator, stuck in a marriage well past its prime and bordering on abusive, she is scared to leave and willing to work on it. The product of a privileged Midwestern upbringing, Cadie blossoms in the Australian sunshine, finding strength in herself and her growing bond with the tall and mysterious yacht skipper." -- Athenaeum

Just Like Buttah! Review

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight

Heart's Passage was published by Regal Crest Enterprises and is available for sale online at Amazon

January 2014 - Amends by Maclay

Academy of Bards | The Story Lounge


“An alternative ending to ‘The Reckoning’: Xena is overwhelmed with guilt, and Gabrielle has some overwhelming feelings of her own.” -- Academy of Bards

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight



December 2013 - Twelve Days by Colleen

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Athenaeum EBook Links

Part 1 of the Holiday Series by Colleen

"An ordinary visit to Santa leads to an extraordinary discovery of love. This holiday tale is not just about two people becoming a couple, but four people becoming a family." -- Academy of Bards

"Here's another delightful tale from Colleen that will touch your heart! This Uber is a Christmas tale that opens right in front of Santa's place, and it's Mrs. Claus that comes to the rescue! A wonderful read not to miss, at Christmas or any season!" -- Athenaeum

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight

November 2013 - Chance Encounter by Littlespit

Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Mega Fan Fiction | Mega Fan Fiction Ebooks | PDA Fiction | The Story Lounge


"A story about how a chance encounter can ultimately fulfill every fantasy...and then some!" -- Academy of Bards

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight



October 2013 - Breaking the Ice by Mary Morgan

Academy of Bards  | Mary Morgan's Fan Fiction (Archived) | PDA Fiction | Pink Rabbit Consortium | The Story Lounge


"On a rescue mission to a remote northern outpost, the Bard and Warrior must put their skills to the test to help a starving people who are being stalked by a malevolent, vengeful force." -- Academy of Bards

  ". . . set in a northern settlement where villagers are slowly starving to death while they're stalked by a mysterious assailant. Into this drama enter two strangers - a tall, dark warrior and her smaller blonde companion. For most of the worried settlers they are of passing interest, but for one of these they become an obsession - a promise of strength in one case and a focus for hatred in the other . . ." -- Lunacy

 "On a mission to rescue a girl taken as a slave, the friends agree to help her captors find out what’s killing them and leaving just the skulls behind . . . This adventure of the Soulmates is told from the point of view of a woman saved from the sea by settlers in a far northern outpost and subsequently made a virtual slave by them . . ." -- AB

Review by Phineas Redux

Cover by Pink Rabbit Consortium

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight

September 2013 - Journey's End by L.J. Maas

Academy of Bards | Art With Attitude (Archived) | AusXIP | AusXIP Rocket EBook Corner | Bibliotheca (Home Page) | eBooks by Lida | Flat Mountain (.prc) | PDA Fiction | The Story Lounge 

Part 1 of The Conqueror Series by L.J. Maas 


2000 Muzza Awards: Best Conqueror Story

Athenaeum Fan Favorite in the Category of Xena & Gabrielle

Xippy Award

"For those not familiar with this continuing story that started on the Ex-Guards Mail List, this Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories, so some will not care for it. It is more the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle.” -- Academy of Bards

"Timid Gabrielle, a slave since she was 10, becomes the 'pick of the litter'. But has Xena, who is trying to change her ways, gotten more than she bargained for?" -- Flat Mountain 

". . . In her mid-forties, L.J.'s Conqueror is a ruler who's now grown weary of the intensity and violence of her younger days. Still a remarkable beauty and still capable of the ruthlessness that carved out her empire, Xena is nevertheless now a warrior in transition - a woman who's learned that no amount of conquest or riches will fill the emptiness within. It is with little enthusiasm then that she prepares to inspect the batch of slaves offered by one of her governors, knowing she must choose one as the customary gift she usually accepts but now seldom uses...only this time a pair of frightened green eyes literally takes her breath away, awakening a compassion and protectiveness within the Conqueror she hasn't felt in years. In the days and weeks to come the feared Empress will find herself going out of her way to avoid frightening her young slave. Struggling against her own rougher edges and the pitiful submissiveness that has allowed Gabrielle of Poteidaia to survive years of servitude, Xena will work to return the dignity long stolen from the young woman, discovering in the process that the heart of a slave may just be the greatest treasure she ever wins . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -- Lunacy

"In this Conqueror series, the Conqueror is an older woman in her mid-forties. Over the years she has grown weary and has slowly begun to change her ways. She has even switched allegiance from Ares to the more thoughtful warrior Athena. She receives a young slave Gabrielle who becomes her body slave. This Gabrielle is different from most other Gabs. She is a very submissive slave, not the young rebel or sassy young slave we see in other Conqueror stories. The relationship soon becomes more for each of them, but both women must make significant changes if they are to have a trusting, loving relationship." --  Cee's FanFic Review

Recommended by Ralst

Cover by D. Kern

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight

Journey's End was published by Dare 2 Dream / Intaglio Publications but is no longer in print.

August 2013 -Fetching Cousin Minnie by B. Soiree

Academy of Bards | The Story Lounge

Part 1 of the Fethchin' Cousin Minnie Series 


2009 Academy of Bards Hall of Fame Story

"On her way to retrieve her saucy Cousin Minnie in Sacramento and bring her back to her ranch, Gaine Sargos, Sheriff of Barden's Corner, meets a green-eyed stranger on the stagecoach who completely changes her life." -- Academy of Bards

Award Logo by Silvermoonlight